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BTS reaction when he's having privet sexy time ;) in the shower with Y\N and member walking in them ??(make it long please)

Since were all freaking out heres some smut:)


You wouldn’t initially start out with him in the shower with you, but the sound of the music playing and the sight of your head tilted back as you lathered yourself up would bring him to quietly step in behind you. He’d take over, rubbing small circles across your back in places you couldn’t quite reach before letting you turn around to face him, the hot water now rinsing away any obstruction there was to his view of your body. You looked down, biting your lip at the sight of his member standing up. You’d pull him closer, the feeling of his now wet skin pressing to yours and making every nerve stand at attention. He’d let you pull his head down so you could kiss him, wanting to feel just how much you wanted him. You’d kiss his neck, smiling as he wasn’t able to hold back as your teeth tugged at the sensitive spot right in the center of his neck. He’d press you back, now fully willing to pleasure you. His lips would move fast against yours, hands tugging at one another in desperate need of getting closer. His hand would wonder until it was petting your core, teasing you as you started to grind against his palm. He smirked at how ready you were and fully pressed you against the wall, encouraging you to stand higher as one hand pulled your leg up so he had just the right amount of space for a tight entrance. Continuing to tease you with his tip you moaned loudly in aggravation. He chuckled, sinking himself deep with in you to turn the aggravation in your voice into something sweet and needy. 

He wasn’t ebven able to get one pump in before the door was bursting open and Yoongi was walking in. Looking in the mirror he’d see Jin, back to him and bare ass looking over his shoulder with a surprised look. Yoongi wouldn’t think much of it as he reached for his tooth brush but with Jin still balls deep in you, you breather hard trying to get Jin to say something. 

‘Yoongi, wait.’ he’d say just loud enough to hear.

‘Why?’ He’d say looking back up. When he did he’d then see your hands holding onto the bar beside you and your one leg still wrapped around Jin.

‘Oh fuck sorry.’ He’d say leaving quickly. Jin would look back to you and laugh, pressing his forehead to yours sweetly before throwing one hard pump further into you causing your voice to catch in a short loud squeal. 


The two of you wouldn’t have even made it to the shower. He’d have you pressed against the steam covered glass, fast lips trailing down your neck and still moving south until he was tapping the inside of your thigh, encouraging you to pick it up over his shoulder. with his hands faced firmly on your backside he’d lick you once, watching as you bit your lip and gripped harder to the towel rail that you were now supporting yourself on. Hed start by working slowly, kissing you with just enough tongue meeting your clit that your body shook every time he did so. He’d decide when you had enough of the teasing and when he did he’d dive right in, sloppily attraction your core as he sucked and pulled at your clit and one hand moved so he could curl his fingers inside of you as he pumped them quickly. He’d make you studded his name, which was his favorite thing to do and once he did he gave your clit one last tug before you unraveled around him. Taking no time he’d stand up, pressing his mouth against yours and groaning deeply as you silently thanked him for the orgasm by pulling his hair roughly. His hand would still be stroking you, collecting as much of your natural lubricant as he could before rubbing it on himself and lining his erect member with you. He’d only move his lips away from yours for a second, but the moment he did the door opened and Jungkook caught your eyes through the mirror. 

‘Fuck!’ you gasped as Yoongi entered you, not being able to look away from the terrified boy still looking at you. ‘Yoongi, Yoongi stop!’ You’d say trying to fight the pleasure that was still running through you. 

‘Kook OUT!’ You finally screamed and Yoongis head snapped around just as the door slammed shut. 

‘No way.’ Yoongi said, humor in his eyes as he realized what had just happened. 

‘Cant get one moment to ourselves in this damn- Ah Yoongi!’ You said louder as he thrust into you one more time. 

‘Let them hear you. They already know what were doing.’ He growled, hints of amusement still in his voice as he rammed himself into you over and over again till there was no hiding your moans. 


There was no time alone to yourself when you were staying with Namjoon. You tried sneaking away to have a shower to yourself so you could properly take care of you since usually a shower consisted of him only rubbing soap on you for half second before the feeling of your body overwhelmed him. You had managed to fully clean yourself, sighing as you let the water run over your body just a little longer. 

‘Am I allowed to join you now?’ His thick voice echoed through the bathroom. 

‘Yes, actually. Id love you to.’ You said turning to fully face him, cocking your hip just in the way he loved to see your body curve. 

He’d strip, not care that his clothing landed in the water that had splashed out of the shower and the moment he stepped in you’d take a hold of him, pulling him so his body trapped yours against the wall. You’d try to take charge by holding his neck down to you and grabbing his member so you would work it up. He’d smile into the kiss and you’d know he was only letting you think you were in charge. Running with it you kissed down his neck, past his collarbone and down his stomach until you were kneeling almost underneath him, running your tonge along his shaft, not even caring how hard the tiles of the shower floor were against your knees. He’d groan, bracing himself against the wall behind you. He let you do your thing; swirling your tongue over his tip and pushing forward till you were gagging slightly. It wasn’t until the first twitch of his cock did he pull himself out of you and stand you up, pressing you against the glass of the shower wall.

‘Spread.’ he’d say and instantly you’d listen, pulling your feet apart and arching your back till there was a straight path to the place you needed him the most. You could see your foggy reflection in the mirror in front of you, body pressed to hard against the glass that all you could really see were your nipples against the skin of your breasts and the palms of your hands. 

He pushed into you roughly, growling your name as you tightened around him. His hand would intervene itself with your hair and pull it just hard enough until your head tilted all the way back, exposing your neck for him to suck and pull at. 

You couldn’t help the loud moans and gasp screams that were leaving your body as he rammed into you over and over again.The sound of the shower must have somehow drowned them out though as Jin walked in, calling for you. 

‘Foods ready y/n, were waiting on you to start the movie!’ You’d hear him say, but all you could do was gasp in response as Namjoon didnt let up. 

‘y/n, are you okay?’ He’d say now fully walking into the bathroom. ‘Shit!’ You’d hear him say as the sight of Namjoon’d foggy body pumping forcefully into you caught his eye. 

‘shit.’ You’d hear him say one more time, but you didnt care, your eyes were already being to roll as he abused your g-spot, sending you into a violent orgasm. 


You wouldn’t be able to help yourself as you hands started to travel all over Hoseoks skin, smiling and kissing his shoulder as goosebumps rose to the surface. He’d groan and lean bak just enough so his back was pressed to yours as the rest of the soap that was in his hair drained out. You let your fingers run down his arms and then back up smiling even wider as he groaned again. You let your fingers trace softly down the sides of his back before rounding on him. He wrapped his arms around your waist and immediately pulled you into him so sweet kisses could be left on your mouth. It started out innocent but the moment your hands intertwined themselves in his hair things would pick up. His hands would trail down to your behind and he’d squeeze just hard enough for him to catch your moan with his own. He leaned into you as your hand down his already erect member, moaning once more as you started to softly run your fingers over it. Knowing this drove him mad, that you could literally make him nut with just your light touch you decided against teasing him and instantly started to kiss down his neck. Kneeling infant of him he’d bite his lip at you, loving the way you looked when you were in such a submissive pose in front of him. You swallowed him quickly, not wanting to prolong the moment any more than you already had. His hands found themselves into your hair, moving with your motion as you bobbed your head, making sure to fluctuate the pressure of your tongue just so you could make sure you were hitting every sweet spot along his member. 

‘Aish, y/n.’ Hes growl as you started to bob faster and faster. 

‘y/n.’ He’d say over and over again until a frantic ‘Y/n!’ left his mouth. He pulled away and turned his body, a blush creeping on his cheeks as your eyes met Taehyungs.

‘What are you still standing there for!’ You snapped covering your chest as Tae jumped and exited the room. 

‘He ruined it didnt he?’ You sighed as Hoseok turned back to you. 

‘Kinda.’ He said looking down before laughing and pulling you into a long kiss. 


Shower sex was your favorite thing to do with one another, the feeling of the steam plus the heat radiating off of your slamming bodies was just something you lived for. Getting started in the shower wouldn’t take any time as he’d follow you in already giggling and pinching lightly at your behind. You turned on him, allowing him to push you fully till you were under the hot stream of water. The two of you would push back and fourth, trying to over come one another for the pleasure of the water hitting you, Giggling against one another lips as the other won the battle. The game wouldt last long though as the two of you now started to tug at one another. Hair was pulled, kissed were left down the sides of necks and soon you were bent over, your arms working as a pillow for your head to rest on. Jimin would be knelt behind you, its tongue making quick work of your already dripping core. With two fingers slipping past your folds you’d gasp, calling his name as he started to pump them in and out of your body. 

‘Jimin please… PLEASE!’ You’d scream as you knees started to press together. He quickly stood and replaced his fingers with his cock, waisting no time in keeping your orgasm up. 

‘Cum for me baby girl.’ He’d say, his hands gripping tightly to your waist as he curved his hips up just enough to his your g-spot every time. You moaned into your arm, knees buckling again so he was forced to help support you. He’d lean forward, fully wrapping his arms around you as he continued to to pound. Your orgasm ripped through your body and you were struggling to keep yourself up. He’d pull you back so your back arched and your head rested against his shoulder, arms still outstretched to brace the continued pounding you were receiving. You were nearing your second orgasm, so close that your eyes began to roll and all you could do was moan his name over and over again. 

‘Aish, common guys, in the shower? Really?” Namjoon’s voice rang. You thought it was a dream as you came undone once more, but as you heard Jimin giggle as his body wrapped around yours and your eyes slowly opened you just say Namjoon standing there laughing and shaking his head before leaving the bathroom. 


Starting off innocent you two out just be laughing at things the other said as you passed bottles of shampoo back and fourth to one another. It wasn’t until you asked Tae to wash your back did things turn sexual. His fingers would run down your neck followed by his kisses until his hands found their wait to your core. You’d groan softly and lean your head back as all humor had completely disappeared and the only thing you could think of was the feeling of Taehyungs hands palming at your core. You’d let him turn your around, his lips finding yours as his hands kept up the pace of slowly teasing you. You let him kiss down your neck again, your arms hooking around his neck as he did so. After a few minutes of the agonizing slowness of his fingering you decided to tease him back by circling the tip of his dick with your finger. He didnt take to kind of this and soon you were backed into the wall, his hands moving even faster as he readied you for him. You moaned his name slowly and though he knew you didnt on purpose he couldn’t help himself any longer. You let him hook an arm under your knee before lining himself with you. Slowly stretching you he’d smile at your moan and he’d pump a few slow timed before he needed to feel the special kind of friction that only you would give him. He’d be a moaning mess only a few seconds in, his breath being sued down his throat and pushed back in would cause the hissing noise that drove you mad. You tried to hold onto him as hard as possible but there was only so close you could get to him. 

The moment you moaned his name in pleasure he’d pick his pace up even more, wanting to hear you say it even louder. Before he could get another one out there was a loud knock on the door as it swung open. He quickly removed himself from you before flattening you yp against the all. 

‘Hoseok really!’ He’d yelled at the now wide eyed Hobi. 

‘Oh! Sorry I thought.. Sorry.’ He’d stammer before the sound of him laughig could be heard past the closing of the door. 

‘Were going to get so much shit.’ You said covering your face.

‘At least I’m getting some.’ He said kissing you softly before turning off the water and handing you a towel. 


Any time he saw you completely naked he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. You’d be spun around and pressed against the glass before you were even able to get yourself fully submerged in the water, his need to prove he wasn’t a boy high. He’d only kiss you briefly before moving down to your neck to leave a few marks before moving down further to your nipples where he massaged, licked and tugged at them. Being completely infatuated with Jungkook you’d take no time in moaning his name in a pleading way, knowing exactly how it would effect him. 

‘God I love it when you say my name like that.’ He’d say deeply against your skin. 

Moaning again he’d kiss back up you before bending you over. There would only be a split second before he was entering you and his arm was wrapping around you to start the teasing of your clit. Every time he’d pump you’d beat hard, trying to hide the fact that you were already creeping to your high. It became to hard and soon your voice was once continuous moan as he pumped into you fast and faster. He cursed your name, telling you how good you felt around him before pulling out of you and spinning you around. Now with your ass pressed against the glass he entered you once more, groaning at the feeling the new position gave him. He kissed heavily at your neck and lips, thrusting into you as hard as he could. 

‘I don’t know where she it, Kook is in here though I- Oh found her.’ You’d hear Jimin say before look spun you around to hid your name body. 

‘Hyung!’ He’d yell, only receiving a laugh from Jimin before you saw him walk out closing the door. 

‘Were going to have to finish this later.’ he said, smiling into a kiss as you pouted. 

Coming Home – Tom Holland Imagine

Words: 1631. Warning: So much fluff. Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Just the thought of sleepy!Tom makes my heart flutter and do things, and the idea of looking after him just seems so sweet.



You hear the door slam shut, footsteps fall and keys clamper onto a tabletop. Tom and Harrison just flew back from Japan after the Spiderman Homecoming premier in Tokyo, and needed to jump right back into the swing of things for Chaos Walking.

As the pair came around the corner of your rented apartment for the time being, you could see visible dark bags hanging under their eyes. Ragged clothing sticking to their bodies and clearly unkempt hair were just a few signs that it had been a rough trip.

As Tom neared you, you could see more closely just how tired he was. His facial hair was prickling and irritating his skin, which didn’t help to aid the mood he was in. The two boys were exhausted; energy drained from their fast trip and they had nothing left in them.

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Ride Me Baby *Part 4* (Harry Styles Mini Series)

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Hey guys this chapter is very sexual/sad so this is a warning. But I did enjoy writing this chapter, there is going to big a big story line in the next chapter so be sure to keep an eye out. But without further of due here is chapter 4, I hope you guys enjoy this one-K xxx




 Word Count: 4,832

Harry’s POV

Sitting in the coffee shop looking at my phone, trying to think of who to call. I only really have Y/N here with me in LA that I could really stay with and talk to, I miss London. The only person that comes to mind is Kendall but its only going to make things worse if I call her. She is the only person who I can think of right now. “Hey Harry, how was your vacation?” Kendall’s voice, so chirpy on the other line. This is the awakening I needed, I knew I was making the wrong decision. “Eh, sorry Kendall, didn’t mean to dial your number” “Oh, no worries, Ill talk to you later on” “Okay take care” I immediately hung up the phone. I paid the cashier and walked back to our apartment, well I ran, to make sure that Y/N was still there, hopefully waiting for me to come back like she always does.

I swiftly opened the front door and I walked into the living room to see my beautiful fiancé sleeping on the sofa with her legs tucked in front of her stomach. She looked so peaceful, but most likely not the way she fell sleep. I walked closely to her and knelt down to see her face, her makeup smeared down her face. To think I had done that to her was the worst feeling in the world. I knew that I had to fix this. I slowly pulled her body towards mine and I lifted her to our bed and tucked her in. I gave her a light kiss to her forehead and tip toed out the door. “I didn’t think you would have came back” I wimper of a voice whispered and I turned around to see her pale complexion looking directly at me. “Baby of course I came back, I love you, so much. I just needed a little breather that’s all” I sat down beside her and took her hands into mine. “You know nothing will ever break us, not Kendall, no the media, no one. Okay?” “Okay Harry, I love you. And I’m sorry, for everything” Her lip started to quiver as she looked down at our hands intertwined. “Y/N don’t ever think this is just your fault. I’m the main one to blame here” “No Harry your not. Your a nice guy that likes to keep everyone on good terms and I get that. I was never worried about us or you ever cheating on me because I know that you would never do that. Its just what she would be capiable of doing was something that I was more worried about.” “What do you mean?” She raised her body so she was sitting up properly facing me. “I don’t know the girl, but she comes across nice and polite because that’s just what the media is painting her out to be. And the media paints me out to be some nobody who stole harry from a celebrity, which don’t worry I’m not saying that I’m offended by that which I’m not. Its just that’s what I think she thinks of me too” I sat and thought long and hard about what she was saying, and you know what? It actually makes sense. I mean, yeah loads of celebrities always marry or date different celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that its always like that. “I get what your saying, it does make sense. But right now, I don’t care, and you shouldn’t let that affect our relationship because at the end of the day if Kendall was a decent friend, she wouldn’t even be having them thoughts. If that’s her plan well then she’s turned out to be a cunt, just saying” We both started laughing and I looked at her face studying mine. “Yeah your right” “I know I’m right, okay?” “Okay” “I love you and I don’t want you listening to anyone else and get on with our lives, right?” “Right” She giggled as she sat up and kissed me hard. “Right then, lets go and tell everyone the good news” Her face dropped as if I had pulled the P word out on her. I looked at her ring and pointed towards it. She immediately started laughing “Yes oh my god, I completely forgot” “Well lets make it something that you never want to forget” I lifted her off of the bed and swung her legs around my torso and pushed her lips onto mine. My hands went swiftly to her perked bum and gave her cheeks a good squeeze. “First stop, mums?” “But, that’s in England” “Well youll need to start packing”


I couldn’t believe that me and Harry were on our way to visit his family and tell them the good news. I just hope that the press haven’t leaked anything out to the public, but so far so good. Once me and harry got off the aeroplane we walked straight to his car and drove off to Cheshire. I love it when we go places so spontaciously and that paps don’t know a thing, it just makes you feel like your you, and your free, like a nobody. But in a good way. I rolled down the window as he drove down the motorway to the town and just took in the lovely fresh air and looked around the natural scenery around us. So peaceful, I wish we could come down to his home more because its just so refreshing. “Im so happy we are finally telling people about us, I cant wait” Harry stated as he took my hand from my thigh and intertwined our fingers to softly yet passionately. “Im so glad we are back home, feels like ages from we have been here” “I know I’m sure your excited to see everyone again, especially the fam bam” I giggled as he looked at me in complete awe in what I was saying. I loved the way he looked at me when I was talking. It felt like he was just lost in my words. I loved the way his mouth sometimes moved to the words that I was saying, the way his eyes diverts to mine then back to my moving lips. “Your my family now too, so no matter where I go, you are my family” “Harry” I gave his cheek a quick peck, I didn’t want him to loose concentration of the road ahead.

We finally got to the village/town, and it was so homey, the tiny markets outside, the small shops around the squared off town, it was just something about it that made me see that this is was peace is like. “Here we are” “Thank god my bum is going numb” Harry giggled when I said that while rubbing my bum under the seat. “Ill help and make the numbness go away babe” His hand clung straight to my waist to move me up and he put his hands right under my bum. “Babe I think its okay” His chuckle filled the whole car, my favourite sound. We got out of the car and went straight to the boot to grab our bags, of course mine being heavier than his. And being the gentleman that he is he took most of the bags and let me go in first to help him open the doors, but I always knock, its very rude if you don’t, mother in law to be or not. “Harry! Y/N! I’m so happy you guys are here, oh my word” Anne came rushing out through the door before I even had reached it. “Y/N let me take them off your hands love, please come inside” “Thank you Anne” As I walked into the porch of their beautiful home I was welcomed by Harry’s dad, step dad, Gemma and a whole lot of his family and old friends. “Wow mum this is amazing, did you tell the whole town to come town and surprise us?” “Harry this is a rare moment, we almost never see you down here so we had to make the most of it” Robin said as he came from the kitchen and grabbed the suitcases from Harry then went for a hug. “Missed you guys so much” He went to Anne and gave her the longest hug ever. Looking across at Harry I seen a few tears streaming down his face, but of course Harry tried to hide it from everyone, but nothing passes me. “Thank you all so much for coming” He mumbled as he tried to save his voice from admitting he got abit emotional. Of course I would want him to be emotional. He hasn’t seen his family from my birthday which was a good 7 months ago. I walked over to Harry when everyone started walking into the kitchen to serve out food and what not. “Hey, you okay?” “Yeah baby I’m good” We shared a quick kiss and made out way into the kitchen to join the rest of the party. “Harry” Gemma screamed, running towards us as fast as she could get past people. The amount of people is incredible, its so hard to know where to go. “Oh my god Gem” Harry whisked her up off of the floor doing a little twirl. “Harry I cant believe your here, this is insane” Her eyes diverted to mine and again her eyes widened and she made a little scream out of her little frame and tried to tackle harry to get at me. “Y/N oh my god I didn’t know you were coming this is unreal, ahh I missed you girl” She gripped my waist and lifted me off of the floor giving me the tightest hug ever. Im not a very forthcoming person when it comes to hugs and stuff, but with Gemma ill have to get used to it. “Hey Gemma its so nice to see you too” “We have so much to catch up on girl” “I know its been ages, so happy that I’m here” “Good, were so happy that you came” “Me too chick me too” “Listen up everyone” I hear Robin shout to the crowd. “Im so happy ad grateful that you guys have came out here today to celebrate our main man and his woman back home” The applauds filled the room as we looked around, everyone looking at us, I hate this kind of attention so I rolled my headi into Harrys shoulders, and his hand moved directly to my waist and kissed my head. “But Harry I have a surprise for you, cmon out lads” Thats when Niall and Liam came strutting out of the living room and into the kitchen with their sassy walks they put on making all of us laugh and cheer. “Lads” His hands left them to go over to them and give them a hug. Its so nice to see them all still friends and getting along, I think that’s what all of us wanted.

Harry’s POV

I’m so happy that everyone came out here to welcome us home, even the lads, I’m still beyond shocked. I was sitting with Liam and Niall catching up. Talking about the movie, their new music, personal lives, everything that we needed to talk about. I miss these lads so much, but there is only so much time of your life you can be with them. I do really miss it though. I caught a quick glimpse of Y/N talking to mum, dad and Gem, I love the way that they connect, I just knew that she was the one for me, but seeing them get along with no drama is what made it the final decision breaker. It wouldn’t have mattered either way but its brownie points really. “Y/N” I shouted over to grab her attention from the deep conversation they were having. “C ’mere love” “Okay ill be right over” “Lads gimmie one second I just need to talk to Y/N is that okay?” “Of course it is man take your time with the missis” Niall replied. “Cheers mate” I replied and met Y/N half way. “What’s up babe” Y/N smiled at me with that cute smile, she’s irresistible. “I think its time to tell them about us” Her eyes gave a doubtful look, then looked around us. “I mean, here, now? I mean I thought we were just telling you parents?” “But what a perfect way to tell everyone. This is all my friends ad family here, everyone is going to find out eventually, and I would rather let them hear it from us than the media, then that would be a whole blow up, and that’s the last thing I want. Please” I pouted at her, I grabbed her hands and placed them on my waist. I pulled her in more towards me so I could read her expressions better. “Okay if that’s what you want I don’t mind” “Look I know that you don’t like big crowds, but I think the time is perfect right now” “Okay” She looked down at her hands on me, trying to hide her nerves in her face. “I love you” “Love you H” She pulled up her face to give me a kiss. Her lips. I could taste them forever. “Guys can I have everyone’s attention, we have a announcement. Everybody” All eyes diverted to us as we stood with our hands interlinked. I looked down at Y/N which she was already facing me. “Me and Y/N are engaged” Everyone’s awes and applauding came with no hesitation, and the floods of all familiar faces came straight towards us to congratulate us. This is going to be a long but unreal day.

A few hours had passed and everyone had left, bar a few close friends that lived nearby so they took it upon themselves to stay longer, which they are more than welcome to. Me, Y/N and Mum were sitting in the kitchen beside the island continuing talking, but most importantly about the wedding. “I still cant believe you guys are engaged. More to the fact I still cant believe that I missed this huge rock on your finger, how could I miss that” Her hand couldn’t let go of Y/N’s, looking at the ring. Y/N couldn’t swipe the smile off of her face as Mum couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Harry has good taste don’t you baby” “I do, anything for my princess” I walked over behind Y/N and put my arms around her shoulders and gave her a kiss to the top of her head. “I think this is enough wedding talk for one night, I think me and Y/N will hit the hay” “Yeah I am getting a little tired” “No problem my lovelies, we can discuss more about the wedding tomorrow, ahh, the wedding, this is so exciting” Mum started to welt up as mothers do. “Mum c’mon don’t be a blubbering mess now, what are you not going to be like at the wedding” I walked over to her and gave her a hug. “I know I know, its a mum thing I think” A mini chuckle came from her as she looked up at me, smiling. “I love you mum but were going to bed, night” “Goodnight my lovelies, sleep tight” “Goodnight Anne”

We both walked upstairs into the bedroom and closed the door shut. I sat down on the bed and took my shoes off giving a sign of relief. “Thank god that evening is over, now I can just sleep” Y/N made her way over to me and pushed me back onto the bed. She pushed herself up on me and pulled her hands through my hair. Oh my god. “Is that all you wanna do..? Just sleep?” Her smirk just lit up the whole room, that sexy smirk that only I see behind closed doors. “Well what else did you have in mind?” I looked at her sexy curves, her dress so tight that it fit and extenuated her body to perfection. “Mmm I’m not sure, but defiantly not sleeping” Her face was not even inches away from mine, torturing me to kiss her, but I wasn’t going to give in, not yet. She quickly got up and made her way til a few feet in front of me. “Babe where are you doing?” “Watching you squirm as I tease the fuck out of you” She slowly took her hair out of her bun and shook it like in one of those hair adverts, so hot. Her hands made her way down to her hips, around her waist and back up to under her breasts. A massive gulp noise came from me as I witnessed her hands moving to remove her dress. My dick is rock hard right now, and I know she can see it. She slowly took her dress off, strap by strap. She pushed it down her waist until it landed like a pool at the bottom of her feet. She pushed it to the side, when I realised what she was wearing. The underwear that I got her before we left for England. “Fuck” I whispered to myself, which was pointless because she heard anyway. Her hands went straight down for her heat, and she didn’t hesitate to move her hand right underneath her knickers and inside of her. Fuck. Her hand started to move in circular motions as her eyes closed with pleasure. I sat on the bed, wanting to touch my rock hard on but I wanted to tease myself, I couldn’t give in, even though this was something that I imagined every single time I was away for work and I was alone. All I could do is imagine her rubbing herself while I fucked my hand to get me off, even though I wanted it to be her. Her moans escaped her mouth when her fingers went deeper. “Let me touch you, please let me touch you” “You have to be good Harry, you cant just get me and not work for it” Her smirk still was the only prominent feature on her face tonight. She was up to something and I liked where this was going. “I don’t care” I quickly got up and lifted her off of the ground and wrapped her legs around me. “Did you really think you were going to get away with teasing me like this? Your going to pay for this” I walked us into the bathroom and pushed her down, turned her around and bent her over the sink. I quickly took out my hard cock and bashed it right into her slick hole. “Aw oh my god Harry” Her moans sky rocketed so loud that the neighbours could hear her. I quickly moved my hand to her mouth while I rammed harder into her tight little virgin like pussy. She doesn’t stretch out which is insanely hot, its like she’s a fucking a virgin every time. “Harry” “Fuck your always so tight for me, you wee whore” I felt like I could feel every inch of her wrapped around me, she feels so warm. Fuck. I’m not wearing a condom. “Baby I have to stop, I’m not using a condom” “Don’t care, just keep going” Her pants and pleasure was all she had in her mind right now. My wit went straight from my head and listened to her and continued pounding into her. My other hand was helping balance her while I fucked her senseless, and my god was this hot. The mirror started to steam up in front of us but I don’t care. She was looking into it while I fucked her. If this is the main thing that is getting her off, ill fucking buy a million mirrors for our house. “You like watching me fuck you, you little slut, you fucking like seeing me ram into you don’t you?” Her moans again got louder which made he smack her ass to get her to shut up, but that never was going to happen. She liked being smacked really hard along her ass. There isn’t a lot of things this girl doesn’t like, and its fucking filthy and sexy. Her body started to shake and she grabbed the sink until her fingers turned white from the pressure, I knew she was coming. As her orgasm came, her walls started clenching around me tighter and tighter. One more thrust, one more thrust and I need to pull out. I pulled out before I came and I quickly started to pump onto her back, watching her in the mirror using her fingers to rub her bean until she came again. I busted my nut all over her back with the biggest moan I’ve ever let out of me. Even when we are in our on house I don’t think we’ve ever been this loud. Maybe its the thought of getting caught in my parents house is the thrill. “Satisfied?” She asked as I pulled some toilet roll off and wiped my cum off of her back. “More than that baby” We left the bathroom and I went straight into the bed, curled up and enjoyed the nice cool duvet’s sheets. Even though its November, I still loved the cool bed linen against my skin, especially after sex. Minutes later Y/N joined me in bed with her little silky shorts and lace bra on and wrapped herself around me and placed her head on my chest. “Gnight H, love you” “Love you more”


I woke up extremely early this morning, like I do every morning. But of course a day that I wasn’t to sleep in, that never happens. The sun was splitting through the curtains which probably didn’t help either. Me and Harry were to worried about riding each other to care about the curtains. Thinking about last night, and how hot it was, it was such a turn on. I had to snap out of it, or else id get horny again. I got up every so quietly and got myself into the shower. I couldn’t get last night out of my head as I continued to wash my body and hair. I couldn’t contain it anymore, I have to do something. I pushed my fingers down to my core and pushed them in as the other hand went straight to my clit, rubbing it abit. And by god was I wet, not from the shower of course. It felt amazing as always. But it wasn’t enough for me. When I tilted my head up from the pleasure I realised the shower head. The shower head is removable. I quickly removed the shower head and brought it straight down to my heat. I moaned out loudly in pleasure, not caring if anyone heard. I took it deeper to my clit, making sure it got everywhere around and in my pussy. My fingers help pump ever so slowly then bashing in so hard to get that spot Harry loves. Thinking about all these different scenarios in my head and repeating the memories from last night was getting me to come quicker than what I thought. “Y/N what are you doing” Harrys faced scared the living death out of me, and the worst part is he caught me masturbating. He has never ever seen me do this before. Oh god, this is so embarrassing. What do I say or do? I froze and dropped the shower head out of my hand.

Harry’s POV

I started to waken up a little when I realise Y/N isn’t here in bed with me, but then I turned around to go back to sleep again. She’s probably went to get water or something, she will be back soon I’m sure. As I went back to sleep I suddenly heard this massive moan coming from the bathroom. I jolted up out of bed and continued to listen. Then I realised that the bathroom light was blaring and the door was slightly open. I wonder what she is doing in there. I put on some boxers and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, then headed towards the bathroom door. I peeped through because I didn’t want to invade her privacy but I wanted to make sure she was okay. Then I see the outline of Y/N. The shower head wasn’t showering her, it was pleasuring her. Ive never ever seen her masturbate, and this just throw me off the edge, I have to help her out before I cum in my boxers just watching her. I slowly went up to the shower door because I didn’t want to scare her. I opened the shower door to her fingering herself and the shower head stuck to her clit, her unaware of my presence. “Y/N what are you doing?” Her face and body froze when I startled her. I don’t think she ever waned to get caught, especially by me. She dropped the shower head and left it dangling from the machine. “Nothing” “Doesn’t seem like nothing to me” I threw a cheeky smile her way, then her face went red. “Babe don’t be embarrassed, I do it all the time when I’m not with you, but you d it so well, it never satisfies me. But its so hot to see you though” I quickly took my boxers off and joined her in the shower. “Mind if I give you a hand?” “Um, yeah, okay” She is still lost for words, she’s so innocent, but pure filthy at the same time. I grabbed the shower head and put it straight to her clit causing her to jump from pleasure. “Does that feel good baby” Her moans just gave me the answer. She didn’t have to say anything else. I lowered myself down til my face was parallel to her heat. I pushed the shower head away and went straight to eat her out. She tasted so sweet, and her juices were creating a pool in my mouth. “You didn’t get enough last night no? You dirty girl” Her hands went straight for my hair, dragging each strand through her fingers. “I’m cumming H oh my god I’m cumming. I grabbed her waist and pulled it further while her juices started to flow down my face. While she is shaking I try to lap up and down her pussy until she is finished from her high. “Wow” was the only thing that came out of her mouth after I was finished with her. “Satisfied?” “Haha very funny” She mocked with a hint of sarcasam in her tone. “Hey watch your words missy, or  ill not eat you out for a week” “Thats okay I have the shower head to keep me company” She giggled in the process of leaving the shower and wrapping a towel around herself. I got out and grabbed another towel and wrapped it around my waist. We both walked out to the bedroom and I sat down taking out my phone, checking out some emails. “You didn’t even get washed you just got dirtier” “Hey watch your words Styles, or ill not give you a blowjob for a whole week” She scowlded, again in a sarcastic tone. “Okay you win” mumbling under my breath I gave into her. “Works everytime” A satisfied grim wiped along her face that I could just kiss right off if I could twenty four seven. There was a sudden loud banging on our bedroom door which knocked us out of our sexual tension. “Harry, Y/N please answee the door, hurry” Harry looked at me in pure fear and ran to answer the door to reveal a crying Gemma, shaking and in utter shock. “Gemma what is going on” “Harry, its dad” My heart sank into the lowest part in my chest that I didn’t know was possible. Not again. “He better not be…” “He’s gone” Gemma started squealing bloody murder. His he gone?

I know the ending is a massive cliff hanger, and I’m sorry if the last bit has distressed any readers/fans of this series. But I hope you guys like this chapter. I will be posting again on Wednesday/Thursday latest. So make sure to keep a eye out on my page. If you have any thoughts or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me and ill get back to you asap. Thank you -K xx

The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.

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Hello love! I wanted to ask for a kind of out there request, with whoever you choose! Maybe an imagine where the s/o protects their guy or defends them in some way? Usually it's the other way around 😂anyway love your blog ❤❤❤

Thank you for your request! When reading this, I couldn’t help but picture the scenario I wrote with McCree ~ Its really angsty so I apologize if I went the opposite direction with this than what you wanted  (⌒▽⌒)♡

  • You’d been McCree’s partner since your entry into Overwatch, his marksmanship and your head-to-head melee fighting style was beyond compatible on the battlefield; the two of you were so perfectly in sync, you were unbeatable. 
  • Your melee fighting allowed you to be face-to-face with the enemy, a way of distracting them long enough for your trusty cowboy partner to roll in and shoot them; he was always able to predict your movement so when he shot, it was always a precise hit, you never once felt scared when he shot in your direction, you trusted him with your life.
  • Off the battlefield the both of you were merely friends, or at least that’s all he seemed to want from you; unlike many of the people at HQ, he never tried to make a pass at you or even remotely flirt with you. You’d never admit this out loud or to him, but you were in love with McCree.
  • The more you talked to him the more you wanted him to flirt with you, the more he’d pat you on the shoulder and say “good goin’” the more you wanted him to grab you and hold you tight muttering the four words that tops all; you were just a love struck kid hopelessly falling
  • After a successful mission, McCree had invited you out along with many of the other men members, ‘cracking open a cold one with the boys’ he’d call it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Any opportunity to be with him or even be around him was enough, loving him like this was good… right?
  • As the rowdy men around you drank their beer, you found yourself slowly loosing your train of thought as you sipped your water; is there really a spot for me in his heart.. or is this just unrequited love.. will this always be just this? When the night came to end everyone went their own separate ways, since you and McCree lived close to one another, the both of you walked home together.
  • Although McCree displayed himself as a man that could hold his liquor, you’d known him long enough that when he opened his mouth, everything poured out like an uncontrollable waterfall. As the both of you walked he was silent, this was surprisingly different and it worried you; was he not as drunk as you thought?
  • As he continued to walk in front of you he remained quiet almost like he was listening to something, when you’d attempted to speak up, he’d swung himself around, pointed his gun in your direction and fired; you listened to the sound of someone behind you spat out.. you recognized the sound, he’d shot someone dead.
  • Turning around, in front of you lied a dead talon agent, McCree’s reflexes had shot the dead man clear in the head; admittedly you were discouraged that you hadn’t heard him, yet even in his now semi-drunken state he’d protected you. By then when McCree figured the close was clear, he’d placed his peacemaker back into the holster and let out asigh of relief “Well that’s about as much excitement for today” 
  • As he spoke, you noticed something coming toward the both of you in your peripheral vision; another talon agent had cocked his gun and prepared to shoot him. Time seemed to stop them and without a second thought, you’d placed the palms of your hands on McCree’s chest and launched him away from the bullet; the adrenaline inside of you was pumping along with your terrified heart, all that mattered then was protecting him.
  • Time seemed to unfreeze itself when McCree’s reflexes kicked in and he’d shot the last agent, rushing to his feet he’d grabbed you and you’d let out a cry of pain as he touched you; the bullet from before had pierced your side and blood soaked itself into your shirt. 
  • You were weak then, unable to hold yourself up anymore McCree placed you into his arms, looking at you he was angry “Why would you do that, are you crazy!?” You showed him a weak smile as you touched his right cheek with your hand “Because I love you, you idiot.. i’d do anything to protect you, you more to me than just a partner, your the only man I’ve ever loved. How could I just stand there and watch that happen? You mean more to me than my own life.” 
  • By then you were crying, all your pent up emotions were tumbling out and there was nothing to hold it back; you loved him and you had to tell him, you just had to. You were unsure if you’d been injured to the point of death, but the burden of keeping it in without telling you hurt more than the literal gunshot in your side.
  • McCree’s heart was racing out of control, the previously drunken man was now fully sober, he held you in his arms and brought you close. He didn’t respond to your feelings, not yet at least, the only thing that mattered to him in that moment was finding you some help. 
  • With you held firmly against his chest he’d taken off running toward the HQ, you listened to his heart beat and you felt his shaking hands, he was scared. In fact, McCree was beyond terrified.. something he’d hadn’t been in years, it was then as he ran with all his might toward base that he’d realized he’d loved you.
  • The idea of loosing you was far too much for him to bare, how stupid he’d felt then, how he hadn’t cherished you or held you properly and kissed those succulent lips of yours.. even something as simple as holding your hand was his biggest regret in that moment. 
  • “I’m gonna get ya some help darlin’ just hang in there” he’d muttered into your ear; you were loosing a lot of blood by then barely hanging on to your consciousness, you did not want to die.. but if that was your fate, you were happy, you’d told him how you felt and prevented him from being in your position.
  • When he’d arrived at the healing bay, he’d practically busted through the door screaming at Mercy to help you. As the lights of the operating table shone upon your body, you could feel it getting closer and closer, it was warm and welcoming, where you going to die then?
  • You could hear the faint conversation of McCree and Mercy, their voices were muffled and you could barely make out their conversation; “I’m unsure if she’ll pull through Jesse, she’s lost a lot of blood, possibly internal bleeding, but my team will do what we can” Mercy voice was full of concern, she’d known you pretty well by the amount of injuries you’d racked up, even considered you a friend.
  • “God dammit they have to!” Jesse spat, he wasn’t mad at Mercy, more so mad at himself for allowing this to happen. “Oh my, Jesse don’t tell me, your in love!?” Mercy’s tone was surprised, Jesse’s toned changed “Why do you think they’re the only person I’ve never been forward with? I wanted things to be right this time, no more one night stands, I want them more than anything, so I tried to be patient… tonight I was-”
  •  It was then that one of Mercy’s medical staff placed a mask over your nose and mouth and put you under, you needed to hear what he was gonna say.. you needed to, so you fought
  • When you finally came too, you’d looked around and noticed you had a nasal tube connected to your nose and an IV in your arm; McCree was hunched over the side of your bed, holding onto your hand, he was asleep. 
  • You brought your other hand over to his head and gently brushed his hair out of his sleeping face, you wondered how long he’d been here and telling by the black circles under his eyes, he hadn’t slept; as he sat there fast asleep you couldn’t help but admire how handsome he looked
  • You stopped pulling your hand back to leave him in peace, to your surprise he’d sudden spoke “Keep goin’ it felt good” with his eyes still closed he smirked at you taking your hand; he’d placed it back onto his head and you let out a soft laugh.
  • “How long have I been out?” you asked as you continued to run your fingers through his long brown hair. “About two weeks,” he muttered reaching his hand up to yours and intertwining the both of your fingers together “.. when you got shot, I thought you were gonna die, everything inside of me told me ‘you can’t let this happen Jesse you just cant’ i’ll admit it, when I first got partnered up with you I thought you were so beautiful, the idea that fate had brought you into my hands made me wanna jump out of my boots and scream yippy ka yay.. but you were so different from everyone else I’d been interested in before, you’re so strong physically and mentally.. even with that strength your so humble and kind.. I thought I wasn’t good enough so I gave up on it.” 
  • He then proceeded to sit up and look you in the eyes, “You pushed me out the way of a bullet and got yourself injured because of it, I put you in danger… you even told me that you loved me after it was my fault.. when I saw you lose all that blood I was terrified because I knew that I loved you.. I love you so much I can’t even believe it myself..” 
  • He reached out and grabbed you, he was making sure to be gentle as you were now in his chest, he embraced you softly “I want to be with you, I want to hold your hand and sing folk songs and make smores.. I wanna support you and do things you want to do because they make you happy.. god I just wanna hold your hand so badly..” 
  • Looking up at him as he gazed down at you, he never looked as serious as he had in that moment, “I owe you more than I can ever repay you, so please take me as I am, I promise to protect you and love you with all of my life” he then pressed his lips onto yours and thus your life with him began
[07] Run

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

A/n: fluff(?), slight angst, mentions of murder

Silence so thick filled your ears, not one single thought inside your head other then the last three words Taehyung uttered. “Taehyung?” You questioned, trying hard to keep your voice normal and steady, doing anything and everything in your might to not draw attention to yourself. This wasn’t exactly an everyday call afterall..

“My dad… I killed him…he wouldnt stop.. hitting her. That bastard kept hurting her!!” You heard a small bang on the other line, assuming he had hit something in frusteration. You tapped Yoongi on the shoulder softly and gestured towards the door letting him know you’d be just outside, he gave you a tight smile and a nod signifying it was okay.

“Tae, breathe… I-its going to be okay. Does anyone-”

“No.. no one knows Y/n. You were the first person I thought to call. Y/n… my mom kicked me out and told me to leave. S-she is taking the blame and saying it was self defense.. I killed a man… I fucking killed a man..” His voice was full of unwanted guilt, full of complete contradictions of sorrow and happiness. You waited a moment before speaking up, your voice shaken but strong, as crazy and dangerous as the events may seem, Taehyung was family and there was no way in hell you were going to let him go through this alone. “I’m picking you up, send me the address to where you are and I’m on my way.”

You pushed opened Yoongi’s bedroom door at that same moment the broken boy on the other end whimpered in guilt. “Are you sure you arn’t busy?”

“No, I’m not busy. I’m leaving right now.” Yoongi looked up from his phone as he heard those words leave your mouth. Was he not important enough? Was Tae more important then the plans you and he had already made?

You hung up the phone and slid it into your back pocket, turning on your heels to face Yoongi’s infamous poker face. “I’m sorry Yoongz, we can finish this another night.” Before he could protest or give even the slightest of attitude you placed a soft kiss on his forehead, he knew it was just a small gesture somewhere between ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Goodnight’ but he couldnt stop his heart from racing a mile a minute. Your soft honey like lips grazing his bare forehead, and never in his life had he been so thankful to be wearing a backwards Snapback.

He watched you jog out of his now dull bedroom, leaving him in agonizing thoughts and pure frustrations. Why did you blow him off for Taehyung? Why was Tae calling you so late?

He slumped in his chair letting one fist hit the black paint chipped desk in front of him. He was so close in telling you how you felt but apparently luck wasn’t on his side, he waited too long and now here you were… ditching him for one of his best friends.

You could still feel Yoongi’s slightly sweaty forehead against your lips as you ran out to your car, grabbing your purse and a blanket on your way out. The wintery night dressed you in a red nose and pink cheeks, you climbed into your car and as if on queue your phone vibrated with an address that would send you to a less then sketchy motel four hours south.

There was no time for stops, or even music to attempt to lighten the mood; so instead silence that was nearly suffocating filled the air around you.

Yoongi’s face raced through your mind no matter how many times you attempted to push it away. ’Taehyung is more important then one sided love. Yoongi. Get. Out. Of. My. Head.’

[2:45am, Motel]

There Taehyung sat, amongst his suitcases and bags and his unseen sorrow and guilt. The dark sky above that had no stars in sight was an accurate representation of Taehyung’s eyes, nothing but cold black and the whites in his eyes, all color drained from his face. He was too lost in thought to notice you walking towards him, and it wasn’t until you were kneeling down in front of him that you saw blood red stains on his white shirt, he tried so hard so hard to hide the stains and himself in his black hoodie.

“Taehyungie, get in the car. I brought a blanket, just lay down and rest. I’ll put your bags in the trunk okay.” His glossy eyes met yours and as he blinked once to make sure that it was really you, a single tear fell. He nodded his head once before dragging his body to the passenger seat; and by the time you had made your way into the car he was staring down at his hands like he was ready to cut them off.


“I came home from visiting an old childhood friend and when I walked in I heard screaming.. so I walked to my moms room,” You sat silently as he explained to you what he had been through a few hours prior, you watched as more tears fell from his dull eyes, not daring to start the car you sat still and did the one thing you could do. Listen.

“It was open a bit and I saw my dad screaming at her, he was drunk… which isnt so much of a suprise. She was so scared, she kept flinching and I didnt think much of it until he swung and slapped her across the face… then it clicked in my head. He had done it before,” The tears became rivers down his tanned skin, without even thinking he grabbed one of his shaking hands and intertwined your fingers together, giving him a reassuring squeeze that it was okay to continue.

“Something inside me snapped. So I grabbed one of the empty beer bottles that was on the hall table, broke it and just fucking went in yelling. My mom kept yelling for me to stop… I think she was scared he’d hit me too. He pushed me ans told me to mind my own business and then… I jabbed the bottle into his stomach.. i just kept going, i didnt stop until he just fell.. th-there was blood everywhere.. my mom was screaming.. I-I dropped the bottle and I coul- I couldn’t believe what I had just done… my mom ran to me and I dont remember what happened after she told me to pack my stuff and leave.. she picked up the bottle and wiped it down then she stabbed him with it. She said ’Go. I’ll say it was self defense… please go Taehyung. GO!’ She basically pushed me out of the house and I called you.. for the most part its a blur…I just remember the main things.. its like a fucking highlight reel in my head.”

Silence came after, no one knowing exactly what to say next. Instead yall sat quietly, fingers intertwined, staring at the blinking Motel lights.

“Do the guys know you came?”

“Yoongi does, we were writing when you called. I told him we’d finish it another day.” You replied, finally starting the car and backing out of the deserted parking lot. “I’m sorry… I didnt mean to interrupt your ‘Yoongi Staring’ session.” He mumbled. You let out a soft chuckle letting him know you had heard him, and that it was okay to make jokes, smile and talk about anything other then what happened hours earlier. “Oh? Cracking jokes now are we? Let me guess you think I like Yoongi too dont you?”

You watched his chapped lips break out into a small smile through the rearview mirror, his eyes were still dead but you expected nothing less honestly. “Too? Did Namjoon finally confront you?”

“The two of you discussed my crush!?” You couldnt help but laugh as you ‘shouted’ in disbelief that 3 of 7 boys knew you had feelings for the stubborn mint haired goober.

“Sureeeee, a crush.” He scoffed at your attempt in walking around the fact you were in love, not in crush.

Eventually small talk wasn’t enough to distract Taehyung from his demons so he sat quietly staring out the passenger side window the remainder of the ride.

The sun began to peek its way up into the sky, sending the birds to chirp and people to start waking up and getting ready for work. 6:00am.

Dewey grass and the chilly breeze of the early morning made its way into the car, causing you to shiver slightly. You werent worried about yourself being cold rather then the poor boy buried in the wool blanket in the seat next to you, he looked like a boy trying to hide from the monsters in his closet only in this situation the monsters were in his head instead.

You didnt have to worry about anyone being awake this early in the morning, except Jin and his early morning breakfast of course, so an interrogation was definitely not in order.. hopefully. “Jin is probably awake so lets just be quite coming in okay? We can grab your bags later.”

Taehyung nodded softly and with that you both made your way to the front door, softly setting your shoes at the front door and tip toeing to the staircase. Oddly enough Jin wasn’t in the kitchen and the house was as quite as can be.

“Do you want me to leave you be?” You whispered as you crept past Namjoon and Yoongi’s bedroom doors.

“Can you please stay with me.” His voice was raspy and barley audible, but broken all the same.

He discarded his blood stained shirt and black hoodie in a crumbled pile on the floor while you followed his action with your own jacket, “are you sure its okay? I dont want to mke you uncomfortable” He kept repeating, and everytime your answer was the same. “Tae, its ok. We literally went streaking together.”

The two of you crawled under his fluffy white comforter without saying a single word. There was no cuddling, no quite talks, it was like there was an invisible barrier between the two of you. You being too scared to touch him and have crumble under your touch and him being too scared to crumble, so instead you both pulled the comforter up to your chins and eventually fell victim to sleep.

The next dew days were routine; celebrating Taehyung’s arrival with pointless fun and causing trouble up and down our town. Drinking. Lots of drinking. You watched Taehyung like a mom watching her child, making sure he was okay making sure he knew you were there, and it wasn’t long until Hoseok noticed the amount of time you and Tae were spending together, how your drinking became nothing compared to the rest of the group, how your eyes had a tint of saddness in them.

“Trust me Hoseok. I cant tell you whats going on but I promise you everything is okay.”

“I trust you. Be careful.”

Weeks went by and still no one knew the crime Taehyung commited and after a couple of days life began to pool back into his once dead eyes. “My mom just called. She said the police believed her and she had to go to court and speak of what happened. She sounded…happy.” He whispered in your ear one night, you flipped over to face his unreadable expression and when a soft smile spread across his tired skin, you knew he was a bit better. “Are you happy?”

“I took the biggest set back in her life away. I helped her have an empty house where she can heal, I wont ever be able to get over what I did… but knowing it helped her.. it makes it better.”

In the weeks you sat with Taehyung, barley talking to anyone but him and Hoseok, Yoongi watched you. He watched you look at Taehyung across the room, but since he was too wrapped up in his silent jealousy he didnt norice the sad and tierd eyes you possessed.

“Thank you for everything Y/n. I’m glad to see the light and rest return to your eyes.” His green streaks falling into his face softly, it was your last night with him. The two of you agreed to wait until the both of you were better healed before you stopped sleeping in the same bed, he knew you were drained from watching and helping him, he knew you wanted to go back to how things were before the call and he understood that. “I’ll always be here for you Tae.”

[A Week Later]

You stood outside Yoongi’s door, too afaird to open it but also so desperate to see his sugary skin, and minty hair, so needy for his deeper voice and gummy smile. It felt like years and you cursed yourself for being so cliche but damn did you miss him.

“Hey Yoongz, ya miss me?” You laughed, walking into his ‘bedroom’ and taking a seat on his bed like you always did. He was sitting in the infamous rolling chair witch his hair messy and a plain black T shirt that made him look so aesthetically pleasing, his black sweats and concentrated eyes being wonderful accessories to his angelic beauty.

He was more beautiful then ever.

“I’m suprised you even remembered I exist.” Of course I did…

“I’ve just had stuff going on Yoongi, but are you ready to work on that song?”

“I finished it.” His slightly cold demeanor sent chills down your spine, he had finished it?? Without you? And just before you could say anything he turned to you with neutral eyes and a tight smile, almost like he was trying to tell you it was okay you walked out on him even though it actually wasnt.

“Yoongi are you good?” You let out a small chuckle in hopes to disguise your worry and confusion, and as if looking at you was a chore in itself he spun back around his chair and began messing with his computer. “Sure, I mean I personally love being stood up by a writing partner so she can go and sleep with one of my best friends.” A silence so thick filled the cool air, no one moved, no one spoke, he didnt even look at you for a reaction to his blunt words. Your face contorted from shocked to angry? Offended? You stated at his side profile for what felt like forever before tou finally stood up off his bed, because sitting felt too comfortable for a situation like this one.

“I’m sorry? Did you just assume I was sleeping with yet another person?” You shot back waiting for him to look at you, and when he didnt you only continued. “I dont really appreciate being made out to seem like I sleep around okay. I dont know who the fuck you think you are to assu-” Your voice became louder and your hands had a mind of thier own as they gestured to eveything you were shouting, when you were cut off by Yoongi who was now standing up as well.

“I think I’m the guy you ran out on while writing a song for Taehyung at two in the fucking morning, and when I went to go check on you the next morning you werent in Hoseok’s room like I thought you’d be. No. You were in Taehyung’s bed with him and clothes on the mother fucking floor. So please tell me how 'its not what it looked like’ Y/n!” Using finger quotation marks around the world famous phrase for people with a secret, and if you werent so angry then maybe you would have found the fact he wanted to check on you sweet.

“His car broke down and he was stranded so I went to go and fucking help him. He needed someone there for him because he was bummed that he was going home, and for your fucking information my jacket was the only thing of mine of the floor, and I dont know how you sleep but Tae sleeps shirtless okay!” The lies on why you went to Taehyung’s rescue came pouring out of your mouth like it came easy to you, even though you couldn’t tell the truth it still didnt change the fact that what he thought was happening between you and V was wrong.

Yoongi let out an unamused chuckle as he looked at you through his mint hair. “So because he was 'bummed’ you slept in his bed with him for weeks?!” His tone revealing every single assumption he had, making it very clear that he was sold on what he thought happened. “Yoongi I dont feel like fighting okay. I didnt sleep with Taehyung and I’m sorry I left in the middle of our writing but he needed me.” You knew this argument could last forever so instead you gave up, feeling defeated you sat back down on his bed and looked into his slightly softened brown eyes. “But Yoongi, it’s none of your goddamn business what I do or who I do, so please stop worrying about what the fuck I’m doing okay.” And within seconds the anger fueled back inside of you, sending his eyes to widen when the look of realization hit your face. “Seriously though, you are always so up my ass about who you think I’m sleeping with! You dont see me questioning your fucking actions! I didnt point out the girl you were with at the bar one our first outing, I didnt point out you sleeping with me and I didnt say anything about Jennie either! Yet here you are assuming I’m sleeping with every guy I hang our with! Why do you fuck-”

“BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” He shouted sending your eyes to practically fall out of your head. Thats all you needed to hear for you to finally take his perfect face into your hands and press your lips to his.

His lips taste even better then the first time.

In all honesty you werent even aware of your own actions, it was like your body had a mind of its own and you were okay with it.

It didnt take long before he was kissing you back and relaxing under your touch, his arms wrapping around your waist. He didnt taste like liquor this time, instead he tasted of something so euphoric you had no words for it, no alcohol took part in a kiss shared by two love struck artists.

You pulled away and searched his eyes for god knows what, everything seemed to have happened so fast and it made sense to you. Love has no time now does it? Always showing up when you least expect it, not giving a damn about the events around you.

“I love you too pabo.” Your voice was barley above a whisper, enough for him to look you hard in the face almost like he was waiting for you to tell him you were kidding. Never had you seen the spec of insecurity etched into his eyes before, and yet here it was. Plain as day.

“I’ve loved you ever since I saw you playing 'First Love’ in your room, and that night in the train car…you said it was just a drunken night.”

“I lied brat, I fucking lied.” Within moments his lips were pressed against your own, moving together in perfect harmony, his hands rested on the top of your ass and your fingers found their way into his hair, tugging every so often which caused a small groan to escape his lips and into yours. A fire was ignited in between the two of you, roaming hands and parted lips, in fact a moan or two escaped your lips as his tongue fought yours for dominance… that is untill the sound of Namjoon’s alarming voice broke the two of you away.

“Hey I heard screaming are you guys o- finally.” He chuckled before he exited.

You looked at Yoongi’s slightly flushed cheeks and took a mental picture of him in this state, wow he was beautiful. Truly perfect. “Go out with me brat.” Those five words sent your lips into a smile, he wasnt so much asking as he was telling you and the 'brat’ only seemed to make things sweeter to you. Fuck cliché.

“Burgers and staying up late writing, that sounds like a nice first date.”

“Am I buying the burgers?” He questioned with a teasing gummy smile. “You buy burger meals and I’ll by snacks from the corner store for our late night.”


He watched your flushed cheeks and soft giggles as the two of you stood closer then needed, speaking of a casual date. “Meet me in the living room at seven.” You smiled before kissing his jaw softly and skipping out of the room, he knew what you were doing. Trying so very hard to seem unphased by the new feelings thrown out onto the table, but the way you found it difficult to make eye contact and the way you fidgeted with your hands slightly didnt go unnoticed. Such a weird way to begin a what could be a relationship, and as he watched you skip out of his room in your cute ducky shorts and baggy sweater he prayed to any god that you’d be his, because never had he been so hopeful for a girlfriend. “

See you at seven Y/n-ah.”

“Burgers and gas station snacks?” Hoseok questioned as you grabbed your trusty ol’ black ripped jeans and blue flannel over a plain white tank top. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t freaky out, obviously you’d hung out with Yoongi alone before but it was different when there was a mutual feeling of love in the air.

“Yes Hoseok, you know it always made me uncomfortable when Minho would take me out to fancy places…I just felt so out of place.” When you and Minho were together he would take you to five star places, and it was appreciated yes but he knew how out of place you felt. It was almost like he expected to get something out of the night, simply because he spent so much money on a 'nice date.’

He was no stranger to the fancy, five star, high class places like the restaurants he’d choose, but you a fan of finger foods and ramen were not used to a life so ’well’ lived. You had grown up with enough money for things needed and then a little extra but money was definitely not something you could just blow.

“I’m not saying five star, I’m saying like… i dont know? Ihop.” Laughter erupted from within as you watched him try and figure out a place off the top of his cute little head. “Hobi, Honey, burgers was my idea.” You hugged Hoseok tightly and you listened as he wentt on and on about how if Yoongi breaks his heart he will break his face, you knew he was just trying to be protective and it was honestly so refreshing to see him care so much.

You made your way downstairs and saw that Yoongi was already sitting on the couch waiting for you. He was wearing a white t shirt, black jeans and a blue jean jacket; it was such an effortless style but damn did he look good, everything seemed to compliment eachother and his hair only pulled it together more. “Min Yoongi wearing denim? Have my eyes deceived me?” He looked up from his phone and rolled his eyes, you have thought it was because he was annoyed, that is if it wasn’t for the adorable gummy smile that was spreading across his face. “Oh shut up and lets go get some food.”

The drive was quiet, and filled with unsaid nervousness. It wasnt enough to make it awkward but it was enough to make you mentally laugh at yourself. “Uh, you look nice by the way.” Yoongi mumbled, the soft nervousness hidden in his low voice was enough to send a huge a smile across your face. “I always look like this Yoongz.” “Okay? Your point?” It wasnt much but you heard the compliment laced between the snarky reply, causing your cheeks to turn a light pink and he didnt have to look at you to know you understood what he was saying, your silence spoke volumes. He looked so good driving with a smirk plastered on his face, and one hand on the wheel, but you couldnt help but think about how lonely his other hand looked, resting off the middle console, his silver rolex peeking out from underneath the denim that suited him so nicely. You tried to push away the thought of how his pale hand was basically screaming to be held. 'Fuck it.’ You whispered to yourself, and within moments you had fed into your desire to hold his pretty hands.

You took a big breathe in and held it there, too scared to breathe out, then you nonchalantly rested your arm next to his. Unnoticed. You waited a good minute before you finally decided to breathe and slide your hand underneath his and intertwine your fingers in his. It took a moment for him to register what you just did but the moment his fingers closed around yours you let out a sigh of relief, half from his acceptance and half from how perfect it felt. His hand was so much bigger then yours, his few steel rings felt cool against your burning skin, and you could feel his rolex resting against your wrist. You didnt want to let go of his hand, not ever but you had arrived at your destination.

Yoongi almost wanted to take a few wrong turns on the way just so he didnt have to let go over your hand, but he was too scared you’d notice and he sure as hell didnt want that. The Burger joint sat in front of the now parked car your hand slipped out from his as you got out of the car and immediately he was missing your hand in his. “I’ll grab us a booth pabo.” You smiled, he watched as you skipped to a small booth in the corner by the window, the over sized flannel flowing as you did so. He couldnt help but think you looked so damn good with a flannel and some timberlands, it was such a casual look and yet it still made his heart race. You were the kind of girl he could live life fully with, someone who wouldn’t hold back, you were someone that made things complicated in an exciting way, he wasn’t one to go out on dates really but he also had never felt this way about anyone before.

“Here you go brat.” Yoongi set the tray in front of you, two giant burgers and large fries, with a handsome minty haired boy. “Why thank you sir.” He rolled his eyes playfully at the new nickname and together yall began to dig into your dinner, conversation seemed to happen on its own and you listened as he spoke of the song he finished. The song the two of you should finshed together. You watched as his lips made a small pout while he talked, and how he looked at you for a bit and then looked at his food or phone, and maybe that would have botheres you if it was anyone else but you’d heard his mixtape. You knew about his battle with social anxiety. You related. It was okay. You looked at his fading hair, what once was a nice mint color turned even lighter with blonde peeking through. He’d look cute with blonde hair.’ You thought.

Dinner came to an end and yall decided to walk to the corner store, large soda’s in hand and the moonlight illuminating him like it did that night. He looked so pretty against the darkness of the night and the light of the moon, so ethereal, the only difference about then and now if that now he was single. Now he was on a date with you. If you wanted to take hold of his jacket and pull him down to you, you could very well do so, and as you stopped in your tracks unknowingly, making a mental list of all the things you could do, you didnt notice he had gotten closer to you. All you knew was his face had suddenly became easier to admire, from his puppy eyes, perfect pouty lips, to the three earrings in his left ear that for some reason was so sexy to you, and his goddamn hair against sugar skin and pink cheeks. Yoongi placed a hand on the small of your back and pulled you against his chest in one swift motion, no sign of nervousness, or fear in his eyes or actions. Kiss me please. As if he could read your mind he captured your lips in his, not sweetly but not roughly; he kissed you with passion and confidence and you kissed back with just the same. Your confidence wavered a bit, instead replaced with shock and neediness because you liked how he kissed you like he was telling you he was in charge, and if thats what it took for him to kiss you like he was right then you’d gladly let him lead.

There you stood in the middle of the sidewalk kissing under the moonlight, the stars being your audience and the two of you being the main show. Yoongi wasn’t one for PDA but the minute he got a taste of your lips he couldn’t stop, hell, he’d even forgotten the two of you were standing outside. Your hands found thier way in his hair and when he bit your bottom lip as a demand of entrance you tugged softly sending a small growl to leave his lips. “Y-yoongi.” You whimpered as he swiped his tongue along your bottom lip after pulling it between his teeth, and to say your whimper excited him would be an understatement. It wasn’t until you heard a honk of a car in the distance that caused the two of you to separate, cheeks flushed and lips swollen and glistening. “We should go.” You chuckled, ignoring the fact you bought no snacks and pretending not to notice the slight bulge in his pants and the arousel between your legs.

The car ride home went by like nothing had happened on the sidewalk, turning up the radio and singing along to the songs like a group of dying animals, the two of you laughed at eachother and you admired his gummy smile and million different laughs.

He oozed passion, everything he did he did passionately and you swore you saw it all… you thought you’d seen all of Min Yoongi but you didnt know how wrong you were.

You had only scratched the surface.

You’re Mine- Theo Raeken

Hi love your blog can you write me a imagine of theo reeked please. Like a jealous smut where he gets jealous and tell you that your his thanks

Attempting to close your locker with a large pile of books in your arms was quite a challenge. You leaned towards your locker door from different angles, trying to keep things inside your locker, whilst also trying to keep your books in your arms. 

You leaned side ways, letting go slightly of the pile to push the locker door closed, and failed miserably- successful only in closing the door, but your books fell, scattered on the floor around you.

“Are you fucking serious?” You cursed under your breath, bending over to gather your books and papers that had flown out of them.

While you were crouched down, you noticed a pair of feet, dressed in converse standing in front of you, and the body attached to them crouched down with you.

“Need a hand?” you looked up to see Liam Dunbar, one of the guys in Scott’s group.

“It’s ok, you don’t need to do that-“ you replied, before being cut off.

“It’s fine, I want to help.” You looked up at Liam, a gentle smile spread across his face. He handed you a pile of paper that he had saved from the trampling of your peers’ feet.

Attempting to stand up, books in hand, Liam offered you his hand. You slid your hand in his as he lifted you off the ground.

“Thank you.” you smiled at Liam. “All these books and papers are a bitch.” you both laughed.

“It’s no problem… Why do you have so many, anyway? What do you even have now?” he asked.

“I actually have a free period- I was just going to go to the library to study with Theo.” you stated, looking slightly embarrassed. “You must think I’m a nerd, huh?” you giggled.

Liam laughed. “Not at all.” He eyed the books in your arms and extended his own to take them from you. “Here, let me carry them for you.”

“Oh, don’t be silly.” you said, before having the books snatched from your grasp.

“Seriously, it’s fine. I’ll walk you to the library?” he asked.

You bit your lip, stunned by the gesture, but nodded with a smile. “Thanks, Liam.” you both began to walk.

Liam gripped the pile tightly in his hands. “So, what’s the deal with you and Raeken anyway? You guys going out, or-“

“No- we’re just hanging out.” you quickly answered.

“Oh, alright.” Liam answered.

You and Theo had been hanging out with each other quite regularly, in the woods, at your place… in his car… Yes, you had slept with him once before, but that was before you had become such good friends. It had probably been months ago.

Did you have feelings for him? No… well at least that’s what you told yourself when you were with him, not wanting to get hurt by the rejection.

You reached the library and walked through the doors, spotting Theo waving enthusiastically at you, but then suddenly stopping, and the smile on his face vanished.

You turned around and noticed that Liam had just followed you through the door.

He walked with you to Theo’s table and placed your books next to his. “There you go.” Liam said with a smile.

“Thanks again Liam.” you sat down. “You wanna sit with us?”

“Oh, I can’t, I have Chemistry, but thanks. I’ll see you around, yeah?” Liam smiled at you hopefully.

“You seriously came all the way here with my books when you’re late for class?” you asked in shock.

“Yeah.” Liam laughed shyly. “So I’ll see you around?” he repeated.

“Uh- yeah! Yeah of course!” you answered, causing Liam to smile and turn around, walking out of the library.

“Hey!” you smiled excitedly at Theo, who smiled back at you weakly.

“What’s with Liam, huh?” he asked, obviously pissed off for some reason.

“He just helped me when I dropped my books.” you answered, opening your History textbook.

“And brought them all the way here for you?” Theo raised an eyebrow.

“He offered and wouldn’t take no for an answer.” you laughed.

Theo looked down silently and your laugh faded.

“Theo, are you ok? Is something wrong?” you asked, reaching over and placing your hand on his.

Theo looked up at your hand as soon as it made contact with his. He said nothing, and then moved his hand to hold yours properly, intertwining his fingers with yours.

You accepted that Theo wouldn’t say anything and returned your eyes to the book in front of you.

Theo didn’t usually like talking when he was upset, so you didn’t want to push him any further… but you felt an ache inside of you from not knowing what was bothering him. All you wanted was to help.

The part of you that felt for him… very strongly- instinctively wanted to care for him and ensure he was happy at all times. You hadn’t seen him upset when you had hung out before, only from something that had happened before you got there, but he always returned to a better mood when you were around.

“I missed you.” Theo said quietly, still looking down.

Your eyes shot up at him when the words escaped his lips. You thought for a moment, examining the expression in his face, which was weak. He looked almost defeated. “I missed you too, Theo.” You said to him, reassuringly.

His eyes looked up and met yours, staring into them for a few moments, before he shut his book. “I don’t feel like studying anymore,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Before you could reply to him, he stood up, his hand still attached to yours, pulling you along with him.

You walked out of the library, leaving your books on the table, and his too. Theo took you out of the school and into his car, detaching from your hand as he let you sit down and he started the car.

As Theo drove, his hand found its way back to yours, holding it as if you would slip away from him, and stroking it with his thumb. You looked down, staring at the contact and then looked up at Theo.

What was this? Theo had always loved spending time with you, but he had never seemed so… attached to you.

The car then came to a gradual halt in the middle of the woods, where you had always come to hang out.

Theo’s stare moved from the front of the car, to you. His eyes were glistening and his face still exposed a weakness.

“Why Liam, y/n?” he said. “Why him?”

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.

Theo suddenly squeezed your hand. “Do you like him?” he stared hard into your eyes.

“No- Theo, he’s a nice guy and he offered to help me, that’s it!” you said.

“Good.” Theo said harshly, looking away.

You raised an eyebrow. Theo had never been like this with you. “What does it matter if I like him anyway…” you asked quietly.

Theo’s head shot back at you. “What does it matter?” he spat. He let go of your hand and exited the car, leaning on it instead.

You followed him out and stood behind him. “Theo!”

Theo didn’t budge. His head was lowered and his back was bent over, leaning on the roof of the car.

“Theo-“ you repeated softly, sliding your hands around his waist, holding him from behind.

You could feel the tension in his body relax in your arms. “You’re mine.” you heard leave Theo’s lips in a whisper.

You furrowed your eyebrows and opened your mouth to speak. “I’m what?

Theo turned to face you, straightening his back and pulling you in from the waist. “You’re mine.” he repeated. His grip on your waist tightened and you looked into Theo’s eyes in confusion.

“How am I yours?” you asked.

“You just are.” he answered. “Stay away from Liam.”

“I can’t, he’s in some of my classes. He goes to our school…” you said. “He’s sort of my friend.”

“Your friend?” he laughed. “Friends don’t want to fuck each other, y/n.”

“Well we fucked, didn’t we?” you cocked your head to the side.

Theo clenched his jaw, his body tensed. “That was before.”

“Well what about now? If I’m yours then what does that mean for me?”

“It means that you cant get with other guys, ok?”

Your blood began to boil. “NOT OK! What gives you the right to tell me that?”

Theo inhaled slowly, not knowing what to say. Suddenly, Theo pushed you away slightly and opened the car door, entering the backseat, his head in his hands.

You shook your head in frustration, storming over to the other side of the car, opening the door and sitting next to him.

“Theo- SERIOUSLY!” you yelled in annoyance. “How is it ok for you to hold my hand and hang out with me 24/7… LITERALLY all the time, and then say I’m not allowed to be with anyone else?” you asked. “It’s not like you want me, so am I just supposed to be alone forever? Watching you get with god knows how many girls, while I stay by myself because I’m apparently yours?”

Theo looked up at you. “What makes you think I don’t want you?” he asked.

You looked down, not knowing what to say, “I just know you don’t.”

“Well,” he began. “You’re wrong about that.”

You looked up and in an instant Theo’s lips were on yours. The sudden force of his body leaning into you pushed you backwards, leaning against the car door.

Theo opened his mouth and kissed you again, harder this time. He slid in his tongue and brushed it lightly against yours. Your eyes squeezed shut, as if you were sleeping, thinking this was all just a dream.

Theo pulled away from you, still close to your lips. His hand held your face delicately, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “You are mine.” he whispered, his breath warm against your lips, sending shivers down your spine. “Only mine…”

Your eyes fluttered open, looking into his.

“And I’m yours.”

You looked from his eyes to his lips, your eyes flickering, not knowing where to look. Then you decided on kissing him instead, so you smashed your lips against his, pushing him backwards as you climbed on top of him as he lay on the door on his side of the car.

He was sitting up and you were straddling him, moving your lips with his.

Theo’s hands were in your hair, pulling gently, trying to take control of the kiss.

Your hands travelled up his stomach and chest from under his shirt.

“Take it off.” he said.

You immediately pulled the shirt over his head and began kissing down his body.

Your lips travelled slowly to the waistband of his boxers, which were visible out of his jeans. You looked up at Theo and his head was cocked backwards in pleasure.

Moving your hands to his thighs, you lightly squeezed them as you let your tongue touch his stomach, travelling upwards, licking his abs and his chest until you reached his neck.

There was something about Theo that made you want to not only kiss him and make love to him, but it made you want to fuck him, rough and hard.

When you reached Theo’s neck, you bit down on the skin, hard, causing him to hiss in pleasure, pulling at your hair harder.

“Do that again.” he whispered.

You obliged and bit him again as you undid his jeans and began sliding them off his legs.

When you pulled away, Theo grabbed your head and kissed you roughly, kicking his shoes and jeans off himself.

You were in only a dress, so you could feel him hard against your increasingly wet panties.

He was now in only his boxers and you moved your hand to cup him, stroking him up and down through the pants with one finger.

Theo let out a sigh. “I need you.” he began. “Right now.” He sat up more, able to pick you up, your legs still wrapped around him.

He pushed you back onto your side of the car and leaned you against the door. Theo reached over to lock it as he reattached his lips to yours, pulling at your bottom lip as he caught it between his teeth.

You let out a soft moan, which made Theo harder.

“You’re mine.” he traced a finger over your panties, feeling your wetness through the material.

“I’m… yours…” you let out in a weak breath.

“Say that again, baby.” he pressed against you harder, weakening you even more.

“I’m yours.” You repeated, and then leaning in and biting Theo’s bottom lip hard, pulling at it.

Theo grunted, ripping your panties down your legs and pulling them off you. He traced his hand slowly back up your thigh, returning to your now exposed wetness. He pushed your legs apart further, spreading you open, ready for him.

He put his lips to your ear. “Louder.” he commanded, softly before entering two fingers inside you repeatedly, arching his fingers upwards against your G-spot.

“I’m yours. Fuck, Theo I’m all YOURS!” You yelled, before Theo pulled his fingers out of you, making you moan for more.

“You want more, baby?” he asked, biting down hard on his own lip. You nodded eagerly.

“I want you to fuck me, Theo. Please fuck me hard.” you closed your eyes, tracing your hand over his boxers and pushing against it.

He growled, taking his boxers off and pushing your legs apart with his own.

Theo entered you harshly and kissed you roughly, with loud breathing.

Your hands were now in his hair, pulling and tugging hard.

Theo was grunting and moaning into your mouth, making you want him to push into you harder.

“Theo- I want ALL of you.” you pleaded.

Theo looked at you with lust-filled eyes, and smiled greedily. “Anything for you, princess.”

He pushed his whole length inside you, causing you to arch your back. You felt a tingle inside you- a sweetness you wanted him to keep hitting until it unleashed all your energy.

“You want me to fuck you hard, baby?”  Theo spoke in your ear, biting at it as he pushed and pulled in and out of your repeatedly and rapidly.

He fucked you faster and harder, pushing you almost to your limit.

“Yes- YES, please!” You yelled, digging your nails into his back and sliding them down, scratching him.

“Yeah? Just like that, y/n?” Theo continued to fuck you, moaning. “Oh, fuck.” he said.

“Mmmm” you let out. “I’m almost-“

You were cut off. “Me too, baby.” his speed and pressure was intense now causing you to moan louder and louder until you began to scream his name.

“FUCK, THEO! FUCK, I’M YOURS, OK? I’M YOURS, BABY! MAKE ME CUM!” You screamed with feeling.

“YES, BABY I WILL, FOR YOU. FUCK, Y/N, FUCK!” Theo came inside you as you came around him.

His final thrusts were his best and you weakened entirely as soon as you finished.

“Oh my god!” Theo said. “Fuck! How are you so fucking amazing?” he asked.

You laughed. “Because I belong to the most fucking sexy guy in Beacon Hills.”

“Don’t forget, I’m yours as well, baby.” Theo kissed you softly, lingering his lips on yours, biting a little.

“I thought friends didn’t want to fuck each other.” You laughed.

“Well, I guess we’re more than friends, huh?” Theo kissed down your neck softly.

Somebody Else *Harry One Shot*

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Anonymous said:
“Hey Kourtney and Betty, I love your page!! I was just wondering if you could write a little something with the storyline of The 1975’s Somebody Else please? Think it would be a good concept. Thank youuu”

I haven’t wrote anything in a while so please be patient until I get back into writing! But I hope this one isn’t too shit but I hope you like it! Please send me requests if you have any ideas for my next one shot xxx

Harrys P.O.V
The last time I had seen Y/N was last year when we broke up, and something was always in my mind about her, did I regret leaving her? Absolutely. She was the only person who could read me like a book and show me what it is like to be normal and not someone who is famous. Y/N was my everything and to me losing her was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. When I got this role in the movie I felt like it was wrong for her to stay with someone that has a boyfriend that she wouldn’t see for most of their relationship. But leaving her was killing me but I knew that’s what I had to do. I could never tell Y/N how I felt because I know it would of hurt her more. It still kills me to think that she is hurting and knowing that I was the one that broke her heart, I just cant deal with that emotion.
It was my dads birthday party at home, and I always make sure I am there for it regardless of where I’m at in the world, I always take time out for family 100%, but it was something that me and Y/N done every year together and I couldn’t imagine seeing her today and not being the girl that I used to know and love. It will kill me. And if she has moved on with someone else that makes her happy, that’s all I want.

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The Lost Girls Part Four

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Request: Imagine being the VP of an all female motorcycle club. You all go to Charming and you and Jax fall for each other.

Part One  ♔ Part Two ♔  Part Three

i lost inspiration for this after part two cause i genuinely had no idea where the fuck I was heading with it. But recently found inspiration again. I have a lot of plans for this one for the future. hope you enjoy it. xx feedback is always welcome.

♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔

You had never liked cuddling. Especially not after sex.
But for some reason as you laid here in this shitty motel room, catching your breath after having what you could only describe as the best sex of your life you wondered if maybe you had been wrong.
Because the way he traced his fingers in maps over your skin and the way his scent filled your lungs was intoxicating and you wanted the world to stop spinning, atlas for a while so you could remain in his arms uninterrupted.
The white sheets were draped loosely over your naked bodies as you lay tangled together. Doing nothing, Saying nothing. Just being in each others presence was enough.
Your head was pressed to his chest and you listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat beating through his chest.
The sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains, casting stays of light over your skin and you smiled softly when you felt his lips press against your hair.
You shifted your head towards him and pulled him in for yet another kiss.
He smiled against your lips and pulled you in closer, deepening the kiss and his hand moved to cup your face, his thumb caressing your cheek.
When you pulled away you smiled and looked up at him.
He had the same happily content, lazy look in his eyes as you did and you sat up.
The sheet fell away from your body and you lifted it, wrapping it around your body as you reached over to the bedside table. 
You opened the small tin you always carried with you and pulled out a joint you had rolled last night. You grabbed your trusty zippo lighter and lit up the joint.
Jax shifted beside you and sat up, resting against the headboard and you sat back against it.
He lifted his arm and you tucked yourself beneath it, cuddling into his side.
You passed the joint between yourselves, letting the smoke linger in the air. Your hand found its way up to his and you intertwined your fingers with his, your fingertips brushing over his rings.
He took the final drag of the blunt before nabbing it out in the ashtray that sat on his bedside table.
The buzz of his burner interrupted the peacefulness of the room and both of you let out a groan, the cell phone bringing you both back into a harsh reality.
He pressed a kiss to the side of your head before sliding to the edge of the bed.
He lifted his jeans and pulled the phone out of the pocket.
“Yeah?” He spoke, lifting it to his ear.
He listened to the person on the other end of the line and he stood, the sheet falling from his body.
His words drowned out and you couldn’t help but stare at his form as he dressed one handed.
He finished the call and looked back at you, catching your eyes lingering on him.
“Like what you see, darlin?” He asked with a smirk as he buckled his belt.
You shrugged casually. “I’d like it more if you were underneath me, but we cant always get what we want.”
Jax laughed at your comment and knelt on the bed. He cupped you face and pulled you in for another kiss.
“I gotta head out.”
You nodded and slid out of the bed, letting the sheet fall to the floor.
He groaned as he watched you cross the room naked and bend to lift your t-shirt that had been tossed aside, his arousal rising immediately.
“Why are you staying here anyway? Mayans not providing you girls with rooms?”
You shook your head. “The others are staying there. I just prefer sheets that aren’t cum-stained.”
He laughed and pulled his leather on his broad shoulders.
“You sure its safe?”
You rolled your eyes. “You might recall, Jackson, that I not only saved your ass, but I am more than capable of taking care of myself. And I like being alone.”
“Ever thought of going Nomad?”
“Naww, you want me to stay close to you?” You teased.
He chuckled lightly. “Would it be such a bad thing?”
His question caught you off guard and you frowned slightly, thankful that your body was turned away from him and he couldn’t see the range of expressions flittering across your features.
You pondered the idea. You had never had a reason to stray from your charter. Until now, that is. But you couldn’t leave your club for a boy. God you’d only just slept together.
“My Club is my home.” You said quietly, yet firmly. “Thats where I belong.”
Jax nodded understandingly, confused by his mixed emotions at your response but admiring your loyalty.
He walked to the small desk that occupied the corner of the room and scribbled something on the motel notepad.
He tore the sheet off and handed it to you and you looked over the address.
“I bet my sheets are a lot cleaner than the motels.” He winked.
You smiled and he stepped towards you.
The mere touch of his hands on your hips sent shivers down your spine and heat burned within you.
You moaned into the kiss and he found himself struggling to pull away, wanting nothing more than to drag you back to bed. His tongue pushed against yours and if one of you didn’t stop soon you would both end up naked in the sheets once more. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea..
“You gotta go.” You whispered against him.
He sighed and kissed you once more before pulling away.
“I’ll see you later.”
It wasn’t so much a question but you both knew the answer would be yes.
He walked to the door and you watched as the reaper on his back disappeared and you let out a groan before diving back into the bed and burying yourself in the pillows, the scent of him lingering on the sheets.


Ella was leaning against the wall as you pulled up outside the Mayans clubhouse.
You rolled your bike next to hers and dismounted, leaving your helmet on the handlebars and walked towards her.
“Looks like you had a good night.” She mused as you approached.
She pointed to your neck and you realised Jax had left a trail of bruises down your neck and your skin immediately tingled at the memory of his lips.
“Somethin like that.” You winked.
Ella laughed and pushed off the wall and together you walked into the clubhouse.
Marcus was sat around the bar with a few of his members and you found the majority of your club sitting around a table.
You went to join them while Ella went to her father and discussed what todays plan was.
Scully offered you her mug of coffee and you accepted, taking a long gulp of the liquid.
You were mid conversation when you felt your burner vibrating in your pocket.
Immediately you recognised the number on the screen and you lifted the phone to your ear with a smile.
“Hey Ma!”
“Sweetheart! How are you girls?” Maria spoke warmly on the other end of the phone.
“We’re doing good.”
“Good.. good.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing that she was trying not to pry too much. You walked out of the clubhouse and leant against the wall.
“Hows Ella doing?” She asked quietly.
You smiled. “She’s really happy Ma. He has been very good to us.”
“Of course he has,” You could hear the smile in her voice as she remembered the times she had spent with Marcus.
“Are the prospects looking after you?”
“Yes, my love.” She sighed. “But that blonde one is as thick as bricks. Don’t patch her in.”
You laughed and bit your lip, suddenly nervous to ask your next question.
“Ma.. I think you should come down here.”
You heard her sigh through the phone and you regretted suggesting it.
“I don’t know if its such a good idea, my (Y/N). Its been such a long time since I left.”
“I think he would like it. I know Ella would.”
There was a long pause before she finally spoke.
“Well Im not bringing that blonde bimbo with me.”
You laughed loudly and told her to bring any of the prospects that she wanted, as long as she didn’t come alone ,and said your goodbyes.
You hit end call and slid the phone back into your pocket.
You decided against letting Ella know that her mother would be arriving the next day. You knew she would be pleased to see her but you didn’t want any reason to distract her from her time with her father.

You shut the motel room door behind you and kicked off your boots. The day had been long, the morning you had spent with Jax seeming like a distant memory.
The Mayans had brought you along on a few assignments of the day, although you had spoken with Ella and stayed back while they handled their drug business.
The Lost Girls had always aimed to steer away from drugs, knowing that it brought too much heat and wasn’t  what your club stood for.
She wasn’t pleased that her father was dealing with such substances but they were their own club and how they earn was their business not yours.
It was just after six when you arrived back at the motel and you decided you needed a long shower to work out the knots that had built in your neck.
You stripped down and grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom.
You pulled back the shower curtain and let out a loud scream when you found a large cockroach in the  bottom of the shower tub.
Guns, violence and a life of crime you could handle. But bugs were a different story.
You squealed and ran out of the bathroom, clutching the towel to your naked form.
Shivers covered your skin and you felt even dirtier than you had before.
“Fucking shitty motel.” You muttered to yourself as you hastily dressed.
You grabbed your travel bag and shoved a few items of clothing inside before tugging your boots on and storming out the door.
The neatly folded piece of paper was in the pocket of your leather and you pulled it out, checking over the address before you started your bike.
You didn’t really expect Jax to be home. It was still reasonably early but you thought it was worth a shot.
Even if he wasn’t home you knew you could head to the Mayans clubhouse and crash with Ella.
But when you pulled into his street you felt relieved when you spotted his Harley in his driveway.
You slowed and stopped your bike next to his, kicking out the kickstand as you pulled your helmet your head.
There were lights on inside and suddenly you felt nervous, your usual confidence fading.
He wouldn’t have given you his address if he didn’t want you to use it, you told yourself.
And with that thought fresh in your mind you lifted your travel bag and strode to the door.
You rapped your knuckles against the wood and waited patiently as butterflies began to fill your stomach.
The door opened and you were met by the eyes that had lingered in your mind all day and immediately you broke into a smile.
“Twice in one day, I guess I really am irresistable.”
You raised an eyebrow and pursed your lips, trying to hide the fact that you were already turned on by the mere thought of his touch.  
“Dont flatter yourself, Im just here to use your shower.”
“Oh so you are trying to get wet.” He said, and ran his tongue over his lips as he stepped aside.
You stepped over the threshold, and placed a hand on his chest.
“I already am.”
You dropped your bag to the floor and wrapped your arms around his neck.
His lips met yours with just as much fire and you heard  a click as he pushed the door closed behind you.
His hands gripped your hips and he pushed you back against the door.
There was an urgency to the kiss, and you could tell that he had been yearning for you just as much as you had been for him.
God, it had only been this morning that you were last in each others arms.
But there was something about the way your lips melted to his and the way his skin felt under your touch. You were intoxicated by the faint scent of his cologne mixed with leather and cigarettes and the sound of his voice made you melt.
You were all logic and confidence until he touched you. Then something not only stirred within you, but it took over your thoughts.
The rest of the world became an unimportant blur that was forgotten in the back of your mind.
Only his touch mattered and the only thing you cared about was getting more of him.
It scared you, that you were already so addicted to him but he was intoxicating and although you were hooked on him you felt safe, because you could tell from the way he looked at you and the way his lips ghosted your skin that he was just as addicted to you.
You knew your feelings for him were dangerous but nothing had ever excited you more and you had always lived for danger.
When you had knocked on the door you had had every intention of having a shower and crashing out from exhaustion but as he fucked you against the front door of his home you found you were no longer tired.
You had never felt more alive

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve 

The next morning you woke up in a room that looked like an entire mall had threw up in it.

Clothes everywhere.

You had a hanger stuck in your hair and your feet were tangled in a dress that was too church-y for a date.

‘Well good morning.’

You look up and see your dad standing in your doorway.

‘Hey Dad.’ you yawned.

‘Soooo…what’s the occasion?’ he asked.


‘Your room, I haven’t seen this many clothes pulled out since you thought that boy asked you to the school dance.’

You groan at the memory of sixth grade you mistakenly thinking a boy was asking you out when he was really just asking if you were going so he could catch a ride with you.

‘So is this another misunderstanding or…’ your dad asked as he came and sat on the bed, after moving aside a few hangers.

‘Well I don’t think its a misunderstanding this time, but I don’t want to look into it too much.’ you said as you sat up fully.

Your dad looked around the room.

‘I’d hate to see you over looking things’ he joked.

‘Shut up.’

‘So it’s Felix right?’

‘Yeah its Felix, it’d be weird if it was Peter, you know since he tried to kill me that one time.’ you sighed.

‘I like Felix enough, he does the dishes.’

‘Most dads would say something about how nice Felix is or how respectful he is, but no, he does the dishes.’ you smiled.

‘You can tell a lot about a guy who washes dishes.’

‘Oh my God get out Dad I have to get ready.’ you laughed as you pushed him away.

‘Fine, you had morning breath anyway.’ he said as he headed out.

‘Wait, Dad can you keep an eye on Peter for me? It would be a disaster if I had to bring him on the date.’ you asked.

‘Fine, I’ll babysit the homicidal teenager, since that is what my life is now.’ he said as he left. 

You got out of bed and looked over at your clock, about nine thirty, Felix is definitely awake.

You two had decided that you would go out to the park in the morning, when the weather was cool and Felix would make the picnic.

He was actually pretty good in the kitchen once he learned how to use everything, he loved the microwave.

You grabbed the outfit you and Shelly had picked out, a yellow short sleeve shirt and a black high waist skirt, before heading to the bathroom.

You would put on the gold bracelet, black flats after.

You made sure to lock the door before you began undressing, after your shower you pulled your hair into a bun and got dressed.

You were headed to your room when you bumped into Peter.

‘Excuse me.’ you said as you tried to move past him, but he blocked your path.

‘You’re all dressed up aren’t you? For that ridiculous date with Felix you and that idiot were squealing about I assume.’ Peter guessed.

‘Her name is Shelly and she is my best friend, and yes I a dressed up for a date with Felix. Do you have a problem with that?’ you snapped.

‘None, if he wants to sugar coat the fact that he wants to roll in the hay with you with eating in grass that’s his business.’ Peter scoffed.

‘Maybe Felix thinks with more than his genitals, and he honestly just wants to have a nice picnic with me.’ you snarked.

‘Tell yourself that, by the way my offer still stands.’ Peter said as he moved closer to you.

You backed up but of course you hit a wall and Peter trapped you between his arms.

‘Let me have you (Y/N).’ he said roughly.

You wanted to cower and just ask him to go away, but you were not going to keep backing down. He’d never stop if you didn’t stand up for yourself.

‘The answer…is no, it will always be no.’ you glared.

You saw Peter’s jaw clench angrily.

‘Now if you’d please back the hell up so I can finish getting dressed, I’d really appreciate it.’ you said as you successfully pushed him away.

You quickly make your escape to your room, again locking the door before you let out sigh of relief.

You shook off the quick bit of fear that Peter had placed on you and finished putting on your accessories and make up.

Once you were ready you went downstairs to check on Felix, knocking on the door instead of just walking in.

‘How’s it going in there, almost done?’ you asked.

‘It’s ready and I am dressed.’ Felix said as opened the door.

You were almost stunned by how nicely he cleaned up, wearing a simple dark blue v neck and jeans, his usually defiant hair combed and styled.

 He held up a basket that had a blanket on top.

‘Lets go.’ you said taking his hand as you left the house.

‘What about-’

‘My dad is gonna watch him and he can handle himself pretty well for an old guy.’ you joked.

You feel Felix intertwine his fingers with yours as you two strolled through the woods surrounding your house.

‘So in Oz, when you were robbing couples, what did they talk about?’ you asked.

Felix thought it over.

‘Stupid things like how beautiful her eyes were and how sweet he was.’ Felix said.

‘Well I think you are pretty sweet.’ you blushed.

‘And your eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.’ 

‘You were surrounded by boys most of your life.’ you reminded.

‘Just because you’re the only one I’ve ever spent time with doesn’t mean you’re the only one I’ve seen.’ Felix said as you reached the main road.

‘What were the girls in Oz like? Before the curse was broken I loved the idea of different worlds like Oz, Neverland and Wonderland.’ you asked.

‘I’m from two out of the three.’ he smiled.

‘That makes you a real catch.’ you teased.

‘The girls back in Oz were…very flamboyant and very dull at the same time, the nobles wear so much green they look like glittery lettuce. The peasant girls speaking about nothing but what they would give for one of those damn dresses.’ Felix said as you neared the park.

‘Not too different from some of the fashion obsessed girls we have here.’ you replied.

You enter the park and head over to a really shady oak tree where Felix laid down the blanket. Once he was done you both sat down and you picked up the basket.

‘Let’s see what you packed Chef Felix.’ you said as you began to pull out the contents.

‘French bread, pepperoni, mozzarella, a fruit salad, a bottle of champagne, butter, jam, knifes, plates and wine glasses.’ you called out as you pulled everything out.

‘Its what I saw others bring, baking the bread was very difficult but I think I did pretty good, its really soft.’ Felix said as he sat closer to you.

‘You did amazing Felix, I’m a pretty good cook but I cant bake bread for the life of me so double props for you.’ you praised.

Felix looked away but you could still see his ears turn red with his blush.

‘For someone as tough as you are Felix you are really cute.’ you smiled. as you took his hand again.

‘You are determined to make me blush aren’t you?’ Felix asked.

‘Yup, come on let’s eat, this food is too good to let the ants have.’ you said as you cut a slice of bread, cheese, and pepperoni.

You placed the cheese and meat on the bread, fully aware of how Felix was watching you anxiously as you took the first bite.

‘Oh my God, oh fuck–’ you gasped.

‘Is it that bad?’ Felix panicked.

‘Its the best bread to ever have touched my tongue, its so soft and fluffy.’ you moaned.

‘Did you even taste this?’ you asked.

‘I wanted you to have the first taste.’ he said.

‘Try it.’ you said hold up another piece for him.

Felix looked at you as he let you feed him, realizing how intimate this must look.

‘I think I didn’t cook it long enough.’

‘You did great, Felix, the bread is perfect and so is this picnic.’ you smiled.

‘…So are you.’ Felix said softly, making you blush.

‘Look at you turning the tables.’ you swooned.

You two ate and chatted over your picnic, the conversation just as easy and smooth as every conversation with Felix was.

‘So we aren’t allowed to drink this here, why?’ Felix asked looking at the bottle champagne.

‘Because here you have to be twenty one to drink, and we are about seventeen, but there isn’t anyone here so one glass won’t hurt if we don’t tell anyone.’ you answered.

Felix smiled before uncorking the bottle and filling the two glasses.

‘A toast to our first date.’ you said holding your glass up.

Felix smiled and touched his glass to yours before you both took a sip.

‘We’ll have to sneak off and have this stuff again.’ Felix said taking another sip.

‘I’d sneak off with you even if there was no champagne involved.’ you said honestly looking him in the eye.

You see his eyes go from your eyes to your lips, and your own gaze lowers to his lips as well.

You don’t know who had started leaning in first but you soon you could feel Felix’s breath on your cheeks.

His lips were maybe a centimeter away from yours, this was it, you were gonna kiss him.

‘Well well well, what have we here?’ 

You and Felix jump apart and look up to see Peter walking confidently over to your picnic.

‘What the hell, you were supposed to be-’

‘Supposed to be at the house with your idiot father? Did you really think that old fool could keep a hold on me? I might not have my magic at the moment, but don’t insult me.’ Peter boasted standing over you both.

‘Where is my dad?’ you asked urgently as you stood up.

Felix quickly followed suit, taking the initiative to pin Peter to the tree.

‘The old man is at home and he’s fine…for now.’ Peter smiled not fighting against Felix’s hold.

‘What do you mean for now?’

‘I mean he has five hours before the poison I put in his coffee kills him.’

‘WHAT?!’ you yelled.

‘Lucky for you I have the antidote, and I will give it to you…for a price.’ Peter grinned.

‘Give me the antidote!’ you yelled.

‘Take off the cuff.’


‘Then your father dies.’ Peter snarled before pushing Felix away.

Peter bent down and tore a peace of bread taking a large bite as he turned away.

‘Good job with the bread Felix. I’ll be at the house watching the old man die, if you change your mind and decide to save him.’ Peter said as he walked away.


Chris Evans x Reader

Request by Anon: “Chris. Evans. smut.” The reader has been in a relationship with Chris for years first friends now his better half and she has to do a sex seen with Bucky Barnes since shes his love interest. Chris freaks out but the reader calms him down. They just aren’t as slick and quite as they think.

A/n: Sorry this got out so late and that it sucks cuz i rushed. It took me hours to write it but I loved writing this though!

Im thinking about doing promps but idk if that what you all want so let me know! Also please request just no ships rn. Thank you and enjoy.- Maybie xx

Genre: Romance, Smut

Rated: Mature

Warning: Swearing, Anxiety, Sex.

Author: Mavelthegotodrug

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Mrs. Evans.

Has a nice ring to it. You always get so happy when someone calls your that. Being Mrs. Evans was amazing but tbqh its a hella of a lot of work. You were apart of The Avengers cast as well and played Bucky Barnes love interest. And you where in some movies with Chris before he become captain so you knew him pretty well. You knew what made him angry or really happy, what made him laugh or cry, and what made him anxious.

It’s a pretty well known fact that he had anxiety. It’s just not well know for what gives him anxiety attacks. One of the many reasons is you, which always broke your heart. If you have to do a sex scene, or a fighting scene. He would always beg you not to do them, but he knew you’d do them anyway. You would always try and make him happy and safe but this was your career.

Acting, singing, modeling. You’re trifecta. Since you were only 28 you still did everything you loved doing. Your were young and daring and were always up for new things. Chris thought that was the best and worst quality about you. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun when your up to go hiking with him, Pratt, and Anna but not so fun to watch you fuck another man.

He knew that at the end of the day it’s up to you. He knew you saw all his movies and all his sex scenes but he’s never seen you in one and wasn’t planing on it until the added in scene of you and Bucky Barnes ‘reconnecting’. Chris thought the scene was unnecessary but you, on the other hand, thought it was a nice touch to the romance and protectiveness behind your character and Sebastian’s.

“Don’t touch me!” He hissed. The words stung and left a bitter musk in the air. You knew he need you but that didn’t mean you were gonna force something he didn’t want. You nodded and put your hands in the air stepping back a little bit showing you were doing what he said.

“Baby, stop acting like this” you pleaded. It was an hour long lunch brake and after it was two fight scenes and the sex scene.

“Like what Y/N?! Upset?! Angry?! Fucking pissed off?!” He yelled throwing his hands up in the air. You jerked back a little bit and his face dropped as well as his hands. You knew he would never hurt you but with boyfriends in the past you could never be to careful.

“No Chris. Anxious. Please sit and breath. At lest let me touch you” you spoke softly. you watched as his chest when up and down quickly. His breaths turning into huffs, His eyes begging to water. You reached out your hand and gently touched his arm making sure he knew you weren’t going to leave his side when hes like this.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you i jus-” you cut him off as you pulled him to you.

“I’m not scared of you, Chris. You’re to good of a man to hurt me” you said starring into his deep blue eyes. That’s the only thing you loved about his eyes when he was sad. If he cried or got flustered his eyes would go a deep blue. It was somewhat calming for you which in the end only helped him calm down.

His head dropped as his hands covered his face. You heard his groans and soft sigh be muffled by his big hands. You brought up your small hands and held on to his. You moved your hands so his came off his face. his eyes were big red and puffy. You watched as his eyes slowly opened and he stared at you. Your hands squeezed his as you moved his strong arms to hug your body. You snaked your arms under his and around his torso, your head rested on his chest as you held him tight. His head rested on yours and you smiled.

“its okay Darling, if its that bad for you to watch i wont do it” you widespread

You watched as his hands moved to his face and he sighed slightly while rubbing his eyes. He looked right at you, grabbed your face, and kissing your forehead.

“Baby, i just want you to remember that your mine” he spoke in a low deep sexy voice while smacking your ass and squeezing it. “That ass is mine.” he said letting go as his hands crawled up your sides up to your breasts. squeezing them gently. “These are mine.” he let go and cupped your face. kissing your neck, jaw, behind your ear, nose, then your lips. “Those are only for me to kiss.” he widespread. his electric blue eyes were filled with lust and you smirked.

“But Seb’s gonna kiss those place too..” you said. you lifted your hand and pocked his nose. he scrunched his face up like a little bunny.

“Well, we both know he can’t fuck you like i do” he spoke a little louder this time, which turned you on the slightest bit. his strong huge arms intertwined together as the crossed over his tight shit that hugged his amazing torso. your eyes flickered up and down talking your boyfriends entire body in mind, his sexy face, and toned body, his height, the way his hands and fingers could make you feel. You shot your eyes back to his and saw his evil little smirk. You smiled and grabbed a bunch of his shirt and started to walk backward slowly to the bedroom. You just watched him as his long arms opened the small door to his trailer bedroom your legs hit the bed and you fell with Chris on top of you and chuckled as you let our a small gasp.

“Wanna show me you can fuck me better?..” you said gently kissing his lips. His rough hands were always so careful and loving against your skin. His hands went under your top and slipped over your head. He flung it across the trailer, he smirked at you as he pushed you further up the bad your legs wrapped around his body he pushed him self on to his knees using my legs to prop himself up. Your hands reached to unbuckle his belt and slip off his jeans and boxers, Chris slightly hit your hand out of the way.

“Its all about you baby girl, you don’t have to do a single thing but lay there and let me make love to you.” he slid with a straight face as his pants and boxers came off along with his shirt. You giggled and traced your finger along his abs then his v-line.

“I can deal with that.. i guess” you laughed. Chris gave the stink eye which soon turned to lust as he examined your figure

“Your fucking gorgeous y/n how did i get so lucky? like damn’ Chris’ hands began wandering down your body, slightly squeezing in some areas. His hands found the top of your jeans and pulled the clothing off, throwing it on the floor carelessly. you arched by back at the feeling of his long fingers ghosting over the fabric of your red lace underwear. you watched as Chris began to smirk his eyes never leaving yours. his slender fingers hocked onto your panties as he pulled them down the soft lace left goosebumps and you shivered. You closed your eyes wincing from the lost connection. His strong hands rested on your hips and his fingers snaked around your waist digging in a little bit. You knew he loves leaving marks on your neck, breasts, hips, and inner thighs but he also knew he cant leave any since you are doing that scene with Seb. You eyes began to flutter open but closed so fast, you let yourself scream out his name as he unexpectedly slammed himself into you.

“Oh my god Chris holy fuck” you gasped as he pounded into you. He moaned in response which sent a sharp tingle down your spine. Right as you felt yourself come undone Chris let go to. Leaving you both a moaning loud mess.

“Wrap it up Y/N, your on in 5!” you heard Downey clear his throat and yell from outside your trailer. Your eyes went big as you covered your mouth staring right at the hysterically laughing Chris. Rolling your eyes you got dressed.

You step out of your trailer and saw everyone sitting in their chairs dying laughing. Mostly Downey who was crying from laughing so hard. 

“Shut up its not funny at lest i get some!”

I’m sorry this took so long, and is literally nothing like you wanted. But hey it’s a first time story? And there’s narration? lol. Again, sorry? It’s seven pages long because I literally can’t write prompts under 3 pages when I try on purpose.


They began sharing a bed, not attempting to give reason to it though it was obviously from the multiple times when they had both woken the other from nightmares that they did not talk about when waking. 

Hannibal was growing accustomed to the warmth of Will at his back, the slide of the hairs on his body against Hannibal’s own, and morning kisses that were something he would never be used to no matter how many times they shared them. 

This morning was no different. Will’s arms at his back and a kiss to his neck followed by a sleep addled whisper of, “Morning,” with Will’s smile against his skin. 

“Good morning, Will,” he breathed, turning to smile at his bed partner, “You have been sleeping rather well lately.” 

Will frowned, “You haven’t though, I sort of pulled you out of one last night.” 

Hannibal tensed and attempted to move, as this discussion was not a comfortable one, but Will’s arms were tight against his midsection before he could. “Hannibal.” 

“I do not remember my dream,” it was an obvious lie and he knew Will was quite aware of it but his beloved would not force this discussion. 

Will kissed the underside of his chin, turning Hannibal on his back, as Will’s tongue tasted the blossoming hairs on his jaw. Will loved to see him not clean-shaven and Hannibal was more than happy to oblige the blossoming appreciation for this closeness. 

He sighed, pulling Will’s face closer to his skin as he praised Will’s ministrations, “You make my blood sing, mylimasis. I cannot fathom what it would be like to come together fully.” 

Will smiled against his skin, he could feel teeth as start to scrape just enough to make him more aroused than he’d been moments before, “You want to?” 

Hannibal froze and knew Will could feel him tense as suddenly the warmth of Will’s body was too far away for his liking, “You wish to have intercourse?” 

Will blushed, a strange thing for him to see as Hannibal rarely had seen him embarrassed since they’d given in to their affections for each other. 

“If you want to, I’m not gonna force you any more than you’d force me.” 

Hannibal sat up on his elbows, watching Will fully as he tried to get a read off his tells: Will was starting to move into himself, looking away from Hannibal’s gaze which was something Hannibal hated enough to feel his lips curl back in almost anger at his own foolishness for questioning such a gift and making Will feel the need to look away at all. 

He reached out and took Will’s hand, putting it on his bare chest and watching Will’s eyes move down to where they touched, “I would,” he confessed, his hand moving Will’s beneath it, “I had not expected you to ever want more than we already had.” 

Will scoffed, “I think about you when I masturbate, which you obviously know since you’ve heard me say your name when I cum.” 

Hannibal smiled, moving Will’s hand down to the lower half of his torso, “Yes, I have never witnessed that moment sadly. Though the images my mind has created…” 

Will crawled over him, his body shaking as their skin touched but he looked quite determined. “…are probably not as nice as the real thing,” Will finished for him, taking the hand Hannibal had to switch their roles and began moving Hannibal’s palm down his own bare chest. 

Hannibal felt his hardness increase at the welcoming by Will so fully the long sigh it induced nearly a moan as he asked, “You are sure of this, Will?” 

Will moved his hand down till it cupped over Will’s own hard erection and he hissed at Hannibal’s touch, “Yes.” 

Hannibal began to palm the clothed cock in his hands, Will’s moan a siren song of desire that he could not deny, “I will drain every ounce of pleasure I can from you, Will, if you would allow.” 

Will’s shaking laugh made him weaker than it should, his eyes moving to see Will’s own staring back at him, “I’ve never felt more allowable.” 

There was something in the tone that didn’t sit well with Hannibal, his hands both moving to Will’s sides as he slid down the very thin boxer briefs that stood between him and Will’s eagerness.  

The first sight of Will’s cock made Hannibal sigh but he made no move to touch Will there, his hands rubbing at Will’s hips as he noted, “You are shaking.” 

Will’s eyes were closed, head back as he confessed, “This feels so surreal, like I’m not really here.” 

That just would not do.

He turned them quite abruptly, Will’s eyes opening in his surprise staring up with something akin to indecision as Hannibal loomed over him. 

Hannibal kissed him fully, teasing and taking what he could as he canted his hips in turn to his mouth’s continuous movements. 

Will’s moan was exquisite, his boneless acceptance even more so as Hannibal moved their mouths apart to announce, “You are here, now, and we are going to be coming together intimately if you wish to continue.” 

Will grabbed his hand, their fingers intertwining as he confessed, “I do, I just…I feel like I could come apart any second now.” 

Hannibal smiled against Will’s cheek, “That is the point, is it not Will? Coming apart at the seams, letting your lover catch you when you fall?”

Will laughed, “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

Hannibal’s lips moved down his cheek to capture Will’s mouth once and answer, “No, I will not. You are lucky I am a good swimmer.”

“And a doctor,” Will added, taking Hannibal’s hand to his cock, “Show me how good those hands are, Doctor Lecter.”

Hannibal moaned, moving Will’s hardness slowly as he hissed, “We need the proper supplies, I…”

Will groaned in frustration, pulling away and making Hannibal bereft of the distance as he watched his beloved step completely out of his boxer briefs as he struggled to do the same with the shaking need inside of him building.

He felt like begging, prostrating himself at Will’s feet for his return even as his beloved looked up from rattling around in Hannibal’s bedside table to grin, “You look worse off than I am. I’m coming back you know?”

Hannibal felt frustration at not being able to take what he wanted but this was Will, he would not treat him as anything less than perfection. “I need to touch you now, mylimasis, I am slowly going quite insane from my want of your touch.”

Will laughed, though the pleased pink of his cheeks made Hannibal smile weakly in return.

He threw down the supplies they needed, Hannibal grabbing for the lubricant and opening it before Will even got back on the bed. He wet one hand and pressed Will down with the other whispering, “If you have no preference for position…”

Will breathed, “I want to feel you, I want…christ, just fuck me already.”

Hannibal kissed the inside of Will’s thighs, “I would prefer to have you enter me, Will. To feel the power of your hips as you thrust inside I have spent many a time thinking of such things.”

Will moaned, “We can take turns.”

Hannibal laughed, “The feel of you, the pleasure I cannot even…may I enter a finger now? Just one?”

“Stop talking, just do it. I can’t wait anymore, I just need you to…”

The first press of finger inside of Will made him grunt at the intrusion, Hannibal searching by his reaction for the perfect spot to make his beloved enjoy this more fully and when he saw the surprise in Will’s eyes he nearly howled in triumph for it.

“There,” he kissed Will’s knee as he was bent open for him, “Much better.”

“Fuck,” Will moaned, “God, just…god, don’t stop.”

Hannibal did not, continuing to move his finger in the same spot watching and feeling Will’s growing pleasure at his ministrations before he said, “Another?”

Will moaned, nodding as Hannibal added a second finger and when he began drilling exclusively at the same position Will was crying out nearly coming when he took his hand away.

“Bastard,” Will panted, cock hard and leaking as Hannibal smiled.

“You are so beautiful, Will.”

Will glared at him, “You know I can just throw you over and do the same to you.”

Hannibal kissed his leg, “You could, I would not fight you for even a moment.”

Will moved himself closer, “Just do it, I can’t…”

Hannibal took a pillow from his empty spot, putting it beneath Will’s hips as he positioned him more comfortably before he announced, “I am going to enter you now, are you still amenable to this?”

Will’s teeth snapped, he could hear them as his beloved moaned, “Stop talking, just stop…”

Hannibal started to slick himself up, “You love to hear me talk.”

“Not when you’re about to stick something where I’ve never had something before, where I…”

Hannibal thrust in before he could finish, slowly as Will started to move in closer and when he pulled them closer Will moaned, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, it’s…” He pressed down, nearly bending Will in half as he kissed him.

“You were made for me,” he praised, moving as he nearly felt his own passion overcome him, “Your tightness is…”

Will pulled him closer and started to move up against him just as much as Hannibal moved. Hannibal took Will’s cock in hand as he felt his impending fall and when Will came, crumbling beneath him in a cry of, “Hannibal!” he could not help but moan, “Oh beloved, you…” and tumble right over the edge himself not long after.

He pulled out, the both of them sighing at the loss and he began cleansing Will of himself he could feel Will shuddering against his tongue.

“God, god, it’s…fuck,” he lifted his head into Will’s sudden pull of his hair, purring at the touch as he worked. Pulling his mouth back he began cleansing Will completely, the taste of them both together on his tongue nearly making him swell again though the effort was wasted yet.

He collapsed against Will’s chest, his beloved’s arms coming around Hannibal’s back as Will groaned, “Ow,” and Hannibal settled them more comfortably.

“I love you,” Will kissed his temple, “You know that?”

Hannibal felt tears on his cheeks but said nothing, pressing a kiss to Will’s chest.

“Your dream, it was about the fall again.”

He did not speak, but Will did not need him to.

“Mine are too, I always dream you never reach the shore with me. That I watch you float away.”

Hannibal’s arms tightened on Will, nearly snarling at the thought of Will doing the same.

“You did though, and look where we are.”

Hannibal looked up at Will, his eyes wet as he said, “I dream that you did not come with me.”

Will’s surprise was evident, “Hannibal…”

“I dream that you are there with her now, with the child, and I am alone on the run mourning you again as before.”

Will pulled him closer, a kiss that spoke of their dual desperation and when he heard Will’s whispered, “You don’t think one of us dying is worse than both of us living separately?”

Hannibal kissed him again, his lips in Will’s neck when he confessed, “If you had died, I would have turned myself in once more after a very long massacre of whomever came in my path.”

Will touched his face, “It’s lucky that I came then, think of all the bloodshed I would’ve missed.”

Hannibal smiled, kissing Will’s tears, “Yes, that would have been quite a waste.”

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I'm feeling hella down and all because my family wants me to get married and the problem is, I'm scared. I'm so afraid of love and being loved. I was taught since i was little that being in love is bad and when people fall for me it's also terrible. so i wanted to ask..how would ace react to his s/o who's got the same problem here as me. of being afraid to love, being loved, getting close and being afraid of loosing that person because she thinks she is not worht being loved..?

 I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, dear. I am not going to say nothing about it becaue i don’t know your backstory and i don’t want to make you uncomfy. But i hope you sort out your emotions pretty soon and i hope your family can understand your way of thinking about love and all that matter. Prompts are currently closed, but i’ll make a little exception for you, hun. I hope you enjoy this and that it can help to make you feel better. I hope this is good enough for you, dear.


  • He loves you endlessly. By now the reason he wakes up in the mornings it’s not only make Shirohige the pirate King, but to see your face. He’s willing to see you yet another day.
  • However, he notices. He notices the way you try to keep him out of your space. He notices how you usually get uncomfortable when he’s being a bit too lovey, too cuddly. He can’t help it, though, he can’t find another way to keep you closer than pressing you against him.
  • But he notices, nevertheless, he notices how shy you get and how you’ve never said ‘I love you’ back at him. And he understands, well, more than understand, he takes it because he loves you.
  • But he really is gettimg insecure. Do you love him back? He asks you, and you’re answer is more than he can tak. “I can’t love you as much as you love me”, He gulps, intertwining his fingers to ease the shaking of his hands. He can’t really ease the shakimg on his voice, though.
  • “But why?”, his voice is low, almost a whisper as he looks at you straight in the eyes. You can barely hold his gaze, so filled with pain and sadness.
  • “I can’t love, Ace”, he opens his mouth to speak, but you don’t let him. “I cant love anyone. I’m scared of doing it. And from all people in this world, I can’t love you”, he knows. He knows because he feels the same. No one has ever wanted him, but now, it’s different. “I- I wouldn’t be able to stand the pain of losing you. I can’t let you in, because, if something happens- I don’t thin I can-
  • “If something ever happens to me, I want you to remember how much someone loved you. I want you to know that I love you more than anything and that i’m always scared of losing you, yet, even if i don’t want to or don’t feel like I’m ready, I want to let you in, so i can know what is to love and to feel loved. There’s always danger, i know, but i want you to know that no matter the risk or the pain we can face, you’ll be loved by me and i want you- i want you to love someone. I want you to stop taking everything by yourself and start to let people that matter into your life so you can share your worries, your dreams, your fears, love it’s not only sex or something superficial. Love is believing and trusting in someone. Loving is caring for the other. Loving is being there for that someone that really matters.
  • You can’t stop the tears falling from your cheeks now. The things you know, the things that your family told you, the things life showed you. All of them telling you that love would always hurt you and that if you open yourself for someone else then they or you will get hurt.
  • Things that have been chasing for years are being All destroyed by this man in front of you and suddenly your walls are crumbling down and he’s there to embrace your exposed being. He’s always there and he always will be there. 
  • He laughs a bit as he brushes away a few tears from your cheeks, "that was too chessy huh?”
  • The fond smile you give him makes him widen his eyes and his breath hitches on his thoart when you lean closer, nuzzling your nose wth his.
  • “You’re cheesy all the time, though”, he smiles and looks fondly at you, cupping your cheeks with his hands.
  • “Only for you”

Reader x Jaebum

Type:smut,fluff???idek im new

warnings: None really unless smut is a warning????;-;

side note:okay hi yes hello um im new to this whole thing so I wrote this a while ago…..oh lord oh lorddddddd it sucks but I just kinda wanted to post it somewhere please dont roast me): also I have no clue what to name it…hahahahahaha Also I don’t know how to end a story omg im sorry I suck at this

You live at the Got7 dorm it wasn’t exactly your idea but you had been struggling to live on you own lately and Youngjae decided to go live with his brother for a little bit but he stay over at the dorm alot and you guys share a room but today he was gone and he was gonna be gone for a few weeks since the boys had a break you were really close with all the boys they all treated you really well and promised to take care of you “y/n” you hear someone scream it was Jackson “IM PLAYING OVERWATCH WHAT DO YOU WANT?” you scream back “dinner” Jinyoung yells you sign “kaaay but right there” you peep your head out of your room and say you decide to put on some pants since you were just chilling in a shirt you walk down to the dinner table “Hey nonna” Bam say and smiles they all say his to you you smile Jaebum comes to sit down “hey y/n” he smiles you look down and blush “hi Jaebum” you always had a crush on Jaebum but you’re sure he didn’t like you that way all the boys sit down “y/n can you hand me the water” Mark says you hand him the pitcher of water “thanks” he smiles “nonna you look nice today” Yugyeom says you smile “thanks Yug’s” you guys sit there and eat the meat,rice,rice cakes,japchae and all other korean food “this is so good” you say “Jabeum made it” Jackson says “thanks Jaebum” you smile at him and he blushes and rubs his neck “thanks glad you like it” he smiles with his cute little eye smile you’re dying on the inside cause he’s so cute you finish “thanks guys” you smile at them “I’ll do the dishes” you say “no way y/n” Jinyoung says “but-” “but nothing you don’t have to we can handle it” Mark says “okay….fine” you skip to your room “she’s so cute” Jaebum puts his face in his hands “hyung when are you gonna tell her you have a thing for her?” Bam says “ah I don’t know” he says “you should tell her soon I heard one of her friends like her” Jackson says Jaebum laughs “well maybe she likes them” “nah I don’t think so” Jackson says “well im gonna go shower” Jaebum stretches and walks to his room to get some clothes and walks to the bathroom “y/n” Bam knocks on your door “yes Bam?” “can I come in” “sure” he opens the door “what you doing” “playing over watch” “ah I swear you’re just like Youngjae” he laughs “you aren’t wrong” “so nonna” “yeah?” “this is really random…but do you like anyone” you start choking on your drink “you okay?” he asks “im fine why the sudden question” “I know someone who likes you” you laugh “yeah sureeeeeeeeee” “no really” “okay Bam but yeah I like someone” you blush “ooooo nonna” he laughs “shut up Bam” you hit him “feisty” he laughs “you know it” he stays in your room for like 10 minutes then Jackson is calling him “see ya later” he says “bye” you put the controller down and turn off the game you look over to the clock “10pm” you sigh “I wonder what Jaebum is doing” you decide to go get a snack you see a bag of chips “jackpot” you dance to yourself suddenly you hear a door open and look over and see Jaebum walk out of the shower with no shirt on and water dripping down his stomach where the towel stops and gulp and bite your lip he pushes his wet hair back and then dries it with another towel he looks over to see you staring at him you blush and go into the fridge acting like nothing happened he laughs and walks over to you you feel yourself getting turned on you rub your legs together “hey y/n” he closes the fridge door and pushes you against it “he-hey Jaebum” you blush and try not to look at his stomach he puts his arm next to you so you cant move he looks you up and down and bites his lip when he sees your legs you were just wearing a over sized shirt since you’ve been in your room all night you had messy hair but he thought you were adorable “um” you stutter “can…can I go to my room now” you look up at him he smirks “what’s got you so flustered?” you blush “nothing it’s just really hot is my room” he smirks and leans into your ear and whispers “you’re cute…when you’re flustered” he bites your ear a little you let out a little yelp he backs away and smirks you blush and you literally wanna jump on him right there and wrap your legs around his waist and kiss him and have him take you right here in the kitchen on the counter or the table or where ever you blush again and you walk to your room more like run and he laughs you shut the door you feel so turned on you lay down on your bed “oh my god he’s so hot” you know you’re wet you try to fight the feeling but its not helping when you can’t stop thinking of Jaebum in that towel around his waist and the water dripping down on his body “oh my god” you feel like you’re gonna rip your hair out you take off your underwear and glide your finger over your clit you moan softly you start off with one finger you let out soft moans “fuck” you whisper “I gotta be quiet so the boys don’t hear me” you move your finger faster you moan louder you add another finger and spread your legs you put your hand over your mouth to keep from moaning
-Jaebum pov-
you walk to your room after y/n ran to her room you put some sweat pants on you think of y/n “she’s so cute” you run your fingers through your hair you lay on the bed you text y/n “I need to talk to you” you wait she doesn’t respond “she’s probably playing her game” you wait a little longer “hmm” you get up “I have to tell her tonight” you go out and walk to her room you knock on the door “y/n I need to talk to you” no response you hear something “she’s probably talking to someone” you knock again “y/n” no response again you open the door quietly you look and she’s on the bed you look at her with wide eyes she has her eyes closed and is masturbating “fuck” you whisper you feel yourself getting hard but you can’t look away she’s moaning suddenly she moans “Jaebum” she says I look around and make sure no members are around you keep watching her thinking if you should go in or not “Jaebum” she moans again this time louder you put your hands down your pants and stroke your dick hearing her moan drives you crazy you bite your lip so she doesn’t hear you moan but you let a moan slip and you both look at each other you open the door all the way “y/n” she looks at you and grabs her blanket and covers herself
-y/n pov-
you were moaning and were thinking of Jaebum so you just moaned his name out you feel yourself getting close so you move your fingers faster and moan Jaebum’s name again suddenly you hear someone say your name you stop and look over to your door and see Jaebum standing there with his hands down his pants and him biting his lip you grab your blanket and cover yourself up you look him up and down you can he’s hard “oh my god” you think to yourself you hide yourself “y/n” he comes in and shuts the door “go away” you say he comes over and pulls the blanket off of you “JAEBUM” he smirks he comes gets on top of you and looks at you you look down “having fun?” he smirks you whine “stop” “y/n why are you masturbating while moaning my name?” “uh…I-I..” “you what baby?” “why..why were you watching me and doing it too” you bite your lip he starts kissing your neck you moan “Jaebum” you put your hands down his pants and play with his tip he moans and stops “Lets go to my room” he says you guys get up and he looks around to make sure no ones there you guys run to his room he shuts the door and you both sit on his bed “y/n we need to talk before this goes any further” you look at him “listen I know what you’re gonna say it’s fine I understand” you say “what do you mean?” “I don’t wanna say it” you feel tears forming in your eyes Jaebum looks at you and grabs your chin to make you look at him “then I’ll say what I need to” “okay” you whisper he wipes your tears with his thumb “y/n…I..I love you a lot ever since you moved in…no before that I’ve loved you since I met you when we hung out for the first time alone when you came here to wait for Youngjae so you guys could play overwatch that night I realized I loved you I realized I needed you and that you were the most perfect girl in the world” he smiles “what?” you say “I understand if you don’t feel the same” he says grabbing your hand and intertwining in fingers with yours “but I needed you to know” “I..I thought you didn’t feel that way” you whisper he looks at you “Jaebum I love you…so much” you whisper he hugs you tight “im so glad you said that” “I thought you were gonna tell me you didn’t like me” you say and he looks at you “are you crazy?” he sees you’re still crying “stop crying babygirl” he wipes your tears away “im sorry I couldn’t help it” you put your head in his chest he kisses the top of your head “so this means you’re mine now right?” he asks “of course” he kisses you the kiss gets headed he pushes you down “do you wan’t me to finish what you started?” he glides his finger over your clit you moan “words babygirl” “yes” “you’re so wet y/n” he puts 2 fingers in without warning you moan “Jaebum” “shh kitten” he moves his fingers faster “oh my god” you whisper “cum for me baby” you moan while he moves his fingers faster you cum he pulls his fingers out and licks them “tasty” you blush he removed his pants you see how hard he is you gulp “y/n do you want this?” you grabs his dick and stroke it he moans and he dips his head back “y/n” you move your hand faster “fuck” he bites his lip he stops you “I can’t wait anymore I need you I need to feel you” “I need to feel you too” you say he gets on top of you “you ready babygirl?” he waits “yes” he pushes himself in you both moan “you okay?” he asks “yes” he keep sliding in so he can fill you up he waits to start moving so you can get used to his size you feel tears in your eyes “y/n we can stop if you need to I don’t mind” “no no im fine it’s just been a while” he grabs your hand “move” you say “you sure?” “please Jaebum” he starts off slow you moan “you’re so tight” he grunts “faster” you say he moves faster he kisses you you run your fingers in his hair “Jaebum” you moan out “fuck y/n you’re so beautiful” “faster” you moan louder he moves faster “Jae-Jaebum” you wrap your legs around his waist “harder” you moan he pulls out and slams back into you you both moan “oh my god” you can feel yourself shaking “fuck kitten you look so good like this” he sticks a finger in your mouth you suck “Jaebum right there” he removes his finger from your mouth he hits the spot “you like that kitten?” you moan he goes faster “answer baby” “yes” you scream “fuck” he says “im close” you say “same kitten” you grip on to his back and scratch him “Jaebum” you moan “beg for more baby I love it I love seeing you like this you feel so good around my dick” you moan you love his dirty talk it turns you on even more if that’s even possible hes thrusting into you hard you’re both moaning you cum he clench around his length “fuck y/n that was so hot” he moves your hair out of your face “baby im gonna cum” he says “go ahead” you say he goes harder and deeper he cums “fuck” you both moan he pulls out you’re both panting he gets off you and goes to the bathroom to get wipes to help clean you and himself up you try to sit up but you feel a sharp pain you let out a yelp “did I go to hard?” he smirks you blush “im fine I liked it” he comes over to kiss you “I love you babygirl” “I love you too baby” you kiss him and smile into the kiss he lays down and pulls you close you rest your head on his chest you guys order food and stay in bed for the rest of the night and watch movies and play games together

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Requested by  camilap1227 <3
Prompt:  Hi! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Draco x reader imagine where it’s a progression of when they met as kids and grow up to have a beautiful romance and eventually get married and grow old together. :)


Do you remember when we first met? I don’t. It was such a long time ago. I think I always thought we were friends.. That you just so happened to always be near. When I was born, you were born too. Once I even thought we were somehow related, and I remember the fireworks once my Mother harshly informed me that we, infect, weren’t.  The world just… didn’t seem to be right without you in the picture. I don’t think I ever even thought about it without you.

Your eyes stared out the window, the scenery behind it a moving blur as the playful colours of the ending summer still lingered. You then gazed at your bests friend in the whole wide world sitting in front of you, his two bully friends casually sat next to him. He was talking again, his mouth moving fast as the confident, dare you say cocky?, look in his ice grey eyes staring at Crab. Or was it Goyle? You could never tell.

“–do you agree, (Name)?” Draco suddenly turned to you, making you blink.

“Hm?” The lost look in your (color) eyes gave you away. Draco scoffed.

“Pay attention, will you?-…”

When we started Hogwarts, well…Only then did I realize how frowned upon was being good friends with you. It was a shock, honestly. I was so lost and afraid, but most of all I was so, so angry. You turned away from me and found new friends – naturally, I did too. But I wanted you. I wanted to keep the strong bond between us, and yet you always kept pushing me away and I didn’t understand why.  

By year three you changed so much I hardly even recognised you.

He stalked down the corridor, all high and mighty as you gave him a dirty look.

“What’s with that?” He questioned.

“Your face makes me nauseous.” You told, bitter.

And yet.. You still asked me to the Yule ball. And I still said yes.

Your laughter echoed in the empty corridor as Draco dragged you through it in a rushed pace. Admits the dancing you snuck into the kitchen and managed to snatch some liquor for the after party at the Slytherin compartment.  

You grinned from ear to ear, your hair dancing in the wind as you briefly turned back to see if no one was following you – the coast was clear. Abruptly, the two of you stopped, panting for air with goofy grins on your faces.  

“That was…-” Draco started, taking in a deep breath to heed his oxygen lacking lungs.

“-Exciting!” You finished, releasing a giggle right afterwards. Draco let a low chuckle escape his lips, though he didn’t say anything further. As the dust settled silence engulfed the two of you – years of being apart urged you to say what you’ve been surpassing for so long. Your big grin fell into a timid one, and casting your eyes down you thought of the right words to say. But neither of you could think of anything.

Wordless, he tugged you into the dungeons, but this time at a much slower pace as his fingers intertwined with yours.

I was dense, so dense that I still shake my head to this day when I remember all those longing looks you sent my way, all the sweet smiles and the over all closeness you gave me without really being…close. I thought you missed being my friend. I thought you wanted to come celebrate Christmas with my family again and practice magic till dawn.  

All was sailing smooth, until…Until you became desperate. It scared me, really. You scared me. I knew of the Dark Mark and how much it frightened you, but with dragging me along to your hate filled ‘friendly’ meetings, and how jealous, protective and over all bitter you became only pushed me away. Then…Then you told me that you loved me.

It felt as if the world slipped out your fingers and at the same time your heart thudded in your chest. Not knowing whether you should frown or smile – both were tempting,- you released a small puff of air through your parted lips and turned away from his gaze that demanded an answer. Gulping, you forced yourself to stare him in the eyes, but no words dared to come out your mouth.

His hands held yours, and taking a step closer to you Draco burrowed his brows softly.

“I love you more than anything in this world.” He told, breathless.

I knew you were afraid. Afraid of loosing me and falling due to you now being a Death Eater, someone you never wanted to be. Despite how much you changed, I knew you were good. Deep down you were a kind and generous soul, but that thick cocky shell you surrounded yourself in became the only thing real. I didn’t know whether you intended it to be so. Was it your parents? The school? Life? At that moment, all I could recall was the happily smiling child without a care in the world.

And then I realized. I loved you too. The old you. The new you. It didn’t matter to me. The world…didn’t seem right without you.

As you gazed at the guests you couldn’t help but smile, admiring how many people showed up to you wedding. Draco Malfoy sat beside you, his hand engulfed around yours. Suddenly, he leaned in.

“I didn’t get to say this sooner, but…” You looked into his ice grey eyes, “-you look absolute stunning. I cant…cant believe that I-”

“-You always had me, my love,” You murmured, “-and you don’t look half bad yourself, might I add.”

Now that I think about it, time does fly so fast, doesn’t it? One day I’m running around in your family’s garden and getting lost in that never ending maze, and the next it’s our first born. From when he could talk Scorpius was you from head to toe, and then he started showing signs of magic and…I must admit, I felt a bit disappointed. Not that I wasn’t proud of my baby boy, but I just…I didn’t know how to live without him anymore. The world didn’t seem right without the two of you.

And with you away so often and I busy everyday I was starting to get afraid that we will grow apart. When Scorpius left for Hogwarts I…I must admit that I wasn’t as happy as I pretended to be. But you knew me so well that you noticed right away. And despite us being apart so often, you did it again. That strange thing I could never do – be close without being close. When I bid you farewell and when I kissed you back it seemed like no time had passed. There was no gap in the day when you were gone. Everything was stitched so perfectly, and it was all done by you. I could’ve never managed…

..And here we are now. How many years have past? I stopped counting.

Such a lovely drawing, my darling,” You glanced at the small six year old girl sitting beside you, and then back at the atrocious picture that was shoved into your fingers, “-you have a heart of an artist and a talent of one as well.” Your granddaughter grinned from ear to ear, proudly gazing at her most recent work – a drawing of your family. In the back was you and Draco, then Scorpius and her mother and lastly her.

I am so lucky…So lucky I wasn’t dense enough not to push you away when you pushed me. Even to this day my love for you burns strong. Even after all this time, and always.

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luke-hemmings-princess  asked:

Hey, i love your blog and your writing is incredible. Can i request something where fred and you are secretly dating because your parents don't like each other but cant help your feelings for one another? (sorry if you got this a second time, but i didnt know if it went through) Thanks, xxx.

Thank you so so much for the lovely words cutie! xx I’m so sorry for the wait and I could’ve made this one so much better, I hope it’s not too trashy and you enjoy nevertheless, thank you for reading aaaagh! xx

„Fred, over here!“ you bellowed – the figure on the little path turned around with raised arms, whereas you calmly put your hand to your forehead to shield your eyes from the bright rays of sunshine. “Blimey, (Y/N), there you are” Fred said, shaking his head as he spoke, and walked toward you - “Could’ve just waited for me somewhere more noticeable… Thought you had ditched me for a moment” The sun lighted up his vibrant, brown eyes in between the trees you, by now, knew so well due to your reoccurring encounters these past few weeks – it was your personal location for dates; a small forest near the Burrow, surrounded by meadows and some corn fields. Fred had suggested using it as a meeting spot since according to him, people barely passed the place. “As if anyone ditched Fred Weasley” you smirked before putting your hands on his chest. “Well, I certainly know people who’d want you to do that” – “Fred” – It was merely you cupping his face that made him remain silent, and when you put your lips on his, he let out a soft sigh of satisfaction. “Really nice try, (Y/N), you can keep doing that, but it won’t stop me from talking about it” – You gave him a slightly apologetic glimpse because you knew what he was referring to; you knew exactly what he wanted to discuss with you today. “I know, I know, Fred” – It was the fact that you weren’t able to be together in public that bothered him so much, for your families hated each other. Your parents tended to be quite pretentious over their blood status, their wealth and their reputation in the magical world; they somehow displayed the exact opposite of the Weasleys and their mentality. Of course you were sick of it; Fred and you couldn’t even spend time together in Hogsmeade since people knew your families hated each other – one chatterbox seeing you two in public would make the disaster complete. Consequently, you had spent these past few weeks meeting up in quiet places, just to make sure. While Fred insisted on opening up to his parents, you felt doubt whenever he mentioned the issue that chased you so very often. He put his arms around your waist and looked at you – “I just can’t stay in a box all the time. I really enjoy this place, I really do, but I want to be able to take you home some day” – He now brought his lips to your neck, pecking it slightly, but you just took his hand and gently pulled him with you. “Me too, Fred, I understand, but how on earth are we going to tell anyone? Even George doesn’t know… And think about my parents! They would throw me out-“ – “Which means that you could live with me-“ – “Stop joking, Fred, your mother wouldn’t be too pleased as well! It’s not as easy, I’m sorry” – You quietly walked side by side for a moment, your fingers still intertwined. Fred let out a sigh, but you somehow knew that he was up to something.

You had last seen Fred two days ago; and yesterday, an owl had delivered a small letter – you had been cautious enough to open it up in your room, because when you did so, tiny fireworks had evolved from it, making you giggle. “Tomorrow evening, be prepared, bring some clothes and food if you want. Fred” was all it said. You assumed he’d be taking you out somewhere, perhaps for an evening picnic, so you waited until the next day for another letter, but when it got darker outside, you felt a bit worried, for there had been no other sign or whatsoever. You were flicking through a book your mom had given you when you suddenly heard something hitting your window – you gasped softly in surprise when the object fell down into your little garden. What irritated you was a little glow from down the street; it was moving left and right, seemingly pointed right at you, so you scurried to the window and opened it. “F-“ you gasped, but you remained silent, fearing that your parents would hear you. Fred was standing on the sidewalk, grinning triumphantly at you, a muggle flashlight in his hands. You stared at him in disbelief; what was he doing? He silently asked you to come down, but you were so surprised, you just kept looking at him. When he started making fun of you, you abruptly closed the window, grabbed your bag and went down to tell your parents that your friend who lived 5 minutes away from you coincidentally decided to invite you over; and since they seemed to put a lot of trust into you, they agreed to let you go.

“Are you crazy?” you hissed when you finally scurried outside toward Fred who, after all, looked rather pleased with himself. “Couldn’t have just told me about it? What about a meeting place? And how on earth did you get here?” – You looked at him angrily although you couldn’t deny that this surprise was exciting to you in some way. “Muggle transport, (Y/N). Figured it out pretty quickly and dad had one of those flashlighties, so I got it. And calm down, I’ve figured everything out. My parents are out for a class reunion, so I thought I’d show you my home for a bit” – he smirked in absolute pride over his plan, whereas you felt very doubtful. “But Fred, just because they’re out- I mean, how? Are you serious? I’m just not sure-“ – “Like I told you, I’ve figured it out. You don’t have to come, though, it’s just an offer” – He looked at you with slightly widened eyes now, whereas you remained silent. “You’re mental, Fred” you said and shook your head before grabbing his warm hands.

Fred held your hand tightly when you walked toward the Burrow in the dark; it was quite a long walk from the next station to the house on the countryside, but you were used to it. Unlike Fred, you knew muggle transport quite well, and so you had explained him how trains worked on your journey. Now, you could feel his excitement in his grip around your hand; when you drew nearer to the doorway, he hurried you slightly before making sure no one was close. He gently pulled you inside – warmth and coziness greeted you, and everything looked just like Fred had always described it, but there wasn’t too much time to linger around. Fred quickly showed you the living room and the kitchen before taking you upstairs as quietly as possible; you could hear voices from the rooms above you; probably, his siblings were here as well. You swallowed and followed him again until you reached a wooden door with a “F+G” engraved on it – he smirked curtly at you before opening it, and when after he had made sure that his brother wasn’t around, he let out a relieved sigh and pulled you with him. Everything was full of boxes, there were posters on the wall and it seemed like he had tried to tidy up a bit. “I love your room, Fred” you whispered, drawing nearer to him. “It’s nothing too extravagant, but it’s a pretty decent room to live in. Make yourself comfortable, (Y/N)” – “But Fred, what if George-“ – “Uh, uh, (Y/N), you’re the guest here, don’t worry about that” – You looked at him, uncertain of what you should do, but then he sighed and walked toward you before putting his hands around your waist to lift you up. “Come here already” – You chuckled as quietly as possible and let him carry you to his bed where he gently put you down – a moment later, he was leaning forward and his lips touched yours gently, and after all, he kissed you over and over again as if he had been waiting all night for intimacy. It all felt so impolite, but you had to admit that you enjoyed it; after all, you became so absorbed you ignored the footsteps from above. His soft lips met yours again and again; how strange it was that you had fallen in love with Fred Weasley, but you couldn’t deny it anymore – in this moment, you felt like you wouldn’t even have cared if someone had seen you, but when the voices got closer, Fred had to part from you, panting slightly. “Fred, I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not quite sure if you actually figured everything out” – You couldn’t help but smile for a moment, caressing his cheeks – “I mean, what did you tell them? Don’t they think it’s strange you’re alone in your room? And what about George?” – “Sh, (Y/N), thought you’d know that I’m good at improvisin’. Don’t worry, I just told them I’d do some work for school… they were really surprised, but I was all serious and cocky about it, so they buggered off. I will make sure George won’t see you, alright?” – “Work for school? Nice excuse. Well, if you say so, but still… Thank you for taking me with you, Fred, really, it’s just a bit sad we have to do it this way” you added finally. Fred smirked in return – “No need to thank me, young lady, I-“ – “Fred? What’re you doing - open up the door already, you git” – A damped voice was audible from outside along with the door being rattled. Fred looked around, visibly annoyed, whereas your face froze and you suddenly felt really nervous. “Please, brother, I need to finish this today. Kids these days just don’t put any priority into learning something new every day-“ – “Stop pulling these terrible jokes, Fred, I just want to show Ginny the Puking Pastilles we made, don’t be so prissy about it and let me in to get them” – Fred rolled his eyes before giving you a quick glimpse. What would he be doing? “Fred” you whispered, grabbing his wrist, but he remained silent. “Fred, I’m going to push this door open, it’s my room as well, after all, isn’t it? Or I’ll get Bill to cast a nice spell that’ll make the door slam right into your face if necessary” – You could see George’s feet through the little gap in the door; you knew that he would remain resolute. “What do we do?” you whispered, but Fred just told you to sit down while he went to the door, opening it only a tiny bit before facing his grouchy twin. “You asked for the Puking Pastilles?” Fred said calmly, handing him a little wooden box with their initials on it. “What is the matter with you, Fred? What’re you up to?” – “Could ask you the same. Why’s everyone making a fuss about me wanting to complete some school work?” – “Because it’s bloody obvious that you’re not doing this sort of thing, brother!?” – And with these words, George stormed into the room, looking around. 

You desperately tried hiding, but it was already so pathetic you were pretty much destined to be seen. Even before anything happened you blushed so heavily you wished the ground would open and swallow you up. “What on earth-“ George looked at you with wide eyes, seeming so irritated you couldn’t help but stare onto the floor. “What the bloody hell are you doing here? F-Fred? Are you two-?” – He turned to his brother, but he was looking considerably calmer than you. “Yes, actually” he replied, sounding so barefaced it made you close your eyes for a moment. “But why didn’t you tell- and why… I thought they hated… I mean, we hated-“ – “Yes, our dear families hate each other, but I’m pretty proud to say that, unlike this family’s assumption, (Y/N) isn’t a Malfoy sort of person. I wanted to tell everyone, even mum and dad, but we feared all this dim-witted rage, so calm down, brother, before you get all upset” For a moment, there was a period of silence. The twins looked at each other, with Fred giving George a sharp glimpse before walking toward you. “I’m not exactly stupid, brother, I wouldn’t be too keen about dating my worst enemy, I s’pose” he added, whereupon George sighed. “I’m a tad irritated, children” he sighed, now looking at you for the first time more softly “But I do trust my brother. And of all things… this little plan of yours is probably the most pathetic I’ve ever witnessed. I would have preferred you two to come running at me and tell me you’re a thing, but hiding from your fam? Firstly, that’s pretty unlikely to work and secondly, it’s just so horribly dim-witted I actually feel like laughing. Not a good try, brother, I have to admit. I might have to get used to the thought of you two together, but I never really cared about what my family thinks about another, so I might as well give you two a go. Next time consider talking to me, maybe this’ll help” – He still looked irritated, but he soon started giggling at you, to your surprise. “Sorry, George” you mumbled, blushing even harder when his glimpse caught yours. Fred on the other side put an arm around – “Wasn’t that bad, you see? We’ll go step by step. Ginny and mum might be the hardest to open up to, but we’ll make it” he chuckled before placing a soft kiss on your temple.

spiritedstilinski  asked:

Okay, can you plzzzzzzz write a fic where they go back to school after the whole ordeal and no one really knows that Stiles and Lydia are together, but it's game day so Lydia wears Stiles' jersey and everyone's like shocked (but not really) and in awe at how cute they are. Plus, cute couple-y Stydia walking each other to class, holding hands and kissing goodbye at the door. Ya feel?? Thank you ;)))))

Omgggg I love this prompt! You have no idea how much fun I had writing it! Sorry it too so long though! Hope you like it!

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Definitely Cherry

Prompt: (thank you for submitting!)

Genre: smut, lil fluff people

Warnings: swearing, anal, bottom!phil (wow that’s new)

Word count: 1685

A/N: hahha im so tired friends but hey here’s some bottom!phil. not my style but im trying something new. the next chapter for the bad list will be up tomorrow so stay tuned. meanwhile i’m gonna go pass out. night friends :)

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