i cant look at these pics right now

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Modern day Pokémon Trainer looks.


Jared posted a lovely pic of him and Genevieve for new years. At first glance it’s a cute picture of Jared and his wife.


Cute right? But look harder…..


Now, I don’t know about you. But I’m pretty sure that’s Danneel in the background opening the door.

(I mean I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am lol.)

If Danneel is there, then you cant bet Jensen is too.

I bet he’s who took the picture of Jared and Gen lol.


Our boys can’t spend one day apart from each other! ;)

(I still don’t understand how Het’s can deny that these two men are together. I laugh every single time, I see someone denying it. These two men spend SO MUCH time together that it isn’t normal (unless their in a relationship.) there is a such thing as being close to someone and that’s completely fine. Then’s there’s CLOSE, like Jared and Jensen are. Who spend damn near every day that they have off together. (And you’d think they have day’s off they’d want to go home to their ‘Wives’ that they say they miss so much and kids. But instead they spend the weekend skiing together without their lovely spouses.)

Take it for what you will folks.


- K