i cant tell

Like oh man idk how I want this race to go though.

I could see Akko winning and surprising everyone, including the professors, and humbling Diana.

I could see Diana winning, probably because Akko gets thwarted by dumb luck and like… something really trivial happens that messes her up and she loses.

A tie is less likely, but also possible.

BUT!! Either way, it’s gonna be damn close and I really hope they can both take it well, however it turns out. Whether Akko wins or loses, I hope she’ll say “good game!” to Diana and offer her hand Diana will shrug and accept it. Or if Diana wins she at least won’t rub it in Akko’s face (or she does initially, but then says something like “that was ridiculous but impressive” and Akko just gets this huge smile on her face).

I hope there won’t be any hard feelings between them alksdjfhskadf



nobody wants to admit that ADD/ADHD is a serious mental illness that can be literally debilitating because it’s always painted as not as serious as depression or whatever, but people with ADHD that takes over their whole life, people who can’t focus to save their lives, people who get overwhelmed by two people talking, people who randomly burst into tears with sensory overload, and people who can’t go five minutes without their ADHD being a dick exist and are real and valid. their mental illness is valid. ADHD is a mental illness just as real and valid as depression or anxiety. it’s not “omg i’m so adhd and random x3”. it’s a mental illness that often requires serious medication, therapy, and behavioral exercises. stop brushing adhd under the rug in favor of fetishizing sadness & depression Thanks.