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An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.

But just imagine: Person A of your otp comes balling into Person B’s arms as soon as they get home. Person A explains that its because they saw an animal that got run over in the road and recognized it as an animal that they saw everyday and feels guilt because they never picked up the animal to keep it safe. Cue intense couch snuggles and watching the entire Balto movie four times. Person B then takes Person A to the local animal shelter the next weekend.

(*secret cont*) So basically: I think Taylor and Harry are friends and she used the “Larry Stylinson Star crossed lovers” story as inspiration to write some beautiful songs. It’s also not very unrealistic as Taylor herself said that she sometimes writes songs about other people. And Ed Sheeran (whose a friend of Taylor and Harry) wrote countless songs about Harry’s and Lou’s story.

“Anyone else hitting up LA Pride this weekend or should I expect to fly solo? Strange how it’s turned into a kind of music festival this year, not that I’m really surprised I mean we do know how to party best… S'gonna be lit.”

What's my age again?

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I was tagged by: @rustymunrosecret I have never done this before. My cherry is now popped :D

What was your last beverage: Coffee

Last phone call:  To my Mum - she’s leaving for a short getaway today

Last text message: Janice, confirming plans

Last song you listened to: Two Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel

Last time you cried: Almost cried when news broke that Stevie might be leaving

Have you ever dated someone twice: Yes, stupidly, yes

Been cheated on: Yes, refer to previous answer

Kissed someone and regretted it: More that a few times

Someone special: Sean - my childhood friend (since we were 7)

Been drunk and threw up: Not since well a year ago

List three favorite colors: Black, Red, Orange

In 2014 have you made a new friend: Not sure

Fallen out of love: Last year yes

Laugh until you cried: Yes - last night (almost)

Met someone who changed you: Definitely

Found out who your true friends are: RUA

Found out someone was talking about you: It was good things

Kissed anyone in your Facebook friends list: Yup

First best friend: SEAN

First sport you joined: Squash ( I am named after a Squash player)

First vacation: Indonesia (I live in SEA)

First pair of trainers: BATA (Its a Singaporean thing)

Right now drinking: Nothing

I’m about to: Take a shower

Listening to: I don’t listen to music on the loo

Want kids: Sounds insane but Ive always wanted 11 kids (I intend to adopt)

Get married: When Im 35

Career: Currently Im reading Law - but Ive been considering a shift towards Investment Banking (god I sound old)

Lips or eyes: Eyes 

Hugs or kisses: Kisses

Shorter or taller: Little bit shorter

Older or younger: Doesn’t really matter does it?

Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic (extremely cheesy and sappy - disney like romance

Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach

Sensitive or loud: As long as its happy

Hookup or relationship: Relationships

Trouble maker or hesitant: I cause mess everywhere I go

Have you ever kissed a stranger: Yup

Drank hard liquor: Literally last night

Lost glasses/contacts: All the time

Turned someone down: Yea 

Sex on first date: hookup? yea

Broke someone’s heart: Unfortunately yes

Been arrested: NOPE

Cried when someone died: Yes

Do you believe in 
yourself: I always have a steering sense of self assurance that everything will work out, so yes

Miracles: Failure to see the profound on a daily basis means we fail to realise the miracles that actually do happen.

Love at first sight: oh yes

Heaven: Its what you want - Id love to see Earth and Humanity through its growth, to be a celestial body watching and gazing. See all the evil of men and how good stills fights back.

Santa Claus: was raised in a non-christian faith . I do however know majority of the poem T'was the night before Christmas by heart

Kiss on the first date: Sure

Angels: Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2 - Im not christian but this quote always stuck with me)

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