i cant its so weird

being a shakarian fan, i’ve never really gotten to see how garrus acts in the extended cut when he’s not the one holding shepard’s plaque, and wow, it hurts how sad he’s meant to look but can’t because turianess (or maybe it just wasn’t adjusted for him) and thAT FUCKING VISOR’S IN THE WAY

but i did notice some ways he does express his greif -

his brow plates lowering, his jaw clenching and his manibles shifting around. that alone hurt too see and i thought that was it, just that expression as he pays tribute, but there’s more

he looks like he’s trying to keep a respectful posture as opposed to everyone else, to stand strong and proud in a moment of greif. my poor baby LET YOURSELF MOURN

but then i looked a little harder, and

LOOK AT HIM CLENCHING HIS FISTS! that’s where it all is! when we try to hide our emotions from our face, its often directed to our hands, instead. he’s trying so hard to keep it all in, but he’s struggling.

there’s no shepard without vakarian


Blue: So let me get this straight.

Error: You mean gay.

Blue: You kill everyone I care about.

Blue: You murder countless versions of us and our brother.

Blue: You destroy universes.

Blue: But you won’t come down from the ceiling to kill a spider?



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Victoria and Lord Melbourne being told to stay away from each other  and then of course failing miserably

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Omg, are you near Santa Rosa?

no im in iowa. like, the state of iowa in the midwest thousands of miles away. the international carnivorous plant society has their next international convention from august 3rd, 2018, to august 5th, 2018 in santa rosa, california, and it’ll be the last one in the united states for the next ten years. there are no carnivorous plants in iowa (although we DO have an endangered parasitic that lives here but thats a story for another time lmao) so like, a lot of the plants that will be on display there (included at this conference isnt just academic presentations- although thats a big reason why i want to go, seeing as that’s going to be my career- but also a carnivorous plant show where horticulturalists will go to get their exotic plant babies judged) will be plants that i know a lot about and own books on and have watched documentaries about and love deeply but have never seen in person. 

i’m gonna try and get some plant shitposting designs up on my redbubble shop so i can start raising money to go, but im saving money on my own and probably will apply for a conference scholarship, too. its also important to note that im reeeaalllyy fortunate in that my family is like, middle class, both parents college educated and working, so like i’m not like dying to afford basic needs from day to day and stuff, but i gotta strrreeettcchhh those dank funds and raise money on my own to afford extra stuff like that, you feel? especially because it’s so far away.

oh hey side note: because it’s much closer to where I live and is more conceivable financially, I’m also going to the Botany 2018 conference in Rochester, Minnesota this summer!!! it’ll be my first professional conference, although not my first experience with academic symposium style set ups. pretty sweet yo

Devil's Tempt Pt. 1

Genre: Devil Au, Soulmate au

Pairing: Reader x Devil!Taehyung

Warning: Mention of smut?

Status; Finished Yoongi Ver Jungokook Ver

!Do not repost!

Soulmate au: Only the soulmate of a non human being can see the being. No other human can.

It was a simple day. You were just walking to your best friend’s house, a pair of headphone hanging on your neck, your hands stuck in the pocket of your hoodie as you ignored every other existence of others. That was the life of you, a middle school girl.

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Right-Libertarian: why care about the lower classes when we’re the ones raining down social and economic wealth in the country?

Communist: mainly because the lower classes can never afford the same quality and quantity of luxuries “created” by you.

Right-libertarian: that’s because the state intervenes in our businesses and taxes the people and bleeds us all dry!

Communist: no, the state intervenes in the capitalist system because dozens of historical social movements led by the people demanded it–if the state never intervened and never gave concessions to the people, the state risks constant revolt.

Communist: also if it weren’t for these movements in the first place, individual capitalists would shift worker wages around, forcing laborers to work either long hours or short hours for variable pay; enforced workplace condition standards would disappear, child labor would still exist, mandatory breaks wouldn’t exist, legal business practices wouldn’t exist, monopolies would be everywhere and on everything, recurring great depressions would happen, unethical business practices would largely go unpunished, etc.

Communist: honestly without a state apparatus, capitalism would be a truly chaotic system.

Right-libertarian: okay but why would Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul lie to me :/

Communist: because you wanna be edgy but not lose daddy’s credit card privileges.


I drew Credence to inaugurate my new sketchbook and ease myself back into watercolors and painting again. I love him. 

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“Look at me baby, let me see you smile”

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