i cant smile at selfies

Ive been tagged by @felixsaussieaccent to do the bias tag! Thank you mar~ ♡

K so you might notice that I havent decided on a bias and that is because it seems to bE PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Stray Kids is a bias mess. I‘m currently waiting for my bias to choose me. All in due time?

Alrighty im gonna tag a few people (sorry if youve done this already!) @mansaechamsae @changbinsplushie @felixhelix @mosquitofelixsfreckles @straykidstan


helo 🙂 if this doesnt post im deleting

jshd i was tagged by ! @shelovesjjk @celestial-jeon nd @jungkookswngs to do the 8 (6) selfies of 2017 !! thx ily 💕💕💕💕💕

jshd idk what else to say ! i tag: @c-jnte @jeonoween @4taegis @uzzutape @nudejeon