i cant get over this stupid hug

Best Friend

You and Juice had been friends for ten years. Nothing could get in the way until you started dating Happy. Juice hated the idea of you two being together.
“Y/N, you dont need to get mixed up in all this club shit”. He said following you around the house.
“Juice you cant make me break up with Happy just because your scared”.
“Im scared your going to get hurt not just by the club but by Happy”. “He sleeps with anything that has a pussy”.
“Really your going to stand there and bad mouth your brother and friend”. “Shame on you Juice”.
Juice looked away, a light bulb went off in his brain. “He cheated on you two days ago”.
“What are you talking about”. You looked at him confused
“Two days ago, Happy slept with that new croweater the red head”.
“How do you know this,your just trying to start shit”. You walked away
“No I’m not, he did”. “I can prove it”.
“Really now, what if I told you that I was with Happy that night and your lying threw your teeth”.
“You wasnt with him, I didnt see you there”. He looked like he was cault with his hand in the cookie jar.
“I went to his room before everyone arrived and waited”. “So the only person he slept with is me that night and every other night, so dont go pulling that shit on me”. You said getting angry.
Juice left with a huff and a sign of defeat on his face. You didnt know why Juice hated you with Happy. Happy treated you like his queen.
“Hap, you’ll never guess what happen today”. You asked taking your shoes off
“Juice came to you and told you that I’m no good”?
“Yeah, how did you know”? You looked at him
“He told me the same thing”.
“What, that asshole”. “Why is he keeping this up, I mean we been together for almost four months”.
“I think he has a huge crush on you”.
“What the hell are you talking about Lowman”. You crossed your arms.
“I over heard Gemma and him talking”. “She asked him why he didnt like us together and he told her that he was in love with you”.
“You have got to be fucking with me”? You laid on the bed next to Happy.
“No its the truth, he loves you”.
“Hap I dont love him, I love you”. “I mean I love him like a brother but nothing sexual”.
“Then you need to tell him that so he’ll get off our backs”.
“Alright I will tomorrow”. “Speaking of backs why dont you give me a special massage”. A lustful grin plastered on your face
“Yes ma'am”. Happy climbed on top of you.

The next day you pulled up to TM and saw Juice sitting with Happy and Chibs. Walking over you kissed Happy and gave Chibs a hug.
“Can I talk to Juice alone for a second”?
“Yeah sure, lets go Hap”. Chibs and Happy walked off.
“Juice, I know you mean well but I love Happy like crazy and theres nothing thats getting in the way of that”.
“Your stupid for falling for him, hes just going to hurt you”. “Why couldnt you fall for me like I have for you”? “Huh”?
“No let me say this”. “Y/N I love you and I cant stand to see you with Happy, hes wrong for you”.
“Juice I love him and I love you but not in that way”. “You’re like a brother to me, I’m not having sex with my brother my name is not Tig”. You giggled  
‘Then I dont know what I’ll do with out you". Juice said getting up
“What are you talking about, we are still friends”.
“I cant be your friend anymore because I want more then that”. He walked off leaving you in tears. You just lost your best friend.
That night Happy came home earlier than usual. He walked in and slumped on the couch.
“Babe you okay”?
“Y/N I need to tell you something”.
“What, what is it”? You asked nervously.
“Juice is going nomad”. “He put in his papers and then there was a vote it past”. He looked at you.
“How could he just leave”? You asked choking up
“He said he couldnt take it that your with me”.
“So him leaving is my fault, I drove a wedge between you two”. Tears rolling down your face.
“Y/N it was his choice , I didnt make it”.
“I cant believe his gone”.
“You’ll see him again”.
“Hap I want him here for the baby, I want this baby to have a Uncle Juice”. You cried out.
“SSHH it will be okay”.
“I love him Happy”. “He’s family”. “He’s my best friend”.

like ive seen a few things with keith/lance running to each other in the aftermath of a battle that was way too close for comfort to engage in the You’re Alive Kiss™ and dont get me wrong i am ALL ABOUT THAT but do you know what gets me more?? DESPERATE HUGS

like maybe around the time when theyre dancing over the line of ‘yeah we’re definitely friends at this point but i am never going to admit it’ keith does something stupid and reckless and nearly gets himself killed (again ffs) and it was too c l o s e this time and when they get out of their lions everyones rushing over to each other to check and keith just gets the wind knocked out of him because suddenly lance is there and he’s??? hugging him?? so tight he cant breathe and its one of those hugs thats more just a desperate need to feel the person and confirm that theyre there and alive and keith is so confused bc what??? but lance probably doesnt even think as much of it bc he is a v. physical person and a Hugger and u cant convince me otherwise but he definitely feels SOMETHING that he doesnt acknowledge bc denial isn’t just a river in egypt. but then lance pulls away and hes just like ‘DUDE wtf you cant DO shit like that??? dont DIE??? how am i supposed to prove im better than u if youre not around for me to beat??’ like trying to play it off and expecting keith to rise to the bait but keith is still kind of dazed from the hug and is also rly fukin gay and misses the hug honestly but hes not about to say that but hes just like 'yeah. yeah sure whatever.’

and then they both get awkward and dont talk about it and lance accidentally puts his hand in his food at dinner that night bc he was distracted staring and pidge is s u f f e r i n g


OK HOLY SHIT WE GOT OURSELF TWO MOTHERFUCKING LEAKS. Edit: OK so these aren’t leaks but official unlisted promos from the CN app.

First up: It is more or less confirmed that the musical episode is Mr Greg.


OK, Bismuth is the blue one. She also has a star on her outfit. Her gemstone is well, her Bismuth which is located in the chest. This is definately the Gem that struck Lapis down during the war. This means she is fairly reckless and judging by the clip she was in, she had just regenarated and she then asks where the other Crystal Gems are. They then go to the Strawberry Battlefield and Pearl tells her that she was bubbled for around 5,300 years. Bismuth then asks Pearl “So we’re all that’s left of the rebellion, huh?” Pearl then half nods and starts crying. Then we get a fucking cute ass Bismuth saying “Oh Pearl you know I cant stand it when you cry like that” implying that they were close. She then begins to cry herself and Garnet comes over. Bismuth then takes them by the hand.

Bismuth has a laid back personality. Proven by “So we’re building bases out of wood now? Who’s stupid idea was that?” and “You know, old crazylace” …etc. She also leans on Garnet’s shoulder when laughing and she Hugs Pearl and Garnet.

She also shows her sensitive side when she tells Pearl “there’s no need to apologise”. This means that she wasn’t (or at least isn’t now) completely reckless and crazy.

“We were just here” tells us that Bismuth was poofed at the Strawberry Battlefield. She was then later bubbled by Rose Quartz.

Amethyst was staying back with Steven and Lion while this happened, maybe indicating that they weren’t as close. By this logic, that may mean that Bismuth was bubbled between the time of striking down Lapis during the war and Amethyst being found at the Kindergarten.

Bismuth was not seen to have a temple room (that we’ve seen) placing the construction of the Temple after the Homeworld Gems fled Earth and after Bismuth being bubbled (because she wasn’t brough into account when the Temple door was made as only Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl and Rose’s Gemstones are pictured).

Also can we please discuss that Amethyst has regenerated too? She has A ripped, white tunic, similar to the ones she wore before. She also has purple leggings underneath her black trousers with stars cut into them. She also has purple/grey shoes similar in design to her previous regenerations’.

What made amethyst retreat to her Gemstone? We’ll have to find out.

- Please give credit if you use any of my explanations for anything (eg: a link to this post or my Tumblr (tyvm)).