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Nothing a little magic can’t fix.

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?


As soon as I saw @carb-on ‘s GoT AU I just had to… also most of them are blatant screenshot redraws so excuse me. 

While Kaiba and Ramsey fit personality-wise, I wanted to draw him as Jamie as well bc they’re both cocky in the beginning and undergo some character development on the way. 
As for Jon/Yami…. uhhh they both get revived? 

TLDR; this was just rlly self indulgent and the characters are loosely tied together rip

My snot Usul Nyemeriea!! She only wears pink.

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Can you please please tell me why I should stop being a lesbian!? I love women but I cant stop rubbing my wet cunt to your blog. I want you to beat me and hurt me and turn me into a straight, Male-pleasing fuckpig for everyone to use. Please help me :(

Lesbianism is deviant and only acceptable when performed for the amusement of men.

I’m sure plenty of men here would love to help me enlighten you…