i cant tell you how happy i am that they have each other

because of you.

since you asked me to be your girlfriend. Actually since the moment we started talking i had this deep connection with you, you made me realize how beautiful i am. you are the reason why i am confident in myself. you make me the happiest girl alive. My love for you is insane but so true. you teach me a lot about the world & myself. I have honestly never been this happy in my entire life. when im with you i still get butterflies & think to myself what a beautiful soul you are & how lucky i got. you as a person are the most caring, loving, soul.the true you i just cant get enough of you. i cry myself of happiness knowing i have you by my side, who i get to be my true self & i wouldnt have it any other way. you are honestly the best person, & i will remind you each day if i have too, & tell you how much i love you & every detail about you so you can wake up with a smile which have i mentioned? you have the custest smile ever. I love you Brittney Axelson.