i cant help myself lol

I just want to date someone who loves music, has a big heart, loves to travel, is open minded, is Harry Edward Styles born 1 February 1994, an English singer and songwriter. He is known as a member of the pop rock band One Direction. He made his debut as a singer with his ba-

cut yourself some slack, hero. you’re doing your best, you don’t have to carry the weight of the world solely on your tired shoulders.


It's not right.



It’s just not right now.

Dedicated to Lola

After hearing the Supreme Court decision, Dean buys a ring and gets on his knee in the Bunker. So does Cas. They’re both on their knees in front of each other, tiny boxes in hand, stammering “Will you marry me?” in unison. “Yes,” they reply again at the same time. Flushed red, Dean adds, “Just get the ring on, you dork,” and Sam can’t contain his laughter in the hallway. 

Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans