i cant see them as a couple


Some of Haikyuu!! Couple polling-request on Facebook done with watercolor! ゚。*♡(。・ω・。)♡*. ゚

Many of them are crackTP I swear they purposedly did that to see me suffer ( º言º) /no/

Happy weekend! ✧ °∀° )/ ✧

OTP Idea #715

Person A stopped talking to Person B because they were secretly in love with them, but Person B was with someone else. A couple years later, (B now single) Person B walks into a bar to see a completely wasted Person A. They start talking and Person A mindlessly explains why they drifted away from Person B and how much they miss them.

Ship shaming

I always love to see people shaming a ship tbh. Like, people taking things so seriously makes me crack tf up, because its just like, what? I’m being respectful. I’m not forcing it on them, or you, or anybody, I’m just over here, thinking these two would be a cute couple. What am I doing to disrespect you, honestly?

I especially thing it’s funny as fuck when people from similar ships shit all over each other. Let’s say, septiplier, for example.

Septiplier is a nice ship. I ship them, alot of other people ship them. And then some people will either take it too far, or over generalize and think I’m some kinda demon septiplier shipper, just because I think they’d be a good couple?

Shipping, for me, doesn’t mean I believe they should be together, it just means, I think they’d be a cool couple. Shipping ALSO doesn’t mean sexualizing, you fuckin pricks. Of course there are people who sexualize ships. That’s not evedybody though, and isn’t a direct attatchment to a relationship anyway.


However, gimme some otp, and im suddenly this guy 👇

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Alex knows Kara had a long day (week, month… year) so she decides to go to her appartment and cook a big dinner for her. She texts her to let her know and starts cooking when theres a knock on the door. When she opens it she finds Lena

Lena: Oh, I… I was looking for Kara

Alex: She is not here, but she should be home soon

Lena, biting her lip: Do you mind if I wait here? I need too talk to her, Its really important

Alex lets her in seeing how nervous Lena is and continues cooking. Half way throu it (and no small talk at all, none of them are up for it) she finds out she needs to go buy something. She tells Lena she will be right back (Kara should have another half an hour on the office) and goes shopping

A couple of minutes later Lena hears the door opening. She supposed its Alex and stand up to tell her she is leaving (She cant tell Kara her feellings) and goes to the hall only to find a floating kara. No, a floating half kara, half supergirl taking her shoes out, dropping them next to the shirt she just took off (letting the top of the supergirl suit out).

Kara, hearing someone’s steps starts flying to who she supposed its her sister while she takes her other shoe off (She really needs to take her supergirl suit off and put her pijamas on): Alex, the food smells really

Her words cut when she sees a stuned Lena on the door to the living room

Kara: This is not what it looks like!

Lena, blinks a couple of times: Im seeing a half kara, half supergirl floating in a living room

Kara: Oh, well, it is what it looks like

None of them move for a minute, and when Alex comes back she finds them looking at each other

Alex: Should i come back later? or… tomorrow? 

Noone answers her, but she sees Lena getting closer to Kara, and kara getting closer to Lena, so she takes that as a yes and leaves them to it

My sun sets as yours continues to shine.
I guess i’ve been feeling pretty lonesome for a while.
Days go by as I keep hoping for the day where i’ll be once again by your side.
I promise i’ll be fine, I promise i’ll be fine.
—  Ten words story: i’m so far away.

- my mind is just absolutely blown by that episode like WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER what did we do (good or bad?!??) to deserve holby city writers


- the acting from catherine and jemma is just next level. I am stunned

- holy shit tho jemma redgrave i mean wow, every time i look at her its like realising i like girls all over again, those EYES the HAIR omg

- I have to face facts, i really dont see any way in which this can go well however much i want it to, SERENA CAMPBELL HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH and if she loses a child she will never ever be the same again

- BISEXUALITY !!! ACKNOWLEDGED !!! (or as good as) by our hero Jason Haynes, the gift that keeps on giving… i mean he JUMPED IN FRONT OF A FUCKING CAR to save his auntie serena!!!! And dont get me started on “i like elinor even tho she ran me over” i love him so much omfg

- i am confident that berenice wolfe is done running from her problems when it comes to serena. She is going to be her rock through this, and i am so ready to see it

- in non berena news, how ON POINT was this episode in terms of the wedding storyline, i mean some of it was downright hilarious!!! Special shoutout to facial expressions from hanssen and jac

- jac naylor deserves a point of her own to be honest like WHAT A CHARACTER, she literally walked out of mo’s birth then proceeded to get absolutely pissed; “this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to” she is a gift

Ok phew, v sorry if any of this has been said before I just…. what can I even say about tbh, help me lmao

mbti pairings as love tropes

(from here)

intp/intj: aw, look! they really do love each other
entp/estp: gay guy seeks popular jock
isfp/istj: don’t you dare pity me
infp/entp: drowning our romantic sorrows
entj/entp: cock fight
istp/infp: brooding boy, gentle girl
entj/intj: i love you because i can’t control you
infj/estp: sleeps with everyone but you
intj/infj: everyone can see it
estj/isfj: dismissing a compliment
intp/entj: i cant believe a guy like you would notice me
esfj/enfj: high school sweethearts
infj/intp: will they or won’t they (they will)
enfp/esfp: finishing each other’s sentences
istp/entp: vitriolic best buds
estp/intp: can’t live with them, can’t live without them
estp/xxxx: dump them all
entp/infj: fan-preferred couple


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Could you link me to/tell me how Andre Burakovsky is anti trump? He's literally my favorite and seeing him say/tweet/like something anti trump would make my day 100000% better. Thanks for the list btw, don't let idiots get you down

instagram likes! it wasnt so much aggressively anti trump but more that he liked a couple pro-hillary things on insta

im sad to say i lost quite a few of the instagram screenshots i had bc i had to do a factory reset on my phone & i cant find them searching his name on my blog, and i dont have a #receipts folder on good players, so if anyone else could provide them id be really thankful!

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To be honest i ship them rlly hard. But like after seeing the fandom im a bit iffy on it. Like I see some who r like me and go for it but then i see people going crazy about its not healthy and such so it shouldnt be shipped. Like i normally tend to ship the first hinted couple and man, it was labeled bl and like on the cover both are displayed and hot. And both screwed, in the head And as i read more i cant help but ship them more. Tbh its like everything was staged to ship them. But is it bad?

I am so sorry that I made you feel this way. Making people feel guilty for enjoying a certain ship was never my intention when I made that post. 

I am a strong believer that people should be allowed to ship whatever characters they want. Which sounds contradictory to what I posted, but I was just fed up with ks antis saying that everyone who enjoys Killing Stalking likes to fetishize abuse, gay relationships.  

So no, you don’t have to justify shipping SangBum as long as you know the clear distinction between fiction and reality. I know that this doesn’t excuse the fact that I made you or anyone else feel this way but honestly, I’m really sorry

And to anyone else who has something to say about my post, you will probably never read this, but I realize that I did in fact, put words in Koogi’s mouth. I was so done with antis that I started grasping at straws and possibly falsely interpreted her words.  

That being said, this doesn’t excuse my behavior, and I get that. But I just want to get this off my chest. 

doodle from my calc class today

as i was drawing it i was kinda imagining a scenario where marinette was feeling overwhelmed by trying to live a double life (maybe this could also be due to some jealousy towards ladybug, since adrien likes her?) and she freaks out and gets akumatized!

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Hey I have a random question; I'm a new Z Nation fan and I'm planning on cosplaying Red. There was this photoset drifting around of a couple cosplaying 10k and Red, but I can't seem to find it. :/ would you happen to have seen it? I want to see what the woman did for her cosplay. Thanks!!!

i know what youre talking about but i cant remember the user!!! user, if you see this, please tag me in your cosplay pics so i can reblog them!!!!