i cant stop laughing tho hahaha

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ok so yesterday I met Christen, Tobin, Alex, HAO, krieger and Ashlyn after the USWNT practice. My friends and I actually really wanted to meet Christen and Alex because #caligirls lol. And we did!!! But we mostly got to talk to Christen though because there were a lot of fans around Alex and bby really wanted to get to everyone so adorable. Anyway so after Christen signed my poster I kinda whispered to her that she was my favorite forward and holy shit she was so adorable (cont)

(Cont) she was kinda shocked and she was blushing i stg. She is so humble for real. Anyway she thanked me and gave me a hug!!! And when my friend was talking to her it kind of got chaotic around Alex and omfg Christen and Tobin (who was talking to another group a few feet away) kind of gave each other a knowing look like I guess it happens all the time lol and they smiled at each other and Christen shook her head and laughed it was so cute!!! (Cont)

(Cont) and then after, I noticed Tobin kinda hung back a bit after she was done and I dunno if she waited for Christen but they walked back together. They looked really close! Like as friends (tho i am preath trash also. Hello captain hahaha) they looked like they really got along really well. (End)


"Does Chato Santana actually shave every day or can he burn off his hair?"

Okay here’s how it goes:

El Diablo: Steps into the shower
Steps out of the shower
PUTS OUt fire with cool water
Cleans off ash
Steps back out
El Diablo: This is so much better than shaving

(My conversation with @therewillbebooty )


Remember when Seungri was a contestant on a show and danced the Samba?


The notification popped out the midway when i was watching joe’s video and i got the same response as joe (it was all coincident and i cant stop laughing about it hahaha)

My two responses: a) what do you mean by join troye in following connor? Excuse you I’ve been following him for ages and even turned the notification on you okay???? b) omg. even the twitter system ships tronnor nice job 👏🏻