i cant handle this any longer

i need an abortion

welp, ive been trying to avoid this for almost 4 months now but looks like it’s come down to this! im 17 weeks pregnant and my scheduled appointment for my abortion is Friday, May 5th at 8 am. costs for my abortion is $1,270, however, the National Abortion Federation is covering $505. which leaves me at a balance of $765 that i do not have. now. thankfully, after moving into my new residency, im working now and will be receiving my next paycheck next Wednesday. however, i will only be capable of covering approx. $200 of the $765 because i have rent to pay as well. time is of the essence. i didnt want anyone to know about this, i dont want anyone to know about this. ive been handling this physically and emotionally all on my own since February. help me. in Georgia, i have about 3 weeks left before i am no longer eligible to get an abortion here. if you have questions, message me. if you send a large amount of money (meaning $80 and above), now that i have a job, i can reimburse you. i need to have all of $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. in the meantime i will be working, trying to sell shit… do whatever. i cant afford to weigh this out any longer. most of you know who i am, know my story. please signal boost, circulate this as far as you can. if you would like to make a Facebook post about me, feel free but i ask that you keep my personal information lowkey until they personally reach out to me. i will be making a Facebook post tonight and if you want to friend me in order to share the post i make on FB, message me. my paypal is nsiwray@gmail.com. remember: $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. thank you.

                                                                           – Nea-Sa’Mon (aka Cosmo)

i know i just came back, but i’d like to leave tumblr again, just a little longer

i won’t be taking any new orders for commissions as well so please do not message my art blog asking for a slot, i have admin light watching over that blog for me

everything hurts, everything hurts so much and i cant handle it

i will be on tree’s account again to watch over my friends and blogs but thats it

i dont want to be here right now

i can’t

i can’t

look at me [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’re as nervous as Jungkook is about his cornea transplant.

sequel to colors in which everyone had asked for.

a/n: omfg, someone pls hold me back from writing. idk if i can go on any longer, because this got so cheesy towards the end that i cant handle anymore fluffy cheesecakeness. anyway, thank you so much for supporting me on colors! i hope you’ll all enjoy this one as much! i did my best! ^_^

You were playing with Jungkook’s hair, combing through his hair with your slender fingers which he loves to hold. Suddenly, Jungkook stops you when grabbing your hand. You then glance down from the television and faces your boyfriend.

“What’s wrong?” You ask when feeling the light squeezing pressure coming from your boyfriend’s hand.

“I’m scared,” Jungkook murmurs for the umpteenth time today, even though you thought you’d been able to keep his thoughts aside from it.

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anonymous asked:

Dee my angel and saviourrr do you have or know any Pinterest board with Preg morphs clothings? Im in serious need for more clothing (I have all of your female cc but I have 4 pregnant women right now and they are sharing the same clothes i dont think i cant handle it any longer!!) :P

Hi! Hmm, I don’t really know a Pinterest board for this, but I think a lot of creators do all morphs these days! For example, Trapping’s (dl links here) , Rented-Space’s stuff is all morphed, most of Skell’s stuff too, annnd a lot of others! If you’re not sure, you can always check if the mesh has pregmorphs with SimPe! I hope it helps a bit? :)

Also, comment, if you do pregmorphs, so anon can find you! :)

if I dont get 771.00 dollars for tuition, im sure as fuck not gonna get to go back and I already took out the max loans I can for this semester oh boy howdy. with that in mind, please commission me, I write fanfic and do shitty art, I even knit beanies, I really want to go back to school, it’s the only place I don’t constantly get misgendered or harassed for being trans :,) and my job is super shity and I’m lucky when they give me one day a week and this is the second week in a row I’m not getting any hours. my bill is due August 12th and I’m really stressing out because it’s so much money when you don’t make anything and in a position of total dependency on the generosity of others. 

he’s getting married but not to you (part 2)

part 1

a/N: after like forever i’ve finally done part 2

Lukes pov.

 "I don’t know what to do mum.“ I sighed as she patted my side in comfort and stroking my hair like she used to do when I was upset when I was younger.

 "What do you think you should do luke? How do you feel about this all?” She asked softly. 

 "I love Katey but … Y/n is my best friend, I’m always going to love her!“ "As a friend or something more?” “I… I don’t know” I sighed.

 "Ask yourself this; how did you feel when she told you she was In love with you?“ 

 "Well, I was shocked obviously because i didn’t know, I was angry, angry that she had waited until today to tell me although I pushed her to tell me what was wrong if not I wouldn’t have known, but most of all I’m sad, sad that she hid it from me for so long, sad that she’s had to watch me plan my wedding with Katey when all this time she’s been in love with me.” I rambled. Why was this happening to me? 

 "I want you to make a wise decision, but I want you to do what you think is right and what makes you happy, they are both wonderful girls and no matter what one of them will get there heart broken, make sure you pick correctly the first time, don’t mess them about hunny.“

 "Thank you mum” I said standing up and leaving the room to go and find Katey. 

 Sucking in a deep breath I opened the door in which I knew she was getting ready in. She let out a quick scream trying to cover her wedding dress from my eyes. She looked amazing, truly stunning. How did I get so lucky?

 "Luke! It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!“ She gasped Trying to get me out of the room.

 "I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you before the wedding, I wanted to make sure you were sure about all this 100 percent.” I said 

 "I am. 100 percent. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.“ She said adamant.

 "Good.” I smiled “I’ll see you at the alter” and with that I left. I definitely made the right decision I hope. 

Walking out of her room I bumped into y/n looking at her in sorrow. 

 "Hey" she mumbled softly “what did she say?” I looked at her sadly and sympathetically and i think she understood. 

 "You didn’t tell her did you, you’re still going to marry her.“ She said her eyes tearing up, glassy and sad.

 "I’m sorry, I really am-" 

 "It doesn’t matter Luke I’ll get over it. I just want you to be happy and you are with her. I’m honestly so happy for you, you and her would make the perfect married couple. Anyway I’ll see you down the isle, Katey wanted me in her room to help get me ready with the other bridesmaids.” She said quickly before going through the door i just came out of.

 I can do this. Only 15 minutes to go and I’ll be standing next to her at the alter. I love her so much, I’m doing the right thing. I thought back to how beautiful Katey looked the first time I met her and how I had to go speak to her but got y/n to do it for me because I was too shy, I remember what y/n looked like on that day too, she was beautiful as well. 

 I remembered when I took Katey to the school prom, she honestly looked so pretty that night that I asked her to be my girlfriend, I remember how y/n only stayed for an hour before going home telling me she was bored as she was dateless and I was too busy with Katey. I regretted parts of that night, the fact I ruined y/n’s night due to bailing on taking her to prom which sucked because I had never seen her look more beautiful than she did that night. I shook my head telling myself i had to forget about y/n I wasn’t marrying her I was marrying Katey.

 Walking down the isle to the altar I stood next to the boys (my best men) and waited. The music started as my breath hitched and I looked towards my mum who gave me a small smile.

 "Does she look good?“ I whispered to calum not wanting to look back at her until she reached my side. 

 "Yes, she looks… Beautiful.”

 "Ladies and gentleman please stand for the bride.“ 

 What? I thought she was half way down the isle by now…

 "What?” I whispered to calum before turning around to look down the isle. Oh. He meant y/n. She was the last of the bridesmaids to walk down the isle before Katey. I was taken aback, my eyes trained on y/n as she was walking shyly down the isle.

 I didn’t even realise that Katey was behind her at this point, it had hit me that maybe this was wrong, I was overwhelmed with love as I looked at her beauty mixed with sadness as she plastered a fake smile on her face to look happy. We met eyes before she gave me a small reassuring smile. She was generally too nice, I could never get over how un selfish she was, she always wanted others to be happy before her happiness. 

 I quickly diverted my eyes to Katey in hope no one would realise. Katey looked amazing, I was stunned but somehow y/n was on my mind, well she hadn’t left my mind for a long time. I should be focusing on being happy and starting my life with Katey not questioning what my life would be like with y/n.

 "Hey" she whispered once she reached me linking our pinkies together.

 "Hi" I whispered back “you look stunning” I smiled I heard people behind us sit down and the boys left my side to sit with the bridesmaids and family at the front.

 Calum winked at me before sitting next to y/n who was staring at the floor with a blank expression. I couldn’t imagine how hard this would be for her, to watch someone you love, love someone else. Calum put his arm around her breaking her out of her state as she smiled up at him.

 She nodded at something he said before he pulled her close against his side holding her hand in his. Jealously sparked within me and I wanted to rip his touch away from her. That’s when I knew for sure I had most likely made the wrong decision.

 Throughout the vows my eyes kept involuntarily flicking to where y/n was sat, watching her reaction yet not getting anything as she stared at the floor. I knew that was probably her way of being able to get through this

. The priest started to talk and my nerves shot up.

 "Luke Robert Hemmings do you take Katey rose Harrlow for your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?“ The priest asked turning to me.

 I took one final look at y/n meeting her eyes a I saw a tear escape her eye. I could tell this was hurting her, I looked back at Katey who was looking at me worriedly as I hadn’t answered immediately. 

 "I do”


 I’d made a mistake. 

 It hasn’t even been 20 minutes.

 I was sitting in the car next to Katey on he way to the wedding party, we hadn’t talked yet, reality hitting us that this was real- we were married. Husband and wife, best friends. No not best friends. No one could replace y/n. My thoughts drifted to y/n.

 I had never seen her look so defeated - and I was the cause of it. It made me feel like shit, when I should be the happiest in my life right now. 

 We arrived at the party venue. Everyone was already inside waiting for us. There were table everywhere, it was quite a big wedding. We walked up to the top table where our family and best men/maid of honour were sitting. I looked at the two table in front. One was full of the boy’s family, the other full of the bridesmaids- including y/n. 

She looked miserable, I knew that she didn’t get along with any of the bridesmaids, she had told me ages ago when she had to go dress shopping with them. I was surprised she had stayed. This must have been torture for her. She was such a good friend, I didn’t know how I was going to make it up to her. I did what my mum had said not to. I messed her around. I told her I wouldn’t marry Katey, I gave her hope that she still had a chance- and then I ruined it minutes later.

 I mainly stayed quiet over the dinner, only talking when talked to. The speeches were next, the boys did theirs together which ended up with them talking over each other but it was funny and made everyone laugh-even y/n.

 "We remember when we were all younger" Ashton said loudly so everyone could hear. “Me and the boys and y/n, we used to play pretend families- only because y/n made us” he earned a chuckle from the guests. “And now- now you’re actually married for real, not going to lie I though I would be the first to get married" 

 After the speeches Katey went to get changed into her other dress for dancing - I took this as a chance to go find y/n. It took me a while to find her, I had started to panic that she had left. And she nearly was when I spotted get from across the room, she had walked away from the bridesmaids and was going out the door that eventually lead to the exit after a few windy corridors. I quickly walked there, before shouting her name through the corridor. I turned the corner seeing that she had reached the exit door.

 "Y/n stop” I called

 "I-I can’t" her voice croaked

 "Please. You can’t leave" I said

 "I can’t stay" she said quietly. 

 "You’re my best friend, this is my wedding, please I need you here"

 "Why? You don’t need me anymore, she can be your new best friend, I can’t even be your friend anymore, I can’t do it any longer, it’s just a constant reminder of how I’m not good enough" she cried

 "Please, don’t do this" I whispered

 "I have to Luke, you don’t understand how hard this is to watch you two be happy, to know you’ll never want me, you’ll never look at me that way. I cAnt handle all the sympathetic looks off of the boys and your family. I need to move on with my life and the only way to do it is without you. I’m sorry" 

 "What do you mean without me?“ I asked suddenly scared. 

 "We can’t be friends anymore" 

 "That’s ridiculous! You can’t go from being my best friend to nothing!” I nearly shouted at her ridiculousness.

 "I have to!“ She shouted "what am I suppose to do Luke? Do you know how much it hurts to be around you?”

 "I understand, seriously I know how much it hurts, but please, I still need you in my life, you can’t walk away.“

 "I have to, I can’t do this, you need to go and enjoy your wedding, she’ll be wondering where you’ve gone” she said looking at me with a sad smile before walking out of the door.

 There wasn’t anything I could do, I should have gone after her but I was at a wedding, my wedding. I had to stay.

Announcing (teasing) The Legend of Bum-bo! 

James Id and i have been working on this secret project for a few months now and we cant hold our tongues any longer!

The Facts:

The Legend of Bum-bo is a turn based puzzle RPG type thingy thats randomly generated.

James Id is programming and handling all the 3d aspects of the art as well as a ton of other thankless work ill take credit for.

im designing, writing and dealing with the 2d art and character design.

once again Matthias and Jon (Ridiculon) will be handling the audio.

but why is this on the isaac blog!? what does this have to do with isaac!? when isaac!? isaac? isaac! why!?

well im sure those questions will be answered in the coming months once we tease a bit more.

follow us on twitter for more cryptic messages.

JamesId / EdmundMcMillenRidiculon 1MjYBzz

Ashton- He wont let you finish (smut)

request- Ash smut where he won’t let you come 

word count- 800+

rating- R..smut..kind of more graphic then my previous stories..i don't know why..but you have been warned

A/N-so its also kind of jealous boyfriend smut also 

and like i always say- not edited very well..keep that in mind if you find a lot of mistakes  


Ashton had taken you out to a club with the guys and some other friends. it had been a really fun night till ashton saw you dancing with Calum. it was innocent and just happened. a group of you went out to the dance floor and you and calum didn’t have any partners so you decided to dance together. 

you didn’t think it would upset your boyfriend but i did. Ashton gets very jealous when you do anything with other guys so you should of know it was a mistake but you were just trying to have fun. 

Ashton walked over to you both and told you it was time to leave. when you got into his house his lips immediately hit yours. he opened the door to his bedroom and closed it quickly pushing your back against the door. he kissed you roughly as his hands moved to your hips as he pushed up your shirt slightly so his fingers could make contact with your skin. 

“i wasn’t very happy when i looked over and saw my girlfriend dancing with another guy” he said as he moved you towards his bed        

“ashton you know it didn’t mean anything i was-” he cut you off mid sentence by putting one of his long fingers up to your mouth to silence you.  

“no talking” he said as he laid you down on his bed and hovered over you. 

he kissed you everywhere as he started to remove your clothing. once you were almost completely naked you removed his. 

his lips went to your neck as his fingers moved to your panties. he started rubbing your as you let out a soft moan. he pulled the last piece of clothing off as his fingers now touched you again but this time with out the fabric in the way. 

his fingers rubbed your clit and you let out another moan. suddenly he slipped one of his long fingers inside of you with out warning making your lower half lift of the bed slightly. he used his other hand to push your body back down. 

his put in another finger and moved them in and out quickly. you could feel your orgasm building inside you.

“i- ashton..im gon-”

“no you wont..you are not allowed to come till i tell you that you can” he told you in a very serious tone. it always turned you on when he acted like this in the bedroom

“okay?” he asked making sure you understood. you nodded yes and he went back to what he was doing 

you were close and it was hard to not come. suddenly he lips stopped on your chest and you opened your eyes to see his head moved to between your legs. was this your punishment for dancing with calum? you thought to yourself but was distracted when he suddenly placed a kiss on your inner thigh.

He started kissing up till he reach your already swollen clit. his lips went around it and he started sucking as your back arched off the bed. he reached up and pushed you down again as his tongue started licking you. 

“i..i cant..i need to” you tried to say as you were out of breath but ashton showed no mercy

“no baby girl..not until i say you can” he reminded you

he got up and lined himself up with your entrance. as he pushed his long length inside you couldn't help but cry out in pleasure…you needed to come..you couldn't keep it in any longer

“ashton..please” you said as his fingers reached down to were your bodies were connected. his fingers reached for your most sensitive area but you pushed his hand away..you couldn't handle anymore. 

you could tell he was getting close when finally he said the words you had been waiting to hear

“okay baby girl…come for me” he whispered in your ear and you finally got to have your orgasm. 

since it had been building for so long it was power full and made you moan his name loudly as he finished inside of you. 

when he pulled out of you your body was still feeling the effect from your long awaited orgasm and you were struggling to catch your breath. 

he pulled you close and kissed your forehead.

“is there anyone else that can make you feel the way i can?” he asked you

“no..no one else but you” you said as your eyes started to get heavy..you were felling exhausted 

“good. always remember that” he told you as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

desperately seeking roommate

okay so im panicking really bad right now and i apologise for any typos or rambling

i’ve had two potential roommates fall through recently for different reasons (unless i hear otherwise from one of them soon) and my boyfriend and i need to move by august 1st

we have a cat and 4 hamsters, so we need a place that allows small pets, but there is next to nothing in our area that allows pets and is affordable????? (we can contribute about $650/month at most, but we can also take care of food for the most part)

we need to stay in the new bedford massachusetts area because all of our medical and therapy stuff and my family is around here and we need them for support and rides and we really cant handle relocating all of our doctors and stuff

we’re both trans (both nonbinary) and disabled. i have income because of this, but my boyfriend does not have any income to contribute at this time and hy cant work. 

please signal boost this!! i need to find someone who can move in this area for august who is okay with two trans, non-straight, disabled, ploy people and their pets as room mates and im so scared that that is too much to ask for but i CANT stay in this place any longer, it’s killing me, please boost this as much as possible and message me if by the grace of good fortune you are also looking for roommates and can move here in august

i have to say this.

i am so angry with this fandom. the double standards that have been held against zain since he left have been extremely desperate and harmful.

i cant believe people believed this vague source claiming i wont mind was a 1d reject song. since when do we believe unnamed sources? since when are we gullible? we literally question everything, from actual photos to tweets that “dont sound like the boys”. and the way people jumped on this bs story was disgusting. people are so utterly desperate to heal from zayns leave, that theyd turn against him.

another thing ive seen is people labeling the song as ‘bad quality’. lmao. are we not the same fandom of yearly leaks? are we not the same fandom of brazilian girl voice: no control? wtaf? its a demo, of course it wont be the best quality. but that song is fire, and youre lying to yourself.

but the worst fandom consensus is zayn betraying his brothers. this so so absolutely disgusting, i cant even describe it. all we know is zayn left because he could no longer handle the stressors of a boyband career. (a solo career is no where near as intense or stressful and it could not only be the perfect balance for zain, but also his only way out). thats all we know. we dont know how the rest of the boys feel about it, and to arrive to any other opinion would be misguided, and a double standard.

as a zayngirl im truly truly hurt by how some of you have reacted (even some of my mutuals.) i really think all of you need to evaluate what your saying/reblogging, and what youre believing. 

its unfair to question so much of everything—but ignore what fits into the narrative you desire.


I couldn’t go back to the hospital, I couldnt look robyn in her face knowing that this was all kind of my fault. I pushed her away which made her cling on more to him, and I wasn’t there to protect her when all this went down. Some how I thought by pushing her away I wouldn’t feel bad if sean was to hurt her, I wasn’t expecting him to hurt her physically though. I had to call somebody to vent to so I called my mom, I knew she would tell me some shit that I need to hear. When I told her what happen she was hysterical but she eventually calmed down, rob is like a daughter to her so she loves her just as much as she loves me.

“ So im guessing she’s going to press chargers ? she cant let that man get away with this !”

“no. she didn’t.”

“ what ?! why not !”

“ It really don’t matter if she do or don’t, ima take care of it.” I said clenching my jaw, just thinking about that nigga making me wanna pop a couple heads.

“ how are you going to handle it Christopher ? don’t do..”

“ nah ma I don’t wanna hear it, im doing it and cant nobody stop me. Why shouldn’t I end this nigga life ?! He didn’t care about raping her so why should I care about killing him !”

“ Baby you have to let God handle that, he’ll..”

“NO he taking to damn long to handle it, as soon as I see him it’s a wrap.” I heard her sigh.

“ How is she ?”

“ I haven’t seen her.”

“ but you said you went to the hospital ?”

“ I did I just didn’t go in and see her, I cant Ma.”

“ Christopher that girl just went through something horrible that she’ll never forget, she wants you there you’re her bestfriend. She’s probably crying her eyes out right now, go chris.” We talked for a little longer until she finally convinced me to go and I hung up. She was right robyn needed me, its not like she has any family to go comfort her, im basically the only one she has besides chanel and my mom. I gotta be there for her and from this day forward I wont ever push her away again.

“ im back to see robyn fenty.”

It’s been 12 hours since I’ve been here and I haven’t got a minute of sleep. I really wish I could fall asleep but I just can’t, every time I close my eyes I think something bad is going to happen, like if someone is just going to pop out of nowhere and hurt me. I don’t even trust the doctors that come in here to check on me, I just want to go home and stay there forever and shut everything out and never step foot outside again. Times like this I wish I had family, I never really talk about how much not having any bothers me but it does, especially around the holidays. I slowly got up to go use the bathroom because I had to pee, it was so painful after wiping. As I was walking back to the bed the door had opened, I didn’t pay it any attention because I thought it was another nurse coming to check on me.

“hey” I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up at the sound of his voice, so many emotions came over me as I stared at him with tears in my eyes. I don’t know how I did it but I ran as fast as I could to him and hugged him as if it was our last. When I felt him hug me back with just as much force I hugged him even tighter. I didn’t ever want to let go and I didn’t want him to either.

“you came…” I said with my face still in his shirt crying harder.

“what ?”

“I said you came, I didn’t think you would come…. I waited for you all night hoping you would but you didn’t and I thought yo..”

“Im here now don’t even worry about it” he said wiping my face, I felt a calmness comeover me I felt safe again.

“ im sorry robs..”

“for what ?”

“everything, pushing you away being mean to you, not making it to the party in time to save you, I promise I wont let anything else happen to you again.” Honestly he doesn’t have anything he should be sorry for because he tried to warn me but I didn’t listen, but I know he would go back and forth with me if I told him none of this is his fault so I just put my arms around his waist and hugged  him again. We were interrupted by the doctor coming in.

“ goodmorning you two ! glad to see you up and standing fenty. But I have some good news, all the STD tests came back negative so you’re free to go now.” I smiled and thanked him as he walked out.

“you ready to go ?” I nodded my head and was about to walk over and get my stuff but he told me he’ll get everything.

“you just sit here, I’ll get it.” I sat down in the wheel chair that they gave me and waited for him to come back with the shirt and sweatpants that I asked for since I didn’t have anything else to put on.

“here, I’ll be outside the door” he said and gave me the clothes and left out so I could change. I changed as fast as I could because I was ready to get the hell out of here. We signed out and made our way to the car and I got in while he put the wheelchair in.

“are you comfortable ?”

“yeah I am.” I said as I laid my head back against the seat, we were barely pulling out of the hospital parking lot and I was already falling asleep.

“thank you chris….” Was the last words I said before dozing off to sleep.

As I was driving I heard her say something, I was gonna ask her what she said but when I looked over I saw that she was sleep. I know she’s tired because it looks like she haven’t slept in awhile, I looked back over at her and examined her face. She had some swelling on her right cheek and her bottom lip was also a little swollen from her stitches in the inside of her lip. I just feel so bad for her and im gonna do everything in my power to make her happy again, I’ll handle sean later. I finally got to her house and pulled into her driveway, I got out and unlocked the door and took her wheelchair inside then went back to get her. I didn’t wanna wake her up so I just took her out the car and carried her inside and laid her in bed. I kissed her on her forehead and pulled the covers over her and started to walk out.

“are you leaving ?! don’t leave please..” she said with desperation in her voice, I wasn’t even about to leave I was just going to my car to get my charger.

I felt him lay me down on the bed but I was too tired to move or open my eyes so I just let him tuck me in. Then he kissed me and I felt him walk away towards the door and my body instantly shot up.

“are you leaving ?! don’t leave please..”

“nah im not I was just going to get something out my car”

“oh…” he nodded his head and walked out but I didn’t lay back down, I wasn’t about to until I see him walk back through this door. Tired wasn’t even the word to describe how I was feeling, it feels like I’ve been awake for days, all I want to do is goto sleep. He walked back in and I let out a small sigh of relief.

“robs you can goto sleep im not gonna leave.” Yeah, that’s what you said last time to…

I still didn’t lay back down, I sat up watching him while I kept dozing off but I tried to fight my sleep because I was afraid that when I wake up he wouldn’t be here so I tried to stay up for as long as I could. He saw me falling asleep sitting up so he walked over to the bed and took his shoes off and got in next to me.

“lay back.” He said as he was already laying on the pillow, I laid back as well but I didn’t close my eyes I just turned my head and stared at him trying desperately  to fight my sleep.

“goto sleep robyn.” He said looking back at me.

“Are you going to leave?” I softly said.

“No, I’m not.”

“Are you going to be here when I wake up?”



“I promise, now goto sleep.” He said and gently pulled me into him wrapping his arms around me, I relaxed in his arms and finally let sleep take over.

I got up and decided to make Chris breakfast, I felt like I should do something nice for him since he stayed and comforted me. I went to the kitchen and got all the skillets and food and noticed that I didn’t have any more bacon.

“shit.” Chris loves bacon its his favorite, I can’t make breakfast without his bacon. I quietly got dressed careful not to wake him and left out to goto the store. When I pulled up to the grocery store I noticed that it wasn’t as crowded as it usually be which is strange because its always crowded with people. I walked in and it was even more empty than I thought it was, I was literally the only one here besides a few workers at the cash register. I walked to the back of the store where the freezer section was and looked for the bacon, I got it along with a dozen eggs.

“ Hey beautiful.” I froze at the sound of his voice, sending chills through my whole body. I dreaded turning around, I didn’t want to see him nor did I want to be in his presence. Fear came over me and I started to speed walk into the opposite direction.

“ So you just gonna ignore me robyn ?” I looked up and seen him standing right in front of me, I quickly turned around and tried to run but he was right in front of me again. I started shaking.

“ Please can you leave me alone…. Please..” I softly said with tears now coming down, I didn’t want to raise my voice because I didn’t want to make him mad, I was still scared of him.

“ You thought I wouldn’t find you ? you thought I was just gonna let you go that easy ?” I backed up into the freezer door with no where to go, I looked around the store hoping to find someone but it was empty, not even the cashiers were here, it was just me and sean. He came closer to me running his finger softly down my face caressing it, but I quickly turned my head away.

“DON’T turn away from me !” he said grabbing my face roughly turning it back to him as I cried.

“ I want you robyn.” He whispered in my ear smiling and my body got tensed at those words, I panicked and dropped the eggs and bacon out of my hands and some how got out of his hold. But I didn’t get far because he reached out and grabbed my hair before I could run.

“ sean please don’t do this !!!! you’ve already hurt me once !!” I was begging him but he didn’t care, he dragged me all the way to the corner where there was a door. I kept kicking and screaming hoping somebody would come to my rescue before he got me inside this door.

“ HELP !!! HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME !” but nobody came, he finally reached the door and threw me in first and then stepped in and locked it and then hit the light switch.

“ Lets play another game robyn.”

I quickly set up in bed throwing the sheets off of me breathing as if I just got done running a marathon. I looked around and noticed that I wasn’t at the grocery store, I was still in bed. I looked to my left and realized that I was in bed alone, chris wasn’t here. I started to panic.

“CHRIS !……. CHRIS !!” I called out but got no answer. I got out the bed walking as fast as I could to my door but as I reached for it I felt arms around me and I jumped.

“you scared me !!!” I said clutching my chest and breathing hard.

“my bad, I was just in the bathroom” he said still holding me.

“I thought you had left….”

“I said I was staying didn’t I ?”

“yes but I…”

“Im not gonna leave you robyn so stop worrying, chill out”

“you are…”

“NO im not”

“You have to leave  you cant stay with me all day everyday, you have business to take care of….” I got sad just thinking about him leaving, I know that he has to go to make his money but I don’t want him to, I don’t want to be alone. I started sniffling and then just started balling my eyes out.

“ robs stop. We’ll worry about that later aiight ? I wont be gone for long.” He said wiping my face and I just nodded then pointed to the bed.

“What ? you wanna go lay back down ?” I nodded again and he carried me the short distance back to the bed and got in. we resumed our same position as last night, I was still tired so It didn’t take long for me to start falling asleep.

“I love you..” I said barely above a whisper not expecting him to say anything back.

“I love you more.”