i cant stop laughing at this for some reason

i know that red dwarf is a Really Obscure fandom but i just thought ‘trans Lister and Rimmer’ and cant stop…

it’s why lister could get pregnant during Future Echoes hrhghgh but mainly pls imagine rimmer being Extremely™ grossed out by how infrequently lister washes his smegging binder

they were roommates before lister was put into suspension too so just. please imagine that rimmer has just taken a shower and has gotten pitifully stuck in his binder while trying to put it back on and lister refuses to help and just Laughs At Him For Hours because, for some reason, lister Never gets stuck, and rimmer is jealous of his inexplicable skill

after the crew dies and lister is awakened can you imagine the conversations

“well miladdo turns out there’s one upside to being dead”


“holly can project my hologrammatic body any way i want so” rimmer takes a deep breath and practically yodels “G O O D B Y E   D Y S P H O R I A”


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waking up super early and not being able to fall asleep anymore no matter how tired you are is a very common symptom of depression, honey please take care of yourself <3

I just choked on my drink djsjsjsj this actually explains alot and for some reason i cant stop laughing this just got too real shsjsjjs

I cant stop spouting Megamind fanfic ideas

Imagine Megamind sneaking up on Roxanne when she’s at work in the copyroom or something, meaning to kidnap her, but for some reason decides to tickle the hell out of her first because well…he’s evil.

And Roxanne is laughing and struggling, trying to get away from his hands digging into her armpits, but somehow manages to fling herself against the wall, dragging Megamind along with her, so that he gets pressed up against her, and they both become so incredibbly quiet.

And their faces are so close
And all you can hear is their uneven rugged breaths.
And they just…stand there tangled up in each other for a good 3 minutes, just feeling their bodies against each other, completely mesmerised and lost in the moment somehow.
With their faces sorta rubbing cheek against cheek.

And then suddenly, One of Roxanne’s friends bursts through the door, and just screams the shit out of herself because It’s him, the evil alien supervillain, kidnapping Roxanne ritchi.

And both Megamind and Roxanne becomes so startled out of their hypnotizing moment that they litterally jump in place.
And as the girl runs away, screaming desperately for help, Megamind and Roxanne shares eyecontact. Both eyes kinda laying uncertain and confused like ‘what just happened’, sort of way.

And before they know it, the whole workstation is crowding at the door opening, and Megamind just kinda decides to vanish out the window again, cuz kidnapping her now would just be too much of a struggle.

here r klance phases i want to see:

- rivalry bc theyre secretly fascinated w/ each other
- respect for the other and their methods (u are here)
- that night where everythings just really funny bc ur tired/ur with a cool person, and they cant stop laughing over some dumb meme
- trust that the other has their backs no matter (here is when crushes are acknowledged)
- u l t r a p r o t e c t i v e (includes both “stop hittin on my man” and “ARE YOU HURT, BE CAREFUL”)

a a nd they can take it from there. idk i just think thats a solid foundation for smoochin. maybe keith is more “yeah he cute” and lance is like “aaaaAAA” and then touching as much as possible when they can accept a reason (they eventually go to great lengths lmao)…. or maybe if galra!keith is a thing and lance puts aside the games and makes sure keith is ok (the team doesn’t.. ostracize him? but it’s still hard) and he’s so fierce abt making sure keith feels loved that theres really no talking around it

but honestly they can do whatever so long as they trust/protect each other, itll work out