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incorrect vld quote: code names

lance: from now on, we will be using code names. you can address me as
eagle one. nyma, code name: been there, done that. keith is:
currently doing that. hunk is: it happened once in a dream; allura,
code name: if i had to pick an altean. shiro is: eagle two.
shiro: oh, thank voltron.


This is so perfect xD I cant stop laugh

Gay Dash xD

What the!?

Okaaay ….
So I was browsing tumblr, minding my own business when I found THIS while using the new “gif reaction” feature - search term: scomiche !!  

*literally can’t even [x] *

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 09 Translation

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-Scene: Dungeon-

Yuma: … …Nn… …

(… …What is this place? Looks like… …some prison… …)

Damn it! I knew Merz was up to something! That bastard slipped stuff into the food… …!

Right, where’s Yui… …!?

(… …She’s not here… …was she taken somewhere else then?)

Damn it. I shouldn’t be sitting around here doing nothing. I gotta get outta here and look for Yui… …!

*Shin Walks Up To The Cell*

Shin: Haha! You sure seem like a gorilla in there!

Yuma: Shin… …!!

I see. So Merz was on your guys’ side… …

Oi, where’d you put Yui!? You brought her along too, didn’t you!?

Shin: She’s with Nii-san.

Yuma: Nii-san? So she’s with Carla.

Shin: Pause. Don’t refer to my brother so familiarly like that, gorilla. It’s unpleasant.

Yuma: What was that!?

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MONSTA X Reaction to you accidentally farting

“MX reacting when you accidentally fart. sorry… I just cant stop myself XD thank you!”

Shownu: *Laughs awkwardly but is happy that you’ve taken the next step in your relationship*

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Wonho: ”I appreciate that you feel comfortable farting in front of me, but we have to talk about how much they stink, baby”

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Minhyuk: “Evacuate as fast as you can, a stink bomb has been released!” 

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Kihyun: “Oh god, what’s this smell?”

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Hyungwon: “Jagi it stinks! But it’s also impressive”

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Jooheon: *Wasn’t prepared at all, and laughs his ass off*

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I.M: “That was nothing, wait until you hear mine”

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The Story of Tonight (Reprise) || Hamilton Animatic

I cant stop laughing at fucking Hercules Mulligan XD