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Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 4))

Word Count – 2,285

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader



- 1 year later –

Today was the day you and Jensen were going to announce your relationship to the fans at Vancon today. You have never been so nervous in your life. Jensen was nervous too but he knew his viewers would never do anything to upset him or the guys, ever.

It was Friday morning and you and Jensen were packing, getting ready to leave for the week. JJ was with Danneel while you guys would be away, giving you both comfort knowing she’s in good hands and taken care of. You packed your clothes, makeup, hair curler and straightener, body wash and shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brush and a few books to read along with your phone charger and laptop. Jensen packed his clothes, shower things, toothbrush and laptop.

“You look beautiful the way you are, babygirl. You don’t need all that makeup and hair done.” he said standing behind you in the mirror with his arms around your waist while you did your hair.

“I look better with all this though.”

“Beautiful either way, even when you’re sick you’re still the most beautiful girl in the world to me.” You kissed his cheek, making him grin.

“You ready for tonight?”

“I’m nervous, but yes. I just can’t believe we were able to hide it for so long.”

“I know it’s been killin’ me. I can’t wait to show you off to the world and show them how much I love you, even though words can’t describe.”

You finished your hair and kissed him, hugging him after. He squeezed tight and kissed the top of your head, making you smile even more than before.


The airport trip was quiet, thank god. There wasn’t many paparazzi’s and only a few fans wanting a picture together. Eventually you, Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark finally got on a plane, on your way to Vancon and sadly you weren’t a huge fan of airplanes, let alone heights.

“Babe, you okay? You’re shaking like a leaf.” Jensen said sitting next to you, looking at you with worry.

“Let’s just say heights aren’t my friend.” You said while trying to steady your hand and bouncing leg.

Jensen put his hand on your lap and gave you a warm smile.

“Think about JJ, think about us. Just picture us at a beach. A warm, summer day of just the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls yelling in the air.” You cut him off

“I hate seagulls. One stole my ice cream when I was 3.” Jensen sighed, smirking to himself and shaking his head.

“The smell of the salt water filling the air while the warm sand is in between your toes. JJ laughing and building sand castles with you and me. Cuddling on the towel while she plays in the sand. Think about “Cant Help Falling In Love With You” and our first kiss, id sing it for ya now if I could but there’s to many people around and well, I’m shy.”

You closed your eyes and listened to him hum it softly to himself, melting your heart and making all your fear go away at the sound and vision of the beach. You could also hear the sounds of Jared, Misha and Mark making jokes like the 10 year olds they are and giggling with each other about them, warming your heart even more.

“I love you, I love you so much Jense.” You said sleepily, laying your head on his shoulder as he leaned his head on top of yours.

“I love you too baby girl, I really do.”


You finally arrived to the hotel. You and Jensen got a room while the other guys got their own rooms, which you and Jensen didn’t mind of course. You both laid your bags on the floor and plopped on the hotel bed.

“You know what we should do? Jump on the beds, or or! Build a fort!” You said, jumping on the bed.

“How old are you, 12?” Jensen laughed

“On a scale of one to ten I am.” You smirked sarcastically while Jensen threw his hands in the air in defense

“You got me there, babe. Come on we gotta get ready for dinner”

You sighed and hopped off the bed, changing into nicer clothes while Jensen did too.

“You owe me a pillow fight when we come back, deal Ackles?”

“Deal, Y/L/N.”

You walked into the fancy restaurant arm in arm, smiling at each other the whole time while Jared, Mark and Misha kept making “lovey dovey” jokes. You got a 5 person table and sat together. You all ordered your food and drinks then continued talking about everything and anything.

“So y/n, you excited to see the fans again? Been awhile since you’ve been to a convention.” Misha asked, taking a bite of his food.

“I’m a little nervous, but other than that I’m really excited. I missed it so much and I especially missed spending it with you guys.” Everyone at the table awe’d, making you red.

“We’re glad to have ya come with us y/n.” Jared said with a smile.

“Hows West and Maison doing, Misha?’ you asked, thinking about how terribly you missed them. You haven’t seen them since they were tiny babies.

“Growing like a weed. By the time they’re 10 they’re gonna be carrying me on their backs.”

“That’s how I feel with my son sometimes” Mark laughed.

“How is he?”

“Good, lady’s man just like his papa” He joked, making Jared, Jensen and Misha almost choke on their food from laughter.

“Are ya nervous to tell everyone about you guys? I was when I told everyone about me and Gen.”

“We’re a little nervous, but I trust everyone so I hope it’ll be okay.” Jensen said holding your hand after.

You all finished your food and headed back to the hotel, getting some rest for tomorrow. When you arrived back you and Jensen had that pillow fight he promised, you lost.

“Damn it Jense, why are you so strong?” You laughed, laying your head on his chest.

“I’m not sure, I mean would ya look at these pecks!” He said pulling up his arms and kissing his muscles.

You shook your head and turned your back to fall asleep, feeling his arms wrap around your waist tightly after and his head nuzzle into your neck. You interlocked your fingers with his and kissed his hand.

“Goodnight babe, I love you.”

“I love you too” he said half awake.




The next morning was very anxious feeling. You kept thinking of everything that could go right, but also everything that could go wrong. What if they don’t like you and never did? What if some girls get jealous? What if he decides he doesn’t want to? All these thoughts leaving you crazy and upset.

“You’re quiet today, somethin’ on your mind sweetheart?” He said, resting his chin on your bare shoulder after you got out of the shower.

“What if they don’t like me, Jense? What if they hate the idea of us being together?”

“You’re talking non sense babe, they’ll love you, they’ll love us. I love you! I love us!’

“I know, I love you and us too. Just anxiety gettin’ to me I guess.”

“Don’t stress it babe, we got this.” He kissed your shoulder.

You blow dried your hair and curled it, put on your makeup and wore your favorite flannel shirt along with black skinny jeans. Once you finally came out of the bathroom your boyfriend looked at you like it was the first time he ever saw you.

“Beautiful, so damn beautiful…my girl.” He said before kissing you, making you blush and feel happy about yourself.

“You look good too, handsome.” You said with a nudge, making him blush as well.

You walked out of your room to find the rest of the guys dressed up and ready to go.

“You both look great” Mark said, giving Jensen a pat on the back.

“Is everyone ready?” Jared asked, everyone nodded.

By the time you all got there everyone was already in the big crowded room waiting. Once you saw everyone your heart started to pound harder and harder, and your hands began to shake and your knees felt weak.

“We got this. Think about the beach, darlin’.” Jensen said softly to you, kissing you after and giving you a hug.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Those were the last words you said to him before he walked out on stage with the guys. You sat over where nobody could see on the stage to the side, watching them and smiling away at how dorky and welcoming they were being.

Everyone was asking questions and cracking jokes as the usual when you heard a question that caught your full attention.

“Will we ever see y/n again?” A random fan asked them.

They all froze, especially Jensen. They didn’t know what to say or do knowing it wasn’t time for the announcement yet. Jensen looked over at Jared then at you from across the stage with a weird, worried look.

“Well boys?” one of the managers said.

“Um well –“ Jared was about to say until Jensen cut him off.

“Yes! I actually wanted to talk to ya’ll about that. As you know the actors on Supernatural always stay close even after some of them aren’t on the show. Well we of course are still very close with y/n but one of the actors are VERY close with her if ya know what I mean.” Misha said to the fans while they all gasped.

“Will the lucky man raise his hand!”

Everyone looked at each other like they didn’t know while the fans were chanting “do it, do it, do it!” after about 10 seconds Jensen finally slowly raised his hand with a dorky smile. Everyone was screaming and cheering while Jensen laughed hard, bending his back as he usually does and wiping the tears away from his eyes from laughing.

“WHERE IS SHE!” Someone screamed in the crowd. Jared jogged over and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him while everyone was still screaming, screaming even louder when they saw you.

Jared pushed you over to Jensen, making you bump into his chest but he caught you with his arms before you could pull away, making everyone awe’.

“KISS, KISS, KISS” they chanted, making you and Jensen blush. “Fuck it” Jensen said under his breath, placing his hand on your cheek and kissing you roughly while everyone yelled and Misha and Jared jumped up and down happily.

“Hi, my name is Shannon and I’d just like to ask HOW DID ALL OF THIS HAPPEN? Also, congrats!” She said into the mic.

“Uh, I don’t know we kind of were just hanging out one day while JJ was with Danneel and I kind of just couldn’t hold It in anymore.”

‘Come on man, give us the full details!” Jared yelled from the back.

“We were dancing to Elvis then Cant Help Falling In Love With You came on and I just took the moment and kissed her.” Jensen said, wrapping his arm around your shoulder proudly. The crowd filled with awe’s again.

“Hi, my name’s Sean and I’d like to know what your OTP name would be?”

Everyone looked at each other with confusion other than you, understanding what he meant.

“Sorry, these guys are apparently getting old and don’t know what OTP means but I do. Um, I guess it’d be (whatever you think yours and Jensen’s ship name would be)”

“Well, I ship it!” He said happily.

The night went on and on and on with questions about you and Jensen, not that you minded of course. You and Jensen were very happy everyone was so accepting and nice and not a rude thing was said that night.

“Last question” The manager said.

“My name is Kelly and I know this is weird but have you guys had sex yet?” You and Jensen looked at each other with wide eyes while everyone yelled “OOOOOOO” even Jared, Mark and Misha.

You were standing a few feet away from Jensen so couldn’t ask what to say. He looked over at you with a grin and shot you a wink, making the boys scream louder.

“N-no.. we have not.” You laughed nervously.

“Not yet!” Misha said while you slapped him playfully on the arm.


After 4 hours you all arrived back to the hotel. Everyone was sleepy and sore from standing the whole time and throats hurt from talking a lot but it was fun and worth it all. You all said goodnight and went to your rooms.

“My fucking feet are sore, can’t even imagine how swollen they’re going to be when I’m pregnant I can’t even stand for a few hours and they get swollen to hell.” You grumbled, taking off your sneakers while Jensen took off his boots.

After you laid back on the bed Jensen sat at the end of the bed. Before you could ask what he was doing he started rubbing your feet with his big hands, making you moan in comfort and lean your head back against your pillow.

“God, you’re an angel.” You chuckled while he smirked and kept on massaging.

“I so owe you.”

“Sex would be a cool gift, or pizza.” He winked again, making you feel warm and excited inside.

“Maybe both?”

“You have NO idea how much I love you.”


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.