i cant stop shopping


The amazing last few pieces added to my collection from @bekkathyst (as always)

I’m absolutely in LOVE with every point (that baby fluorite is super colorful omg), the dagger has an awesome golden flash, and the obsidian mirror speaks for itself!

Basically, I’m in love with all of them and she remains one of the best mineral and jewelry shops ever.


A little preview on something we’re sort of working on, I guess?

The amount of time me, piyocchi​, mythrilrain​ and aquacatz11​ spent thinking about this cafe AU actually amazed me and I regret nothing

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Hii!! Just found your blog and i just cant stop reading~~ may i request for a reaction of ikon while shopping for condom with their gf 😁 thank you in advance!!

(Hii!! Welcome ~ .Thank you for your request sweetheart!!!)

Jinhwan - *you grab the smallest size.*

Jinhwan: “You are hilarious, Y/N.”

Yunhyeong: “So,Y/N,normal condom or something different?”

Bobby: “How many do you think we will need, Y/N?”

B.I: -

You: Babe, that one is to big for you…

B.I: “What are you trying to say, Y/N?”

Donghyuk: -

You: “Babe, can we take condoms with flavour this time?”

Donghyuk: “Oh my…” *his brain is on fire and something else*

Junhoe: “This are all TO small for me.”

You: “Next thing you will want to buy a plastic bag, no?” *sarcastic*

Junhoe: …*embarrassed*

Chanwoo: “Honestly I am so confused…What should I choose, Y/N?”

(note: gifs are not mine.)

AU where Dean and Cas works at the same market, working at their own little shops. Dean is a baker, made famous by his homemade apple pies, while Cas is a passionate honey seller and advocate for saving the bees.

Sometimes little heart shaped pies appear out of nowhere on Cas’ booth, and sometimes Dean finds a small jar of manuka honey with a hasty “you’re the bees knees” scribbled on the cap. They don’t talk much and go through the motion of leaving little love offerings to each other, and it doesn’t take long for everyone except them to realize that they’re grossly in love ヽ(´o`;

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Rue was on her way to a party when she stopped at a red light. She was dressed up a bit more than usual, but she had bitches from college to impress. Then the car started shaking. This brand new convertible started shaking. "Are you serious right now!?" Rue asked the steering wheel. She pulled into a nearby mechanic shop before the damn thing stopped."Honestly I cant believe this.." Rue's heels clicked as she looked for someone to help her. "Hello?" She called out desperately.

Falcon wiped the sweat from his brow as he leaned over the engine, the 68 Dodge Cornet’s block finally coming together. He’d finished installing the custom Rhode Runner horn earlier and now he was putting the finishing touches on the timing belt and block. He hadn’t heard anyone pull in, yet a voice rang out calling a sharp ‘Hello’. 

Falcon sighed. He was the only one around, seeing as how it was lunch and he’d opted to remain at the shop to work on his side project instead of walking across the street to the normal diner the rest of the crew always ate at. Wiping his hands on a grease rag, he pushed off the car and made his way toward the front, searching for the owner of the voice.

He came around the corner, raising a brow and smirking when he caught sight of the girl in clothes that screamed ‘Rich Daddy’d Girl’, her heels highly inappropriate for the grease stained floors of the shop. He tossed the rag onto a bench as he made his way over. She looked stressed and ready to blow a gasket.

“What can I do for you?” he called to her before he’d even reached her. He tried to keep his eyes from raking over her, not wanting to be completely rude.