i cant tell who else is in it

one time during a sleepover all the boys are all on the floor in a pile of blankets and will wakes up in the middle of the night and finds mike’s arm wrapped around his stomach and his head inches away from his body and will cant bring bring himself to possibly wake mike up by moving away so he just lets mike stay like that for the rest of the night

does anyone else ever think about the fact that the context of Spock and Jim’s first meeting was Spock telling Jim he wasn’t fit for captaincy because he wasn’t willing to face the fear of death for his crew, and then a year later Jim dies to save his crew and Spock is the one who cant stand to let him die

Because I do


Im sick and i need your help

Im so sorry to take advantage of how many followers i have on this blog but i need help.

Im not asking for money dw.

Im sick. I know im sick but i dont know what i have. Doctors keep dismissing me or telling me to go to specialists that i cant afford.

I was hoping i could list my symptoms here and see if they resonate with anyone who can give me something to go to my doctor with.

First of all the things i know i have that have already been diagnosed.
- autism
- depression
- generalised anxiety disorder
- dyscalclia

Ok here we go. * = i experience this everyday. Everything else is at least once a week.

- Headaches* (10 years+)
- VERY bad back pain* (5 years)
- General body aches even when i do nothing* - Stomach cramps
- Very high body temp*
- Numbness/tingling in patches on my face
- Night sweats
- If i dont consume sugar regularly i get dizzy and can faint*
- Heart “cramps” (feels like a cramp but idk what it really is)
- Im loosing my peripheral vision in my right eye
- Shaky hands*

And just as a side note when i was 11 i got a concussion and got no medical treatment and ive had a brain scan last year and they found nothing.

Id love for as many people as possible to see this so i can get help. I feel like im dying. It feels like my body is giving up on me and im so scared. Thank you

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When someone asks you for help when your already with someone and then after you tell them that you'll be with them as soon as you free up, someone right next to them just starts getting in your face about how they are not being helped. Like sorry I don't keep track of who is here first or second or anything like that as you can see I only got like half the store in my department if you cant wait then honestly go somewhere else we are more than busy enough to stay open without you

So @solarexact got deleted by Russian Satanist Hackers and Doug from tumblr support, who works alone, thank you very much, says he cant bring it back from the pits of hell. Its satan’s bitch now. The virgin has been sacrificed and shes already been fucked.

I just want to tell you that if my blog suddenly disappears….i will be happily sipping on micheladas as i enjoy the sensation of an empty inbox.

I dont know that i would start over.

@xiustories …. good luck on the rebuild.

To the hateful anon terrorising @nctreacting

Stop. Just stop now. She doesn’t deserve this. No one deserves this. Flo has done nothing to you and even if she had this level of hate is absurd, ridiculous and nothing but hurtful to everyone involved. Whatever is going on in your personal life that is making you act this way to someone else, work it out. Don’t attack people who don’t deserve it. @nctreacting is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to talk to on this site and this hate is so unwarranted. So i’m asking for her sake, stop now.

Alyah people need to stop this!

So, I now finish watched the new BTS run…I knew Jin was the spy that boy is to good to be true, GIVE HIM A DRAMA ALREADY. Anyways it was a cute ep as always and there was no problem with it BUT no people cant just enjoy a freaking run video that bts put their hardwork and time in it. They dont have to make BTS runs but they are doing it for they fans, taking time from their busy schedule to produce content.

First of all, how there you bash Jin like for calling Jimin a pig. IT WAS A JOKE! They do that all the time… I know it have sensitive people who think calling someone else ‘fat’ is bad. But who is you to bash Jin, to tell him to leave bts, to tell him that it will hut Jimin..umm this boy live with him for a very long time so I’m guessing that he know him like the back of his hand. I also see death threats really come on people where is your maturity.

If you think that saying to Jin in defense for Jimin, well you are wrong. If you say those things ( not offering anyone, I’m just saying), and your point was to make Jimin ‘feel better’, well you’re wrong cause if he sees that he’ll be so disgust that there are people that say those things about Jin, who he cares about so much, just for a JOKE. 

Please if you are going to say these to thing for calling Jimin a pig, stop. You have no sense or maturity for telling him to kill himself or leave. Stop hating on Jin for having fun with his little brother, and it’s not like he didn’t apologize, he apologized to Jimin right after or you was so forcing on hating Jin that your ignorance blinded you. Those people that send those hate, death threats and telling Jin to leave for a JOKE and also for those people that bash Namjoon for that scam with that fan(WHICH WAS FUCKING INSANE) and also just sending death threats or hate to bts for minor things and call themselves an army…don’t because you don’t deserve such a wonderful boys like them.

Leave Jin alone, the amount of shit that boy went through he don’t need nor deserve it.


what did he say

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Calamity Jude /// Broken Umbrella 

 “If bad luck knows who you are, become someone else”

Self Portrait : Boy remakes the world before the world remakes the boy 

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The best advice I can give to anons who cant read truthful comments about Juliet or anyone else for that matter, is focus on yourself. Log off social media(tons of people post and photoshop themselves to look better. some are natural and others like juliet are not). Don't spend so much time online and looking at others. celebrate yourself and love yourself. but dont tell other people what they can say. This is a very open and free blog that doesnt sensor and thats how it should be.

Poetry is a form of clique art,
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Don’t compare yourself,
To people who can paint the lakes and skies.
Your writing doesn’t belong on a shelf,
Not everyone can create worlds with their minds,
And in the end I think you will find,
Tyler’s songs are poetry as well,
Just a different kind.

Don’t say you can’t create,
If watercolor doesn’t work for you.
Words can also create something,
Beautiful and brand new.
Or maybe you find your purpose,
In your ability to speak,
For people need a voice as well,
When they are beaten down and weak.

And if you create yourself,
Using your camera lense,
Then don’t compare your art,
To works of paint and pen.
Anything you make,
Whether people call it “art” or not,
It is still a product of your mind,
And careful broken thought.

—  traditional art is not the only form of clique art. there are a thousand more ways to create.

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girl why are libras so low on the list??

bc unlike all di other signs who r openly snakes, libras r so nice, sweet, n charming but will waste ur time before anyone else. lowkey extremely fake n will talk behind ur back if ure not extremely close to them. they’d tell u they’re in luv w u but then b like “nvm, i changed my mind” n u can never really tell if a libra really does like u, they cant tell neither

i know it seems to lots of people especially here that im just another guy online, and im maybe pretty cool but overall i sort of blend in w/ everyone else. really though i have so many massive and ambitious and ouroboric plans for myself and my life and the universe, which have already slowly and subtley begun, and i want to tell people and broadcast it because i want it to happen and i want to live it but i cant yet, and it isnt time, and i cant tell many people yet… whatever you are picturing my future plans to be, its not that, unless youre one of the very few people who i have talked to it about, in which case it is that

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hi! this is barely a question but im not sure who else i can talk to abt it. ive come out to my mom twice and she didnt really understand. i want to try again and explain to her abt what im going to do in the future like changing my name/starting hormones. i feel like even if she cant understand that im a boy she can understand that and start to accept it. i just can NEVER build up the courage. i can never ever bring myself to say "i want to change my name". any advice for building up courage?

Practice. Tell yourself you need to do this. Sit your mom down and tell her you want to inform her of something. Maybe write down a script if you feel it would help, or you could write the information down for her.


This girl from my school who I haven’t talked to yet messaged me on facebook and she was like ‘’Hey sweetie wanna get to know me?’’ and I was like WOW that’s a weird first conversation so I just. didn’t reply yeah? And then she wrote something else & called me sweetie again and I replied something along the lines of ‘’Wow! hello’’ and then she started typing and I panicked and long story short I can never open Facebook again

i remember seein this post where this fuckn,, supremacist tried to justify feminism isnt needed etc and said that they were a girl

so i scroll down further into other posts to see if this is true and this kid is like a 12 year old kid who looks like jacob sartorious .. like ok kid… go do your homework