i cant stop crying

lil things I love about Michael
  • his two top teeth are longer than the rest of them
  • his contagious laugh 
  • his vibrant eyes
  • the passion he puts into singing 
  • how much his confidence has grown 
  • “no tongue with butt” 
  • that Stacy’s Mom Keek with Cal 
  • he’s so talented 
  • he’s such an amazing songwriter 
  • when he gets hurt, he still laughs it off 
  • he’s not afraid to say his true feelings about his health, and well being 
  • his memes
  • his dumb tweets that we pretend to understand 
  • his eyes get lighter are darker depending on his hair color 
  • he’s so sweet to us 
  • he’s such a mama’s boy 
  • he’s such an important person to the boys 
  • he never thought he would meet All Time Low, but now he’s best friends with them 
  • he loves when his band gets made fun of 
  • his solo in San Francisco 2:13-2:21 
  • him in casTaway 
  • Jet Black Heart. 
  • he’s down to earth 
  • he might not be always on key, but that passion he puts in is unreal 
  • killer at guitar 
  • he loves Calum so much 
  • he loves Luke so much 
  • he loves Ash so much 
  • him in the jbh music video 
  • the little eye thing in all the music videos (you know what I’m talking about) 
  • his hugs look so safe and warm 
  • the fact that his favorite word is cheeseburger 
  • his fingers
  • his tattoos especially the home one :’) 
  • sweater p a w s 
  • that gif of him sneezing (you know which one) 
  • really fetus pictures of Mikey 
  • didn’t give a shit about ‘You Suck’ & laughed it off 
  • stage michael 
  • that dance him and Calum do during disconnected 
  • sassy lil boi 
  • he gets so excited and just yells 
  • Michael what does she say? 
  • his bracelets
  • he loves all the gifts fans give him 
  • him renacting Luke’s first cover in hdweuh 
  • that lil solo in broken home :’) 
  • his tummy!! 
  • he never has pants on
  • “real bands save fans, real fans save bands” 
  • he’s funny but never rude
  • he is such a gentlemen to girls (especially in interviews)
  • he likes to be alone sometimes 
  • when his microphone fell during slfl in japan and he was really cute
  • denim JACKETS
  • all of the JACKETS
  • his eyes brighten when laughs
  • when laughs so hard he can’t breathe
  • his LIPS
  • ‘my guilty pleasure is MASTURBATING’
  • ‘think of the children!!’ 
  • flannel boy
  • when he SMIRKS
  • him and luke laughing like 4 year olds when they hit Ashton’s sound effect board during Calum’s solo 
  • kitten to sexy motherfucker 
  • so excited all the time 
  • his whistle part in the skh video
  • that tiger shirt
  • “my lips are huge, I’m Mangelina Jolie.”
  • the Year 3000 video 
  • his new star pants
  • when Ashton first joined the band he convinced Calum and Luke that his middle name is chlamydia
  • his seaweed hair
  • “throwing socks at your window at midnight cause rocks would damage the window and I ain’t paying for it”
  • his wide range of music taste 
  • his ‘hair revealing’ selfies 
  • giving Luke $20 to go away
  • when he has control of the snapchat 
  • puppy filter Michael 
  • the f a c e he makes when fans kiss him on the cheek
  • his eyebrow & ear piercings 
  • when he wears the Ozzy Osbourne shirt inside out 
  • his love for Pokemon and all things nerdy 
  • his love for Josh Dun 
  • the “there’s no pizza left, shirtless, sleepy keek” 
  • that Snapchat of him singing Tear In My Heart while he was drunk
  • that lil video of him singing Therapy 
  • rapping Baby with Luke 
  • “stop giving so many fucks about what other people do. their shit is their shit and your shit is your shit. DONT TOUCH MY SHIT” 
  • his natural hair!!!
  • snapbackz 
  • him hating his middle name (but we all think it’s adorable) 
  • the way he puts his heart and soul into everything he does 
  • he’s always lowkey sleepy
  • beanie
  • japan Michael 
  • wrapped around your finger
  • wrapped around your MOTHERFUCKING finger
  • wrapped around your GOD DAMN finger 
  • his ability to make anybody smile or laugh
  • the way he provides so much love to our hearts
  • I can keep going but I’m ugly crying way too much 

love me like you do

look at the shift in his lips. the shift in his eyes. how he’s going to kiss her with both his hands. 

mostly, look how she doesn’t even blink at his approach, just smiles and subtly moves to meet his kiss and stops only when he stops. he bites his lower lip, her eyes widen slightly at whoever is offscreen. they both grin furiously.

moment over. secret shared.

the only thing that i want to happen right now, this instant. 

is them on their first flight back to south korea. where they can feel safe and unharmed and unthreatened. where they can be comfortable and happy.

i’m so sorry, i’m so sorry.



1.Hyukjae was crying the whole time during the 100th day Ment, Donghae kept saying to him: “stop crying you look like Choco” ,“stop crying you look ugly like this ” .During From U/Haru Donghae didn’t go where he was supposed to and went to comfort Hyukjae with a big,tight hug.Hyukjae held Donghae’s hand and didn’t want to let go. 

2.Hyukjae cried hard during the last KTR broadcast, Donghae, the only member who went to the show went into the studio hugged him and comforted him lovingly

3.Thai FM, Hyukjae got moved by the fans’ projects and burst into tears, Donghae went to hug Hyukjae and kept shaking him to comfort him, and Donghae was in tears too….

4.Hyukjae didn’t feel well after the Gaon Chart Award, Donghae gave his scarf to Hyukjae to use….

5.There is no one that Hyukjae would or could lift up, but he would and could easily lift Donghae up in different shows!

6.At TLJ, Eunhae videocalled each other, Donghae kissed fans, Hyukjae kissed Donghae!

7.Donghae massaged Hyukjae’s leg when Hyukjae got hurt, in Gayo daejun, Donghae went up to Hyukjae and held his hand with the sweetest smile, and Hyukjae’s smiley expression can never be forgotten!


1.The first day of the Year, Seoul was snowing hard, Donghae wanted to go to see the first sunrise, even though Hyukjae was tired after the trip back from China, he still accompanied his baby to Han River, watched the sunrise, made wish for D&E!

2.2012, Donghae went to watch TVXQ concert alone, Hyukjae went to pick Baby up after the concert, and happily went for dinner holding the lightsticks from the concert!

3.2014, Donghae IG, he just finished his work, and Hyukjae went to pick him up^^

4.In October, Donghae IG, telling us they were filming GH, and he said “DATING”! GH is one of the best EunHae shows that we have seen! 


Whenever they are in planes, on trains or any other times, they are always used to sitting with each other, and Hyukjae even said he felt lonely without Donghae sitting beside him during his trip to Greece!

During one SS6, Donghae hurt his leg, Hyukjae still kept the seat of the cart for Donghae

When there are many fans crowded at the airport, Hyukjae always protects Donghae by standing at the front of him and lead the way for Baby. 

Nothing can lie from their eyes, they walk together, joke together, Donghae holds Hyukjae’s hand at the airport, Hyukjae grabs Donghae’s hand without letting him go, Donghae playfully jumps onto Hyukjae, Hyukjae acts like puppy to make Donghae smile…… all these moments are unforgettable!

Donghae mentioned in D&E fans would not be able to understand what the real meaning of D&E to them, it belongs to only two of them….. all the couple items, clothes, shoes, earphones, rings, passport holders…… They spend special days together, Christmas, birthdays, New Years, they go to all the awards together, and don’t forget about all the jealous moments of each other! Donghae is in Hyukjae’s palm, being loved and taken care of! Donghae says he always wants to say I Love You to Hyukjae, Thanks for always taken care of him, and have to stay with Hyukjae forever in his life! They both know what they want, and they have planned how they are going to continue their life together! 

All these moments are just tiny bits from all the EUNHAE moments we have seen in the past years. They have gone through a lot of good and tough times together, and their relationship is the one and only best loving relationship we can see in real life, and all Eunhae stans will support EUNHAE forever!

cr:trulyhae [part 1]

Teuk's acceptance speech for Bonsang award:

 Leeteuk:Thank you everyone. It is a agitated & happy moment .we had a time Lapse of 2yrs & 4 months and then came up with this album comeback.

Today Im the only one standing here alone & it feels a bit cold & a bit lonely.we had activites from 2005 till now & I personally feel that it is really successful.

The success that we had is not based on what we earn/gained but is the fruitful experience that we had.The success we had is also based on amazing workmanship from people .

In 10 yrs time, we want to expand sm company greatly and make it boom.Lee soo man teacher , my family , my cute ELF, i want to express my thanks to you.

I feel that today is hard for me but tmr it maybe even harder but i strongly believe that there will be many good things happening this year.

To become a grp that never gives up & never stop trying our best.we will work hard to become a grp that always be at the top and shine brightly.Thank you everyone!