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nearly 200 writing prompts // feel free to reblog


1: “ Give me a chance. ”
2: “ Not you again.. ”
3: “ Leave me alone. ”
4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”
5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
6: “ I lost the baby. ”
7: “ I thought you loved me. ”
8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”
9:“ I can’t believe you! ”
10: “ We cant keep this up forever. ”
11: “ You’re a monster. ”
12: “ I hate you. ”
13: “ Don’t leave me… ”
14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”
15: “ Don’t die on me– Please. ”
16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”
17: “ Are you upset with me? ”
18: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
19: “ I’m going to kill you! ”
20: “ Please don’t hurt me like this. ”
21: “ Thanks for nothing. ”
22: “ Dont call this number again. “
23: “ Why did you spare me? ”
24: “ You need to leave. ”
25: “ I’m sick. ”
26: “ I’m dying. ”
27: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
28: “ I thought we were family!”
29: “ There was never an us. ”
30: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”
31: “ I fucked up. ”
32: “ I came to say goodbye. ”
33:“ He’s dead because of you. ”
34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”
35: “ About the baby… Its yours. ”


36: “ I’m so in love with you. ”
37: “ Dance with me! ”
38: “ Isn’t this amazing? ”
39: “ I wish we could stay like this forever. ”
40: “ Will you marry me? ”
41: “ I’m pregnant. ”
42: “ I need a hug. ”
43: “ You’re special to me. ”
44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”
45: “ Do you trust me? ”
46: “ Can I kiss you right now? ”
47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”
48: “ I’ve liked you for awhile now. ”
49: “ Lets have a baby. ”
50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
51: “ I want to take care of you. ”
52: “ Can we cuddle? ”
53: “ It’s lonely here without you. ”
54: “ I can’t stand the thought of loosing you. ”
55: “ Shut up and kiss me already. ”
56: “ Are you flirting with me? ”
57: “ Is that my shirt? ”
58: “ How did we get here? ”
59: “ You own my heart. ”
60: “ You’d be a great dad. ”
61: “ You’d be a great mom. ”
62: “ I want to protect you. ”
63: “ Whats the matter? ”
64: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
65: “ Did you do something different with your hair? ”
66: “ Is that a new perfume? ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”
69: “ You’re teasing me again… ”
70: “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”
71: “ You’re the best! ”
72: “ They’re going to love you, don’t worry! ”
73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”
74: “ Of course I remembered! ”
75: “ You’re one hell of a girl. ”
76: “ You’re one hell of a guy. ”
77: “ Are you jealous? ”
78: “ Hold me and never let me go. ”
79: “ Stop hogging all the blankets! ”
80: “ Lets run away together. ”


90: “ Catch me if you can! ”
91: “ I’m fine. ”
92: “ Are you drunk? ”
93: “ Are you high? ”
94: “ We cant go in there… ”
95: “ Give it back! ”
96: “ Well this is just great. ”
97: “ Don’t touch me. ”
98: “ Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person. ”
99: “ This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
100: “ I didn’t do it! ”
101: “ I did it… ”
102: “ I don’t remember that! ”
103: “ Well that’s pretty rude of you to say. ”
104: “ Get that thing away from me! ”
105: “ You owe me. ”
106: “ Do you believe in aliens? ”
107: “ Do you believe in ghosts? ”
108: “ Are you hitting on me? ”
109: “ Why are you naked? ”
110: “ You did what?! ”
111: “ You have… Superpowers? ”
112: “ Why are you bleeding? ”
113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”
114: “ Don’t make me come over there myself! ”
115: “ That wasn’t funny. ”
116: “ This tastes horrible. ”
117: “ This is delicious! ”
118: “ Are you mad at me? ”
119: “ Stop ignoring me… ”
120: “ I love that show too! ”
121: “ Can I borrow that book of yours?”
122: “ Lets blow this joint. ”
123: “ Let me help you with that. ”
124: “ Take that back! ”
125: “ Wanna go see a movie with me? ”
126: “ No way, that’s so lame. ”
127: “ What are you listening to? ”
128: “ I brought you your coffee. ”
129: “ Don’t fuck this up. ”
130: “ Run! ”
131: “ Lets run away together. ”
132: “ I haven’t slept in four days… ”
133: “ Your turn to do the dishes. ”
134: “ Was I really that drunk? ”
135: “ Was I really that stoned? ”
136: “Give me back my phone! ”
137: “ You’re an asshole. ”
138: “ Are you cold? ”
139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”
140: “ I swear my house is haunted. ”
141: “ Did you hear that? ”
142: “ It’s just your imagination. ”
143: “ Just how stupid do you think I am? ”
144: “ Stop being such a baby. ”
145: “ Go back to bed. ”
146: “ Are you okay? ”
147: “ I can take care of myself just fine.”
148: “ Thanks for helping me back there. ”
149: “ Since when have we ever been friends? ”
150: “ What on earth are you wearing? ”
151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”
152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ”
153: “ Put me down! ”
154: “ There’s only one bed… ”
155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”
156: “ How did I loose it? ”
157: “ I read your diary. ”
158: “ This is awkward. ”
159: “ Didn’t you read the sign? ”
160: “ Do you think you can teach me that? ”

Below is NSFW prompts.
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161: “ Bite me. ”
162: “ Make me. ”
163: “ Fuck me. ”
164: “ Stop teasing me so much… ”
165: “ Do you like it when I touch you like that?”
166: “ Okay.. This is new. ”
167: “ Want to head back to my place and have a little fun? ”
168: “ You’re in trouble now. ”
169: “ What a pretty sight. ”
170: “ Bend over. ”
171: “ On your knees. ”
172: “ The food looks great but.. There’s something much more delicious i’d like to eat right now. ”
173: “ Lay back. ”
174: “ Take off your clothes. ”
175: “ Well, fine; just this once. ”
176: “ I’m waiting. ”
177: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
178:“ As you wish. ”
179: “ First one to make a noise looses.”
180: “ You have no idea what you do to me. ”
181: “ If you’re bored; Wanna have sex? ”
182: “ Ive wanted this for so long. ”
183: “ Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies. ”
184: “ Can I touch you? ”
185: “ Open up. ”
186: “ No strings attached. ”
187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”
188: “ Mine. ”
189: “ The nights still young. ”
190: “ We cant do that here! ”
191: “ Behave. ”
192:“ What did you just say? ”
193: “ Good girl. ”
194: “ Good boy. ”
195: “ Come here. ”

can you believe it? i actually made it to 4k+ followers! i’m as shocked as you all. i just want to thank everyone for following me through the random fandom changes. you guys are really the best and i look forward to all the new followers i get from this day on! ♥ i’m such a lucky girl and i’ve made it this far thanks to all my lovely followers. you guys deserve all the credit. now that’s move on from all the mushy stuff lol. also since when did half of the people i follow follow me back. i must be in the twilight zone.

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cut yourself some slack, hero. you’re doing your best, you don’t have to carry the weight of the world solely on your tired shoulders.

I’m shiny hunting Rowlet with the masuda method while watching videos to help me study… I don’t even count the eggs anymore I think like I’m up to 350 or something and that’s not even a lot? I even watched shiny Rowlet videos to keep me going omfg my life is a disaster isn’t it lmao

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Overstimulation with harry, he's made you cum 5 times already and he keeps pleasuring you to the point that it hurts so good and you telling him that it's too much but he keeps going and says, "shhhh baby you're okay. Now be a good girl and cum for daddy, I know you still have a couple more in you before I tie you up."

I cant take it anymore, I just might die if he goes any farther. Harry has already gone down on you 5 times and Harry just won’t stop there.

“Harry, no more I can’t take anymore” I say pushing harrys head away 

“shhhh baby you’re okay. Now be a good girl and cum for daddy, I know you still have a couple more in you before I tie you up.” Harry says and smirks, pushing me back down

He goes right back to his business, right on my pussy. He pulls my legs apart and smiles before going back down. He starts to kiss my thighs getting lower and lower. He gets face to face with my pussy and goes right in and starts to attack my clit.

“OH MY GOD HARRY” I yell out and reach my hand down to his head

“You like that baby” He says and giggles

“yes soooo much” I say tugging him back in

He goes back and is working faster on my clit, licking faster up and down. He plunges his tongue right into my hole and it makes my body jurt back. He pulled back and stuffs his face right back in.

“Harry I am gonna cum, I am so close oh my god” I yell out and start to shake a bit

“Yes baby cum for daddy” Harry says smirking and going down on my clit

Just then I cum all over his tongue, my body failing and shaking so bad from what he just did to me. I lay there completely still, as harry climbs back on the bed next me. He cuddles up next to me waiting for me to be okay and for us to continue. But at this point i dont know how I can go on at this point. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I read your post about Russian names, and I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but you didn't really talk about how a student, or someone young, would address Yakov and Lilia (Otabek addressing Yakov, for instance, or one of Lilia's students addressing Lilia). So could you please explain how one of Yakov or Lilia's students might address them, directly or when talking about them to someone else, and how they would be addressed by people who are the same age as them but not friends?

Hi!  Luckily this is pretty straightforward. Students address their teachers as their First Name + Patronym as a show of respect, so in school and to their coaches. Otabek would address Yakov as Yakov [Patronym] and the same with one of Lilia’s students to Lilia. This rule applies for both when they are talking directly to their coach and talking about them to someone else. I have a guide post on patronyms here if you need references on how to deal with this. Don’t ask me why even Yuri P. calls Yakov by just his first name; maybe this just unlocks the backstory to why he’s called the Russian Punk.

As a side note, teachers call their students by their diminutives, but not by their colloquial diminutives or pet names really. Yakov and Lilia should be calling Yuri Yura/some other diminutive of Yuri more often.

As for how other people their age address Yakov/Lilia, that still depends. First Name + Patronym is pretty standard and considering how old they are (Yakov’s 70), that’s probably pretty much how they’re always addressed by non-friends. They might be called by just their first name among colleagues, but seriously they’re pretty old and referring to colleagues by just the first name is more recent than them. So, stick with First Name + Patronym honestly.


Teachers/Coaches:  First Name + Patronym
Students:  Diminutive
Non-friends for Old People™:  First Name + Patronym

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imagine: Jack is doing a live stream when we start hearing giggles. at first he doesn't even notice them. He suddenly hears it and his eyes grow big and he gets up and throws his chair at the wall thinking her sees something. He sees "nothing is there" and falls to his knees quietly crying. Why do you keep doing this? What do you want? Please don't do this again.. P-please go away... i honestly cant take it anymore. Then he sees he is still live and jumps up to end it leaving us here to worry...

YO OKAY idk if any of you watch Glam & Gore but she LITERALLY faked a livestream, so like..if Jack were to somehow figure out how to do that? This could be super rad

‘Her” - Evgeni Malkin

Requested - Yessss indeed wonderful idea i loved it!

Warnings - Cheating so scandalous

I stared at the television as he had her on his arm being interviewed for the first time of the night. They had just won the Stanley Cup for the second time in a row. Yet he claimed he loved you, he was still appearing with her. It always broke your heart to see him with someone else, and lying about it to the world. It was a few hours after everything ended until you have a small knock on your door.

Walking to your door you look through the peephole and a smile writes across your face. Unlocking the door opening it you jump right into his arms giving him a congratulatory kiss.

“I’m so proud of you.” You whispered into his ear wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him in for another kiss. He gripped you tight giving you kisses behind your ears and on your neck. “You know I love you right?”

He set you down and looked at you with a perplexed look. You turn on your heels and walk to the couch sitting on the end waiting for him to join you. Walking over to you the look still hasn’t changed from his face but he sat next to you.

“Of course, I love you too Y/N.” He leaned back in the sofa. “Why do you ask?”

“Her.” Your face fell to the floor and he instantly knew who you’re talking about. “You’re still with her.”

“Y/N I love you, with all my heart. I will alw-“  He tried to explain himself before you interrupted him in midsentence.

“Yes, but you’re still with her. How can you love me but be with someone else?” You protested. “How can you love me, but tell her that you love her every day and tell me the same thing?”

“Y/N-“ Geno tried to interject but you wouldn’t let him.

“I cant keep going on with this relationship knowing that one night you’re with me and another your with her. I cant keep telling myself that one day its going to be just me and you and then I look on the television and see her in the spot I want to be in. I cant keep this secret, I cant even tell my parents or my friends, I cant go in public and kiss the man I love.” You started to cry as he stared at you blankly not knowing what to say. “I cannot play this game anymore. I love you Evgeni.”

You get up from your seat and go to the front door. Opening it and standing inside gesturing for him to leave.

“You want me to go?” He questioned getting up from the sofa. You nodded your head and he obliged. “This was supposed to be a good night..”

“Congratulations on your win, I hope you succeed in your future endeavors.” He leaned down to kiss you but you quickly moved not letting him make a move on you. You heard him scoff as he left letting you close the door.

This time the tears wouldn’t stop. Your face was being stained red from the frustration and the cries coming from your body. You ran to your room crawling onto your bed soaking your pillow. Knowing you will never be with him again. He would never choose you over her. He would be risking to much to be with you.

As the night passed you fell asleep in your clothes that you had worn the whole day. Somewhere in the night you felt the bed go down slightly. You never opened your eyes to exhausted from the crying and the drama that took place.

The sun shined through the curtains and you felt a pressure around your waist. Looking down you see a familiar arm. Sighing to yourself you reach for your phone. Thousands of messages and notifications from all social media. Opening Instagram you see @E.MALKIN71GENO  tagged you in a post. Your heart began racing as you open the picture. It was a picture of you sleeping and him next to you last night. You scrolled down to the caption and it read ‘I choose you @Y/User/N’ Wanting to look at the comments you noticed they were off so nobody had a say in what his choice was.

Looking over at him made you heart flutter, you wanted to cry happy tears but you were all cried out from last night. You nuzzle yourself into him and he squeezed you tighter as he slept.

1. Do you not think about the way things use to be?

2. we use to be so close.. how can you not think of me anymore?

3. did anything you say ever even mean anything?

4. Its not fair, its just not fair. All I can ever do is think of you and I can’t stop, I don’t know how to keep going when all I can think about is how you don’t love me anymore.

5. you use to text me I love you in all caps lock, and now you cant even pick up the phone. How the fuck  does that happen?

6. I think of you, and you think of her. How is that fair? I deserve better, and you deserve better. Isn’t it funny how we both can’t see it?

7. People keep talking about you and asking me about you, I don’t know what to say when they asked me what happened

8. I mean what happened? please tell me, I’m still trying to understand

9. All I can say is, I thought we had something that wasn’t there…

10. I thought you loved me back, but you really didnt..

11. look, I just want things to be like they were, I know its been months but if you loved me once cant you love me again? I don’t even give a damn if its pretend, I just need to feel something again. I just need to see your name pop up in my phone again. I need to hear your voice. I just fucking want you to care about me again.

12. why did you ever stop? I feel like I cant breathe all the time.

13. Where did it all go wrong?

14. please just pick up the phone, I just want to hear your voice.

15. I just miss you so much, it hurts so bad.

16. Its been months, why do I still feel the same way I did when you left?

17. I just want to stop hurting. I hate seeing you, I hate not being with you. I hate not even being your friend.

18. I wish I can tell you how I really feel.

19. I never told you how I really felt, we fell apart before I could and now its too late, maybe if you knew you would of stayed?

20. then again, I don’t think anything would of made you stay.

21. for what its worth, I am truly, completely, in love with you. and I don’t know how to get out.

—  21 texts I didn’t send 
‘Oh, Shut Up.’ x Bellamy Blake

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requested by anon ; Hi :) I would like to request a bellamy image: murphy is rly rude to reader and keeps insulting her. bellamy cant stand it anymore and protects her. fluff pls! thanks! ; hope you like it! 

‘Hey, [Y/N], are you going to do anything or are you just going to sit there?’ Murphy said, well screamed actually, while walking over to [Y/N]. She had helped some guys out with setting up the fence that would have to protect them from any people living on earth. She had been tilting heavy beams, hurting her back in the process and was now taking a break. But of course Murphy only notices her when she isn’t doing anything. He had been picking on her the moment they set foot on earth.
‘I’m actually taking a break right now?’ [Y/N] answered, knowing she’d better hold back any sarcastic comments.
‘A break from like, what? An hour? Get your lazy ass up, or we all will be dead by night because you,’ Murphy was now standing right in front of her, poking his finger harshly in her shoulder, ‘were too lazy to do anything!’
‘That’s not really –’
‘I don’t need to hear your excuses, [Y/N], just get to work, or I will make you.’ Murphy took out his knife, holding it so the sunshine was reflecting on it. [Y/N] swallowed hard, looking down to avoid eye contact. Until now Murphy had mostly just threatened her, but she saw how he had used that knife before. ‘You lazy pig.’ He muttered.
‘Oh, shut up, Murphy.’ [Y/N] immediately looked up, and saw Bellamy walking towards them, while putting on his shirt. ‘If anyone’s a lazy pig around here, it’s you. Leave [Y/N] alone, she has done enough work for today.’
‘But Bellamy –’
‘If I were you, I’d shut up.’ Bellamy said, looking at Murphy. He stood a bit taller to make clear who actually was in charge of the place.
‘Yeah, whatever,’ Murphy said, giving [Y/N] one last glance.
‘Thanks.’ [Y/N] whispered, as soon as Murphy was gone. She took a seat on one of the tree stumps.
‘That’s all right. He’s been giving you a hard time for a while now, huh? I’ll make sure he won’t do that again.’ Bellamy smiled, taking a seat next to her. [Y/N] quickly made some more space by shuffling away from him. But that wasn’t really helping since Bellamy shuffled along with her.
‘Eh, he has, actually. But it’s okay –’
‘It’s not. You’ve been doing so much work. You deserve a break.’
[Y/N] had no clue what to say to that, so she just stayed quiet. She had never really talked to Bellamy, but she did admire how he was keeping it all together, how he kept everybody going. If he hadn’t been here, most of us had been dead already.
‘And with a break, I mean, maybe a, eh, date with me? I know we can barely even go on a date here, but maybe I can like mock something up?’ [Y/N] looked up at Bellamy, because he had to be joking. But he wasn’t. His eyes sparkled a little and his cheeks were a shade of red. It softened up his ‘I’m the leader, and you’ll do what I want’ – look. And [Y/N] was kinda liking it.
‘Wait, what?’ She asked, just to be sure that he wasn’t joking.
‘I know it’s not really a great idea,’ he laughed. ‘But I think you and I both can use a short break.’
‘I can’t disagree with that one.’ [Y/N] muttered, the image of blood and sharp knifes playing in her head.
‘So … That’s a yes?’ Bellamy smiled bride.
‘I guess.’ [Y/N] could do nothing but smile back. ‘But, why? Why me?’
‘Why not?’ Bellamy said, looking down now. ‘I’ve liked you for a while now, actually. Remember that one year on The Ark where we could do a secret Valentine?’ [Y/N] nodded, she did remember that day. They had thought it’d be a good idea. But it immediately had been the last year since a girl had freaked out when her boyfriend didn’t send her anything. [Y/N] had in fact received one pink note, and until today she’d never knew from whom it was. ‘Well, eh, I send you that note. I wanted to tell you, that it was me, but I was too scared. And then we got send to earth and everything became a mess.’
‘That was you?’ [Y/N] frowned.
‘Yes,’ Bellamy laughed, getting that shade of red on his cheeks again. ‘But we’ll have time enough to talk about this tonight. I’ll come and pick you up at your tent.’ He smiled, stood up, and hesitated for a moment, before he turned back around to face [Y/N]. ‘I would say put on something cute, but it’s not like we have loads of clothes, and you already look cute anyway.’ Bellamy grinned, gave her a wink and then walked away.
[Y/N] stared at Bellamy, not sure what to say or do.
‘Hey, [Y/N] –’ she heard Murphy scream, but [Y/N] turned around, flipped him off and went to her tent.


The way she stands there so innocent is so tempting

I just wanna carry her to my room and lay her on my bed

I wanna handcuff her arms to my bed frame and gently blindfold her

I want to slowly kiss down her body from her ears that i will nibble on like a sweet chocolate to her sweet thighs so perfectly wrapped around me

I will slowly slide her panties down her legs as i kiss down her legs so gently

I want to kiss around your cute little pussy until the shivers are shooting down your spine

I will slowly move closer and closer until i give you just the slightest kiss

I will start making love to your pussy with my mouth

I want every last drop of you in my mouth, i want all of you 

I wanna hear hear her sweet moans slowly slipping out of her mouth until she cant keep it in anymore

I want to hear the build up of her until she cant take it anymore

I want to hear her scream my name as I am licking and loving every part of her little pussy

I want her to release anything she has kept in i want it all

I will not stop until every single drop is out of her and she is shivering and twitching in her pussy

I want her to know how much her pussy is loved and i will do this every single night just so my little girl always feels loved

im laughing b/c for those of you who dont know, youtubers have the option of blacklisting certain words/phrases in their comments section. if its in their blacklist, it gets marked as automatic spam.

so i have the word ‘triggered’ blacklisted, so that little white boys cant use it. and let me tell you what. they get so pissed. theyll keep commenting b/c their comment wont show up, and they cant figure out why.

Move |4|

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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; Let’s not forget those things but put them away

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a/n: in other news, my blog recently turned 1 year old and passed 1000 followers! Its not an impressive count, but its definitely a big achievement for me. I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for following me, whether it was because your finger slipped on the follow icon or if you enjoyed my scenarios :)

“Y/N, it was amazing. Oh my god- remember that guy I went out with for three whole months?”

You laughed at the memory of Minji’s longest relationship, “You mean the guy with the perfect dick? Yeah I remember. You disappeared and resurfaced after two weeks. I mean, that much sex has got to be some kind of record.”

With Jae back in your everyday routine, you didn’t have enough time to hang out with Minji during the week. So the two of you reserved your Sunday for a girls’ day out with some shopping and food.

“This was better than that,” she said, enthusiasm buzzing through her voice as she talked to you about her latest conquest. “He was just- do you know that feeling when, when you see someone from afar and think that he’s one thing, but then you look up close to find just what you’re looking for?”

She expected some sort of understanding from you, but your puzzled look shut her up. “Never mind I’m being crazy.”

“Jung Minji- do you have actual feelings for a guy?” you asked, surprised but excited for your best friend. “Like romantic ones?” She laughed it off and walked away to find a distraction, filing through the closest rack of tops, but you pulled her back. “You have feelings for this guy!”

She looked into your eyes in complete denial, “Do not!”

“You totally do! Well, did you get his number?”

“Oh no, no, no. You never get the number of someone you just slept with,” she said, as if she were explaining a special set of rules for sleeping with strangers, “especially that late at night. He saw all my smudged makeup and my drunken slur and-”

“He left this morning, didn’t he?”


With all her crap out of the way, you saw her disappointment. Minji always pushed guys away and never looked to be involved with anyone. You never judged her for her preferences, but you wished she could experience love, too. To see her treated like that the first time she seemed to have feelings for a guy, you hurt alongside her.

“It’s going to be fine. You deserve more than that.” You put an arm around her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. “Come on. Let’s go get some lunch!”

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