i cant take him anymore

kdrama problems

i dont have second lead syndrome this time, i fully ship min hyuk and bong soon, but seeing gook doo’s rejection made me want to cry so badly- his situation, where he realized his feelings too late and could only watch her slip out of his fingers right as he turned around and tried to grasp, is so heartbreaking in that the issue of timing in love confessions is so real, and that he can only blame himself later on for missing his chance. its the concept of “almost” and “what could have been,” and having to watch his heart break right in front of me, the evidence of his emotions written all over his face, that break my own heart as well even though i know inside that they werent the right ones for each other anyways ;;

Interruption (S.M.)

Requested: yes

Description: Y/n has been opening for Shawn on his most recent tour. One day after exploring the city of Seattle, she walks into the tour bus to Shawn doing something unexpected.

Rating: M. I mean when is it not with me??

Warnings: Cursing, masturbation, sex.

I waved goodbye to Geoff and Andrew as they went into a cute little diner. I had already eaten something from a coffee shop and I hated eating too much before a show. I was bummed that Shawn didn’t come with us today though, he always makes it a lot more fun, not that Geoff and Andrew aren’t. He said he wanted to rest his voice because the show tonight was a big one and his family was going to be there.

As I approached the venue I saw that fans were already lining up outside, and the show wasn’t for another five hours. Some of them noticed me and asked for pictures , so of course I took some. Eventually the crowd had gotten too big and a security guard had to escort me out. I waved to the kind fans, and thanked the security guard. I grabbed the handle of the bus’s door and opened, but what I looked up to see was something very, very unexpected. 

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Yeaaaaaaasssss @dontstopretrieving tagged me and I am ready for senseless memes

Name: Thistle and Thyme
Breed: Bull Arabby mix and English Springer Spaniel
Age: 3.5 years and 8 months
Height: 65cm and 54cm at the withers
Weight: 31.1kg and 19.4 kg
Most recent picture:
My mobile died so the most recent on camera is:

Favourite snack: They’re both super keen on these little moist chicken ball things
Favourite toy: Thistle loves a sheepskin bungee cord and Thyme loves the other sheepskin bungee cord
Favourite place to sleep: They both prefer the couch.

Hogwarts House: Thistle: Ravenclaw, Thyme: Gryffindor
D&D alignment: Thistle: Lawful neutral, Thyme: Chaotic neutral
Zodiac sign: Thistle is Aquariusish and Thyme is Capricorn
Game of Thrones house: the ones with dragons
If your dog was a Pokémon: Thistle is totally Houndoom of looming, Thyme is lol Furfrou

Favourite trick you’ve taught your dog: Thistle - in the box, Thyme - to freeze when I say “wait”
Favourite activity to do with your dog: walk through the forest

Most recent bath and why: Thistle - I think that day she was throwing up everywhere in like…Jan???, Thyme - last night
Most recent walk: Round the local streets yesterday
Most recent lesson learned: Thistle in obedience, on focus in distracting environments. Thyme in the workshop demo - precision
Most recent achievement with your dog: Thistle is being practically a social butterfly of late. Thyme seems to be getting his separation anxiety under control
Current goal for your dog: Thistle: Impulse control to not murder little dogs that are running around squeaking. Thyme: to stop being a dumb puppy

I’m gonna cheat and tag the lab ppl cause their names already laying about for the grabbing

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look at the face izuku is making… look at how long-suffering and deadpan… look at him…. i cant believe we’ve been blessed with a glimpse at izukus true personality…thank u horikoshi…. ill never forget…

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Callout for Merle Hightower Highchurch, I once found him in my garden flirting with the rose bushes and now they won't shut up about him. Merle please call them back, I cant take it anymore. From the very tired Water Genasi in marketing


i miss onew

okay i miss onew and want the prosecuter to hurry up already. i mean come on. it has felt like forever, shawols here waiting everyday and close to dying. and it must give onew a sense of relieve too, to finally be officially cleared and innocent! i Just cant take it anymore 😩😩😩 reallly reallly miss him


Seungri’s fashion senpai throwing some srs shade at him

You Can Leave Your Hat On

He blames Rosie Watson- Not that he would ever be foolish enough to tell her father that.

While this is clearly the little gremlin’s fault, it would be utterly foolish to mention such a thing in front of John.

For as far as his best friend is concerned, his daughter is utterly without fault, a nonpareil just like her mother. She is therefore to be indulged in all things, most especially her fondness for giggling, gurgling and otherwise behaving adorably whenever her Aunty Molly puts on Sherlock’s deerstalker.

It’s almost as if, at the grand old age of nine months, she has mastered the arts of psychological warfare for which her late mother was so famed.

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