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Just give me a chance


I don’t really like Lance sad but sometimes life puts you down but what’s amazing is what happens afterwards, after you overcome it. You’re ready to take over the world, you’re not the same person you were before, you became stronger than ever. Sometimes you just have to be pushed to your limits for you to grow and learn. Lance will overcome this and when he does, he will slay you all


My reaction to the Not Today MV Teaser

I WAS NOT EXPECTING A SECOND MV TEASER AT ALL, WE GOT 2 MV FAMMM we’re a really spoiled fandom guys… we must be thankful to bts for their hardwork and caring for Army.

The funny thing is that I was actually watching that “BTS Baepsae hip thrust 10 min. loop” vid when the vlive notif. popped up lol 

Also, that Puma ad thing is from this post that i found hilarious so i had to add it here, so creds to that acc


Spring Day / Not Today

This comic if fuuuuull of Gifs so it might take time to load them!



So basically this is a method for people like me, don’t have a lot of den betas, don’t buy promo items or make top notch masterpieces. This is like the cheap way to get rare spikes.. but i like it and i wanted to share it with y’all. (Warning: the total time period it took for me to actually get a rare long was like almost 3 weeks. So if you’re willing to actually do this, then kudos to you)

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famousinthatanonymousway  asked:

do you remember that one fic where it was a college au and miles was really into stevie nicks? because edge of seventeen came on today and i cant stop picturing narumitsu laying in a car with the seats back and the song BLA RIN G IT and SCREA MING the lyrics as a date he lp me im laughign and cryi ng

LANDSLIDE YYYESSSSSSS LUV THAT FIC, sounds like the ideal date GOD

im laughing tho I knew I had bad old sketches of that fic somewhere that I had to dig up gjkdGD

some bokuakakurotsuki hcs

- tsukki and kuroo smoke. since college. it never meant a problem in their relationship, but when they decide to move with bokuto and akaashi the later stablish a rule. no smoking inside the house. since bokuto is a professional player he can’t afford by any chance to damage his health by cigarrette smoke not even for his bfs, so each time kei or tetsurou want a cigarrette they have to go to their backyard, and wash their teeth after. akaashi doesn’t like cigarette taste either.
- they all have rlly different music taste. well, tsukki actually enjoys almost all kind of music, so he just goes with the flow of the one who is listening. akaashi, believe it or not is most into hip-hop and r&b, sometimes, when he thinks no one is watching he wiggle his hips at the rythm of the music. kuroo is most into indie, he loves arctic monkeys, and tsukki introduces him a lot of bands he ends up loving too, one of those is pacific air. bokuto for anyone suprise loves j-pop, even though he doesnt listen to music too frequently. and is the type of guys that dont listen to music in languages he doesnt understand. contrasting with tsukki who listen to music of every country he knows the existent of. tsukki doesnt have a favorite style but loves listening bossa nova to relax.
-when they bought a bed which fits all the four of them bokuto and akaashi pretended to be just friends visiting when the guys from the shop came to assemble said bed which was ‘just for’ kuroo and tsukki
-the one who spends the most time to get ready when go out is bokuto. he changes his outfit at least five times and ends up wearing the first thing he tried.
-kuroo reads manga. kuroo reads shojo manga. and even though everyone at home tease him for that, they end up asking him when the next chapter of gekkan shojo nozaki-kun is out. and due to their constant visits to the manga shop kei and akaashi start reading light novels. and bokuto watching the animes of whatever their bfs read.
-saturday nights are movies night. for each saturday one of them pick the movie to watch. except for bokuto who is always supervised by tsukki in wich movie he picks. that happen after the fateful night bokuto picked ‘Jesus the Vampirehunter’ to watch. and it was dubbed. Since then bokuto just picks kids movies -pixar, disney, dreamworks-, who everyone actually enjoy.
-Usually kuroo picks the last releases from hollywood. he’s a good taste, and loves marvel movies, along with bokuto. akaashi loves horror movies. asian horror movies to be specific. bokuto acts like that doesnt affect him but those nights always end up asking to not turn the lights off. tsukki likes to bring variety, and always tries to pick some international film, german, spanish, polish, arabic, argentinian, australian, etc.
-when they have enough energy on friday nights they go out for some drinks. but when they want to get wasted, they stay at home and akaashi is their bartender. he knows to prepare a big variety of drinks -worked at a bar part time during his last college year- and is always the best choice since dont need a designated driver. kuroo is a boring as a 60yo and just drinks whisky and coke or gin-tonic. bokuto and tsukki are ‘funnier’ akaashi says. and try something new when have a chance. but tsukkis favorite is the ‘broken heart’ despite its name, and bokuto is a slut for ‘dark and stormy’ even though he likes more the name then the cocktail itself. akaashi is a martini guy. extra dirty martini guy. bokuto try it once. he almost throw up.
-bokuto cooks breakfast, he’s the only one who gets up that early and its the only meal he can’t mess up. tsukishima takes care of their lunch and kuroo and akaashi cook dinner. at the beginning kuroo was the only decent cooker of the four, but through the time they manage to split the cooking labor since kuroo sometimes was too bussy or tired due to his job.


happy lgbt+ pride month from this smiley baby !! ♡

obligatory tag urself meme I’m a graduated man

so this is what its like to. die