i cant stop thinking of this now

i cant stop thinking about how at bbmas jimin took some snack he wasnt supposed to and then they told him he cant but he didnt know what they were saying because of language barrier. when the translator came, he explained that jimin cant have the snack so jimin went embarrased to yoongi’s side. 

now jimin said before how he doesnt know how to deal with stress, so he ends up stress eating. he just wanted a snack to feel better. i am so glad yoongi was being so supportive through the whole thing although it must have been hard for him too. i also love the fact that yoongi became jimins stress reliever. i cant stop thinking

im still in awe suho has been using his hair middle parted!!!!!! it’s been months now but i still cant believe it and i always think about how amanda and i were talking about how much we loved his hair like this and a couple days later he starts using it and not stopping!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks so lovely with his hair like that and i can tell he LOVES it too he hasnt styled it differently since!!!!!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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By far one of the weirdest fandoms on tumblr is the Rick and morty fandom bc a lot of the jokes can be pretty offensive but it still has this following, and people keep drawing morty as this weird sweaty anime boy and it's just so viscerally uncomfortable. The Worst part is the ask blogs tho, because whenever Rick talks they make it look like hes crytyping and now I cant stop thinking about crytyping Rick.

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didja know that i cant stop thinking about those Good Warm Ghoul hugs from assmcgee? no? well now you know

assmcgee gives good warm hugs. if it starts tingling tho, thats the radiation

I remember one morning getting up at dawn. There was such a sense of possibility. You know, that feeling. And I… I remember thinking to myself: So this is the beginning of happiness, this is where it starts. And of course there will always be more…never occurred to me it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment, right then.

i was talking to @evenandsana and something that would be so wonderful would be if…vilde were to live at sana’s place for a while

there are signs that are leading us to believe that things aren’t going too well at home for vilde, signs that have been there since season one. she can’t ever host meetings or parties at her place because of her mom, and she’s more than once mentioned these “wine tasting parties” which i think, sadly, might be what she calls nights during which her mom drinks a lot 

and what if at some point things get bad to the point where she can’t hide it so well anymore, and sana notices. and she finds out the truth, how particularly bad it’s been in the past couple of days, and sana…invites her home. and vilde ends up staying with the bakkoushs for some time and it’s such a healing and learning experience for her? 

because she’s made insensitive and ignorant comments and she’s been called out but we’re still, in season 4, getting the feeling that she hasn’t fully learned? but when she spends so much time with sana in her home, that’s when she finally learns and sees. because she sees sana pray, she sees the conversations she has with her mother. and being exposed to all of that in a place that actually feels like a home (something she hasn’t felt in such a long time now), in a place that feels good and safe makes her want to truly listen and learn, and that’s when she finally has these eye-opening moments, at last 

and i think it would be a good idea because we know we’re not going to get a vilde season, but this would give us the opportunity to spend more time with her and see her open up and talk about her struggles, and finally see her be truthful, and at the same time, since this is sana’s season and it’s a season that’s meant to teach the viewers more about islam, we’d see vilde, a non-muslim with a lot of misconceptions about islam, learn more about it through sana

hunk and lance playing the newlywed game

lance: where in the world would i most want to live? hmm……. that’s tough but i’d have to say……. right at home in good ol’ cuba :’)

hunk: [pulling out a stapled packet of printed off screenshots] huh. that’s interesting. because i wrote that you’d say “the arby’s at the corner of maple and first avenue” because four years ago on may 1st at 5:33 PM you texted me, and i quote, “hunk, this pepper bacon sandwich is literally so good i wish i could live here”

I was doing well, and then one thing hit and after that I can barely lift my head up from everything thats crashed down onto me.
And half of it is because of you.
After you left, I hid my feelings so well that I even forgot I felt them. I used forgetting as a way to heal, I forgot to feel the emotions that come after a breakup and I was doing so well because of that.
But now I’m remembering. And since I’ve started I cant stop. I remember being there the first time our hands intertwined and I remember the way it felt to be so close to you. and I remember every single phone call that we had. And all that may sound nice, because it did make me smile, it did make me laugh thinking about the things you’d say but then it just hurt because your not here. none of that is here anymore.
You use to text me in all caps saying you loved me and now you don’t even look in my direction. You can’t even say hello anymore..
And it hurts, because now that I remember how it felt to be there, to have you, to love and be loved, I miss you.
I miss you so damn much and I can’t breathe because suddenly I’m reminded of when you ended things. and then the picture flashes through my mind of you with her.
And now I can’t even get out of bed anymore because life hurts too damn much.
Because I’m reminded of how people can wake up one day and decide that they don’t love you anymore. and I’m so scared that everyone I have ever known will leave.
—  you screwed me up

do you ever stop and think about how lost viktor was like he was legit wondering what the fuck he wanted to do with his life now that he was losing his passion and then all of a sudden yuuri fuckin’ katsuki shows up pole dancing and grinding on him and skating his goddamn program and he was just like “yep. that’s the rest of my life right there.” and then he just packs up all his shit and just moves to a whole other country ready to fuckin commit because yuuri katsuki was going to be the rest of his fucking life

I tried to make a part 2 of this amazing art that @lunaria-sucrette made of our sucrettes Luna (hers) and Freey (mine) on a sleepover. <3

Luna said before “Maybe later we should take some selfies and send to the boys” so there is it! ;P lol

what i say: im fine

what i mean: why does 99.9% of phichuuri content reference victor in some way? why are phichuuri fics almost always either unrequited, end in a breakup, or have victor repeatedly mentioned? Why cant i just cry over these guys who were dating in detroit without having to think about the fact that yuuri loves and marries someone else in canon? why do so many phichuuri nsfw things have either yuuri accidentally calling out victors name or thinking of victor as a joke, or phichit saying “pretend im victor” ?????? why cant people ship phichit and yuuri without an imagined victor being the nonexistent wingman? Why does stuff about phichuuri almost always end up being indirectly about victuuri???????