i cant stop cutting


ok i know i got out of school a couple hours ago now but im REALLY hungry right now so im gonna bring it up

so people get really annoyed if i call people out for cutting in line. it never works anyway they never move or anything but i just want them to know i have absolutely no respect for people who cut in line and idk it gets really tiring of being forced to tolerate it all the time (like i have to do with like everything else but this is something that affects me physically rather than emotionally so thats different) but people just dont care

but heres the thing: in the cafeteria people are constantly cutting in front of me every single day, and its always me why me?? its probably because they know i cant do anything to stop it but whatever. so like people cut in front of me SO much that im usually the one of the very last people to get my lunch (my table is also usually one of the last ones called to get their food) and then they tell me theyve run out of food and i go home starving

now, i could blame the school for not having enough to feed everybody but i also have to blame people who think its ok to cut in line too because if not for all these people (usually in large groups at once) i wouldve gotten my food a lot earlier

alright heres the serious part: i dont always have much to eat at home

i dont eat breakfast either (which is terrible and i wish i could) but yes when i get back from school after having no lunch i get VERY hungry and like i know my mom is constantly busy and money is a real issue and its hard to feed 7 people in one house but yeah im not gonna go on anymore about it bc this is probably getting really long and personal now but yeah moral of the story is please be a decent human being and dont fucking cut people in line

holydestruction said: or // and this is just a suggestion // you could put lotion on em

theres no point i keep washing my hands i cant stop washing my hands cut them off



ok im really scared right now because my arm wont stop bleeding and im putting pressure on it and doing everything im supposed to do, but it wont stop, and i cant tell my mom because she thought i stopped cutting over a year ago, and im getting dizzy and i went through my whole supply of toilet paper that i keep in my room and if i leave my room everyone will see, and im really scared please dont hate me, i didnt mean to do it, but i was using my left hand to cut and i screwed the fuck up… please someone talk to me, tell me what to do…

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5. antagonistic and now I cant stop. Its only small cuts but no doubt its gonna get worse and im gonna end up seriously damaging myself Ik this is a ridiculous amount of stuff to throw at you but i honestly dont feel safe and idk what to change help


first of all, don’t worry, that’s not too much stuff to throw at me, I’ll try to help you as best as I can.

I understand you feel bad. A good thing is that you admit to yourself that it is not right, not how you should feel. Don’t blame yourself at all. 

You mentioned that your brother is younger. Therefore he has no right to treat you like that. You are older, you should be dominant between you two. Don’t let him make you feel smaller or unsafe. Stand up for yourself. Let him know his place. You don’t deserve to be treated like that if you done nothing wrong. He has to understand his limits and that’s all.

Please, don’t get into self harming. Even if it’s not much right now, you understand it might get worse and much worse. You admit you don’t want that, so please take all of your strenght and courage and stop. It may lead to very horrible things and you don’t want it to happen. 

Try something from this list, maybe it will help you: Alternatives for self harming and self hate

Wishing all the best for you, write me anytime you want, lots of Hugs!

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i got my wisdom teeth pulled out (all 4 of them) ten days ago. my doctor told me not to smoke or anything but I'm having a really hard time. i'm really anxious and in a bad mood all the time...i started smoking to calm my nerves, which helped me stop SH, but since I cant smoke I want to cut, but i really don't want to. Bottom line is, do you think it'll really bad if I had 1 cigar and then wash my teeth and everything? I really really need it and I cant stay like this

Hi love,

don’t smoke. Here is a list of lists with distractions and things you can do instead of self harming.
Replacing one harmful coping mechanism with another harmful coping mechanism is an awful thing to do. Cigarettes are even more addictive than self harm and cause lung cancer and other dangerous illnesses. Have you talked to a professional about the way you feel?

- Luca

Why can’t I do this😔 I really hate myself and I don’t want this I’m crying and I cant stop I cut and I cant stop I feel so hopeless and worthless I feel so alone and nobody knowes nobody cares about me anyway😔 I don’t want to be alone right now I want to stop.

What can I do..

to make people like me? Love me? What’s wrong with me? I don’t fucking understand. i’M SORRY IF YOU’RE GOING TO UNFOLLOW ME OR NOT EVEN READ THIS DEPRESSED AS SHIT. I AM SORRY. I just want to know..I have major depression and anxiety..I’m pansexual. I have a puppy name gray. I currently cant stop thinking peoples words cutting my throat open with their damn harmful words thinking they are “friends”. Yes, I’m talking to you to the fucking boy I spoke to today at teen-chat.org. Fuck you

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"tell me on anon what you'd never tell me off anon" i cut myself, just a few minutes ago. i cant stop doing it and im scared because i dont even need to be super upset to do it, even when im happy i want to cut. my parents found and took my blades away so at school i took a pencil sharpener home and took the razors out of it and i feel so bad because i feel like all my friends are gonna think im an attention whore and i feel like i've let 5sos, my family and everyone down. ok bYE

Babe!! Pls stop :(( that’s rly bad for u and you don’t want anymore scars on your beautiful body 💕 I can’t really tell u anything about cutting bc I’ve never done it but I’m sure there’s tons of support you can find or healthy alternatives for cutting! I think in my ffr tag there’s a healthy alternative to cutting post!! And if u ever need someone to talk to I’m here 💕💖

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i really wanna hurt myself right now.... my first boyfriend was abusive, but i was 13 and i didnt know any better. i stayed, thinking this was love bc i was a stupid kid. its been years and that abuse has still fucked me up. i cant stop thinking about the things he told me. "why cut yourself? just shoot yourself if you wanna die. less mess"

Hi there,

That’s terrible to say! I’m so sorry, nobody deserves to be treated that way. Have you thought of maybe going to therapy for this? I guess it depends on how much it still affects you, but talking to a professional might help you process this and leave it behind you. You deserve to be treated with love and and to treat yourself lovingly! <3

Also, if you feel like hurting yourself, HERE is a list from a forum witch i find helpful, it has a lot of alternatives for self-harming. 


Help me I cant go on...

My scars are fading. But the urge to cut isnt. Im lying down scratching my wrists and thighs. Im scared ill cut 2 deep. Im scared ill get up after this post and grab a knife,
I cant be stopped once I cut once
I cant be changed
I cant be different
I cant be me
I cant be loved
I cant breath when I get hate
I cant stand this
I cant live in this world

Im full of I cants.. why cant I be full of cans???

Its because of the world.
They tormented me
Bullied me
Made me feel invisible

What if they’re right?
maybe I should end it
Maybe I should talk to someone
Maybe I should continue hating my life.
Maybe I should kill myself.

Maybe just maybe my wishes would come true

I wished to be a dancer….I got called fat….I stopped
I wished to be a singer….I got choked…..I stopped
I wished to be a painter…..I do it with a blade…..I still do
I wished to be a celebrity…..people ignored me…..I stopped
I wished to be happy….I got bullied…..I stopped
I wish for it to end….no one will stop me…..I will

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