i cant really draw guns

ellphia  asked:

Darigan Hanzo or Royal McCree?

(Darigan Hanzo is also requested by somebody else so he’ll be coming soon)

i present you royal guard Mccree skin

i kind of went too much Canadian over his ass didn’t i?

also i really cant draw guns and at this point i don’t even make an attempt 

i added a lot of changes to his jacket in comparison to the lineart i posted yesterday

i cant add cuts on mobile

It was a relatively boring day for the young wizard. Matt and Tom had gone out a while ago. Tord, as far as Edd knew, was home. Probably in his room though. Most likely messing around with some gizmo. Or voodoo. Was it bad to assume his demon boyfriend messed around with black magic and such? Probably, but Edd wouldn’t put it past him. Really, if Tord thought it was amusing in any way, he’d get a bit carried away with it. Regardless, Edd sat in his room-turned-study, in front of his desk. He doodled absentmindedly, having a commision to work on. It just wasn’t coming to him though. Art block, he supposed. For now, he did a few drawing exercises. Things like drawing different lines, varying the thickness and the spaces between them. Drawing points on his paper then trying to connect them with a single line. Little things like that in hopes it would wake up his brain.

It was then he heard a slight thunk against his door. Edd paused, pencil still touching his doodle ridden paper. It must’ve just been Ringo- right? Tord wouldn’t really knock if he wanted to come in, the demon thought little of personal space. At least, in a mental way. Tord had his boundaries when it came to physical contact, but things like barging into someone’s room? That he could do. The thunk came again. “What the,” The cartoonist turned, looking at the door for a long moment. “..Tord?” Surely it wasn’t the norski. Right?

Well, before Edd could get up, the door opened and Edd was rather surprised to see Tord lumber into the room, in his natural form, having to crouch to make it through the door. Edd blinked. Then again. He’d seen Tord like this once or twice, and really, he wasn’t phased by the monstrous appearance. “Tord?” A low rumble came from the demon before he crossed the room. Without hesitation, the ram-inspired being was crouching further (he had to stand hunched over, no one would be happy if Tord poked holes in the ceiling with his damned horns.) and was curling around the wizard. His skull-like head coming to rest in the green clad lad’s lap. The demon sat on the floor, but still took up quite a bit of space. Edd found he wasn’t entirely sure where to put his arms due to the demon’s horns. It was.. rather awkward. But Tord seemed pleased with himself.

“Tord. I need to work on this.” The reaction Edd got wasn’t exactly the one he’d been hoping for. Tord’s feathered wings extended just slightly- moving to wrap loosely around the chair, and with it, Edd. His head pushed further into the wizard’s lap, and his fluffy tail curled around Edd’s ankle. Edd huffed, and some kind of garbled chuckle came from the demon. To be honest, Edd still wasn’t entirely sure if Tord could talk like this. Maybe he could, but didn’t like to? If he had his normal voice, it wouldn’t exactly match the rest of him..

He noticed the demon was watching him. Red eyes trained on the young wizard’s face. And though displaying emotions didn’t blow over too well when your face is a skull, Edd could practically feel the damned smirk radiating off of his boyfriend.

“You’re so needy,” The waves of smugness seemed to get more thick. Tord, was obviously amused by the situation. “It’s horrible. You’re horrible.” Despite his words, Edd found the scenario entertaining as well, a light smile tugging at his lips. The wizard set his arms down, awkwardly avoiding the demon’s horns. Edd huffed again. This time, Tord moved his head just slightly, allowing Edd a small space to place one of his arms. His fingers brushed against Tord’s neck.

It was.. Nice. A little odd, but still nice. Ringo wasn’t too happy about it, but let the demon be. “Were you just standing out there?”

This catches the incubi’s attention once again, and he’s glancing up at Edd before looking away. The wall appeared much more interesting now. Edd chuckles lightly. “Was that the thumping? Did you just bang your head against the door until i noticed?” No reply, of course. Edd’s fingers found the jaw of Tord’s larger skull, and he lifted the demon’s head a bit. Once again, this caught his attention. His red eyes appeared smaller in the dark cavities of his eye sockets.

A small, but affectionate peck was placed on the demon’s face- between his eyes, a little ways down his muzzle. He supposed, if Tord had a human’s face right now, it would be the bridge of his nose. “You’re like a damned cat,”

(( and then tord just fuckin’ dies lol ))

so there it is. there is my dumb fic for @monster-apartments-au’s nerds. I am extremely sleep deprived, and this is short and shitty but, BAM. I did it. Take it.