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Explaining sensory overload and hypersensitivity to neurotypicals

so in a discord im in, me and @kuonabnaq started explaining hypersensitivity and sensory overload in terms people who dont experience them will understand and i thought they’d be useful to people! i’ve seen sensory overload and hypersensitivity explained decently, but never in ways people who don’t experience them will understand well so here’s some ways!


yknow that feeling you get from nails on a chalkboard? every sound does that

or yknow that feeling you get from nails on a chalkboard? every sound i cant control does that (since sometimes music helps - its a controllable sound)


“when you come out of a movie theater and the sun just pokes your eyes” - that, with every colour in my vision field

or the light at the dentist which goes right into your eyes, but with all light (including lights, colors, etc..)


when you forget that the sand on the beach is painfully hot and stand for a second too long, but with all contact

or when you get a bad grape but with everything


smell is when you walk past someone with a ton of perfume/cologne but for everything

or one of those really weird acids you have in chemistry, you know? Those that just shoot right up to the back of your head when you make the mistake of smelling it directly.

or walking into a lush/bath and body works/other similar store, but always 
(first and third are especially good if you want to highlight the ‘even good smells are bad smells’ thing)


Okay, so I see a lot of things with humans on spaceships and the captain beig thoroughly confused by all their needs or lack thereof, but the other day I realised why don’t I see ones where the human is the captain?

Here’s the thing, the right human would make an AMAZING captain, think about it. We’re great at adapting to different peoples needs [because we as a species have so many different needs from person to person] there could be one species that say for example one species can only handle certsin colours, human!cptain would fucking paint the spaceship themselves to make sure it was the right colours. Say another couldn’t handle shouting, human!captain would murder anyone who dared raise their voice to this poor alien. There would be loads more that I can’t think of, but my point is that we have so many different needs that we’d just be super used to it, cant handle certain noises, that’s cool I had an autistic friend once who had that problem, it’s fine. Loud noises physically/mentally hurt you, I totally get that, my dad had ptsd and loud noises used to trigger him, I’ll make sure no one shouts at you. Human!Captain is the best captain these aliens have ever had, because they get them, they can adapt, because even if their particular need isn’t something they’ve had to deal with before they know the importance and that it is not something they choose or can be fixed, because we as a species deal with so many different issues both mental and physical and know that they’re all unique. [we’re not all so great at it at the moment, but I’m hopeful for future us]

Anyway, not just that; going for the whole pack bonding thing: Human!Captain would be fiercely loyal to the entire crew, maybe they’d be in a situation where it seems impossible for everyone to get out alive, human!captain is fully invested in getting everyone out and making sure no lives are lost, their missions are almost always successes and even if the mission fails they always make sure the entire crew gets out alive and the whole ship loves them.

anyway, not very well written but i think you get my point. I’m posting earlier than usual today but i’ll probably be back to posting uber late again tomorrow, see you then :]

millienery  asked:

Hey marcia:) sorry to bother but I needed to ask...How do you establish commission prices?Lately I've been thinking of opening them myself but I don't really know how much it is okay to charge? I know it's supposed to be according to the amount of time taken per drawing,among other things. I'm not sure anyone would be interested, so I'm afraid it won't work, but at the same time I feel like I should just go for it(?)Like, I dont have the courage to start.. Thanks for reading this♡have a nice day

Hi! I’ll be happy to help :)

Honestly, this topic is one of the hardest and the most subjective things in the semi-private sector of art industry. Basically, you’re forced to ask yourself “how much is my work actually worth in the terms of money?” and this can be tricky. Obviously, no one wants to underprice their art and bring themselves down but overpricing will discourage the potential clients - achieving equilibrium is necessary. And difficult.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How long have you been drawing?
    If you’re rather an inexperienced artist/commisionee, you shouldn’t go for relatively high prices. One of the functions of price is informing the client of the quality of the service they can expect from you and the brand value. A new shop selling shoes cannot charge as much as Nike, you get the idea.

  • What is the service you can provide?
    In other words, what can you really draw? People will come to you demanding different things: their  OCs, favourite ships, fursonas etc. and you gotta know what you are able to draw. If someone wanted a dragon in a forest, you can’t just not announce that “you don’t know how to draw trees in perspective” by the end of the commission process! This goes back to experience - the less confident you are about your skills the less you should charge.

  • How long does it take you to make one piece?
    Usually, the longer you draw the more you can charge for a picture, but! Remember that time taking accidents such as “I cant get this hand right, I drew it 5 times and it still does not look ok” don’t count! That would be the effect of your lack of experience rather than you making the piece more detailed. We’re talking about a theoretically smooth process here.

  • How much time are you willing to spend on a particular commission?
    This is a little bit different from the previous point. The questions asks: how much time are you willing to spend to satisfy your client fully? Are you willing to make several value sketches? Colour compositions? How many times will you go back and redraw something because the client informed you they didn’t like it?
    The more you’re ready to do for your client the more you can charge. However, remember!! Each sketch/idea has to be of the same quality!! You can’t suddenly stop caring halfway through or decide that “this composition sucks, the client won’t choose it anyway, so I can half-ass it”
    You don’t get to decide that, the client does.

  • How much would you spend on your own art?
    Be honest and do not be greedy. You’re only starting and since art is surely your hobby, low prices will not hurt at the time being. First, you have to dip your toe in the water and decide if it’s okay, then make changes and eventually rise prices.

  • Check prices of other artists! 
    You gotta know what your competition is serving :) This should be your starting point, but!! Take as a reference several people with relatively similar art styles/experience to yours, and again, be honest with yourself. Adjust these prices to the criteria I mentioned above.

Additional commission related tips:

  • be as informative and neutral as you can be during the commission process; you can throw in suggestions but never any uncomfortable opinions
  • remember that it is you who has to put effort into pleasing the client,
  • it is not the client’s obligation to jump around you,
  • you can refuse to draw something, moreover, you can refuse the whole service if the client is eg. acting shady,
  • in your commission info state your contact, price info, way of paying and when it happens (before/middle/after work), how the commissioning process looks, how much time it takes, your preferences/info about your abilities (not necessary) and what you expect from the client,
  • the more information you provide the more confident the client will feel, it rises the chances of them commissioning you
  • be professional, be serious; surprise surprise - it is your job! :)

I think that’s all, hope I covered the topic fully and it helped! Now go rock the art industry <3

We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we’re going down swinging
I’ll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

300 follower art raffle!



There will be 3 winners

1st place: 2 characters, fully coloured, lined and shaded.

2nd place: 2 characters, sketched and flat coloured.(no clean outline)

3rd place: 1 character, 3/4th sketched (waist and up) (no colour)

Extra information

I will not do Furry, robots or realism. Nothing against em, I just cant draw em for shit lmao

the characters CAN be Ocs, I will need reference however and a brief paragraph on their personalities. Just so I get it right ;3

Most people follow me for undertale and NITW so, kinda try to keep to that area but you can request a different fandom. If I dont wanna draw that specific fandom and ask you to change, please dont argue with me.

For first and second place, I will do shippy stuff if asked


characters I wont do: toriel, asgore, asriel and alphys. This is because I cant draw then correctly yet. 

if a winner does not contact back in 3 days, i will chose another one.

Please be kind!

How to join

MUST be Following me. And please, dont follow me only for this ; w ;


1 entry = 1 reblog. Likes will do nothing. only 1 reblog per person!


still deciding. Might be the 1st of august. Which means theres only a week to reblog this post. Deadline might expand depending on the amount of entries.

Winners will be picked randomly from a bowl on a piece of paper.

Il reblog this everyday as a reminder!

I will contact the winners through direct messaging ^ v ^

Goodluck Darlings!


Funhaus and Achievement Hunter backgrounds that nobody asked for, but I made anyway

1920 x 1080 desktop background size - please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them c:


veocawilliams  asked:

Grayscale is... Interesting. Ive tried that ages ago. Probably should get back to that :0 (my friend even asked me how i did when ive only done that like once or twice in the past) Sara Tepes does that, maybe u can learn a thing or two from her vids?

I’ve been looking at a lot of videos when they draw like that but I just, cant get my colours right afterwards. I prefer laying all the base colours out and work with them as I go. I really like Sara Tepes videos tho!

istisah  asked:

(7), (32), (18), (30), (98)?

(7) What Is The Temperature Right Now?

i cant get that right now but ill get  back to you 

(32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?

probably grey 

(18) Do You Collect Anything?

at one time i collected pokemon cards 

(30) Do You Study Better With Or Without Music?

without, so i can focus >>’

(95) What Tattoo Do You Want? well id rather not really get one just because reasons but if i did…. well, im not sure what it would be. maybe something edgy like a skull

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Name: Natalya (Nat)

Star Sign: Aries 

Average hours of sleep: generally 5-7 i think. idk im not the greatest sleeper lmao

Lucky number: 9

Last thing I googled: when is the final dark artifices book released (currently reading Lord of Shadows lmao)

Favourite Fictional Character: Waaayyyyyyyy too many. im just gonna say a recent on. Ty Blackthorn. Or Mark Blackthorn. Or Kieran. and tbh Kit 

What are you wearing right now: black shirt black jeans (so much colour i know)

When did you start this blog: February this year? maybe january i cant remember. theres probably a way to figure it out but im lazy

What do I post: Mystic Messenger

Do I run other blogs: ive got a half attempted travel/photography one and ive got a personal one that i havent used for like a year now

Do I get a lot of asks: generally no but i wish i did

Why did I choose this URL: i literally cant remember. i know i created this blog late at night and who knows what sleep deprived me thinks tbh

can we call this one where if you wanna do it you can cause im lazy af? cheers

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Bean i absolutely love your art style you should post a video of you painting bc i just cant get enough! I suck at painting, i never get the right colours, they never blend well i just cant!!!

would anyone be down if i did a livestream of painting?? Or would that be so boring