i cant stop laughing at that face tho


omg i can’t stop laughing

1:17 Judy’s face tho

ok but this little blurb on serebii about rowlett tho

Rowlet can attack without making a sound! It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks.

i cant stop laughing please imagine you’re walking through the jungle or plains or whatnot and then out of nowhere you suddenly GET KICKED IN THE FUCKING FACE

by this thing

EXO reaction to you doing aegyo

awwww thanks sweetheart same to you  <3 

love you too <3  hope you like it :)


xiumin : *laughs at you lovingly 

luhan : gif says all XD

kris : aw stop being cute and tell me what you want me to do for you 

lay : cant stand your cutness 

suho : that is my precious little girl 

baekhyun : he gets flustered by your aegyo 

chen : he will throw the pillow on your face 

chnayeol ft. baekhyun : he will hug you and kiss you on your cheek 

baekyeol tho >.<  

d.o : *d.o will think that you’re cute but will smile*

tao : 

kai : omg so cute make her stop XD

sehun :  i can do it better -starts aegyo war with you-

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#how did ri make this ogre handsome tho -- IM STOPPING U RIGHT THERE DONT U DARE MAKE ANOTHER MOVE

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Wolfstar christmas Headcannons pretty please?

  • here
  • also here
  • sirius and remus curling up in remus’ bed the christmas he transforms. he didn’t want to stay in the hospital wing and by now pomfrey trusts him enough to look after himself, at least in the time of christmas. remus is forlorn he can’t go out and enjoy the snow like they do every other year so sirius draws the curtains and with a wave of his wand makes it snow inside remus’ bed
  • sirius adores the flakes on remus’ cut face, the soft white in his hair. it makes him look angelic and peaceful despite the fact a few hours ago he was tearing himself apart
  • (sirius gently kisses all the melted snow off remus’ face)
  • things get bad tho when sirius forgets how to turn the snow off and theres a growing bundle of snow between them
  • (remus shapes the bundle into a dog, albeit haphazardly, but it has four legs, a tail, and some ears)
  • they eventually have to call in james to stop the snow, who just blatantly laughs at their snow covered figures
  • “can you hurry up it’s fucking cold” “where’s your christmas spirit, padfoot?”
  • when remus decides he wants to go into the common room - “RIGHT by the fire, thank you very much, sirius-i-cant-uncharm-snow-falling-from-the-cieling-black” - sirius is adamant that he not walk there and transfigures his luggage into a sleigh. to further remus’ embarrassment, sirius demands james pull him
  • “as the deer, prongs, don’t be thick”
  • going down the stairs scares the living shit out of remus, but the ride is surprisingly smooth and james only gets his antlers stuck in the doorframe once (and much to remus’ relief there is no one in the common room)
  • it’s a quiet christmas compared to other years, but the boys are more concerned in keeping remus comfortable. they play card games and some muggle board game remus said that would all be into (james curses loudly every time he gets it wrong - peter looks like he’s about to cry, but that’s mostly bc remus charmed the operation board to talk and squeal in pain every time they touch the edges)
  • remus falls asleep that night on the common room couch, slotted beside sirius, who kisses him gently everywhere until he too nods off

ashton’s face tho

So one day I walk into the computer lab to pick up some printer paper ok. And there’s no one in there, except this one girl working on something or other. I walk in and i guess she didn’t hear me, so im almost behind her by now, cause she’s sitting close to where the paper is. then i realize she’s talking. ???. Like no one is there. So i inch closer. And i see. She’s holding up her hand with three fingers up, and they have lil smiley faces drawn on them. She’s talking to hands she drew on her fingers. Saying things like “what do you think i should do, huh?” “nonono  thats not a good idea” and weird ass shit like that ok. And i just. Back away. Out the door.

But to this day that freaky ass shit makes me laugh so hard cause all i can think of is

okay but imagine going with gilinsky and the rest of the boys to utah to snowboard and it is so cold you guys cant stop shaking even tho you’re wearing three or four layers of clothes and it is so. damn. cold. your faces turn pale with some red parts and your nose is red and gilinsky sees it and teases you with things like “aw my little babygirl is cold” or “i think santa forgot rudolph here” but then after teasing you a lot till you got kinda annoyed he laughed and hugged you kissing your face (well, the small part of it that was visible), then suddendly when you and the rest of the boys are done with snowboarding he gets all touchy and needed but also gets kind of horny whispering in your ear something between the lines of “can’t wait til we get to the house so i can have u all to myself and warm each other with a make out session and /maybe/ some nice sex” and i just bye im going to hell for this