i cant see him topping or bottoming

anonymous asked:

Who do you think tops? Kai or Kyungsoo?

well, anon, i think it’s kai, bc im forever #teambottomsoo

and let me explain why

look at that majestic butt sway

i wonder what jongin would do if it was him who stood behind soo

just look at it, his butt looks so plump 

is it bad that i want to slap that butt?

and also we have seen how jongin eyeing that butt, btw ^this is the view that jongin enjoys

i wonder what he was thinking when he saw ksoo’s butt, why he giggled like that?

this too, near the end of the gif his body already turn to the left but his eyes still fixed on soo’s butt (he bit his lower lip when he looked at soo)

jongin was being very subtle here 

shake that booty

jongin plz (and for those who say “omg kai-oppa didnt stare at d.o-oppa, he looked at the floor!”, then why the fuck did he look away when ksoo got up?)

i heard that when we hug our friends (friend in the meaning of platonic friend, not we-are-friends-but-i-have-feeling-for-you friend), we tend to keep our crotch/genital area away from touching our friends’ body (whether the hug is back hug or front hug or side hug), jongin could just lean his upper body and create a little gap between soo’s butt and his crotch so they wouldnt touch, but he didnt, and pressed his crotch to soo’s butt instead,

idk what happened here, i guess this is just another pict that means nothing since camera angle and timing do powerful magic to our shippers’ eyes

tapping the butt

his crotch touched soo’s side

very subtle there mr.kim

kaisoo innocent hug? aww so cute


lets see it from another angle

another reason why i think jongin tops is bc of his powerful hips trust movement

damn that hips movement imagine him grinding on soo with that move 

also i think soo likes it when jongin does the hip thrust 

look at how soo got so happy…

…when jongin did this

soo didnt fix his eyes on jongin’s butt, instead he focused on the whole movement (body wave)

near the end of the gif, when jongin turns around, soo’s eyes/gaze went down, did he look at jongin’s crotch? giggity 

there is this gif set when kaisoo doing hipsthrust when they were facing and eyefucking each other, sadly i cant find the gif in my stash folder but i bet y’all have seen it

another reason why i am in #teambottomsoo bc the way they latch on each other is different, this is prob just me being very biased about ‘who tops and bottoms’ ordeal, 

but i notice when soo latch on jongin, he clings on him, like um how do i explain this? umm, like he treats jongin as his fav big teddy bear (personally, whenever i see him does this [latch on jongin], he gave me clingy and needy koala impression)

they backhugged each other on those picts, but each pict gives me different impression, 

left pict = jongin had his right arm circling soo’s body (waist) - idk i interpret this as protecting back hug? like ‘this guy is mine’? idk how to explain it

right pict = soo rested his head on jongin’s shoulder, basically he leaned his body on jongin, his arms didnt hug jongin tightly (like jongin did in the first pict), i interpret this as seeking comfort back hug? like a lazy back hug, “let me lean on u babe~” idk how to explain it  (idk maybe im overhinking shit as always im deluded so i have the right to do so hah)

do u get what am i saying, man i need an expert here

while [imo] when jongin does this (latch on soo), he has this protective/territorial aura. he likes to drape his entire arm on soo and he also has manhandled soo a lot

omg i just notice ksoo held jongin’s hand 

sure he didnt hug/touch soo here, but he managed to separate yeol from soo with his shoulder

he didnt even do the thumb up pose, whats the point of showing off his hand on soo’s shoulder? they were taking picture, ppl will see it, it wouldl be uploaded/seen by lots of ppl, there were also fancams, imo he did this on purpose

manhandling bae

the point is i sense a lot of dominance from jongin in their relationship, not to mention he is the vigorous one in this ship, and he has this protectiveness instinct towards soo? like that BR event where ksoo fell and jongin ran to make sure soo was okay. also he seems to pamper/adore soo a lot (giving soo chen’s straw [chen didnt want to give it to soo, jongin took it from chen and gave it to soo], he has called soo cute few times, praising soo, when soo does something he has this loving stare [he often smiles when he stares at soo], like “awww”-ing, etc) 

there is a high chance that they switch, bc according to my gay friend, there are more “switchers” in the world (he used the term: ‘vers’ - which is derived from 'reverse’ - to call gay males who take turn) than those who do “only topping” or “only bottoming”

also, for me ksoo seems to be the type to enjoy bottoming, i think he wouldnt want to waste jongin’s hip thrust skill and i think he likes to be manhandled by jongin, beside jongin is one of the main dancers in the group, and i think he wouldnt want to hurt jongin’s bottom (he loves his jonginnie, mmkay?)

and um, my view of ksoo is that.. um, he is kinky and he seems braver to do this. lol it’s just that he seems to be quiet and dont talk a lot; and lots of ppl have said, “its always the quiet ones”

plus there is nothing manlier than taking a dick up in your ass (it takes some balls to do that, again no pun intended), i applaud for those who do the bottoming for their partners /claps/

anyway, i didnt intend to answer this with another super damn long bullshit essay. and sorry for this long post eh not really and sorry to the anon who had asked this for i have neglected your ask, please dont blame me, blame my assignments instead 


btw tbh im glad there are lots of ppl who think kaisoo aren’t legit…less attention is better, they seem to be very private individuals, low-key is a must,

i see some ppl are angry on kaisoo tag, please dont feed those haters, just ignore them and be happy inside our delulu bubble, so what if people call us crazy trash? we’re happy this way and its not like those haters who have called us crazy know us irl anyway… it’s internet after all, haters are bound to exist. 

BONUS (why? bc i can): 

totatlly not staring while biting his lip


totally not asking for a kiss from jongin (look at him puckering his lips while he pointed at them and he glanced at jongin)

pointed his lips while puckering them, then sucking them in

still nibbling his own lips 

nibble nibble (did jongin see this shit? did he see how thirsty his bae was?)

totally not looking at each other lips (praise the caption)

the way jongin came to him like he wanted to kiss soo instead of whispering

i see soo’s nose tip touched jongin, that waving hand cant cockblock me from seeing them ha

an anon told me that jongin’s hair got pulled by soo’s lips (his hair stuck on soo’s lips cuz soo’s whispering method) and jongin leaned when soo did this

another version


this is just a very casual thing to do between platonic friends

look at jongin pushed away soo’s hand from his [soo’s] knees, then jongin changed his stance (like he was ready to trap soo’s body with his legs), (un)fortunately yeol stopped them to go further (SUCH A COCKBLOCKER WHYYYYYYY GO HAVE FUN WITH BAEK U DORK DONT COCKBLOCK THEM)

maintaining eye contact

the caption says it all

why his hand on soo’s back tho?

mr.kim here seemed to enjoy soo’s singing and dancing


i hope u understand why i put the bonus gifs in that particular order  ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

i love this^ gif btw (the others backed away and jongin gave soo his butt) idk why this gif always makes me giggle

another day

Friday, early put from school. I am home, they came home early from activities too. no class vets day

I am still horny. Nothing happened Thursday. Although there is a sexual tension in our house.

Today is nice, I had decided to lay by the pool topless. some nice advice makes me push the envelope a bit.

So on the chaise lounge, my top on the chaise next to me.. feet up reading cosmo by peering over the edge….

My son comes home, I hear him and he comes to the door. he can see I’m topless, but can only see my bottom in the suit and my bare back…



What are you doing

getting rays


Hey can you help me, come out here.

he comes out, and notices my top is on the next chair, I feel him come up on my side, and kind of lean up to see him…exposing most of my right boob

Hey kid can you rub this on my back?

I point to the lotion…

Mom, put your top on..

Why your not looking are you.?….I m sure you’ve seen boobs buddy you have 2 sisters and me around here.just rub this on my back..

So he does, he spurts it on my back, he moves in a tiny circle I have to encourage him to widen it….down my back to my sides…

He puts his back pack down and I slide over on the chaise, 

Sit here, I pat the space by my butt..he sits and keeps rubbing.

after a few minutes I reach back and roll my bottom lower to the top of my crack and encourage him.

Here honey rub it lower so I don’t burn on my panty line


dont worry just put it there, I cant reach, as he gets to the top of my butt I pull the bottoms down about half way.



I can see your butt.

Don’t worry I have seen yours.. So he obliges me ! and wipes the lotion across the exposed part of my ass….

he is done, I tell him to get higher on my back and roll to my side.

Get it up here near my side, under my arm….

 I keep my boob covered and I look at him. he is clearly staring at my partly covered boob… 

GO get your suit on and come out and join me..bring some water…..

Now I have a 2 story house and the hall bath has a small window that looks over the pool…

He goes away to change. not thirty seconds the girls roll in… I tell them to get their suits…

they run in..and about 2 minute later I hear my son shout, “get out of here”…

about 2 minutes later they come down and 2 minutes after he follows. They are all in bathing suits..The girls are giggling, he is mad about something….



Meet my apprentices(plural bc i just cant everyone deserves so much love).

Top to bottom is Castalia - who is v gay and chose Nadia’s route because i mean have you seen Nadia holy shit. Next is Adeline, my original apprentice. She is with the lanky emo giraffe and doesn’t understand why she likes him so much. Last but not least is the beautiful Iris, who has the most pure relationship with the fluffy boy.

I had so much fun making them and their color schemes!! Can’t wait to break their hearts see how their relationships progress.

As always, tumblr murders resolution so click the images for a better view and also theres captions!

NEW (Edited) Ski Lodge Spec Script Part 4 (Reblog if you like it!)
  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scenes 1/2: http://bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/146443779744/ski-lodge-head-script-reblog-if-you-like-it
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  • http: //bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/146828068669/ski-lodge-head-script-pt-2-reblog-if-you-like
  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scene 4:
  • *Set in upstairs bedroom for the boys, Zay and Lucas are already there, with Zay in a corner chair and Lucas pacing around, confused about what just transpired during the Truth or Dare game, Farkle enters in a rush, anxious to explain*
  • Farkle:
  • Hey, Lucas, I can expla-
  • Zay:
  • (Stands up in front of Farkle)
  • I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.
  • Farkle:
  • I just want to talk to him Zay. He’s my best friend. He's not going to hurt me.
  • (Talking over Zay’s shoulder to Lucas)
  • I just want to explain myself and tell him it was-
  • Zay:
  • Nothing, yea, you said that. A LOT.
  • And he’s my best friend.
  • Farkle:
  • No. he’s my best friend!
  • Zay:
  • Well I’ve known him longer!
  • Farkle:
  • Yea and got him kicked out of school! People change people, remember? What us does for them?!
  • (Points at himself grandiosely)
  • That’s me? I’m ‘People’! I’M AN US!”
  • Zay:
  • Well you kissed his girlfriend! I moved all the way from Texas to go to school with him! I’m obviously the better friend!
  • Farkle:
  • Your dad transferred! And I told you it was NOTH-
  • Lucas:
  • GUYS! Really? Right now?
  • Farkle and Zay:
  • (Looking ashamed, both sit down, Zay in chair, Farkle on bed)
  • Sorry.
  • Lucas:
  • (Sitting on opposite bed, pauses then slowly says)
  • Farkle...I gotta ask. What WAS that down there?
  • Farkle:
  • NOTH--
  • Lucas:
  • (Puts hands out to stop/calm him, slightly chuckling)
  • Other than “Nothing”.
  • Farkle:
  • (Looks down, long silence, shaking leg nervously)
  • (Looks up at Lucas seriously, Pauses)
  • I don’t want it to be something.
  • Lucas:
  • Is it?
  • Farkle:
  • I don’t know. I don’t understand feelings. I want too! But I don’t.
  • Zay:
  • I thought you understood everything.
  • (Farkle Stares daggers at Zay)
  • Zay:
  • Sorry, I just never thought I would hear you say that…
  • Farkle:
  • (Exasperated after hearing Riley say the same thing moments before , throws hands up in defeat)
  • Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to explain EVERYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE.
  • Lucas:
  • But feelings can’t always be explained…
  • (Pauses as the connection clicks for him)
  • (Points shaking finger at Farkle, almost excited he figured it out himself)
  • Kind of like how faith can’t be explained either. And that’s the problem- you don’t understand feelings, so you don’t want to admit you have them. That’s it, isn’t it!
  • Farkle:
  • (Grabbing Lucas’ finger to stop it)
  • No.
  • All I know is that I have loved Riley and Maya equally since the first grade and I promised them that would never change. I don’t want it to change.
  • (Looks around at both other boys)
  • I don’t want any of us to change.
  • Zay:
  • Haven’t we already though? Changed? Don’t we kind of have too?
  • Farkle:
  • I hate that you’re smarter than me at this.
  • Zay:
  • (Snarky like, smiling big to himself and kicking up his legs)
  • They call me Zay Babineaux, Love Doctor.
  • Lucas:
  • Literally NO ONE calls you that.
  • (Turns back to Farkle)
  • So you like Riley now?
  • Farkle:
  • (Shrugging)
  • I have always loved Riley. I have always wanted to protect her and I know I have always wanted to see her happy. But I want that for Maya, too.
  • Zay:
  • Plus there’s Smackle…
  • (Farkle stares more daggers at Zay)
  • Zay:
  • Just stating facts, here.
  • Farkle:
  • (Turns back to Lucas)
  • Isadora Smackle is one of the most beautiful and brilliant people to ever walk the earth and I am lucky to know her. I would never want to hurt her.
  • (Looks slightly guilty)
  • I don’t want to hurt any of us.
  • (Lucas nods, long silence)
  • Zay:
  • So…is this like,
  • (Starts counting in his head/on his fingers)
  • ..a pentagon, instead of a triangle now? Because I was just starting to understand this whole triangle thing…
  • (Lucas and Farkle are staying at Zay, incredeously)
  • Zay:
  • Hey, don’t look at me like that you know I’m just here for some polite and if I do say so myself, very humorous commentary.
  • Farkle:
  • (Slapping his legs definitively )
  • Well no! It’s not "a pentagon". Lucas has to figure out his feelings, and I have Isadora to think about. No new geometrical shapes to consider here.
  • Zay:
  • But Lucas decided already.
  • Farkle:
  • (Staring at Lucas with a questionable yet knowing look on his face)
  • Did he? Huh.
  • (Lucas silent, shifty eyes)
  • Zay:
  • Oh, see? He’s all confused again and not saying anything cause he picked Riley and now he thinks your going to be mad.
  • Farkle:
  • (Staring straight at Lucas, doesn’t break gaze)
  • Actually I don’t think he’s confused. I think he knows exactly what he wants.
  • (Lucas still silent, looking pained. Zay looking around confused)
  • Zay:
  • (Breaks silence)
  • Okay see I usually know where things are going but. What's going on here?
  • Farkle:
  • (Still not breaking gaze of Lucas)
  • He wants Maya. His choice is Maya.
  • Zay:
  • What! No, no, no, you said you picked RILEY!
  • (Stops, cocks head to the side and thinks it over, meant to be humorous)
  • Wow, maybe I’m not his best friend.
  • Lucas:
  • (Standing up quickly)
  • I was! I mean, I AM! I mean. I’m scared to move. And it’s not because of Farkle.
  • Zay:
  • Yeah we know, you don’t want this to be “the end of us”.
  • Farkle:
  • No, that’s not it. That’s not why he’s scared.
  • Zay:
  • (Looks over at Lucas)
  • Then…why?
  • Lucas:
  • Don’t ask me! Ask the genius!
  • Farkle:
  • Lucas, all you’ve been able to talk about this last week is Maya. How worried you are about her, how important her happiness is to you. You dragged me all around the Village looking for her the night she painted the park.
  • Zay:
  • Yea, and you did call her the “beautiful flowers that grow from volcanic ash".
  • Farkle:
  • Yeah. Yeah that was deep.
  • Zay:
  • (Look at, nodding and agreeing with Farkle)
  • So. Deep.
  • (To himself, frustrated)
  • How did I not see this coming?!
  • Lucas:
  • (Staring at both of them considering it, then quickly shaking his head and standing to pace again)
  • No none of that matters!
  • (Very matter of fact)
  • What matters is the universe. The universe and nature. And they told me to pick Riley. They told me that when she fell in to my-
  • Zay:
  • (Interjecting)
  • You mean when she was pushed by Maya –
  • Lucas:
  • (Takes a deep breath)
  • Okay…Fine. They told me when she was PUSHED by Maya into my lap on the subway, that it was meant to be. So how could I not pick her? That's how it's supposed to be for-
  • Farkle:
  • (Has an aggressive outburst)
  • Okay stop! Even a genius can’t handle hearing you talk about what makes sense in the universe for even one more second!
  • (Pulls himself together a little)
  • I love Riley. I want to see her happy more than anything else in the world. I want what is best for both of you. But I don’t think she would be happy with just “supposed to".
  • Lucas:
  • Yeah but-
  • Farkle:
  • (Bursting out again)
  • I’m not finished!
  • Lucas:
  • (Lucas holds hands up defenseless)
  • Sorry...
  • (Sits down slowly)
  • Farkle:
  • Because you know what else I know? I know that one of my other best friends is downstairs and she feels broken and alone. She’s lost, Lucas. And she needs to be reminded of how beautiful she is. And I think you are the person that should tell her that. I think you are the person she wants to hear it from.
  • (Lucas pauses, looks at Zay slightly desperately)
  • Zay:
  • You do get really passionate when you talk about Maya.
  • Farkle:
  • It’s your decision Lucas. Just make sure you do what you want to do, not just what you think you are supposed to do. The universe doesn’t get a say here. You do.
  • (Lucas completely freezes, staring at the ground, everyone anxiously paused)
  • (Very long pause)
  • Lucas:
  • I’m going to get Maya.
  • (Farkle and Zay smile/look shocked, crowd cheers as Lucas runs towards the door, out to the open stairwell, where there is view of bottom floor.)
  • (Lucas pauses at top of staircase, looks around and looks towards couch. There, Maya is sitting with Josh. Their conversation cant be heard, but he has her face in his hand)
  • (Lucas is completely frozen in place)
  • (Zay comes up from behind, puts hand on Lucas' shoulder)
  • Zay:
  • Whoa. Dude. I’m sorry…
  • (Farkle comes up on other side, sees the couch)
  • Farkle:
  • Uncle Boing.
  • (Zay shoves him lightly, Farkle stumbles)
  • Farkle:
  • I mean Josh. Uncle Josh. No.
  • Lucas:
  • I guess I’m not the one she wanted to hear it from, after all.
  • (Gestures to couch)
  • He’s already got it covered.
  • (Lucas drops arm and walks back into room, defeated.)
  • (Zay and Farkle look at each other, concerned, pan out from scene)
Shut up and dance with me (wheelchair prompt)

phanfucks asked:

prompt: person A is in a wheelchair but really cool and comfortable with it so he’s at this fancy af banquette thing w/ his family (teen!au) or work (businessman!au (businessman X waiter!au)) and sees person B so he comes up to him and asks if he wants to dance but B doesn’t understand how bc ‘you cant stand??’ so A just smiles brightly up at him and pats his lap and then B giggles and they dance and then strangers-to-lovers nice

Saw this prompt in here and decided to fill it. As I don’t actually write on my blog, I figured I’d just post it here. Hope you enjoy it xx

No warnings. 1.9k words. Fluff. Extra tags: Wheelchair and disability.

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