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So, *poses dramatically* it's came to my attention that you have heard of me *Changes pose to 85% more drama* Tell me. What do you think?~ *It should be impossible to emit this much drama from one pose*

i just wanna say that i love all of my followers and thank you so so much for reblogging and liking posts. although some of my post wasnt that great, but hey, i’ll try better! Thank you!

With all this unexpected drama recently all Hailey wanted was to take a night off and forget about it all. To pretend she hadn’t gotten in a massive blowout with her best friend and a man hadn’t just gone missing But it was quickly apparent that her usual go to hangouts were suddenly unavailable. She wasn’t on speaking terms with Adrian or Tate right now, Persy wasn’t answering any of her texts, and she couldn’t even ask Aurora because of the aforementioned brother problems. She’d obviously take his side. Not to mention Elle had been out of the country recently and Hazel was busy fixing up her spa. She was very quickly running out of options. It was with a great resignation that she finally dragged herself out to the nearest bar - alone. “I’ll have a shot of tequila, please.” Hailey asked as she collapsed onto the bar. “Actually - make that two.”

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Hey, I really, really love your art *-* and I wanted to know if you can do a draw of one AU where Rose (Of Steven Universe) is the only survivor of war and adopts Kid Goku (after Grandpa death's), Teen Vegeta and Piccolo jr. I understand if you don't want <3 (I speak Spanish, sorry for my english)

Ah, I’m not big on these kind of crossover AUs, sorry, but I drew Rose and Goku meeting anyway because the idea was too cute :’D

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y’all lemme kno what colour hair hansol should have bc im so conflicted,, the choices are : orange, red, pink, blacc, brown, or blonde!!

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Top 5 milex moments from the eycte tour!

chriist honestly there are too many to choose from im c ryinggfb

  • ok firstly i gotta begin with when they were at webster hall and this shit went down during eycte….alex on knees with miles stroking his fucking hair while staring lovingly into each others eyes…and then alex pulling himself up by holding onto miles’ shirt..and then they did some kinda interpretive dance???…chill for one second maybe guys???
  • ok so another one of my Fave moments was this…when miles was trying to play his guitar during used to be my girl and then alex came up from behind and hugged him and held him in his arms for like 10 years and miles mouthed what looked like “hold me” and it was so beautiful and i think i died right there and then and i havent really been alive since then but ok….i truly love my dads
  • right so next is……this entire fucking performance of eycte at rock en seine…..purely because it’s so moving and i havent stopped crying everytime i think about it….and the fact miles looked like he was gonna cry and alex supposedly did….and the fact that there literally just stood there holding each other for a few minutes….and the fact that eycte tour is over and im so sad and it hurts to watch this but im gonna watch it anyway and say it’s one of my fave milex moments because obviously i love to suffer
  • NEXT IS THIS fuckign mess!!!(bad habits at sziget) honestly i just spent literally like 5 minutes trying to find it but now i have and honestly ???? I HATE THEM lmaooo….when i was watching it i honestly thought they were gonna kiss….i literally thought this was gonna be the moment when they full on made out in front of everyone…..but they started singing instead and then alex started giggling and started shouting something random god knows what he was saying anyways 0/10 hate :( 
  • another….is THIS…..i cant belieb…. miles saying “i’ll give you the d” and alex replying “i wish you would” NOOO why are they like this i could honestly cry (i say ‘could’ as if i dont cry everyday over them haha ha aha) 
  • AND THERE IS THIS honestly what are they doing???….like ive seen people say that alex is licking miles??? but honestly it looks more like a kiss to me???but either way it’s Gay….and then miles quite clearly goes to kiss alex and they dont even finish the fucking lyric??? how beautiful
  • OK SO I KNOW THIS IS SEVEN and completely illegal as it’s supposed to be FIVE but u know what i got completely carried away because theyve ruined my life (in a good way) but you can’t think that i’d miss this gem.….. the! fucking! kiss! at! coachella!….this changed me as a person im sure….i cant believe They Did That…..

honestly im so sorry that ive written an entire fucking essay about this but literally all i do all day is think about milex and cry so i have a lot to talk about lmao!!!