i cant stop bye

imagine both male and female ss surviving. imagine the one holding shaun being too weak to put up a fight when he was taken, and was thus spared. 

imagine them waking up and falling into each other and holding each other and promising each other they’ll find their son. 

imagine them walking out of vault 111 hand in hand, facing the wasteland together and prepared to do whatever it takes.

imagine them coping differently to their destroyed home – imagine one trying to comfort the other and telling them to hold on. imagine one talking the other down when tensions rise and frustration and stress take over. 

imagine them travelling together, with dogmeat, with codsworth, with whomever they pick up along the line. but imagine them always sticking together in the end because their love and their love for their son keeps them strong. 

imagine them throwing disapproving looks at each other as one slips someone else’s belongings into their pocket or the other refuses a reward.

imagine them arguing. imagine one claiming that they’re wasting time, that shaun could be dead and they need to stop picking up the useless pieces along the way and find him. imagine the other countering that these people need their help, that they can’t walk away from the desperate, that they need allies if they’re going to find shaun and survive conflict with his kidnappers.

imagine them handling people differently. imagine one smooth talking their way through everyone and the other threatening them, or worse. 

imagine one begging mama murphy to quit, while the other slips her chems in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to get something. anything that could help them find their son. imagine them sharing a look when she dies, and one of them pleas ‘ sorry ‘ while the other asks ‘ how could you ‘. 

imagine them watching each other fall in love with other people, other companions. imagine them never knowing they’re falling in love, but the other can tell because they used to look at them that way. imagine the accusations when one is vulnerable or one has had too much to drink. imagine the companion of their love’s affections being confronted, angrily. or avoided, because they’re scared.

imagine them desperately trying to cling to each other some nights, and never being able to be far enough away from each other on other. 

imagine them siding with different factions. imagine them caught in a screaming match for hours over what’s right and what’s wrong, who’s a person and what’s just a machine. who’s loyal to their son, and who’s forgotten why they went through everything they did. 

imagine them turning away from each other. imagine them confessing they can’t do this anymore. 

imagine one asking the other if they even loved them anymore.

imagine them walking away without answering. 

imagine the siege on one of the factions. imagine one of them taking out the last hostile of the area and wiping blood from their brow, pushing forward. 

imagine them stopping when they catch the glint of a familiar wedding ring on one of the corpses.