i cant live anymore too cute

Honestly who tf should give a shit about whether jimin has abs or not. Like wat if he doesnt have time to exercise as much anymore, what if hes too tired, too exhausted. Or better yet, what if hes finally comfortable with his own body. Like srlsly everyone has given him shit since day 1 and hes worked so damn hard to live up to everyones standards. His confindence has been glowing, like we see it - the amount of selfies he posts now compared to 2 years ago is mammoth (and i aint complaining). We cant just shut him down like this. tbh i think his lil stomach is hella cute, it just shows hes human really. He doesnt even have rolls, and his stomach still probably doesnt protrude when he sits down, so ppl chilllll. If hes happy, we’re happy. #jiminyoureperfect