i cant stand these creeps

hey yo @ horrible customers
please don’t call me doll. don’t call me sweetheart. or dear. or honey. or baby.
it’s not ok. you may think it’s harmless, or a compliment, but it makes me uncomfortable.
no, I am not being “overly sensitive.”

why does it bother me? a lot of reasons. You may mean well when you say it. It may be a habit or you’re trying to give me a compliment. either way it still makes me uncomfortable. you wouldn’t call my male coworkers a pet name like that, would you? no? whys that? you don’t want to “compliment” them?

it bothers me because the people who are allowed to call me those names are family. my mom calls me honey. my boyfriend calls me doll and sweetheart. you are a stranger. You don’t get to use personal pet names on me, a stranger. that’s not okay.

you wanna know another reason why it bothers me? I am 5'2. you are big and tall and unfamiliar and weigh twice as much as I do. and I can’t tell you not to call me names like that, because if that makes you upset? there’s not much I can do to defend myself, and yes, that scares me.

Just take your damn coffee and go.

Not Your Sweetheart

They say that you gotta respect your elders…So when @lostcauses-noregrets tags you, you get up your lazy ass and do the tag game :) Furthermore I didnt do much of these lately and really want to.

  • B- birthplace:
    A city in lower franconia :>
  • C- current time:
  • D- drink you last drank:
    Water, I’m boring like that. 
  • E- easiest person to talk to:
    My best friend and my eruri-friends    
  • F- favorite song: Pfffft…Uhm…I cant just pin one song but I guess I like “Late goodbye” by Poets of the Fall very much
  • G- grossest memory:
    That video of that guy that eats a giant maggot that bursts. It looed like puss and someone played it during lessons at university.
  • H- horror yes or no? I shit myself everytime but yesyesyesyes. I cant stand torture and stuff, that creeps me out and I need to bury my face in a pillow.
  • I- in love?
    With Erwin.
  • J- jealous of people?
    Sometimes but I think thats normal.
  • K- killed someone?
    You’d love to know wouldnt you?
  • L- love at first sight or should I walk past again? Ill only allow that terrible pick-up line if its used in an eruri fic where erwin embarasses himself bc he cant walk past Levi.
  • M- middle name:
    I have two because one stupid name wasnt enough.
  • N- number of siblings:  
    I think I have two half-brothers but Im not sure.
  • O- one wish?
    I wish I had my shit together and wouldnt worry all the time.
  • P- person you last called?
    Customer-Service bc I smashed my fucking stove. Im a human failure.
  • Q- question you’re always asked:
    “ Why so gloomy?“ I am NOT. It’s my usual face. It’s naturally stony.  -  Can I just steal this as well bc holy hell, yes. Let my bitchface rest, please.
  • R- reason to smile:
    Erwin and Levi sitting on a tree.
  • S- song you last sang:
    Don’t stop believing by Journey :D
  • T- time you woke up:
    6.15, fell asleep again and overslept til 7.30
  • U- underwear color:
  • V- vacation:
    Hopefully my favourite festival in August if I dont manage to damage more of my stuff.  
  • W- worst habit:
      Biting my nails and worrying too much
  • X- x-rays:
    Uhm…I think my ankle?
  • Y- your favourite food:
  • Z- zodiac sign:
    Capricorn - we are the best

Im not gonna tag anybody because this game is old as balls (and ack) :D