i cant stop thinking about it though

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u think jughead's ever written a poem for archie...

ffuck yes! (i hadnt though of this before so thank u sm for this ask) but i can totally see jughead writing like really cliched™️️ poems for archie but every time he writes them he’s like ‘oh my god man! stop being such stereotypical a dork!!! ugh’ so he never gives them to him but?? he cant stop?? he’s super embarrassed about it so he keeps them tucked away in some notebook or word doc or something and tries to act really chill around archie but eventually one day archie stumbles across them all and feels so overwhelmingly flattered and?? when jughead walks in on him reading them he freezes completely and archie’s just stood their grinning while jug is like ‘never. ever. mention. this. to anyone.’

i actually cant stop thinking about the sambucky office au like?? okay so bucky gets back from a couple tours in the military and has a hard time finding a job, so his bff steve hooks him up with an employment opportunity where he works as a media developer. so bucky starts working as sam’s secretary, and on the first day makes an ass of himself like, who knows how? and sam kind of hates him. 

over time though, it becomes a sort of lust fueled antagonistic back-and-forth with a side of genuine affection ft. sam’s softass falling for bucky and his k-cup office planters and bucky going over the moon for sam’s inability to be chill about pretty much anything. 

it beautiful and they break an office chair 

okay let’s break this down:

  • lukas decides to make a sex tape with rose to prove that he’s not having a gay affair with philip (something that no one has accused him of)
  • lukas enrolls philip to be the cameraman for said sex tape, because who has the time to set up a tripod?
  • PHILIP AGREES!!?!?!? he literally goes from “why should i help you?” to “sure i’ll hide in the bushes and film you banging your girlfriend, that’s a great idea! this is perfectly rational!”
  • it’s not even a sex tape though they both keep their pants on and lukas can’t get it up
  • philip leaks lukas and rose’s not-a-sex tape to all their peers (who for some reason are spending their free time standing around watching lukas ride around in circles on his bike)
  • rose’s reaction to discovering that she was filmed making out with her boyfriend by a stranger without her consent, only to have the footage leaked online? “told ya we did it”

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Not tryna ruin anything but Charlie is kinda gross. She's done black face before :/

ok im gonna use this as an excuse to very quickly rant about tumblrs black and white view sorting people in “good and bad boxes” and people not being able to think critically for themselves……

Yes, good - thank you for informing me that shes done blackface before (here’s a link if you wondered since the anon couldnt add one themselves), BUT - does that mean i cant enjoy her talent and other acts shes done? no. Acknowledging the problematic things people have done is important, but that should not stop anyone from enjoying other content. of course, though, calling people out on it is much needed, otherwise we wouldnt see any change either, so its a good thing youre making me aware of charlie’s problematic acts.

Even drag race itself is problematic in many ways, having been transphobic (even though trans woc were the largest part of the beginning stages of the ballroom scene and whatnot), arguably racist, and have for a long time spread a message that hyperfeminity is the ‘correct way to do drag’ (this has changed slowly over time tho), and while i know and realize all this, i still like watching the show. and so do all of yall. people should be able to enjoy artists/shows/preformances even though some aspects of them are problematic, BUT PLEASE start thinking critically for ya damn selves instead of following this mass of sheeple on tumblr dot com. being able to criticize something while still enjoying it is a very good thing

Went to the movies and saw Nerve today. I gotta say, it was much better than I was expecting. I’m not one for stories with romance as a factor, but this movie pleasantly surprised me. There was romance, yes, but their is also friendship, actiom, adventure, and some very interesting food for thought (ok, so I’m a geek and like to look at the meaning behind stuff). I thought the progression of Vee was very interesting and, though it was hard to believe that all that happened in one night, her character development was fascinating. Ian’s character was all out awesome and Dave Franco did a phenomnal job (though, being the geek I am, I couldn’t help but think of his character as Jack Wilder in hiding. What can I say? I love Now You See Me). Probably one of the most interesting parts, and the one that makes me think the most, is the use of technology and the attitude of being a bystander and letting bad things happen. The use of anonymity was fascinating, and very very realistic. The ending felt a bit rushed and I wish it had been drawn out just a bit longer, but overall it was a very good movie and one I would highly reccommend. I am still laughing at the scene were Vee and Ian run out of the store in nothing but their undergarments. How I didn’t die in the theater I don’t know. So if you’re looking for a fun little movie, I would recommend Nerve!

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I got into a fight with the guy I love and he said I've been smothering him just because he's my only friend and I ask to see him/talk to him a lot and he really hurt me with what he said but you make time for the things you care about, right? he never has time for me anymore but he has time for his ex that broke his heart? idk it all just hurts and i cant stop crying even though its 24 hours later. i told him id back off and let him message me, and he hasnt said a word and it just fuckin hurts.

I’m so sorry. that’s really hard and you shouldn’t have to go through that. I understand if he needs space, but it’s not fair that he’s making time for someone who hurt him and not someone who cares about him. i think just give it a little bit and he’ll hopefully come around. if not, it’s not your fault and you did nothing wrong. you’re a great person 

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Hey what do you think of mother 1 aka earthbound beginnings(or earthbound zero)

After I beat Earthbound I went to Earthbound Beginnings right after
I SWEAR I TIRED to get into the game but it’s just a downgraded Earthbound and more harder to beat enemies to me so I stopped
I really wanted to play for the story but it’s not worth going through all of that
From what I played though it just had all the concepts and ideas that were also used in Earthbound

so ye otherwise cant really say

its like…3:45 in the morning and i cant stop thinking about Merwin librarian AU

where Kingsman is a library and Merlin is the intimidating librarian that shushes anyone who so much as breathes loudly. everyone’s scared of him (with an eternal scowl on his face who wouldn’t be) that not a lot of people approach him.

one day he ends up with Story Time duty even though the children hate him.

that’s when he meets Daisy, who seems to be the only kid who doesn’t scare away from him. in fact she’s the only one who responds enthusiastically to his half-hearted narration. once Story Time finishes the parents pick up their children, leaving only him and Daisy in the room. Daisy, bless her heart, helps Merlin clean up even though Merlin insists that she should wait for her parents.

Just as they are about to finish cleaning the room, a young man knocks on the door and calls for Daisy. Dropping everything in a second, Daisy runs toward the man and hugs him. Merlin on the other hand, feels his heart beating louder the moment his eyes set on him. The man notices him and holds out his hand, calling himself Eggsy and thanking him for staying with his little sister. Merlin can only nod because he’s worried that he might say something regrettable. The two siblings take their leave, the last thing Merlin can hear is Daisy telling Eggsy about ‘bald egghead man’.

Merlin doesn’t take anymore Story Time duty ever since the less-than-stellar response from the children (which he’s perfectly fine with since he prefers the job at the front desk better) but he now notices the siblings every time they enter the library, giving them both a small smile and a wave. he also notices the small notes tucked into the books that Eggsy returns (he personally hands them in to Merlin, insisting it’s more convenient for the both of them). Merlin answers them in the form of little notes as well, placing them on the front page of whatever book Eggsy borrows that time. at first these silent exchanges (because it’s still a library and Merlin knows he’s not setting up a good example if he’s found talking loudly to someone) are innocent (’what’s your favorite color?’ ‘what book are you reading at the moment?’) but as the days pass they become more intimate until one day he receives a note that says ‘can i take you out for dinner?’

He looks up at Eggsy, who’s already leading Daisy towards the childern’s corner. when the two return to the front desk to check out their books a few moments later, Eggsy nervously avoids Merlin’s gaze. Just like the other times before, Merlin places his note inside one of Eggsy’s borrowed books. his eyes follow the siblings as they leave the library, grinning when he sees Eggsy outside whooping with joy and twirling Daisy around, Merlin’s note peeking out of one of Eggsy’s hands.

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Shuuukkaaaamooodd! Love Your Blog <3 <3 :D...... What is the meaning of mod in Shukamod?? :)))) ... I CANT STOP THINKING OF SHUKA.. I AM THE WORST .. or Rather We're the Worst~ Right~ right~ right~ Shukamod~........Right!? :()

Thank you for loving my blog <3 <3 (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

As for the “mod” in shukamod… I manage this blog, so I’m the ‘blog moderator’. I contracted “Shuka” and the “mod” from moderator to make ‘shukamod’ :D

You’ll commonly see ‘moderator’ abbreviated as ‘mod’ on the internet o7

And don’t feel bad for thinking about Shuka all the time! I don’t think it’s a bad thing ( *˙0˙*)

… I-I think. I hope. ( ⚆ ⌄ ⚆;;)

You’re right though, I do it too :)))) You’re not alone there.

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Hey sweet Milly! Did you see this new person again? 💘

Hey lovely ! No not yet. We were possibly going to meet yesterday but he was busy, we might meet on Wednesday (cant meet today cuz I am in london again). I am feeling so relaxed about it even though I really like this person a lot a lot and really want to see them again (badly) - even just to confirm they are real and it wasn’t/isn’t all a beautiful dream I had. I always anticipate the worst & i am worried slightly it wont happen or he doesn’t want to or if it does happen he will think I am uglier than on the night or maybe he just stops messaging me. I dont know. But at the same time I feel so ! just ! Not caught up on things negatively. I can handle it healthily. I am excited with things, I have a full heart. I love i love i love

You know that feeling when you kinda like someone but you just let it aside for a while hoping it wears off with time, because you know yourself, you know you’ll get too involved, you know you’re gonna get your heart broken for no reason, you know it is not going to end well. But time passes and you start to think about the “what if’s”. “What if he likes me back?”, “What if all the little things I notice are actually true?”, “What if this is meant to be, is it fate?” That is the most dangerous part of falling for someone. The hope. And then the heart-wrenching feeling when nothings happens after months. And just then you realize it’s too late. You can’t stop thinking about him, you cant’t eat, you can’t sleep without him on your mind. You’ve fallen. And there is no going back
—  thoughs on unrequited love #3. 11:32 p.m

That Vriska/Equius exchange was so good though like

it’s so obvious how desperate she is, but there’s no way vriska’s gonna just flat out ask for help, especially from someone like equius; she’s waaay to proud for that (she even admits this shit’s embarrassing for her).

So she tries to buttering him up, maybe hoping that he’ll just offer to help given her condition.

and then, just before passing out she compliments Equius while simultaneously reminding him of how terrible her own lusus is.

Bottom line is, Hussie is incredibly good at writing his characters and I am so fucking excited for the rest of this comic. 

i made a big decision that ive been thinking abt for months and now that ive done it im upset about it even though i know it’ll be for the best :) and now im lying awake bcus i cant stop stressing over it! love it

fuck i really love them both so much i cant stop thinking about how proud i am of them and how much they’ve accomplished how many fucking people theyve saved thats still so crazy to me just how many people like me theyve created this safe haven for and just besides that though i love everything about them both i love the way tyler’s nose curves and josh’s smile and the way they speak with eachother and fans and how they always sound so good and how tyler has such a beautiful voice and josh is so ridiculously good at drumming and the both of them are so incredibly amazing as people and musicians and role models i love them both so fucking much and i hope they know god they deserve to know



Haven’t decided much to do with us (i know i should be talking directly to u but to me) but i think i will focus on going back to school

something that i will really like to do, and something that will actually challenge me. im not sure if its about proving that im smart but also i do want to do something that i can more than breeze by

maybe art school, but maybe i will have to take another year off, id really love to do programming though because it was exciting. id really love to meet some people and discuss programming with them again and correspond on projects because i learned so much, like skills i learned in class but methods i learned with my peers i dont know if you know what im saying, maybe i will actually love going to college im not sure i will ask j (my therapist) about getting my petition started (finally lol) 

i really just have to write down what im thinking 


i really miss you

i cant stop thinking about you

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im playing this fire emblem phone game and ive never played a fe game b4 but 1) im having a lot!! of fun and 2) i have that laslow dude and i cant stop thinking about camp lazlo

I WANTED TO MAKE THAT JOKE BUT I WAS TOO LAZY TO SHOP IT TBH… I’m so glad you’re having fun though! I hope you get into the series later : >

Things I Associate With Being an ESFJ

-I am on a constant emotional roller coaster where each emotion only lasts about 15 minutes and then im just meh again. 

 -I am a typical SJ in my head but i rarely say any of the little things that annoy me like hell because my Fe stops me…. and i have zero Te 

 -I like multitasking. I like to be occupied and busy and i cant stand just doing one thing at a time. If i am watching TV im on facebook, cleaning my room and listening to an audiobook. 

 -I almost never say what I’m think because i am terrified i sound like an idiot. But people get the impression i do because i am insanely open about my feels.  

-I ADMIT IT, I’M A MUM. Not in the bossy weird way though. I’m the friend with the big bag of shit i almost never use in case someone needs it. I like taking care of people… Cleaning up after people, hugging everyone and yeah im a huge kid person. I love kids. 

 -I don’t like being alone with my thoughts or feels… cause extrovert. So i like time alone to do stuff like craft and blogging but (i dunno if introverts even do this) but i dont like just laying there listening to music or something. 

 -I’m super sensitive but not easily offended… so if someone says something mean to me and is repetitively a bad person i’ll not say anything and make excuses for them even though they killed my soul. Not that i don’t crack. Hells i crack. Just takes a while 

 -I like talking about people. Not in a gossipy way however. I mean i actually like small talk, learning little things about people, discussing what everyone is up to.

**sorry i just realised how bad the previous formatting was….Damn phone