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mel idk if youll ever read this but.... could you pls not use triggered jokes? i have ptsd and some rlly obscure triggers from it and the 'lol kekeke triggered much?' kind of stuff makes fun of the fact i get panic attacks from real life triggers. i understand you dont mean any ill intent when youve said triggered, but trigger jokes make fun of ppl w/ ptsd. triggers cause anxiety nd panic attacks, not slight discomfort or anger. ofc, i cant stop u, but pls thinks abt this <3 love u lots mel !!!

Anon I’m sorry that these jokes are offending you like this, however I don’t continuously use this joke or overuse it and I can’t change my humour style to suit everyone’s needs. I never make those triggered jokes to purposely make people with ptsd look bad at all, I never even thought of them like that until you brought this up. I can’t tell you I will stop using them because, as I said before, I can’t satisfy everyone with what I make. You can go ahead and unfollow or unsubscribe to me or just stop watching or reading my things or anything but just know those triggered jokes are not intended to make fun of people with ptsd at all and are just meant to be some harmless fun. Please note there is no maliciousness intended in this message and I do not mean to offend with this in any way.


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

while tryna figure out how to make art fun again (turns out that you can’t lol) i cant stop thinking about blonde wyatt + how a lot of words that come out of griffin mcelroy’s mouth sound like things she would say

(ths bit is from the very opening of ep 150 of mbmbam, after the song intro)

also can we stop rebooting old cartoons in general what even is the point

i know ttg hasnt brought anything to the teen titans and the new ppg absolutely hasnt brought anything to the powerpuff girls. if anything theyre detracting from the original series

cant we just like. try new stuff blease unless youre actually going to try and make something good. which hasnt happened. because these shows are only being rebooted to milk as much as they can out of old popular IPs

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sorry I am a bit confused what happened?

omg hey look at the post I reblogged from bigdicksquadd. basically it is about soloharried, she sent me 3 vids of herself masturbating and she sent videos of herself to other people in our group chat, and she has sent videos to minors in the past! I asked her to stop sending me them after the second one and she sent me another :) and then she said that ace ppl should leave our gc. Then she said about minors that if we cant deal with her nudes we should leave the gc and that we shouldnt even be there in the first place… well too bad now shes the one that’s gone wuagawjdhk I’m sorry I’m so shook by this situation. She also completely ignored ppls trigger warnings and would constantly bring up really nasty stuff and just be tmi all the time, and she would try to make the convo depressing in times of happiness. just… don't join her group chat if u dont like mean people basically :))) STAY SAFE PLEASE

Sweet Envy (M)

REQUEST:  A smut scenario with anyone from the maknae line where you are greek and he finds the while thing really sexy like your accent and the way you look and stuff. Teheheee =^^=

AUTHORS NOTE: 2,706 words of fluffy smut with taetae (but can i just mention how outrageous taehyung is getting) ally xx

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klance angst headcanon


i just imagine Lance is the type to make a lot of jokes when he’s depressed/in seriously nerve wracking situation/hiding stuff, the whole team knows this since its pretty obvious and they usually try to ask whats wrong but then Lance makes another joke to avoid the situation. But i feel like Keith would visit Lance in his room and ask why, again Lance tries throwing a good ol joke but it sorta makes Keith irritated and has to yell at him to make him realize he has to let it out since he’s overworking himself and Lance just collapsed into Keith’s cries n vents about how much he misses his family on earth, how much he tries so hard to do the right thing but keeps messing up and in the heated mess of feelings Lance accidentally confesses how much he likes Keith as soon as he’s about to pass out on top of him and Keith is just sitting there embarrassed as he combs his fingers through his hair, thinking “wow he’s actually really attractive when he shows his real emotions.” n gives him a lil chaste peck on the forehead



Anyways just some…stuff.
Reflective pupils, REALLY LARGE irises..
Hair bristles…almost like porcupine quills..

 She can wiggle her rib thingies.The spots under/inbetween are soft n warm, the outer skin is..not quite Solid and chitinous, but its not so soft like human skin either. Somewhere sort of in between, but still flexible… Also Cool to the touch

Peridot is weird and I just keep making her weirder??


in case you cant read the last part

Pidge: Coran stop making shit explote
Allura: what a mess
Hunk: waaaaaaaaaaaat??
Lance: omg I want to make shit explote!
Keith: Lance No
Lance: Lance Yes

SUPERNATURAL AU! because for some reason I couldnt find anything for this?? am I the only one who has thought of this??

Basically Keith is an angel, Lance and Hunk are hunters and they work together but theyre kinda new at the job, Allura and Coran are also hunters, theyve been doing iit for longer and Pidge also hunts but they normally take care of phonecalls or hacking and getting information. 

sorry if I draw too much stuff for this au during this next days but I really liked what I planned for it

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How long did it take you to makeover every townie? I really want to but at the same time I'm like... icbf.

hmmm idk how long it took me mayb a couple of days? i would make over like two or three townies a day but sometimes i would do more depending on how pumped i was!!! once u start u cant stop trust me!
also download mc command center to stop the game from deleting ur made over townies n stuff

Can you believe that people hate my guts on here because i say to never assume someone’s sexual orientation unless that person says something?

Why cant we just respect Phil? If he doesnt wanna talk about stuff like that or even other stuff then its okay, those are his decisions. STOP TRYING TO FORCE HIM. I dont know what the big deal is anyways? Its not gonna make him less human.

Just let him live his life, PLEASE. This grown 30 year old man doesnt need to share every single aspect of his personal life with the internet if he doesn’t want to. He has a right to privacy. We dont need to know everything.

hey i am a shitwad

i might not be answering asks or doing much here for a week or so because i feel like i am being kind of a let down by not doing what im supposed to on here, and i have a new fucking “style” everytime i try to answer stuff. so, if i dont make anything, i dont even know. i feel like itd be dumb to say soul searching but thats the only thing that comes to mind. im sorry guys i feel like a let down and i have a lot of shit stirring in the cesspool that is my brain so again im really sorry. see you when i get my act together,,

-(your least favorite jackass of all) Cat