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Not to stir up drama but do you think any teams or franchise are ready for a gay player? Ive been reading about some teams saying they are but also the nhl cant even punish players for using slurs right which seems counterproductive for you can play.

I’m sure there are some guys who would support them in the locker room in every city. There are so many outcomes and scenarios I dont think many are ready, mainly in regards to the front offices. There’s no precedent for how it would/should be handled so it would be a learning experience for everyone. Sure there will be backlash from every front, The player himself, his teammates, the front office guys, they’ll all see something but that’s the world we work in. It’s unfortunate but the team’s main focus should be on keeping the player safe and comfortable and if any player is ready for that, then it could happen.
I don’t think we are very far away from having more openly gay male athletes, we have a good list of happy professional LGBT female athletes. The stigma attached to males and male professional sports is the only thing I see holding them back. We saw the beginnings of it with Michael Sam, football player. It was a huge media firestorm and overall was handled pretty well.
As for the NHL, i think it might be a hot minute or two before any of the players come out. I keep going back and forth on it, but I don’t think there will be a big coming out announcement starting in hockey, however, starting in other sports and then including hockey.