i cant put up with this anymore


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?

bts as roommates (yoongi)
  • an online shopper 
  • “accidentally” uses all the hot water
  • bickering because of the mess 
  • “yA how many times should i tell we have separate laundry bags” 
  •  being stubborn boi he is he’ll just roll his eyes at you
  • but the next day you’ll see ur laundry is already separated
  • buys weird furniture smH
  • “what is that again min yoongi???”
  • “an estcutheon”
  • kumamon stuffs everywhere
  • he ignored you for a week once bc u repeatedly watched and laughed at his audition video D; 
  • always has a notepad, notebook beside him 
  • snaps at u sometimes whenever he’s tired
  • but when he does, u wake up the next morning with your favorite milktea in the refrigerator or the whole room is hella clean


  • sharing skincare tips and doing your night skincare routine together 
  • watches you while you put on your makeup
  • whispers rly quiet “pff she doesn’t need all of that”
  • and you not applying blush anymore cAUSE UR FACE IS RED AF ALREADY
  • texts you whenever ur not home and it’s already late
  • “where r u? do u have keys? bc im going to sleep already ”
  • “yes i have keys” “ok” *30 minutes later* “drive safely”
  • and when u arrive he’s still up lol
  • and he’ll pull this “ i couldn’t sleep so i’m writing songs” card
  • and you’d brush it off with “okay” but you cant stop subtly smiling 


  • really really looks like a baby boo while sleeping
  • moans every time he hears just a bit of noise
  • loves having many pillows around him
  • wakes up @ midnight to pee loLZ
  • pulls the duvet over you sometimes <3 <3 <3
  • and when he’s in the pLAYFUL MOOD HE’D RUFFLE UR HAIR like really ruffle it so bad
  • and laughs at u in the morning
  • “you look like a racoon” 
  • more rolling of eyes
  • you’d have days when you have to drag him out of his bed and vice versa 
  • and he’d get up really fast and u’d be confused
  • “jhope’s calling u?” he’d asked with a groggy voice
  • and you’d be more confused
  • “that beech, anyways i’ll just tell him im already up”
  • “I can tell him if you-”
  • “NO I’LL- he’d be surprised big time as well as u
  • “I-i’ll just text him.” leaving you the most confused person on earth
  • okaaay??”  
  • and jhope texting u later that day “yoongi’s jealous lmao” 
  • and the rest is hISTORY :D
The Infamous Small and Tall AUs

- If you try to balance one more cup on my head I am going to punch you

- Did you just get me a fucking step stool for a present????

- I always sit on your lap because I’m smaller but you wanted to “switch things up” this time and-get the fUCK OFF OF ME I CAnt BREATHE

- Every damn time we watch the lion king you always gotta reenact that one scene and it’s not cute anymore-put mE DOWN

- Whenever we fight, I always end up hiding in a really small space so I don’t have to see you but 9/10 times I get stuck and have to call you to get me out

- What do you mean there’s a limit to how many piggy back rides I get???
Sick Peter

A/n: Hey lovelies! I’ve been having some pretty bad writers block and have been busy with some school as well. I know this one is kinda small, but hope you enjoy anyway. 

Also please send in requests!!!! Please. Pretty please

Summary: When Peter gets sick its worse than a normal human.

“Ned where is Peter I haven’t seen him at all today?”

“May made him stay home because he’s sick. I went over yesterday and his room was a tornado. I mean worse than the usual tornado. I also think he got me sick. I feel a scratchy throat coming on.”

“I’ll go see him after school.”

Neither May or Peter opened the door so I used my spare key to get in and saw that the place was a mess. I picked up the trash that missed the can and washed the dishes and fixed the couch that was disassembled everywhere.

It was very quiet so I assumed both of them were sleeping and would probably want to eat something that wasn’t canned when they woke up. 

May always keeps her fridge stocked since Peter eats almost 2x his weight each meal. The chicken noodle soup got started and pretty soon May wandered out of her room with a blanket around her shoulders.

“Y/n? I didn’t realize you were here.” 

“I made soup. Ned told me Peter was sick so I wanted to come and see if he was ok ,but I thought you guys were asleep and so…. soup.” I told her.

“That’s very sweet. You even cleaned up and it smells delicious.”

“It’ll be done in like 5 to 10 minutes since it’s been on for awhile.”

“You haven’t checked on Peter yet? When you do be quiet and careful. His room is a mess. More than usual.”

“So i’ve been told.” I smiled and carefully went to walk in his room.

The door pushed stuff out of the way as I walked in. I literally could not see the floor with all the clothes and tissues lying around. He was still sleeping and next to him was a 2 liter of ginger ale and saltine crackers.

I threw most of his clothes into his basket and the tissues in his trash before I washed my hands and took my sweatshirt off. He had May’s humidifier going and the heat all the way up and I was starting to sweat. My sweatshirt hung over the edge of his bed and I sat by his head to brush away his hair.

He shot up. “Y/n?”

“I made soup if you’re feeling up to it. Or I can get more saltines if you aren’t?”

“You’re going to get sick.” His voice was all scratchy and an about half an octave lower.

“Well someone has to get you and May to eat.” He sighed.

“ Well I was puking for about an hour straight so I don’t know if soup will be good. I had soup earlier and puked it up.”

“So saltines?”

“yea and maybe just a small bowl of soup. This isn’t the canned one right?”


I got up and came with a bowl that wasn’t all the full and a new carton of saltines. He ate all the soup pretty fast along with the entire carton of saltines.

“I guess you’re feeling better.” I told him.

“I mean I still feel pretty shitty. My head hurts and its cold.” He pulled the covers tighter around him as I took his bowl away to the kitchen. When I came back he was groaning and laying on his side.

“Do you need to puke?” 

“No my head and throat hurt.”

“Did you take medicine?”


“Peter are you that dense? I’ll get you an Advil or do you prefer Tylenol???”

“I can’t sdolwojrpill” He whispered into his blanket.


“ I can’t swallow the pill. There I said it. I’m a sixteen year old who can’t take a tiny ass pill.” He groaned making me laugh.

“You do realize you can crush it up and put it in food right?”


“Honestly why do I even ask?” I said rolling my eyes and laughing at him. 

I left and crushed up an Advil and mixed it in with applesauce. 

“What are you doing?” May asked.

“Peter can’t swallow a pill.”

“He cant? I’ll show him how later.” She smiled putting her empty bowl in the sink then headed over to the couch and turned on the t.v.

“Peter I have your medicine.” I handed him the bowl of applesauce.

“Thank you.” While he ate I looked at his clock and realized it was getting really late.

“Hey I have to go soon. It’s getting late.” I went to get my sweatshirt, but it wasn’t at the edge of the bed anymore.

“Peter where did my sweatshirt go?” I asked looking around the room for it.

“I don’ know.” He pulled the blankets closer to him.

I smiled and crossed my arms across my chest “Peter are you wearing my sweatshirt?” 

“What?! No I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I pulled on his covers sending him shivering and saw him in my sweatshirt. “So you’re a liar now???”

He groaned and curled up “Its just soooo softtttt.”

“That’s because I bought it in the mens section. You can wear it. I’ll just steal one of yours and go home.”

“Noooooo. Don’t leave.” He whined stretching his arms out towards me.

“Peter I have school tomorrow.”

“You can still go to school. It’ll just be a sleepover.”

“You’re sick I don’t want to keep you awake Peter.”

“Y/n pleaaaaaasssssseeee.” His voice cracked as he shivered.

I sighed picking up the covers and sat on his bed.

“Alright.” I pulled the covers back around him and pressed my lips to his forehead which was burning. “Do you want some more soup? You’re burning up.”

“No. I’m not hungry.I’m just really cold. Cuddle?????” 

I laid on his pillow and pulled him on top of me and he stopped shivering as he rested his head on my chest.


“Mmmhmmm” I ran my fingers through his hair and felt him relax more into me as he played with my other hand.

“Night Parker.” I told him as I felt myself fall asleep with the warmth he radiated.

Next day I showed up to chem sporting Peter’s sweatshirt since he still had mine and Ned was surprised to see me.

“How are you not sick? You spent the whole afternoon and nigh over in the disease ridden apartment. Even aunt may got sick.” Ned sniffled.

“I’ve got super powers didn’t ya know?” I joked.

“You mean like deadpool?” He poked me with a pencil.

“Nope. Just a really good immune system.”

“Dude what are you doing here?” I turned around to find that Ned was talking to Peter. He was in my sweatshirt slouching with tired eyes. He was better than yesterday.

“I can’t miss the Spanish test.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

“Yes you can go back home.” I told him trying to push him back out of the class before the bell rang.

 “Y/n I’m seriousss.” 

“Go home. I’ll take it for you.”


 “You have Spanish two periods before me. I can miss english and go to your Spanish class dressed like you. I already know how to copy your handwriting. Now go before you infect the whole school.”

“But he’ll notice it isn’t me.”

“ Not if I sit in the back with the hood on and hair tucked in. He knows you’re sick so he’ll probably just think you aren’t feeling well.”

“I don’t know….” his voice disappeared the more he talked and he was wobbling at this point.

“Peter I swear if you don’t go now I won’t come over later.”

“Alright nice to see you guys I’m going back to bed.” Peter waved good bye.

I showed up at Peter’s apartment and a sick May in sweatpants with a messy bun opened the door.

“I brought more soup!”I told her

“Y/n you are a savior.” She let me in and grabbed a bowl from the cupboard.

“ How is Peter doing?”

“Well he was asleep for a bit and I think he is awake now because he said you would be coming over.”

I opened his door to find him in a fort of blankets in which I had to refrain from laughing at.

“Did you leave any blankets for May? She’s sick too you know.” I said slipping his sweatshirt off. 

“How’d the test go?”

“Pretty good. Like I said he didn’t even realize that I wasn’t you.” 

“How did you learn my handwriting again?” He asked opening part of his blanket fort to me.

“Dont worry bout it Parker.” I winked at him and slid under his arm into his side. “ now you can go get some more soup that I brought and then we can watch tv or something.”

“I love you. You’re the best.” My heart stopped and I tensed against his side.

“What?” I looked up at him.

His eyes widened when he realized what he said. “ I-i said I love you a-and you’re the b-best. You’re always there for everything no matter how big or small and I just…”

“Love you too Parker.” 

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Rivalry ~ Josh Matthews

Requested : yes

Can I have a Josh one shot where Maya and Y/N have been at each other’s throats lately because you and Josh are dating and she’s jealous. But then while you’re out, you get a call from Riley because Josh is having like an anxiety attack and needs you. And you’re the only one that really calms him down and Maya realizes how perfect you two are together? Tysm!!

Warnings: drinking

i changed it a bit and made josh just angry and distrought

“Morning!” You chirped as you walked into class Friday morning. You looked towards Maya and she glared at you. You rolled your eyes and sat down behind Farkle.

“What’s got you in a such a good mood?” Riley chuckled. You smiled again.

“Josh and I are going to Central Park later to take pictures for my project.” Maya scoffed

“You act like you’re so special. Him and I talked on the roof of Riley’s apartment building for hours last weekend. Said he liked me. Called you a witch. Probably gonna dump you when he sees you today.”

“He did not!” You snapped and she laughed seeing she got to you. You crossed your arms and leaned back in your seat as Riley scolded the blonde who only smirked and turned to the board.

“He did not.” You muttered to yourself. ~ 
You were worriedly pacing back in forth in front of topangas as you waited for Josh to meet you. Soon enough you saw the tall boy coming down the stairs. you froze and you tucked your shaking hands into your back pockets. he smiled at you put you looked down, nt being able to meet his icy blue gaze.

“ hey babe!” he reached to hug you but you backed away. he furrowed his eyebrows, his smile and stomach dropping. “ whats wrong?”

“we need to break up, josh. i cant do this anymore.” by ’ this ’ you meant the constant torment from maya. you believed that you deserved it. afterall, you had taken josh from her. thats what she always told you.

’ why do you hate me maya?’ you would ask, to which she would reply,
’ you took josh from me. youre dead to me ’ you cried that night. she had been your bestfriend and you were selfish.

“ what?” he said, barely above a whisper. his voice was laced with such pain, it made tears well up in your eyes.

“ im sorry , josh.” you sniffed. you started to walk away but he grabbed you and turned you around to face him.

‘ no , yn, please dont do this. please. i love you.” he choked out, tears falling down his face.

“ i have to josh. im going to get my friend back, you are going to back to NYU and forget about me. you are going to meet a nice girl and she will be your topanga and you will be happy. i promise.’’ you gave him a watery smile and she shook his head.

‘’ i dont want another girl, Y/n! I want you! you are my Topanga. thre is no one else for me, please, dont leave me!’’ He begged. You let out a choked sob.

‘’im sorry.’’ You sobbed and ran off, leaving Josh all alone.

Little did you know, Maya was watching from behind the stairs, the feeling of guilt slowly eating away at her. She was the reason you broke up with josh. It was all her fault. ~ You were sobbing into your pillow , pictures of you and Josh surrounding you on your bed. Just as you began to calm down, your phone rang. You thought it was Josh, again, but it as Riley.

“ hello?“ You asked hoarsly. You heard a panicked voice on the other end.

“Y/n? I need you get here! Right now!’’ You heard a crash in the background and Riley yelp. “It’s all my fault!” You heard an angry voice yell out, you immediiatley recognized it as Josh.

“ Riley, whats going on?!” You asked worriedly.

“ It’s josh! He called me over and he’s drunk! hes throwing things, Y/n you need to get here!”

“ josh calm down!’’ You heard maya yelp. You looked down.

“ mayas there?” You asked bitterly and you could practically hear Riley roll her eyes.

"That’s not important Y/n! I’m so sick of this petty rivalry! Now get down here now!” She yelled Into the phone, shocking you, and hanging up. You sat there for a minute before quickly slipping on your hoodie and some shoes before running out of your home, keys in hand. You didn’t care that you were in short pajama shorts with dried tears on your face. The only important thing was getting to Josh.

You were at his dorm in half an hour and you could still hear crashing inside. A few students were gathered around the door, whispering about what was going on. You pushed past them and banged on the door.

“Riley! It’s Y/n! ” the door swung open and arms pulled you in. You saw a broken lamp, a smashed record , and countless objects strewn across the room. Josh was in the corner yelling at him self, his words slurred and unclear.

“Josh!” He didn’t hear you. “Josh!” You screamed. He stopped yelling and looked at you. He melted when he saw your soft eyes staring back to him. He broke down in tears again, the alcohol In his system making his react even more dramatic then he usually would have. You rushed to his side and pulled his head to your chest.

You both sat on the floor and you held him as he sobbed into your chest. “It’s okay, calm down.” You cooed, petting his hair. He stopped crying and tried to get his breathing under control.

Maya watched from across the room. She could see how easily you calmed him down. She could see the love between the two of you. You looked up and saw her looking at you.

“I’ll be right back , Josh.” You said softly , trying to pull away from him but he tightened his grip.

“No! Don’t leave me again, please.” He whined like a child , melting your heart.

“I’ll be right back, I promise. I’ll be right over there. Don’t worry.” He finally let you go and you walked over to Maya.

“I’m sorry Y/n.” She whimpered. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“For what?”

“This is all my fault. I couldn’t face the fact that Josh didn’t want me. I was jealous and angry. I’m so sorry I treated you so poorly. Please forgive me.” You smiled at her kindly.

“I forgive you, Maya. Now if you will excuse me, I have a drunk boing to take care of. ” she returned your smile and hugged you before letting you return to the boy who was sprawled out on the floor.

“I’m back. Now come on, let’s get you to bed. ” you pulled him up and walked him over to his bed where he laid down, pulling you with him.

You pulled the blankets over the two of you and held him as he fell asleep. You looked over to the girls.

“You guys can go home. I got this.” They smiled at you and told you goodbye before leaving. You cuddled up to Josh’s chest and fell asleep.

~ You woke up to Josh stirring in your arms.

“Morning sunshine.” You giggle as he groaned , holding his head. He looked at you and sighed in relief.

“I had the worst nightmare ever! You dumped me and I got drunk and went on this rampage but in the end you came and calmed me down. Thank god it was just a dream.” He sighed, burying his head in your chest again. You giggled.

“It wasn’t a dream Josh. ” he froze. Slowly, he lifted his head and looked at you sadly.

“So… We aren’t together anymore.” He said sadly. You shook your head.

“I’ve been thinking Josh. I don’t want to be without you. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. So , if you want to, I want to get back together.” You said quietly , playing with a string on the blanket. He groaned.

“Thank you God!” He flipped back down onto his bed as you laughed. “Come here, you!” He growled playfully and tickled your sides. You squealed, trying to get away from him. You both laughed loudly as you squirmed and shrieked. When he stopped you caught your breath and stared into his eyes.

“I love you , Josh.” You smiled and he grinned. He pulled you onto his chest and placed a kiss on your lips.

“I love you too, Y/n.”


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Give Me Love

Summary: You were taught from a young age to never take anything less than what you deserved. And if that meant using wealthy men to satisfy your expensive tastes, then so be it. You were always in control of every one of these situations until you met Yoongi Min.

Pairing: Reader x CEO!Suga

Tags: Implied Smut(ish), Angst, AU

Rating: M

Word Count: (??? I dont keep track of the word count. There might also be a part 2. Also, I am taking in requests for drabbles and things like that so send in your requests!!!!)

How could the game turn on you?

A couple of months ago you were content with spending the money of the youngest CEO in the business, in exchange for meaningless dates, a tumble or two in bed, and all to keep up appearances for a family.

The man wanted nothing more than someone to fake being his paramour, but what he got instead was something he probably never expected. Not from you, at least.

You werent a friendly person, but you werent callous either. Whether it was ambition or greed, he did not know, but he did know you had the drive to pursue what you really wanted. Your beauty was dangerous on its own, but when combined with your charm, you were a force to be reckoned with. And maybe thats why you were so surprised.

You were used to men chasing after you, and always made sure to put an end to things before they wanted something serious, but you did not know that it would be you who ended up falling.

You fell in love with Yoongi Min.

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Move |4|

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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; Let’s not forget those things but put them away

Originally posted by tbhobi

a/n: in other news, my blog recently turned 1 year old and passed 1000 followers! Its not an impressive count, but its definitely a big achievement for me. I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for following me, whether it was because your finger slipped on the follow icon or if you enjoyed my scenarios :)

“Y/N, it was amazing. Oh my god- remember that guy I went out with for three whole months?”

You laughed at the memory of Minji’s longest relationship, “You mean the guy with the perfect dick? Yeah I remember. You disappeared and resurfaced after two weeks. I mean, that much sex has got to be some kind of record.”

With Jae back in your everyday routine, you didn’t have enough time to hang out with Minji during the week. So the two of you reserved your Sunday for a girls’ day out with some shopping and food.

“This was better than that,” she said, enthusiasm buzzing through her voice as she talked to you about her latest conquest. “He was just- do you know that feeling when, when you see someone from afar and think that he’s one thing, but then you look up close to find just what you’re looking for?”

She expected some sort of understanding from you, but your puzzled look shut her up. “Never mind I’m being crazy.”

“Jung Minji- do you have actual feelings for a guy?” you asked, surprised but excited for your best friend. “Like romantic ones?” She laughed it off and walked away to find a distraction, filing through the closest rack of tops, but you pulled her back. “You have feelings for this guy!”

She looked into your eyes in complete denial, “Do not!”

“You totally do! Well, did you get his number?”

“Oh no, no, no. You never get the number of someone you just slept with,” she said, as if she were explaining a special set of rules for sleeping with strangers, “especially that late at night. He saw all my smudged makeup and my drunken slur and-”

“He left this morning, didn’t he?”


With all her crap out of the way, you saw her disappointment. Minji always pushed guys away and never looked to be involved with anyone. You never judged her for her preferences, but you wished she could experience love, too. To see her treated like that the first time she seemed to have feelings for a guy, you hurt alongside her.

“It’s going to be fine. You deserve more than that.” You put an arm around her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. “Come on. Let’s go get some lunch!”

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adrien and nino are relationship goals

so i was thinking about miraculous lb because heck thats what I usually do when I’m supposed to be doing something productive (spoiler; I don’t do anything productive lmao)

And I just started thinking about what would happen if some homophobic dick joined Ms Bustier’s class??

• See at first it doesn’t show because none of the males are actually that affectionate with each other (and les be honest lots of girls are naturally affectionate, gay or not)

• but then there’s adrien and nino?

• OK so Adrien just really likes hugs? (You can argue with me on that. I will fight you. I will fight you hard) After being love starved af, he takes every opportunity he gets to recieve and/or dish out affection because he’s literal sunshine

• Usually it’s Alya and Marinette (when she stops screaming externally at the sight of him and starts doing it internally instead) and Nino he goes to

• Nino is the best friend ™ and they sit together so if Adrien’s feeling down or needs any sort of comfort, physically, mentally or otherwise, Nino is more than willing to provide.

• so you see, sometimes they can get SUPER affectionate, especially if someone (cough fuckin gabe cough) has upset Adrien or Nino previously.

• Unamed Homophobe’s asshole senses are tingling. They make rude remarks under their breath that no one hears until one day they work up the courage to call Adri + Nino (and at that time adri had his arm around nino (and alya was holding her bf too) bc nino was upset his favourite g.o.t character died or some shit) “disgusting” and “wrong” as the OT4 are walking to the Dupain-Chengs’ bakery

• Marinette (bless her heart) is ready to punch them in their genitals but Alya’s restraining mode is on and she catches her.

• Adrien and Nino just stare at each ther and they’re speechless and also kind of really mad (Nino) and unnerved (Adrien) but mostly super confused because what?? even?

• UH sneers and takes a step back. “Honestly- it’s like normal people are disappearing more and more everyday. Where are all you freaks coming from?”

• At this point Alya rlly wants to set Mari off on the asshat and maybe join her

• But Nino stares at Adrien, and a light bulb sorta metaphorically pops above the guy’s head.

• Nino immediately reaches for Adrien’s hand and intertwines their fingers

• Adrien jolts internally

• Did they hold hands?? Was that a thing people did? He was so confused

• Nino looks at him and winks @ his best friendo

• “I think you’re just mad cause you’re single.” Nino sing songs, and Adrien believes its the worst possible time to quote a Steven Universe song. “Isnt that right, love?” Cue Nino wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

• UH is like? what? this isnt the reaction I was hoping for?? they scurry off in confusion and worry bc marinette still looks ready to rip their nonspecific genderflaps off

• It was meant as a joke but then it got REALLY out of hand with adrien and nino

• It’s like they’re purposely trying to aggravate the UH now

• Next day at lunch they’re sitting with the group and theyre not acting any differently but when the UH passes by their table Nino and Adrien go all like

• “Honey, would you please pass the salt?”

• “Of course, my love.”

• “Thank you, sunshine. This salt shaker is as white and pure as my love for you, have I ever said that?”

• In class, Adrien and Nino are loudly arguing about whether or not they’d have a spring or fall wedding just before Ms Bustier comes in

• Marinette and Alya are eternally amused

• Alya nudges Marinette and says it looks like she’ll have to fight Nino for Adrien

• Marinette replies, saying that Alya will, in fact, have to fight Adrien for Nino now, seeing as the two (Alya and Nino) were actually officially dating.

• The entire class is in on the joke by the end of the first week

• Kim’s like, “Yo! I bet you twenty euros Max and I can pull it off better!”

• Alix started a bet on who will propose first

• Sabrina bet it would be Adrien (as soon as Chloe turned her back that is)

• Turns out it was both of them???

• On the third week Adrien and Nino come to school with their respective boxes

• Nino mock proposes with a lollipop ring

• Adrien actually fucking bought a real ring (no telling how he got that) like cmon he’s also chat noir and when he’s in, hes REALLY in

• Once Nino stops freaking the fuck out because dude that must have cost a fortune and why would he do that,

• Adrien slips into Chat mode and says Nino’s love was worth more to him that gold (and also that he REALLY liked lollipops, which in his opinion were far more likeable and edible than gold)

• When they’re alone though adrien tells him not to worry bc he just took one out of the jewlrey box and there’s 99837487302938848392848 more in there anyway he really doesnt need it

• Once Nino and Adrien “broke up” because Nino shipped Hercules x Lafayette and Adrien liked Peggy x Lafayette

• The class dubbed it “The Catastrophe of the 6th of July”

• During that time, Adrien and Nico would brozone each other so hard

• So fucking hard

• But then the beauty that is Maria x Eliza brings them back together again

• “Adrien I’m sorry about our fight, sweetheart,” Nino says very loudly
at lunch one day. “I should have known you were more precious to me than any fictional pairing. The day we exchanged rings… I knew we were meant to be.”

• “Ah, babe, speaking of the ring… I have a confession to make… I might have sort of ingested our symbol of eternal love.”

• “You ate your fucking engagemnt ring? Adrien Im done. I cant do this anymore.”

• They became the iconic fake gay couple of the class

• God knows how long they put up the act tbvfh.

• One things for sure though, they drove the UH up the freaking wall

• lmao idk this is just super dorky and i can so see them doing this

there had been a fight once.  just one.  but levi thought of it so often it might as well have happened a hundred different times, a hundred days in a row.  

things had been going too well.
and levi just
felt an itch up his spine, a sore one that made him feel all off-balance and nasty.
he picked a fight over a pair of socks.

you never fucking pick up, he snapped. the balled up socks bounced off of erwin’s chest and erwin’s calm, ah sorry levi i forgot, made him feel small.

you dont take anything seriously, he said.
i do, erwin said. just different things. people are different, levi. he bent and picked up the socks, put them in the hamper and levi felt all at once a hundred memories of just how seriously erwin made love to him.  it made his insides feel too big for his skin.

i cant do this anymore, levi said.

okay, erwin said, and let him go. the look on his face haunted levi, broken and fond, like he loved levi for leaving.

levi’s apartment was very large now. maybe it had gotten bigger while he’d gotten used to erwin’s. waste of money, he told erwin while he scrubbed down the bathroom. erwin didn’t answer because erwin wasn’t there.

levi saw him again, months later, at a bar. his five o'clock shadow had grown into something more wild and his eyes weren’t the same shade of blue.

im sorry, levi said in the dark of erwin’s bedroom. erwins lips were all salty wet when levi kissed him and he laid with his head on levi’s chest for a long time like a sad old family dog. levi saw one like that once. it’d gotten lost, he thought.

you’re gonna give me beard burn, levi said.
erwin lifted his shaggy head to move, but levi pressed him back down and cradled his jaw.  didn’t say i didn’t like it.

then he said, can i stay this time?

i never wanted you to go, erwin said.

Murderous; P.2

 Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst, Murderer!AU SERIES 

Summary: People can be deceiving; majority of people are deceiving if you really think about it. People lie every day. Whether it’s about watching the new season of game of thrones or ignoring someone’s text and saying you fell asleep. But when murder is the new talk of the town and everyone seems like a suspect; the truth seems to slip further and further away every second. Everyones on edge, as they should be. Wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people.

Word Count: 3,253

Originally posted by chokaivlicious

P1 P2 P3

Your dad flipped through files as you both sat at the dinner table.

“Dad, did you get a suspect?” You asked as he sighed deeply.

“We thought it could be the best friend, or maybe some on the student council that was jealous of her, we even checked that creepy kid from fathom. Everyone’s allies check out…everyone except that new boy, Taehyung” he answered.

You stopped eating as you nodded for him to continue.

“He said he was at home preparing for the next day at school, which seems perfectly logical to me. You’re the new kid, it’s a new school, you just had your first day and want to be ready for the next.” Dad shrugged.

“Then whats the problem?” You asked as he shuffled through his files again.

“He lives alone, there’s no one to confirm his statement” dad sighed sadly.

There was a moment of silence between the two of you before you spoke.

“Do you think he did it?” You asked curiously as you played with your food.

He stared at his files before slowly shaking his head.

“It wouldn’t make sense” he commented as he crossed his arms in deep thought.

“That's what i said!” You stated excitedly as you jumped up a little.

Dad narrowed his eyes at me causing me too shrink back into my seat.

“Remember, don’t get involved” he said in a singish tune.

“Dad i know…its just, the boy is new and he’s already being shunned” you said causing his dad stance to soften.

“This is why i tell everyone that we should keep it under wraps, so shit like this doesn’t happen” he sighed as he shook his head.

I nodded in agreement as i continued eating my food.

“Why does he live alone?” You asked yourself more than you asked your dad.

“Not sure, the boys a complete mystery…and thats not going to sit well with the town” you dad said as he cleaned up his files.

“But just because someone lives alone and likes to keep private doesn’t mean they’re a murderer” you stated as you took your dish and his too the sink.

“Not in this town” you dad sighed as he kissed you forehead “goodnight, remember that i won’t be home till late tomorrow so lock up” he said as he walked away.

“Ok!” You shouted out as you washed the dishes.

You finished washing up before skipping upstairs to your bedroom.

As you opened the door you realised how dark your room on. You swore you had left the light on but shrugged it off as you close the door.

You flicked the light on and turned towards your bed.

Taehyung stood in front of you wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

Before you could scream, he placed his hand over your mouth as you were pushed up against the wall…again.

As you realised who it was you pushed him off of you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?! How did you even get in?!” You whisper yelled as you pushed him further into your room before subtly checking if your dad’s door was closed.

“We’re going to prove my innocence remember? And the back door was open” he stated innocently as he started pacing back and forth in your room.

“You can’t be sneaking into peoples houses, that doesn’t necessarily help your case” you stated as he sat on your bed.

“I know, i know, im just…im freaking out ok? I’ve never been to jail, what if the murder manages to pin it on me! no one knows me here, no one will defend me” he said quickly as his eyes were glued to the floor in a worried daze.

“hey! calm down, i have an idea” you said pulling your desk chair in front of him and sitting down.

“A plan?” He asked as hope sparked in his eyes.

“My dads the chief of police, so i have access to the progression of the case. But im one-hundred percent positive that in the next couple of weeks you’ll be painted as the killer and the police will have you as their top suspect” you stated.

He sighed deeply before you continued.

“So firstly, you need to change your school image” you say sternly as he placed his hand in his hoodie pockets.

“My school image? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Look the first thing the police will do is ask the school about your behavior. Your teachers, your peers, random kids. Anyone.” You started.

“Right now, you’re acting like a murderer. You’re shut off, your cold and most importantly, your new” you said as he nodded his head paying full attention.

“But…i really don't like people” he sighed in frustration.

“No one does, you have to fake it. Start paying attention in class, put your hand up, talk to students” you said as he laid back resting on your bed.

“What if it doesn’t work?” He asked worriedly.

“Your decent looking and people are already interested in you, trust me, it will work” you said as you stood from your chair.

“ you cant wear those ripped up hoodies anymore either ok” you said as you walked over to your desk.

“I only have ripped up hoodies and i have no money so what am i gonna do?” He asked as he returned to his sitting upwards position.

“Its ok, you can borrow my brother’s old clothes” you stated as you checked the time.

“You have a brother?” He asked curiously as he stood up.

“Yes, now take the clothes and go, there in the room next to mine, also meet me outside the school gate tomorrow, ill help you with your image changing” you said as you shoved him towards the door.

“Hey…..” he said as he turned to face you, stopping you from opening the door.

“Thank you” he whispered before letting you open the door and leaving your room.

You sighed and shook your head before deciding to go to bed. You had a long week ahead of you.

When you spotted taehyung at the gates of your school the next morning, you had too do a double take.

Firstly, he looked completely different. Secondly…he looked insanely good, people were definitely going to pay attention to him now.

“How do i look?” He asked tugging on the sleeves of his button up shirt.

“Like the neighborhood good boy who should be on the school council” you said as you looked him up and down.

“Is that good?” He asked as the two of you started walking into school grounds.

“Very, now for practice. What do you say when someone calls you a murderer?” You asked.

“Fuck off, i didn’t do shit”


“Im sorry that you feel that way, but i didn’t do anything”


“I hate this already” he groaned angrily as he shoved his hands in his pants pockets and kicked rocks away.

“Its gonna be a long day, get ready” you sighed as you watched the number of students entering the hell hole increase.


To say Taehyung was doing good would be an understatement. At first your friends were confused as to why you were hanging out with him, but once he started talking and joking around, they were in love.

The teachers appreciated his class input even though half the time he was wrong, they liked that he tried.

He was actually a chick magnet. You already knew how to up his reputation, rumours. You may have told a friend of yours that taehyung was the love child of a prince and his dad sent him here to keep him undercover…and you may have said this in front of the school’s most notorious rumour spreading hoe, Bethany.


Taehyungs reputation had done a full 180 and it wasn’t even third period yet.

“Taehyung! Do you think you could stay behind after school and help me with my math?” Lisa asked as she approached the two of you with a nervous jisoo.

“Im sorry, i might have plans, but if i don’t ill text you. Write your number here and ill put it in my phone later” he said before winking at her.

As you grabbed books from your locker you refrained from rolling your eyes as a pink blush covered her face.

“okay, bye taehyung” she said before giggling and skipping off with jisoo.

“Bye Taehyung” you mimicked as you closed your locker angrily. He laughed before poking your arm playfully.

“You jealous?” He asked as a smirk graced his face.

“I said nice neighborhood boy, not fuck boy” you said rolling your eyes at his new found confidence.

“You think I enjoy this? You and I both know id rather be sitting at the back, alone” he said as he fixed his hair.

“Whatever, just meet me at my house after school okay” you said. He nodded before the two of you parted ways to get to your next class.

As you sat in your last class of the day, your eyes kept flicking towards the clock.


You faced forward to see Hana turned around towards you.

“Where the fuck have you been” she asked.

“I know, I’m so sorry but i promise its important” you stated.

As Lucifer, your desk buddy examined your answers.

“Y/N your punctuation is appalling. Your sentences are filled with comma splices! You can fix that with a semi-colon, a full stop or even a freaking conjunction” lucifer ranted causing you and Hana too both roll your eyes.

“Lucifer why do you even care, don’t you want to stay the top of the year level?” Hana asked causing Lucifer to roll his eyes.

“Of course I do, but that doesn’t mean I want my friends to be the bottom of the year level” he said flicking your forehead.

“Anyway, that new kid seems pretty cool, I always knew he didn’t seem like the murdering type” Lucifer stated as he passed you your book back.

“I didn’t think so either, I’m glad that people are finally seeing him for who he really is” Hana chirped as you nodded your head happily.

hahaha yer sure thing.

you were about to say something but the sight of jimin hastily packing up his books caught your eye.

“hey jimin, you alright?” you asked with concern as he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Yep, fine, thanks” he said quickly before running out of the classroom.

“whats up with him?” you asked as you turned back to Hana and lucifer.

“didn’t you hear?”

of fucking course, Angel would know. you watched Lucifer roll his eyes before all three of you turned toward her. of course, she was listening to your conversation. you hate when she sits behind you.

“he’s apparently gay” she whispered as if it was taboo.

“And?” Lucifer asked as we all stared at her in confusion “what does that have to do with him rushing out in a panic?” he asked.

“I’m just saying, he’s parents are pastors, don’t you think it’s…kinda of disgraceful?” she asked with a duh-tone.

“what the fuck? what do you mean disgraceful?” you asked as you and Lucifer turned your bodies around to fully face her. this bitch was starting to get on everyone’s nerves.

“As Christians…it’s in the bible” she stated as she shook her head “im basically sinning by breathing the same air as him” she said shaking her head “and don’t get me started on his lesbian best friend, she’s so proud it sickens me” she stated.

you were in shock. you knew Angel was a certified good girl but you actually thought she was kind of alright.

before the three of you could go off on her homophobic ass the bell rang, saving her from humiliation.

as she skipped away you packed your books up in anger.

“and she wonders why people hate Christians, God, I’m a Christian and I hate Christians” Hana said as she joined the angry shoving books in bag club.

“homophobic bitch” lucifer said before getting up and walking out.

You shook it off before walking out the classroom to head towards home when you were stopped.

“Y/N, could you come in here for a second”

Fuck. Mr Kim.

He was a great math teacher, but he had a tendency to be involved in other students lives.

“Okay” you smiled as you pulled out your phone to text taehyung.

‘I’ll be late, Mr Kim wants to talk to me’

“Y/N are you okay, I’ve been worried about you lately” he stated as you both sat down.

Here we go

“Sir I swear I’m fine” you stated as you eyed the clock.


“It’s just that, usually your very vocal in my classes but lately you’ve been…quiet. I know your not the smartest kid in the class but you usually try extremely hard and I was just wondering if everything was okay at home? Considering it’s just you and you father I figured it must be hard for you” he asked as he looked down at you with concern.

“Thank you for your concern sir, but I swear there’s nothing going on. My home life is fine and my dad is more than capable of raising me on his own” you stated through gritted teeth.

Your mum was a little bit of a touchy subject and yes he was your teacher but he had no right to pry.


“No, i didn't mea-”

“I know you didn’t, but sir if you don’t mind i would like to go home now” you said as you stood up with your bag.

“…ill see you tomorrow” he said before gesturing towards the door.

As soon as you stepped out of the classroom and checked my phone you saw 7 missed calls from Taehyung.

You’re dropped as your eyebrows knitted together in worry. What happened? Why did he call you seven times?

As you were about to call him, the caller screen popped up with his name on it.

You answered the phone quickly as you moved away from the classroom you were previously in.

“Taehyung whats wrong?” You asked at almost lightening speed.

All you heard on the other end was extremely heavy breathing.

“I-i-i-its on my hands, i c-cant l-leave” he breathed heavily.

You picked up your speed as you ran through the school.

“What? What do you mean? Where are you?!” You asked worriedly as your heart beat picked up.

“Music room, in the music room” he blurted out.

You made a sharp turn as you sprinted towards the music room.

As you approach the sliding door, you slid it open harshly.

On the floor was a boy from a lower grade his throat was slit and a pool of blood lay around him.

Taehyung was kneeling near the boys head, red blood was dripping from his hands as his eyes were fixated on the cut.

You gasped as you quickly closed the door of the music room.

“What happened?!” You shouted as you gagged repeatedly, the boys eyes were wide as they stared at the ceiling.

“Taehyung what the fuck!” You shouted at him as he moved away from the boy shaking his head.

“I didn’t do anything i swear! I know how this looks but you texted me saying you were still here so i thought id just wait for you! I was wondering around when i heard noise in the music room, i came in and the boy was bleeding from his neck! I-i-i tried to stop it with that cloth b-but it didn’t work!!” He exclaimed back as you paced back and forth in shock.

The skin colour was such a contrast to the red oozing out of it, your forehead was breaking out in sweat and your heart was pumping too loud for your head to think clearly.

“Okay! Okay!you can’t be here, you need to go to my house and stay there, we need an alibi….okay okay i got it. Our story is you were at my house and I was going to meet you there to study, Mr Kim wanted to talk to me so you went ahead, I was walking out when I heard something from the music room and that’s when I found the body” you explained as you pacing sped up.

“But will they believe that?! Y/N im a possible prime suspect and now we have another murder” he said as he tried to wipe the blood off of his hands with his hoodie.

“….your right…we need another person…” you said before wiping out your phone.

“Y/N who are you calling?” He asked worriedly.


“Hana, do you trust me?” You asked as your heart sped up, you knew she was a great best friend and would do anything for you but this might be pushing it.

“Of course I trust you” she answered instantly.

“Great, I need you to go to my house, Taehyung will be there and will explain the whole thing, just….please go along with the story and ill explain later” you said before hanging up the phone.

You took a deep breath as adrenaline was rushing through your body.


“Now go quickly!” You said as taehyung grabbed his stuff.

He ran out the door quickly as you dialled 911.

“MR KIM! MR KIM HELP!” you yelled as you ran towards his classroom, still on the phone.

“911, whats your emergency”

“THERE’S BEEN A MURDER AT ST MARYBOUGHS HIGH” you shouted both at the 911 reception and at your teacher.


“Could you just repeat the story one more time?”

“I was going home to meet up with some friends when mr kim called me into his classroom, after i finished talking to him i remember i forgot my book in my English room, when i had got it i noticed the music room door was open and went to check it out” you repeated as you were sat on a bench outside the school.

“And who were you going home to meet?” He asked

“Kim Taehyung and Jung Hana” you answered as you wiped your tears with the tissues they had given you.

The image of the deceased boy still fresh in your mind.

“Kim taehyung?” He asked curiously as you nodded.

“You can go home Y/N im sure your friends are curious to where you've been” he said sending you on your way.


As you opened the door to your house, you could hear a hushed conversation in the lounge.

As you turned the corner you saw taehyung sitting on the couch with his head in his hands (cleaned of the blood) and Hana standing near the T.v

As soon as she saw you her arms crossed against her chest.

“So the reason why you haven’t been around is that you and him are on a secret mission to prove his innocence and find the real killer” she stated.

You and taehyung looked at each before nodding your head hesitantly.

There was a moment of silence as she looked between the two of you.

“Alright…im in” she shrugged nonchalantly.

You looked at her in shock as taehyung nodded happily.

“It might get dangerous” you warned as you sat next to taehyung.

“If you’re doing it, im doing it and plus, you already have me lying to the authorities” she smirked.

You smiled and shook your head at your best friend. Well, you know what they say, The more the merrier.


A/N: Heyo! this book is also on my wattpad account ( Cupcakemaina12, you should follow me if you wanna…please) so if you see this on there and you’re like the fuck? its me dw :)

Finally leaving!!!!!

I’ve never hated a fandom so much. I’m finally leaving and I’M SO HAPPY. since I’m leaving I’m just gonna say a few things that’s going to sound harsh but at this point I don’t give a shit and I hate mostly everyone in this fandom. FUCK THIS FANDOM. FUCK YOU IF YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO SEND HATE TO PEOPLE.

Fuck V


GOD. I’ve never hated a fandom so much. I’m now leaving and I dont ever want to return. If you follow me for MM shitpost you should stop. I’m just so annoyed about everything in this fandom. Fuck, even if I wanted to vent this shit I’ll get hate for not being a god damn sheep. If I love Rika that’s fine you shouldn’t find the need to make a 5 page post about how I’m wrong. This fandom is such full of hate. If you don’t follow the popular opinion than this fandom sucks. I’m done posting about mm. I hate almost all of you. Everyone who sends hate for liking A FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER should stop using the Internet and get help. I’ve seen SO MANY immature and rude people that I’m pretty sure almost everyone in this fandom is like that. I’m usually not like this but just because I’m leaving I want to state my opinion with 0 bs. People in this fandom get mad of you don’t put a million disclaimers and hearts and smiles everywhere. Even if you do that they’ll hate you. Everyone finds something wrong with anything that they don’t agree with. I’m fucking tired of this shit. I used to love MM but this fandom ruined the game for me. It made me hate certain characters like:






Thanks for ruining one of my favorite games. I wouldn’t take this like this if it WASN’T EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE I look I see awful people and just cringey shit. I cant stand this fandom anymore.

My commentary whilst watching Buzzfeedblue’s “The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House”

Hey… so ive decided ill just do these whenever i feel like it. The video is 3 months old but turns out I never saw the whole thing.

A refresher:

1. this was a joke ship… not so much anymore

2. This post is super long

3. I long for the day I no longer have to cross out the boy in boyfriend when it comes to these two. I mean COME ON, they just seethe domesticity.

4. After a little bit i will stop putting full names, so just know.

R=Ryan and S=Shane


Height Difference™ for the win.


Ryan: “You cant go through the front anymore, you gotta go through the back.”

Me: I know deep down that that wasn’t meant as a euphemism. But…


Me: So you guys arent married.

R&S: No…

Me: But your alone in a haunted house and the first place you go in the house is the nursery?

R: That’s where we ended up going first.

Me: Im watching you two. *seedily looks them up and down clutching adoption papers behind my back*


(i caught him mid shookness)


R:*scared and shook*

S & doll: *Laughing asses off*


R: “…ongoing investigation into the question. Are ghosts real?”

S: *Looks into camera like he is on the office* Things I do for my boyfriend


R: *Telling story*

S: *says something mildly funny to break tension*

R: *Immediately brightens up*

Me:Look at the Smiley Lil Boyfriends™ in the Murder House™


Political Correctness™ is key when ghost-hunting


Me: Sherlock Holmes and Jhon Watson who? I only know Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara.


S: *doesn’t believe*

R: *Builds altar to voice snipping* It proves EVERYTHING.


Me: Are you flirting by…

S: wielding an axe at my boyfriend?

Me: Yes?

S: Well not flirting..

Me: Its flirting.

S: Then yes, I am flirting with Ryan via murder weapon.

Me: Knew it!


Ryan “I think my boyfriend is crazy and that’s exactly what I like about him” Bergara


Quick question… is it just me or is Shane actually letting Ryan do this at his own speed? 

Like Shane didnt even say anything about the lights, Ryan did. And Shane’s response was like a soft “sure”. As if the decision is entirely Ryan’s to make. In all seriousness, that’s some A+ character growth right there.


R:*minorly shook*

Me: its da radiator ya dingus.

S: *Softly indulging Ryan’s shookness*

Me: Awww… look at the Boyfriends being all gay and shit supportive of each other


S: *Talks about murder in a way that makes Ryan laugh*

Me: Im not sure how much fluffier we can get this episode… I think maybe we should stop here. Wait…*shipper senses tingling* I guess not.


*Something seemingly legit paranormal happens*

R: Doubt™

Me: *Legitimately surprised*


Let us just take a moment to Imagine them as fathers of a little girl who’s afraid of monsters under her bed so they spend the night in her room assuring her they are scared equally as shitless as she is. And in the morning, when they are all okay. Shane says something along the lines of “See no monsters, If there where any we would have caught it on camera.”

Ok Resume normal comentary


Ryan “My boyfriend is a complete dork and which is yet another thing I like about him.” Bergara




R: It pisses off the ghost if you take his money.

S: yEET i fiNa piSS oF sOmE gHoSt

Me: *Not surprised just, a little disappointed*

S: Im only doing this to piss of the ghost, not because I want the money.

Me: *No longer dissapointed, still not surprised*


Me: This must a new type of foreplay ive never heard of, because you guys have been flirting this ENTIRE VIDEO.


S: *Immediately sits down with all of body facing Ryan*

Me: Not boyfriends…

S: Makes joke exclusively to make Ryan Laugh

Me: …sure.


Me: Uh… Ryan…


Me: Your kinky gay fantasy is showing

S: Awkward…


R: I feel the Haunt

Me: is that all your feeling?


Me: What do creepy children sound like to you?

R&S: British



S: oh shit



Me: Romantic? Creepy? … Why not both?



R: *shooketh… but for good reason*


Me: … Wait a sec… your… sleeping… here. THEY ARE GONNA SLEEP IN TH SAME BED AREN’T THEY… I CAN FEEL THE FRICKING DOMESTICITY FROM HERE *vibrates with excitement and anticipation*


Me: Shady Shit™


Me: You seem a little impatient there Shane. Just want to crawl into bed and cuddle your boyfriend sleep?


1. Domestic Ghost-hunting™

2. He actually is doing what Shane would do, but different.


Me:Now… Im not saying it looks like your imagining Ryan straddling you but…


Me: Yeah give me that gay shit

Me to Me: No… But Murdering is bad.

Me: But so is homophobia… actually on second thought, WHO THE FUCK IS WRITING LIZZIE BORDEN FANFICTION… LIKE, WHY?

Me: Not saying that Lizzie wasn’t hecka gay. Just that maybe don’t romanticize gruesome murders. 


Me: Welcome to “Relizing your domesticity” with our guests Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. 

(+ Flirts Good bants)



(Fight me, They look married)


Me: His eyes look cool in the night vision. Creepy, but cool.


Look at the sleepy boyfriends sharing a bed.

Me: Just share the fucking blanket. It wont friggin kill you. GEEZ


Me: This is NOT what waking up next to your boyfriend is like? Hm… okie dokie then.

(also A+ for the first screengrab, it looks kinda cute and romantic. Like they where a cheesy couple and shit)


They are looking directly into the black hole sun that is shyan.


Cute and Creepy, just the way they like it.


This long ass post brought to you by:

i mean buzzfeed unsolved

link to video here

link to master post here

So I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while but never got around to it, sooo why not?! My very first FF! (It’s a combination of this blog and my marrish blogs.) Yeah so anyway here are a pretty amazing bunch of people I highly recommend! I know I missed a bunch of people but I cant keep up with all the url changes *sigh*

p.s. I got lazy and stopped putting it in semi-alphabetical order so yeah there’s a little bit of cluster

Top 3 (in no particular order) – I tend not to use the word “love” but if I did…

@adelindschade: My soulmate tbh!! Same fandoms, same faves. Odds are, if she’s shipping it, so am I. Cass is like my other half. Match made in Heaven, honestly. We may not talk all the time anymore, but I know I can talk to her about literally anything. She just gets me.

@himynamesryan: My best friend, my fellow pizza enthusiast. Ten years seems like a really long time to know a person, but I couldn’t think of a better person to spend all my free time talking to. Even after all this time I’m still learning so much about you, and that’s pretty awesome. We need to hang out asap and finally have that pizza eating contest hah! (I’ll win, just so we’re clear.) Alsoooo happy birthday again Ry!

@lightlaced-jace: Gif wars have never been more fun than they are with this one! I must admit, I’ve lost a few times, but what can ya do lol. Also, it won’t be so easy next time around!


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popstar AU drabble

something i scribbled at work during the water shortage

(rose’s and dirk’s handle abbrvs are the same and i can’t use their colors but it’s pretty obvious in the narrative when the switch happens) 

Strider: Have A Fashion Emergency 

TG: my god this is asinine
TG: youd think with a wardrobe the size of a manhattan apartment and a team of professional stylists and a gazillion labels sending me free shit all the time id actually have something decent to drape over my meat puppet

TT: You’d think.

TG: what do you even wear on a date rose
TG: i dont go on dates im not a date guy

TT: Are you asking what I wear on dates specifically? Because I am not lending you another dress.
TT: You are catastrophically hard on clothes.

TG: you mean that time at the grammys because that was not my fault

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[ d r a b b l e m a s t e r l i s t ]

m a i n   m a s t e r l i s t

d r a b b l e l i s t - please see here to check what numbers are available 

❋ - fluff

♠︎ - angst

  1. I don’t want you to be alone right now | wonpil (+5)
  2. No one can hurt me like you can
  3. Do you ever follow directions?
  4. Ask if I’m okay, just once? | sungjin ♠︎/❋ 
  5. Don’t shut me out okay? | wonpil (+1)
  6. Just take a break.
  7. You’re stuck with me.
  8. Do you even care about me anymore.
  9. And we were going so well…
  10. I tried so hard to not fall for you but guess what? i failed.
  11. You’re holding me back | dowoon ♠︎/❋
  12. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.
  13. We’re in this together | wonpil (+49) ❋
  14. What would you have changed?
  15. Don’t take another step | sungjin (+24) ♠︎
  16. I just cant do this anymore.
  17. Stop just calm down.
  18. Stop you’re making me too soft.
  19. I don’t want this to be our last.
  20. Just hear me out.
  21. I can’t move on.
  22. You’re trying too hard.  | wonpil ❋
  23. I can’t put this nicely … | sungjin (+46)
  24. Please fix this | sungjin (+15)
  25. I know I’m not a great friend.
  26. I’ve ordered takeout, the door’s unlocked | dowoon (+44) ♠︎/❋
  27. Please tell me that you didn’t say yes.
  28. The lengths I go to just for you.. | Jae (+42) ❋
  29. How do I put up with you.. | sungjin
  30. A piece of me died that day.
  31. You took a piece of my heart with you when you walked out that door.
  32. Is that how much I mean to you.
  33. Your perfume is nice but must you bathe in it | dowoon
  34. I always disliked that about you.
  35. We’re a team, I can’t do this without you.
  36. I could so beat you | wonpil
  37. Fight me peasant | jae 
  38. What you see is what you get.
  39. Must you make a scene. | jae ❋ 
  40. I was kind of hoping for something edible …
  41. Please just come home | youngk ❋ 
  42. I’m too into you.| Jae (+28) ❋
  43. Out of all the people in the world, why’d I get you.
  44. Don’t tell a girl not to cry | dowoon (+26)
  45. I didn’t think we were that serious.
  46. Just make a move already | sungjin (+ 23)
  47. Hey, I like my (pink) sweater! | wonpil
  48. I don’t want you to go but I can’t ask you to stay.
  49. I didn’t ask for your help | wonpil (+13) ❋
  50. Let’s end this.

ive mentioned this before but i Absolutely want a human au where darkstripe is a youtuber who has like. 800,000+ subscribers and he just does the dumbest, stupidest shit all the time. he has a series he films where he just fucking microwaves stuff people suggest him.

“hey dude microwave a bag of doritos” “hey can u microwave a bunch of bananas” “just put a bunch of batteries in there”

he does it and he’ll be like “ok so my friend tigerstar is here to help w/ safety bc he uh. knows stuff about cleaning stuff up”

u just see tigerstar in the background like “yo” and darkstripe then puts a shit ton of stuff in his microwave, it explodes, he films the aftermath, tosses it outside and films it on the ground, buries it

all the while this vid is being watched by mapleshade w/ complete scorn, she’s frowning like “i cant believe this dumbass” and she yells at him in the comments and tells him she’s gonna unsubscribe and doesnt want him in her recommended feed anymore

The Demon Next Door CH 2

Days, weeks, and months passed since the first night. Ten drew me in countless times and every time, I would want him more and more. As soon as it was over, however, I felt horrible. I was tired. Tired of being his.

About 2 months after he claimed me as his, I started to have nightmares. I saw the same place every night. It was dark, engulfed in flames. I almost always found myself in a building looking outwards at the devastation. Death. It was everywhere. It was driving me insane. This had to stop.

It was 3 in the morning on a quiet night when I woke up with a start. I was in cold sweat and my breathing was heavy. It seemed as if this was the hundredth time I had dreamt this dream. I couldnt take it anymore. Without a second thought, I found myself running out to Ten’s house. I frantically knocked on his door.
“Ten!” I cried. “Open the door!” Not moments, later he was before me.
“Wow, I didnt even have to call you over this time” He ran a hand through his hair and yawned.
“I cant do this anymore” I stared him down.
“I dont recall you having a choice,” Ten snickered.
“TEN IM SERIOUS!” I yelled. Ten noticed my tone and his expression faltered. He quickly pulled me inside and closed the door.
“What are you doing?!” I pulled my arm away.
“Do you want to wake up the whole neighborhood?” Ten asked. I sighed and shook my head. “Now what’s with this all of a sudden?”
“I dont want to do this anymore” I spat out.
“Like I told you before, you dont have a say” Ten put his hands in his sweatpant pockets. I glared up at him.
“Ten, I CANT do this. I feel like Im dying,” I said through gritted teeth.
“Really?” Ten suddenly pushed me against the wall. He lowered his head so that his lips were hovering over my neck. “Because when you scream my name, you sound more alive than ever” He kissed my neck, causing me to shudder. I pushed him away quickly before I gave in again. He stared at me with his red eyes and I shrunk down.
“Stop doing that” I mumbled. “I see enough red when I sleep”
“What?” He raised a brow. His voice was more authoritative and I was a bit too startled to reply. “What do you mean?”
“I-Ive been having nightmares” I looked up at him. Its been a month and i feel like Im going crazy..I-I Ten I cant do this"
“What do you see?” Ten asked, grabbing both my wrists. He seemed alot more serious than he usually was.
“I…I see death…in this place thats full of fire and monsters….Im always stuck in a black building looking out at everyone suffering..” I looked up at Ten. His eyes were red again but as soon as his gaze caught mine, they turned brown again.
“This isnt good” Ten let go of me, “Youre connected.”
“Im what?” I was confused. What did he mean by connected?
“Do you love me?” He blurted.
“No,” I immediately said. “Why do yo-”
“Have you met any other demon?” Ten asked.
“No, Ten what-” I started.
“When was the last time you-” Ten began.
It was my turn to interrupt him.
“Ten!” I exclaimed, causing him to stop. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Ten’s expression became stern.

“I think youre pregnant”

My eyes widened and I stumbled back against the door.
“But you said there was no chance…” I stared up at him.
“No. I said there was less than a 1% chance” Ten corrected.
“Ten dont fuck with me!” I cried.
“Im sorry” He looked down.

I had to get out of there. I turned around to open the door but it suddenly clicked closed. I still tried to open it, pulling frantically. I was getting hysterical and fell to my knees. I was sobbing now.
“Let me go,”
“I cant”
“I want to leave”
“You cant”

“Why?!” I screamed.
“They’re coming after you,” Ten grimly stated. I looked up him through watery eyes.
“Who,” I questioned.
“The supreme,” Ten responded. “They deal with important affairs next to the king and queen of the underworld.”
“Why would they care? You said plenty of demons go out and capture women. This cant be so uncommon if its happening to us” I hysterically stated.
“First, this is extremely uncommon and second, not all demons are heir to the throne,” Ten knelt down to get at my eyelevel. I stared at him in disbelief for I couldnt find the words to say. “They’re going to kill you” I felt my heart drop and my thoughts clouded my judgement. I lurched forward so that Ten was on the ground and i was above him.
“Why couldnt you just leave me alone!” I screamed and hit his chest. Ten did nothing to stop me and let me continue hitting him until I was too tired to do anything. Thats when he sat up.
“Theres another way,” His hands caught mine, locking them in place. I looked into his red-again eyes and waited for him to continue. “I have to mark you”
“M-Mark me? I shook at the possibilities of what he had to do to ‘mark me’.
"In order for a demon to stay with a human forever, he or she must mark them. Once this has happened, that human can not be targeted by other demons but the one who marked them can’t return home either” He explained.
“F-forever?” That word stuck with me.
“We’ll never separate,” Ten’s eyes became brown again. “Now whats your choice?”
“I actually have a choice?” I stared straight at him.
“Marking has to be consensual or it can not occur” Ten nodded. “So whats it going to be ___. Death by surpreme or eternity with me and our child”


I glanced down at my stomach. There was a baby in me. What would it become? Could I love it?

“___,” Ten brought me back from the trance. “ I wouldnt be surprised if the Surpreme already caught wind of our intetions so I need an answer.” Thousands of thought flew through my mind before the answer was clear.

“Mark me.”

I thought I saw Ten smile but I couldnt be sure. He lifted me up so I was standing and led me to a black door. He opened it and pulled me inside. We were walking into a basement of some sort but unlike normal basements, this one had a giant black, wooden table in the middle. Ten let go of me and started to rummage through one of the many cabinets in the room. He pulled out a round container filled with a red substance before making his way to the table. He popped off the cap and took the liquid onto his fingers. I watched as he wrote something in unreadable letters across the table. Once finished, Ten ushered me over to him. He grabbed my arm and drew a symbol over it before doing the same to himself.
“It’s ready” Ten’s eyes began to glow again as he started to recite some kind of ritual. His eyes locked themselves onto mine and I couldnt look away.

His words suddenly stopped after a few moments. I noticed that our symbols were now glowing along with the message on the table.
“Ten…” his name softly rolled off my tongue.
“We’re almost done,” Ten reached up to touch my face. Slowly, he inched forward until his lips were on mine. This kiss was different from all the others. It was soft and gentle. I found myself melting into it and my hands reached out to grab Ten’s arms. But then suddenly, it felt off. I tried to pull away from Ten but he held me tightly. Something pushed itself inside me, like a spirit. I couldnt move as i felt it move all through my body before settling into my bones.

Ten pulled away, looking down at my shaken being.
“Its done,” he sighed.
“What…was..” my hands let go of him.
“The demonic root.” Ten stated. “ its an entity that each demon male is born with it and once he finds the person he must be with, he transfers it over, making that person his forever. The entity protects the beholder but its only as strong as the one it was tranferred from.”
“Then what about you? W-whos protecting you now?” I questioned.
“No one. But to be honest, I never needed that thing. Im strong enough with out it,” Ten responded. I nodded at his words.
“What now…” I mumbled.
“I dont know…” Ten sighed.