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I am completely of the opinion that Rogue One is being slipped in to introduce Rey’s mother and so I was just writing a post about how I needed one of the team of Rebel Soldiers to be a late teens/early 20′s English girl, ideally a brunette with light eyes and. I just read that Felicity Jones has been casted as the leader of the squad.

Guys I will bet literally everything that her character is Rey’s mother

(and I also would trade all of my remaining organs for her also to be Daughter Kenobi but I am biased af)

(for those of you who haven’t read up yet, Rogue One is about the band of Rebel Soldiers that steal the Death Star plans that Leia has at the beginning of A New Hope. This ultimately is episode 3.75 – it goes down right before the Original Trilogy, thus making Felicity Jones a perfect casting to be right around the same age as the trio, which bodes very well for the Mother Rey theory, and even for the Daughter Kenobi theory, if she is a tad younger)

have some sourcing

also some photos