i cant handle his face right here


Imagine arguing with Kol about why he risks his life for Klaus and finding out its for you because your descended from Klaus

“You could’ve been killed tonight” you huffed angrily dropping your bags to glare at Kol. “Im fine arent i?” Kol asked gesturing at himself modestly waving the stake hed gotten from Damon. “Its another stake darling, were almost all safe”. “I just dont get why you throw yourself into every single one of Klaus fights, he uses you! Not to mention he daggered you and kept you away from me all this time”. Kol smiled wrapping his arms around you “im here now love isnt that enough?”. “Not after what hes done, why dont we just leave all this, leave this place so its just me and you?” You begged turning to face him. “You dont understand y/n” kol sighed his smile gone. “Your right i dont” you said angrily “im immortal Kol and you think i can handle that without you? What if one of these days you get yourself killed?”. “I wont” he said simply. “You will if you insist of fighting for Klaus when you dont need to, hes made enemies here, enemies who you now have too”. “He cant die y/n” kol said refusing to look at you “he just cant”. “Why? After all hes done to you, your still sentimental?”. “Its not just about him y/n”. “Well who else is there?” You yelled. “Theres you!” Kol erupted. The room went silent as Kol frowned “theres you y/n”. “What about me? Kol i dont understand”. “Y/n your descended from Klaus, if he dies you die and i cant live without you” he sighed his voice breaking “he kept me from you all these years but he also gave me you, and i need you, im not losing you even if that means protecting him, even if that means putting myself at risk! I dont care y/n! As long as hes safe, you are and thats all that matters to me”. “Kol” you sighed tears in your eyes. “I love you y/n” kol smiled “and no matter what happens ill always put you first”. You threw yourself at him and of course your original caught you. “I love you too kol, but please let me help, let me help get the other stakes”. Kol sighed “okay but only because after theyre gone….were free y/n”. “We can leave?”. “Yes darling” Kol smiled “once your safe and not a minute before”. “And you’ll be safer?”. “Anything for you darling”. You grinned clutching Kols jacket and bringing his lips to yours. “Now why don’t we continue this upstairs?” Kol asked a glint in his eye. You barely had chance to say “I thought you never ask” before Kol sped you upstairs and into your bedroom, his lips on you once more.

Never Been Kissed Part 3

Summery: Reader takes Dean to the hospital to fix his leg, this takes Dr. Sexy to a whole new level.

Warnings: none

Word count:1,785

A/N: for anyone who needs a refresher here is part one and part two

Anonymous asked: Okay so I just got the chance to read part 2 to never Been kissed!!! And omg I’m dead, I’m dying because of the fluffyness and it’s beautiful and I love the innuendos!! Thank you for writing that! I really love how you wrote that! And if you haven’t gotten to far on part 3 (which I’m dying to read!) could you include like some jealous!Dean? Maybe at the hospital and the doctor is the one hitting on her! However you would like to(: I LOVE U! YOURE AMAZING❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked: Okay so please make a part 3 of Never Been Kissed. And Jane is taking care of Dean at the bunker and hospital and never leaves. And could something happen where she has to perform the surgery? That might be too much but oh well! And then a bunch of awkward fluff from her and Dean when he gets back to the bunker, and Dean is all “you’re too good for me.” But then she just says “I actually think you’re to good for me, I don’t deserve someone like you.” But she was just being truthful!?❤️  

This is so long over due, but here it is, Never Been Kissed Part Three

What was it about the hospital that Dean hated so much? He was use to going to hospitals to interview patients or talk to the staff members about their ‘case’, so what was it about being the patient that freaked him out so much.

You had called for Cas but it seemed the angel wasn’t taking any calls as of late, that only meant that Dean was going to the hospital whether he liked it or not. Apparently he favored not.

“Dean I swear if you do not get your ass in that car I will-”

“Will what? Break my leg?” Dean muttered bitterly as he limped to the car, Sam supporting most of his weight.

You ran to the drivers side and hopped in, waiting for Sam to put Dean in the back before he climbed into the passenger side.

“I’m fine.” Dean said through gritted teeth, his winching and cringing was not helping sell his case.

“Dean, its just the hospital-” you started but quickly stopped when you saw Sam shaking his head. Your eyebrows knit together, confusion taking over your features. You would discuss this later.

It wasn’t long before the hospital was in view and you were pulling into the parking lot.

“Y/N you cant leave me.” Dean said, grabbing your arm to stop you from climbing out of the car.

You looked back to see Dean’s wide green eyes, he swallowed dryly.

“Dean, I’ll be in the waiting room-”

“No, Y/N I need you in there, I need you in the operating room-” Dean pleaded as he squeezed your shoulder, his green eyes watching you carefully.

“Dean how the hell am I suppose to swing that? They don’t just let anyone in the room”

Dean could already see the wheels turning in your head and he smiled.

“You’ll figure it out.” he said with a smirk.

“Sam, get Dean…and is my bag still in the back?”

You walked into the hospital with Sam and Dean trailing behind you, the lights were harsh and made Dean look pale… or that was the blood loss.

“I need this man in a wheel chair and on his way to surgery stat!” you yelled, your lab coat with fake credentials fluttering as you stormed to the front desk.

“And who are you?” the nurse asked as she readjusted her glasses.

You tried to look annoyed “Dr. Jett and I need this man on general anesthesia and in the surgery room now!” Maybe you sounded too harsh because the nurse seemed to go wide eyed before scampering off.

A few moments later she came back with the surgeon and a wheel chair.

“I m going to need you to fill this out” the nurse said as she handed you the clip board. You handed it off to Sam who had helped Dean into the wheelchair much to his protests.

“I request to be in the operating room with Dean-”

“No, no-”

“Excuse me, but this is my patient, you’re just lucky you were the first hospital we stumbled into-” you took a step towards the surgeon “So I expect your full cooperation.“

You thanked every god that you could think of, sending silent prayers as you followed the surgeon to the surgery room.

“You’ll be with me the whole time, right?” Dean whispered.

“Where else would I be?”

Dean chuckled softly.

“We need to take you into the x-ray room and start you on antibiotics-” the surgeon started but was quickly cut off by Dean’s panicked voice.

“What? Why?”

“Dean, its okay,” you soothed “We just need to see how bad the fracture is, the antibiotics are for infection.”


“Dean, have you have a tetanus shot in the last five years?” you questioned as you looked at him, he seemed confused.

“I’ll take that as a no, he’s gonna need a tetanus shot as well.”

The nurse nodded and bounded off while you walked to the x-ray room.

“Okay Dean, are you ready?”

The room was bright, you hated to see Dean on the operating table, his eyes were closed but there was still a pained expression on his face that made things ten times worse.

“Listen, you can realign the bones, but I’m stitching him up.” you demanded, folding your arms across your chest and holding your head high to mask how nervous you felt.

The surgeon, Dr. David, looked at you, considering his options with a smirk. Dr. David wasn’t that bad looking if you were being honest, he had light brown hair that matched his brown eyes and a scruffy face with an amazing jaw line, not to mention dimples when he smiled. He kind of reminded you of Dean in a way. But he didn’t have freckles. You loved freckles.

“Alright, I would love to see your work.”

His was soft and his eyes light up the way deans did when he tried to flit with you.You were just glad he didn’t ask you to set the bones in place.

You had never set bones before. Sure you had popped them back into place, but setting bones was completely different, they used pins and screws and metal wires to hold the bones in place. Soon it was time to stitch him up.

You blew out a long breath, willing your hands to steady themselves. They didn’t.

“Okay Dr. Jett, you’re up.” Dr. David said with a not-no-surprising pearly white smile.

“Thank you.” you mumbled.

[Dean s POV]

My head was fuzzy and I swear I could hear someone laughing. I tried to open my eyes but.. They just.. wouldn’t budge!

“Dean?” a soft voice whispered, stroking my hair back affectionately.

“Mmmh.” I sighed, finally managing to open my eyes slowly.

Y/N stood in front of me, she was a bit fuzzy at first, but eventually that cleared and I broke out into a smile.

“Hi.” I mumbled which caused her to laugh. God I loved that laugh.

That’s when I noticed the man standing behind her. He was a little too close for comfort and I tried to sit up.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dean you have to sit back.” Y/N said as she placed her hand on my chest to push me back.

“Dean, you’re still a little groggy and you’re gonna need your rest.” the man behind Y/N said as he rested his hands on her shoulder. Y/N didn’t seem to notice. Of course she wouldn’t, she’s Y/N.

“Hey.” I muttered swiping at his hands.


Dean was still so sleepy it was adorable, you watched as he swatted at Dr. David’s hand on your shoulder

“Off.” he mumbled finally getting Dr. David to step back.

“You need to rest Dean-”

“You wont leave will you?” he said, voice just barely above a whisper.

“Of course I wont.” you said pushing his hair back and rubbing your thumb across his cheek as you watched his eyes close and his face relax.

It was a few hours before Dean woke again, you had stayed the whole time despite Sam’s protests. You promised you wouldn’t leave, so you didn’t.

“Hey Dean, how ya feeling?” Dr. David said as he walked into the room with a clip board.

“Like I have a broken leg.” Dean muttered as he watched Dr. David carefully. Dean didn’t like the way he looked at you.

“Hey doc, wanna focus your attention back here.” he said as he snapped his fingers.

“Um right, of course. Now do you feel any pain?”

“Nothing I cant handle.” Dean said with a bit more attitude than needed.

“Right, now Y/N-” Dr. David started but was cut off by Dean.

“On a first name bases huh doc?” Dean questioned, eyes narrowing as he subconsciously shifted closer to you.

“Dean-” you warned, hand reaching out to rest on his forearm

“Dr. Jett requested that you go home today, I think that’s a bad idea-”

“Hey, doctors orders.” Dean cut in, making a move to stand up but you pushed him back down.

“But-” you continued for Dr. David “we think its best that you stay for a little longer before you go.”

“Oh come on! Look, I just wanna go home and relax. Is that too much to ask?” Dean complained looking at you for support. You weren’t gonna give it, not when you were dealing with an injured Dean.

“I’m sorry, but both Y/n- ahem… Dr. Jett and I, agree that you should stay for a few more hours,” Dr. David looked over at you “Would you like to accompany me to the cafeteria? I hear they’re serving turkey sandwiches.”

You hadn’t notice just how hungry you were until food had been mentioned. Your stomach practically growled for it.

“Food would be good right now, I’ll bring you back one in a minute, okay Dean?” you said as you patted his hand.

“No wait! I’ll come with you!” he shouted trying to stand.

“Dean, I’ll only be a few minutes, beside Sam should be back any second.”

Dean started to panic. You were too innocent, you wouldn’t realize that Dr. Dumbass was totally trying to get into your pants, what if he tried to force himself on you? What if Dean wasn’t there to stop him?

Deans train of thought quickly spiraled down, he couldn’t lose you to Dr. Dumbass with his perfectly white teeth and his smooth, scar-free skin. Seriously how was his skin so…. perfect!

Dean felt like he was going to throw up.
“No, I’m coming with you.” Dean swung his leg out of bed and ripped the IV lines out of his arm.

“Dean!” you yelled stalking over to him and swatting his hands away.

“Y/n, I’m coming.” Dean demanded.

“Dean. Get. Back. In. Bed.”

“Whoa, save it for the bedroom.” Dean chuckled as he, reluctantly, eased back into bed with your help.”

“Save what for the bedroom, I don’t have anything.“

Dean made a point of rolling his eyes before you walked out. You didn’t think much of Dr. David placing his hand on the small of your back, but Dean sure did. And just like you said, a few seconds later Sam walked in.

“Sam, get me a wheelchair, I need to go to the cafeteria”

Calum AU Meme Part 1

Part 1

‘Just kill yourself bitch’. You moaned, great now they had gotten your tumblr. The website used to be your secret release, a happy place, and time where you could waste it re-blogging useless nothing that made you smile. You rolled over in the sheets of your bed, throwing your phone on the white beanbag that was across your bedroom, getting a slight feeling of self accomplishment when it hit the middle, and sunk into the beads.

“What’s up babe?” you heard Calum’s voice mutter from behind you.

“The usual”. You felt him crawl into the bed next to you, his hands soon after rapping around your waist, pulling you in tight. You turned around and buried your head into his chest, the tears silently breaking free. His hands ran through your hair as he kissed your forehead, as you both wished you lived in a different universe. One where your love for each other wasn’t hated.

“Again” he questioned.

“Again” you answered. You didn’t want to move, if you could be frozen in time, that moment you wanted to be frozen, but nothing ever happens the way you want it to. You felt him start to move away from you, but you couldn’t take that, not right now.

“Please come back, can we just lay here for a while” you asked, your tears now visible as you sat up in the bed.

“You know I have to board the plane in an hour babe. If I could do anything right now I would run right back to your side, and I could, I could just hold you in my arms forever I just wouldn’t move but I cant, because we both know I wont move” he said as he stood at the doorway, his eyes becoming glassy. Goodbyes were always the hardest.

“Just go” you said turning away, slipping back into the covers that held some sort of security.

“Hey dude we have to go” Luke said from behind the doorway.

“Yeah I know” Calum said, not moving one muscle, just looking at his whole world breaking before him.

“Is everything okay” Luke said awkwardly.

“No. Are you going to say goodbye to me Y/N or just hate me for something I cant control”.

“I’m going to leave, we will be in the car” Luke said walking away. You spun around in your bed looking into his eyes, as it broke your heart the tears streaming down your face. You had two options, maybe three right now.

  1. Tell him to leave, breaking you both into pieces, cause at the end of the day he had to leave for this tour, and you would be stuck here and that isn’t fair, considering you are getting all this hate you can’t control and can’t handle anymore.
  2. You could leap into his arms, and get the best out of the last moments, which would only break you, maybe him a little but most likely just you.
  3. You could end it, right here right now.

2. You ran out of your bed and into his arms, crying into the crease of his neck, as his hands rapped tightly around your waist, picking you up as you rapped your legs around his waist, leaning back and kissing him. Your mother always told you it wasn’t healthy to love this boy as much as you did this young, but you did.

“I love you so much” you half sobbed into his ears. His own tears dropped down your neck.

“I love you too much Y/N. Please don’t give up, their low lives that can’t accept our love. Please try to not let them get to you. I have something for you, something to protect you whilst I’m gone” Calum said placing you down like you were glass and reaching down on to the floor picking up a teddy bear.

“He will look after when I cant”, and with that he left leaving a piece of him behind with you.

Inspired by: http://5secondsof-outofmylimit.tumblr.com/post/82788730300/au-meme-youre-calums-girlfriend-but-you-are