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Post-Thanos Battle Headcanons

- Okay so I’m gonna assume no one dies but they’re all shaken up really really bad and probably injured bad too (let me live in denial okaY?)

-The Avengers have all loaded back into the quinjet for Tony to fly them back to the Avengers compound

-After Tony gets them up in the air and coordinates set, he goes back to check on Bruce, make sure he’s okay after the transformation back into himself

-Bruce is huddled in a corner, wrapped in a blanket

-Tony is about to go to him when he sees the small, huddled shape right next to Bruce

- And suddenly, he realizes the shaking, red-and-blue clad 16 year old is sobbing silently

-Tony inches closer, using the cover of fixing a panel in the wall to act like he isn’t listening

- And he hears Bruce’s voice saying over and over “you’re okay. its okay. you’re safe.”

- Bruce has his arm around Peter. He seems to be getting calmer and less tense by the second

- And Tony realizes that maybe the best way for Bruce to recover is have someone next to him who is just as terrified as he is.

- “Thank you, Mr. Banner.”

- Bruce smiles. For the first time in days.

Jocelyn flores (lyrics)

I know you’re somewhere, somewhere, i’ve been trapped in my mind, girl just holding on

I don’t wanna,

Pretend we’re something, we’re nothing, i’ve been stuck thinking bout her I can’t hold on

I’m in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain, I’ve been tripping bout some things, cant change,

Suicidal same time I’m tame, picture this in bed get a phone call, girl that you fuck with killed herself, that was this summer and nobody helped, and ever since than man I hate myself,

wanna fucking end it,

pessimistic, all wanna see me with no pot to piss in, but niggas been excited bout the grave im digging, having conversations bout my haste decisions, fucking sickening,

At the same time, memories surface through the grapevine bout my uncle playing with a slip knot, post traumatic stress got me fucked up, been fucked up since the couple months they had a nigga locked up,

I’ll be feeling pain, I’ll be feeling pain, just to hold on,

And I don’t feel the same, im so numb (repeat)


I am so far beyond excited for this album and to have so much new music. Thank you for just being you Taylor @taylorswift, and thank you for inspiring me to keep pushing through life no matter what people may be saying about me.

Loving you endlessly. 

I just want to date someone who loves music, has a big heart, loves to travel, is open minded, is Harry Edward Styles born 1 February 1994, an English singer and songwriter. He is known as a member of the pop rock band One Direction. He made his debut as a singer with his ba-