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I will give you my treasure 

Studded with melodies

In the midst of cheers

The curtain opens

High School Star Musical  ☆ Act 12: Finale

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have sources for kubo's homophobic tweets?? because i'm trying to convince a good friend of mine to stop supporting this show and this is the best ammunition i can get

i dug everywhere on tumblr but i cant seem to find the original screenshots…

the best i can find is this

can anyone help this anon (and me) out please?


(translation by @saotome-michi)“I just saw Arietty! It made me think of Minami-kun no Koibito! By the way, at the movie theater, I saw a male couple in front of us holding hands. Keep that in Nichoume please!!”

Reverse Falls! We have fallen in love with this AU and we aren’t stopping! Lots more videos to come soon!

Stanford Pines and Will Cipher Cosplays. 

Song: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (My own edited version)

Special Thanks too!

kurojankazu For your wonderful Fanfic that inspired us to film a scene from it! Thank you so much for your beautiful writing and we cant wait too see what happens next! 

ciphored For your beautiful designs that Ford based their cosplay on. Thank you!!!! I love your Ford design!!

Also ruksanada For being on camera and helping out so much for the day! It couldn’t have happened without you love <3