i cant handle


I was on Facebook today and saw that the Frozen page had changed their cover photo to:

Everyone flipped because Hans was in it, and something surprising, is that he isn’t on the outside like he usually is. In fact, he’s between both Anna and Elsa. I made a joke that it’s just a preview to Frozen 2, and that Hans will be redeemed and end up with Elsa. I knew it was a dream I could hold on to for at least a little while, until the real production started and they would ignore one of my favourite characters like they usually do. Until I got home and saw this, a direct quote from an interview of Santino Fontana, Hans’ voice actor:

“I spoke to the writers… and they were like we have an idea, we want to bring you back, we want to redeem you.”

I guess my predictions were right. 

Lets do Frozen 2!