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lavenderbyun  asked:

can i just say, i'm honestly blown away by all the posts you make with a quote caption!! like, they're such awesome posts omg and they always fit perfectly ~

omg .. thank you so much anisah !!! it makes me so happy to know that you’ve even noticed my posts !! you’re like one of the coolest best people out here :D !! 

and yeah I love matching photo sets with quotes or lyrics .. It’s such a pleasure to me !! reading through all those beautiful words and looking for something that reflects or relate to the characters or dramas I’m watching !! I LOVE IT :’) anyways thanks for your words :’D .. really made me so happy 

oneeyedtwohornedwhitewilsoneater said: it must be the change in weather

He wiped at his mouth, staring at the giant. Why were there two? A shake of the head and he blinked at the deerclops again.

“I mean…it’s possible. But I’ve been through seasons before, eh? I…Don’t know. I just want it gone.” He croaks, throat raw from the burns of acid. He wasn’t even worried about the beastly giant, too ill to take notice of his fear.