i cant stop thinking about it though

i cant stop thinking about when shownu called his mom to ask for her kimchi recipe and then after they made the kimchi shownu was like “wow this tastes like my moms kimchi” and everyone was like “???obviously its your moms recipe” and he got so shocked even though he was literally the one that called her to ask for her recipe 

ok i’m sorry I keep talking about him but…

Darkiplier. Is so fucking terrifying to me.
If you know me in real life, you know I act like a fucking child, and I trust everyone. But for someone like him, who bends that trust until it snaps, is horrifying to me.
He’s treats you kindly, gives compliments, says how adorable you are, how sweet you are. He lures you into a false sense of protection. You tell him your deepest, darkest secret. Then, when the time is right, he completely back tracks and turns on you. He uses your weaknesses against you for his own gain.
He never cared about you. He was using you this whole time, and now he will degrade you into a sobbing mess before leaving you to rot.

And to me?? it’s the worst thing on earth. 

The Epilogue of La La Land made me so sad, because they didn’t show a what if. It was a fantasy world where all their dreams would come true in the perfect way, in the old fashioned movies, where everything worked out. Because they both wished they’d end up together, but it wasn’t a perfect world they lived in, and not all of your dreams come true. But their biggest dreams did, and that was the happy ending. Mia, who became a successful actress, got everything she wanted in life, a loving husband, a daughter. Sebastian owned his own club, and turned out to be a success as well. They were dreamers, and they met each other to send each other on the right path. But it was still lingering, even though their biggest dreams came true, what if…

“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence”

Mae from Night in the woods… sorry for the bad writing though… I cant find the right font for it… anyways… recently I’ve been thinking about night in the woods… and for some reason I can’t stop thinking of how the story just shifted from happiness to.. uhhh very dark…guesss I can relate to Mae… mostly because of things XD anyways hope you like it…

Okay but imagine Fitz and Jemma barricading themselves in a room, the LMDs on the other side, trying to force their way in. They’re together, but they’re also trapped, and they’re scared. They search for something to help them, anything at all, but they know they can’t run forever.

They face the trembling door– trembling a bit themselves– holding a hammer and crowbar, and waiting for the inevitable.

“Follow me.” A voice whispers. LMD May stands near the back, face half hidden by the darkness. Fitz and Jemma turn around, and stay in place. Jemma grips the hammer tighter and narrows her eyes. “And why should we trust you?”

LMD May steps forward, and Fitz and Jemma really get to see her clearly. She looks… tired. Like she’s tired fighting the fights May has been fighting for years. That she’s tired being chased by ghosts and tired of seeing them. That she’s tired of becoming one. Like she’s been through everything May has ever gone through even though they know she’s not May and she knows she’s not May.

“Because Radcliffe told me that I wasn’t built to last,” she begins, and she still looks damn tired but she straightens her shoulders and looks them straight in the eye. “And if I wasn’t built to last, then I’m sure as hell going to do something right before I fall.”

(And she did.)

@the-nerdy-stjarna and @mocking-point i blame you

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u think jughead's ever written a poem for archie...

ffuck yes! (i hadnt though of this before so thank u sm for this ask) but i can totally see jughead writing like really cliched™️️ poems for archie but every time he writes them he’s like ‘oh my god man! stop being such stereotypical a dork!!! ugh’ so he never gives them to him but?? he cant stop?? he’s super embarrassed about it so he keeps them tucked away in some notebook or word doc or something and tries to act really chill around archie but eventually one day archie stumbles across them all and feels so overwhelmingly flattered and?? when jughead walks in on him reading them he freezes completely and archie’s just stood their grinning while jug is like ‘never. ever. mention. this. to anyone.’

god damn it im so impressionable like dave strider has brought out the most of my dave-like personality in me and its not even ironic anymore like this shits for real
like even writing a paper for school or something i go off on this tangent and i gotta stop myself but ive grown too attached to what i wrote
otoh i guess this is my new creativity channel when i cant find anything to draw because words flood out of my mouth like a winding river and theres a kayaker who cant row against my ridiculous pyroclastic flow (unintentional rhyme but nice) of long winded bullshit

i can pull it out of my ass on a dime i dont even need to think about it in a literary context like with these extended metaphors n shit i do think about how it could affect other people though but yeah dave just comes naturally i always had that kinda

coping with humor thing
and jokes under irony stacking up to the size of a ten story building that only a very select few people can fully appreciate

and i guess now that im living in the south im kinda picking up on their shit like yall in my speech pattern. not any twangy accent but just you know

i could ramble some more but im wasting time rn i should be productive

someone said that i channeled dave striders spirit in that troll chatlog and im shook

the bittersweet thing about the end of la la land isn’t the fact they didn’t end up together. it’s the alternate life they would’ve had together. but… what if ending up together.. they wouldn’t had be able to achieve their dreams? (as they did in real life?). it’s been 5 years and sebastian still hasn’t get over mia. plus, he is the reason that mia got the part where she auditioned (yes, it was because of her talent but if weren’t for him that drove where she was and tell her that the director was interested in her… mia wouldn’t even know about it because she left.) he wanted her to succeed, even though she didn’t even believe in herself… he always did. at the end, they shared a little smile, meaning that they are proud and happy of each other. they both achieved their dreams, even if they didn’t achieve them together.

there are a few people from my graduating class in high school who have a baby right now?? one of them literally just graduated from cornell and then got married and had a baby and it’s like… damn.,..  how can someone be exactly the same age as I am, coming from exactly the same south florida, but have their sh*t together so much and have like… a family??? she posted a pic of her cornell diploma next to her baby and I was like?? holy shit what? you have so much to show for yourself? and here i am, just graduating from a state school with a degree that barely counts for anything at all, no concrete plans for my future, and hardly any idea of what I even want. I cant stop thinking about how thankful I am not to have a baby though. like. i barely make rent every month. I have $0 in savings, and tons of debt. will I ever get my shit together enough to start a family? right now that just feels so…. unlikely. i feel like i’m just floating around hurling through space trying to orient myself in an upright position. i feel like it is impossible to imagine any version of reality where I feel capable of making decisions for myself, let alone for another person. i feel like i am 16 but i just ended up trapped in this adult body and i’m keeping my head above water in a way that is both exhausting and inefficient, but it is just the only thing I know how to do.  

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ghost i might be dying and im like stuck between being super anxious and really apathetic and im not rlly sure what to do (theres something rly wrong in my head n doctors cant figure it out and i cant stop thinking about it)

wait so by doctors do you mean psychologists or neurologists b/c it sounds more like a psychological problem to me 

though there’s a lot of mental illnesses or combinations of them that could cause being anxious and apathetic at the same time so,,,,, i dunno what to suggest research-wise ahaha

story time: i randomly met a guy who i am supposed to be solving some physics stuff this term and he’s all easy-peasy optimistic people-loving boy, a total opposite of me since i have a mild asperger syndrome, hate people, have social anxiety and basically never had luck with people and we got along pretty well

yesterday we had a deep conversation while solving the physics problems and it was all about my weirdness and asperger and personality and he was like “you know that everybody feels like you sometimes, right? everybody is sometimes scared of groups of people and meeting new people and feeling awkward, maybe you never really met good people but you are ok and you look like a stable person unlike many people i know” 

and i can’t really remember if anyone else ever told me that i am ok and stable

i remember a person i loved deeply telling me i am stupid because i didn’t understand his sarcasm, i remember people thinking either that i am heartless or emotionally unstable and me thinking that nobody can ever understand what is going on in my head…

what i am trying to say without romanticising that moment in any way is that sometimes people you know for 2 weeks will make you feel better about yourself than people you know for years and even though they may not understand all of you and your head, they will try maybe even harder than your loved ones

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  • first order of business: glasses
  • andrew + glasses = neil dying
  • seriously the boy is already a fucking gift and glasses just make him even hotter
  • he doesnt wear them outside of home though, so it’s usually only neil who sees him in them
  • (kevin and aaron are the only other ones to see him in glasses, and nicky got a glimpse once)
  • after baltimore and everything, it became easier for the upperclassmen to tolerate andrew and the others through a mutual love and protectiveness of neil
    • andrew actually respects dan and matt when they arent annoying since they do have their own strengths
    • (he seems like the kind of guy who can respect strength - and, well, a mutual love of neil)
  • but imagine this: a tentative andrew and allison friendship

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I'm actually seeing a lot of people making it seem like what KF did to Cisco and Barry abandoning everyone in his grief are the same and I'm just like ??? because if there's an instance where it's understandable that Barry pulled away from everyone I think losing the love of his life should count. It's weird though because I'm also seeing some say that Future!Barry obviously didn't care about Iris because he decided to be the flash again instead of staying locked away. The man really cant win.

It is literally not the same because Barry isolated himself out of grief, self-loathing, and feeling like a failure who did not deserve to be a hero. He gave up EVERYTHING and everyone to sit in his misery and not move on from what happened. Apparently, he stopped Savitar in 2020/2021 and then completely gave up. He had enough fight left in him to finish off Savitar and then he was done being a hero, too.

And like….Iris would not want him to give up everything, anyone who thinks she would be okay with him not being The Flash and not moving forward with his life is delusional and does not know Iris as a character AT ALL. 

Iris Ann Westallen would be heartbroken and devastated and disappointed that Barry let himself fall apart and not be The Flash over her. She never wanted him to give up being The Flash, never wanted him to stop being a hero for her sake.

It is ENTIRELY possible for Barry to be mourning her, but accept he has to do what he has to do to be The Flash and take a step forward. He won’t be the same hero, he could never without her, but Iris would WANT him to try!!!! SHE WOULD NOT WANT HIM STUCK GRIEVING HER SHE WOULD WANT HIM TO LIVE HIS LIFE.

the younger children in the house tend to fawn over enoch and jacob’s relationship (perhaps with the exception of hugh, as he thinks romance is pretty gross), namely bronwyn and fiona, who even make attempts to spy on them on occasion to see if they’re doing anything cute (though they know better to pop into enoch’s space without knocking first). jacob thinks it’s endearing and often tries to get enoch to play along in humoring the girls, but enoch tends to brush it off in an aloof and emotionless manner. though, beneath this exterior, he’s simply a little shy about being seen as charming in such a way.

lmao i’m so fucking tired of the way some of y’all treat isak and even in contrast. even is mga so of course there’s going to be people who automatically think he’s cheating, doubled up with the fact that he did cheat. yes, cheating is bad water is wet but isak’s entire season was about how internally homophobic he was. ignore that because he’s white and fits the binary, though. 

news flash: gay men cheat too. 

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1-10 really risky asks

I’m gonna do the last five because Jon sent me the same exact ask and the same time that you did!

6. whats a really good memory you have?
When I first got Teagan, she could fit in the palm of my hand. She didn’t care about that, though. She was born thinking that she could rule the world.  I named her Teagan because it means beauty and bravery. Right before I adopted her, I saw a photo of her on top of a giant pumpkin. The contrast was hilarious, but she OWNED that pumpkin.

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?
I’ve been listening to The Stranger by Lord Huron a lot! (Will I ever stop listening to them?)

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?
I need my water reeaaally cold. Ice is fine, or sometimes I store water bottles in the freezer.

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?
Depending on my mood, I do both extremes. But I have to be consistent within a sentence/paragraph. Otherwise, I’ll feel weird.

10. whats something that’s made you laugh recently?
This morning, Hunter farted and the keys fell off the counter immediately after. It made me laugh for twenty minutes.

Thank you for sending questions, Kate! I love you so much. Yeehonk.

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IM SO INTO THIS GIRL BUT SHE HAS A GIRLFRIEND and i would never ever do anything to hurt her relationship because i just want her to be happy but i cant stop thinking about her and my heart hurts

That really sucks :( I’m glad you’re handling it maturely, though

Laurel can neither stop talking, nor stop thinking about how he wants fish.

DD:  i am going to finish my project ideas!!

DD: it is just that i just thought of another idea i could implement alongside the module that i am currently editing and oh dear

DD: i cant just stop now!

DD: i am on a roll

DD: also i do believe our dear vv is advocating for the use of an auspistice! 

DD: or an assassin!! 

DD: i am not quite sure which!

DD: though i am a little bit inclined to select the mediator option on account of i have had some rather hands on dealings with assassins lately and it has all left a sour taste in my mouth!

DD: and not even the good kind of sour like you get with pickled herring

DD: oh dear i believe i am craving fish again 

DD: there is NO FISH here in the desert!!