i cant make gifs i know

Congratulations, how could you be so cute.


Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune


make me choose:
@xatsushis asked: rukia kuchiki or arima kishou


“i feel so lucky to have existed at the same time as you, clearly the odds were in my favor for once.“


both of these are so bad I can’t animate to save my life.

edit: I tried to fix the animation for the second one because it bothered me to no end. It still does tbh


ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC feat. daoko (Teddyloid Mega Remix)


The Reason(s) I love Choi Youngjae

“Shy shy, I’m so shy” - CYJ (ASC)

The way he gets embarrassed and tries to hide himself: His hands curl, his body curls, he falls to the ground, and sometimes makes cute noises or he just runs away [x] He is also shy and when he first debuted was very quiet during interviews (and still kinda is) (*ノ▽ノ)

Countdown to Youngjae’s 20th(21st) Birthday 9/17

The way he pushes or hits people nearby (*´∇`*)/☆(ノ>_<)ノ:


And whatever JB did this cuteness is (。・・。):


© 뽐냥갱°♢°


are bellamy and monty going to search for clarke so the mount massacre squad can be reunited?


you need  f e a r  to have courage