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holyy fuck radycat i just stumbled across your blog and while i was scrolling through your art tag-i fucking realized why this was so damn familiar and then i saw your pjo works and-oh god i remember that you were one of the first blogs i ever followed and all your content from like years back - your writing and your art - was kind of what helped me figure out my sexuality and its so cool to have come back and see all - this. thats amazing. thank you so much. i cant believe ive found you again.

hi, yes, welcome back. 

WIP (half should be damen-posting soon -,-)
so excited to participate in this year’s capriweek coz I missed it last year.


Binge reading the entire series coz audiobooks are out!!! Srsly. I wont be able to escape this hell.

so I’m sorry i don’t know if I can use the tag for capriweek2k17 already @,@

You know what? Your face looks like my butt.

Oh yeah? You must have such a good looking butt.

I was feeling a little stale so I thought I’d paint some of my fav Fallout 4 characters starting with MacCready.

On that note, my fav is a trashbag twelvie send help

Piper next maybe

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Nickname: Lou, Lulu, Lucy, Boots, Bootsie

Zodiac: Sagittarius by birth but honestly Cancer

Height: 5′7″ but i slouch bc my muscles are bad so i look shorter

Last thing i googled: animal crossing hair

Favourite music artist: Lady Gaga

Last movie i saw: oh god uh…The American Terror 

Why did i choose my url: its….me.

Do i have any other blogs: MANY. @bootsie-art, @sovereign-souls, @color-collection, @collectively-chatty, @quartz-magicks @unapologeticallyhopeful, @actuallytaako and probably more but i cant remember

What did your last relationship teach you: ppl dont have to be part of your life forever to be the person you needed most at that time

Religious or spiritual: I’m a fucking mess

Favourite colour: i like pinks, red-violets, and lavender

Average hours of sleep: generally 8 but i need 10 to function but cant manage sleeping that long

Lucky number: 9 and by “lucky” i mean “I have OCD help”

Favourite Character: oh thats hard i try not to have favorites anymore ;;;

How many blankets do i sleep with: like 7

Dream job: official merch artist

Tagging: @catsglade (both cas and frey each!), @ocpd-rose, @algorithms, @nonbinary-bonbon, @small-water-fairy, @goblinofthesun, @chaosflight, @bonepepsi and im not tagging 20 ppl holy shit

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Just here to praise the mun for their hard work! You're doing super good and wtf, how is Farah's growth so accurately represented in your art?! How can you do that?! I have a baby niece and she's 9 months old and that glasses thing is the exact same thing she does! (Not to mention that her size is on point too)

(( seriously, thank u tho!! my art has improved a lot over the past 6 months or so, so that helps, but im glad u guys like it so much!! and yeah haha babies are hard so lots of reference images are used and going onto credible sites to see how babies look at certain ages LOL. babies are cute as shit tho when they grab at stuff like that ))


callout for blu:

-really shitty at remembering to post their art here
-like seriously theres only been one day since the last time i posted my art where i didnt draw

-cant seem to actually pick an art style to stick to(i mean this is relatively the same art style but compared to the last picture i posted its a big jump)


remember this?My silly little nerd crossover comic slowly making its way into my daily routine. aw look at these they look so nice TOO BAD THE STYLE IM GOING WITH IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Im gonna do a more simple style cause these are super awesome but hard to keep up with. i dont remember even finishing these guys i think i was dreaming or something but i cant remember what it felt like to draw these


contact me via Skype: Jellyapp
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What I can draw:

  • Characters from Toons/Animes
  • Ships from Toons/animes
  • your ocs
  • you
  • gemsonas/personas/fursonas/etc.

What I don’t draw

  • any kind of gore
  • NSFW
  • famous people/ youtubers/celebrities
  • backgrounds

Check out my ART TAG for more examples