i cant get over how good she looks

weekend with the family- Derek luh

Derek and I have been together two years, he’s met my intermediate family YAH know my father mother etc. this weekend my family is having a cookout, well tonight anyways, while he and I stay for the weekend we’re all gonna go to the lake Saturday through Monday my parents got off for me since I hardly ever see them as much as I’d like of course Derek said I can anytime I want but I don’t like leaving him so I go when he can. I tell him he doesn’t have to go but he does he must like my family. I finish my hair right as I hear the shower shut off. He was in there for like thirty fucking minutes

“Derek babe?” I say


“You okay?” I giggle I know what he was doing because he doesn’t usually take showers that long

“Uhm ” he coughs “yeah. ” I laugh is he embarrassed? He shouldn’t be I mean damn I’ve walked in on him plenty of times

“Okayy” I carry on the end he comes out with a towel around his waist, I pull on my sundress “will you zip me up?”

“No but I will pull the dress off” he says

“We have to go shut up and zip the dress” I snap he zips the dress and throws his hands up

“Woah there snappy ” I roll my eyes,  I Do my makeup “are we staying at your parents or coming back here?”

“Uh whatever it’s up too you” I say. Knowing him he’ll wanna come back, especially with the mood he’s in, I look in the fully body mirror he’s quiet. He insisted we get a suit so there’s a little closet and a bathroom. “Babe?”

“Uh, why don’t we just come back here Iont wanna do that to them since we’ll be with them all weekend” he says

“Alright hurry up, you take for-” I get cut off from him finally getting done, he grabs a the keys to the rental we got and we leave.

We get to my parents, is there some extra care sure seems like it. We get out and make out way to the back yard Derek trying to tickle me while I walk

“Derek stop!” I squeal and run from him he grabs me

“Make me” he smirks, we hear a cough he sets me down and I straighten out my dress and turn

“Dad!” I shout, I hug him, he tightly hugs back “can’t breathe dad”

“Sorry darlin, come on, nice to see you again Derek” dad says Derek holds his hand out but dad shrugs his hand shake off and pulls him to us and hugs us both wow dad really does like him “everyone’s here”

“Derek warning my cousin will flirt and she’s sorta a ho, she’s only fifteen or sixteen” I say he laughs

“Eh don’t worry about that princess ” he says, we follow dad to the others, my cousin and her friends (I knew she’d have her friends. I swear she can’t go to a FAMILY deal with out a friend. ) anyways her and her friends instantly start gawking annoying as hell.

“Y/n introduce your boyfriend to the rest of the family!” My mother says

“guys rest of the family this is my boyfriend of two years Derek ” I say, he smiles and kisses my cheek.After we ate. my uncle and Derek my mother and some others started playing football, they took a break Derek being a sweaty mess he takes his shirt off and hands it to me, I lay next to me, this just made my cousin and her friends gawk even more I text my friend she never left this town (y/f/n)
After a while she showed up she’s like part of the family, we go in

“my cousin and her friends are gawking and its so fucking annoying” I say

“okay but like damn I didn’t realize your boyfriend was so attractive” y/f/n says

“shut up, but at least I get to sleep with that tonight” I grin “he’s so cute oh my god”

“y/n calm down” she laughs

“him being sweaty like that is attractive.. especially when he gets all sweaty when were fucking” I say, I bite my lip she looks at me and starts laughing

“someone’s in the mood” she laughs she’s crying from laughing how was that funny?

“hey he was this morning ” I say, we go outside and sit down now that I got myself all worked up I cant take my eyes off Derek damn he looks really good can he just like do me now? they play for a little bit when they quit Derek’s talking to my mom, she nods and then calls my dad over to them hum what the hell, I send him a questioning look he smiles at me, I sigh

“what’s he doing?” Y/f/n says

“I don’t know” I mumble, they walk away now I cant see them, oh wait they went into the house. I sit there and talk to my five year old niece she so cute she giggles and tells me to turn around so I do, I see Derek walking out with my mom. he has my favorite desert ever (your fave desert and a flower wtf.  "Derek what in the world are you doing" I giggle I swear he can be such a romantic he gives me the desert,  a ring on the top, he also hands me the flower I laugh and shake my head “You’re such a romantic”

“I know, but Y/n will you marry me?” He says a hopeful look in his eyes he takes the ring out and dips it in my water cup shit head

“Yes Derek a million times yes” I say, he puts the ring on my finger then picks me up hugging me tightly “you’re still sweaty”  i say into his ear

“you like it though” he says back, I slap the back of his head making everyone laugh “I love you”

“I love you too” I smile “as much as i love spending time with my family can we make up something and leave” he sets me down and looks at me with his eyebrow raises trying not to smirk at me

“well Derek are you gonna kiss your fiancé ” My aunt says, we both laugh, he cups my face kissing me passionately

“okay well we all know what they wanna do now, so you guys can leave” mother says I hide my face in his chest and he starts laughing wrapping his arms around me, we fall from how hard he’s  laughing which makes everyone laugh

“I’m being dead serious you just got engaged we all know you wanna leave”

“Y/mothers/ name, stop encouraging them to have sex!” dad shouts

“they’re in there twenties and engaged Y/Dads/name” we both laugh, we say our goodbyes and go back to the hotel


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So I just found out xiumin is blonde and I FREAKED OUT I've been fangirling for an hour HE LOOKS SO GOOD, what would xiumin's reaction to you freaking out over his hair? (You're dating)

A/N: Dear God…fc I’m freaking out too, just when you think this dude can’t get any better… BOOM, HE SLAYS HIMSELF…

Xiumin reacting to you freaking out over his blonde hair:


Xiumin: Sooo… you like it, jagi?

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Xiumin: /yassss, she liked it!/ *starts mentally dancing*

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You: *stops breathing*

Xiumin: Jagi?!!! Are you okay???

You: …


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 when you get lost.


Yongguk: I literally cant take this girl anywhere without her getting lost…damn.


External image

Daehyun: *Looks far off in crowd* oh my goodness where did she go?

Youngjae: omg what if I don’t find her…her parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunt, niece, grandma, grandpa are going to kill me, bring me back and kill me again.


External image

Jongup: I know how to find her *takes off shirt* *you appear out nowhere*(jongup)”found you”


External image

Zelo: *gets Yongguk to help him find you*

yongguk: ” I think I see her over there

zelo: where I don’t see

External image


guys ive been very tired lately due to tests and stuff but I will fight though it this week and tried my absolute best to get thought all of these reaction gifs like.

so just please be patient with me. okay? tomorrow if Friday and im going to make it a goal to do at least 3 or 2 of these, the request box it always open so feel free and remember that I will not forget about you.

also I was tired when I wrote this so if there are spelling error please ignore it. thankyou


Don’t Make a Sound

Title: Don’t Make a Sound
Author: @hips-before-hands1987
Rating: MSR/NC-17
Timeline: December 2007 
Notes: This one is for @leiascully‘s challenge Sound. Listen, I have read some pretty nasty smut in my day but this is by far the most salacious thing I’ve ever written. I may burst into flames if I go to mass this Christmas. I wrote it in about an hour and no beta was used. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks guys :)

—-     —–     —–

Scully could not believe that her mother had talked her into hosting Christmas at her and Mulder’s home. The two of them had spent Thanksgiving with Maggie when she announced that she was simply too tired to put on a full Christmas including Bill’s family too.

“Your place is big enough Dana, you and Fox should host.”

Mulder had gone dead quite looking towards Scully with a furrowed brow.

“I… I don’t know, Mom. Bill has made it perfectly clear that he disapproves of my life and he’s never been very respectful of the relationship I share with Mulder and…”

“We’ll do it” Mulder cut her off abruptly.

“WONDERFUL!” Maggie announced. I will call Bill tomorrow with the plans. “Now, hand me those plates and I will start to clean up.”

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Different In time...

Next chapter is up! had to really think about were i wanted to go with this. but im happy about my story line so far. this will be stortter then the other but more heart felt. righting is crappy because im exhaused…  P.s crap editing



“He’ll never want you ya know” Her words were like ice.

“What are you talking about stacey…” Rae couldnt meet her eyes as she tried to move around her towards her sports bag.

“You kno’ exactly wha’ im talkin ‘bout! He, Finn… He will never want you… Why would he when he has me…: She scoffed as she followed Rae.

“Are you fuckin’ mad. We’re… We’re friends ya know” her heart was beating as the anger rose within her. Those tears she struggled to hold back were dry, she had a rush of edrenilin kick in the moment those words left stacey’s mouth.

“HA! Ive seen the way you look at him… you wanna be more then just ‘friends’ but he will never have you mingy arse”

Rae stepped towards stacey as she slammed her towel back into her bag. 

“YOU JEALOUS! ARE YOU JEALOUS THAT MY MINGY ARSE MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE WITH THE SO CALLED FIT FINN NELSON!” She yelled drawing attention to the argument she was now having.

“i knew you liked him! And no im not jealous, why would he have your fat body when im around… Think rae. Have you ever seen him with someone so… Thick…”

The words lingered around Rae as she froze solid trying to contemplate whether to run or fight. Two years ago she would of crumbled under her harsh words, she would of ran as far and as fast as her legs would of taken her. But not this time, she was different she had confidence… For this moment she was brave.

“I feel sorry for you Stacey. Goin’ round bullying people to make your self feel better… You may be mainstream beautiful on the inside, but you are down right ugly on the inside. YEAH, i am thick. I have curves, i have an arse and oh how can i forget these tits… they could suffocate england… But atleast i have friends, not people that are with me to be popular! so if you dont mind step aside and fuck right off i dont need to listen to your words anymor’ im goin’ to hav’ a shower at home. i dont have time for your petty crap” 

The room was silent as Rae packed the rest of her stuff away. Everybody’s eyes were glued onto Rae, nobody has ever stood upto to stacey before fearing her rath would be to mighty but Rae didnt care anymore. She walked straight past stacey without even looking back, She slammed the door behind her and hurried off home as fast as she would.


Dear Diary, Its been two days since ive been to school. I just cant do it. I wont be able to deal with the stares and whispers, i need time away from this place. ive convinced mum to let me travel to leeds to see tix. Im sitting here at this crappy bus station waiting for this bus to arrive, leaving stampford behind for a few hours will do me good. I didnt tell anyone, not even Finn. He rang again last night ya know… Mums getting good with excuses now. I cant wait to see tix, she will know what to say. And kester! oh how ive missed that brazen prick putting me in my place. Maybe i can sneak a season. Ok im going to go now i look even madder huddled over this diary. Signing off… Love Rae xx


Rae arrived in Leeds at 10am after getting the earliest bus she could find knowing that she would only get a few hours with her best friend. After getting off the bus she started walking to the hospital, taking in the buildings that she grew to love. Some days she really missed this place, but then she would remember the memories. The hurt and the pain that she indured whilst here, the people here broke her and the people in stamford re-built her. She felt confidence raidiate her when she was speaking to stacey but that all crumbled when she got back home, She cried in the shower for over an hour until her legs finally gave way. She still felt a bit broken inside, the words of venom that came from stacey put a hole in her armour. For the first time in months she needed to escape from the world, Tix was a breath of fresh air.

Before she new it she was standing outside Tix’s room, her hand hovering over the door handle with tears prickling her eyes. She knocked twice with the other hand and waited…

“Come in…” The soft voice of Tix rang out from behind the door. Rae turned the handle and walked in to see her sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.

“Rae.. RAE” Tix jumped up of the floor and ran to the open arms of Rae ingolfing her in a hug.

“Hey fatty… Miss me” She quipped already knowing the answer.

“Of course i did! But what are you doing here, Shouldnt you be at school” Tix Questioned as she pulled Rae towards her bed to sit down.

“Yeah, But i missed you… i needed to see you”

“Oh Rae. What happened…” she said softly.

Rae procceded to tell her about the events of what has happened over the last week, From her fight with Stacey to her feeling about Finn nothing was unsaid. The tears flowed when she talked about the sadness and she beamed whilsted she talked about the gang and Finn. 

“Dont let that crude cow get ta ya Skinny… You are beautiful and Finn would be as crazy as us not to see that” Tix chuckled.

“I know. When i was yelling back at her i felt confident and strong but when i got home those four walls surrounded me and i just broke down, i just needed you.” she mummbled as she placed her head into her palms.

“Im here… Im a bit mad but i give good advice yeah. My advice would to stick it out… Show that stacey she doesnt effect you. You’ve done so well dont let this break you, your better then her. And Finn… Tell him. If he is like what you say he is he will be there, even if he doesnt feel the same”. Rae nodded in reply.

“So wheres kester! i want to see him whilst im here” Rae giggled trying to change the subject so her brain could proccess everything.

“Rae he is in london, He left monday… Ive heard that his ex-wife has taken there son an hes gone to get ‘im back” Tix revealed with sadness in her eyes. Kester was the only one besides Rae that she trusted, Tix was heartbroken that someone so kind is going though this heartbreak.

“Oh Tixy, He’ll be fine. He’s strong like us aye”

The next 5 hours went past in a blur and before she new it, it was time to head back towards the bus station so she could catch the bus back home. it was a heart felt goodbye but this time there were no tears shed only smiles and laugher because they knew they would see each other soon. With one final hug she headed towards the front door of the hospital.

She knew that Tix was right about everything, she needed to face everyone tomorrow and hold her head up high. She was not broken, she was not the ‘Rachel Earl’ she was behind these doors… She was not going to let silly words get to her, she was better then that. She pushed open the front door to the hospital and walked down the steps without looking up her mind was in the clouds. She tripped over the last step and fumbled into the arms of someone standing on the side walk.

“Oh my god im so so so sorry, im such a clutz” Rae huffed as she tried to compose herself. She flicked her hair back with her hand and looked into the eyes of her savour.


“There you are girl” He beamed never taking his eyes of her.


i think ive got everyone but just tell me if ive missed you :D














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Wait! You met Cate? When? How? How was it? What did she said to you? Did she made you laugh? What did you said to her? Is she as flawless in real life as in my imagination?

AHHHH YES I DID! I still can’t believe it actually happened. 

okay so my girlfriend lives in New York City and I live in Wisconsin. We usually plan on flying to see each other evey few months. This past October I flew to NYC to visit her. We knew Cate was going to be in town so we planned on trying to meet her. Carol was showing at the New York Film Festival and we got tickets to see it. There was a Q&A held at the screening. We were sitting pretty far back in the theater but I was actually having a mental breakdown bc I was in the same room as Cate; It felt so unreal. After the Q&A was over the cast left right away and I was super disappointed. Luckily me and my girlfriend are amazing detectives and found out what hotel Cate was staying at. Right after Carol we went to her hotel and sat outside waiting for her to return (sounds kind of creepy but it wasn’t…trust me lol). We waited I think around 2 hours. I recognized one of her managers come out of the hotel so I knew Cate was arriving soon. There was no one around so this was the perfect opportunity to meet her. All of the sudden a black escalade pulls up and Cate gets out. I can’t even tell you how perfect she looked; She was glowing. I felt like my insides were going to erupt all over the sidewalk. We called her over to us and she came over and said “Hello.” She asked me my name and shook my freaking hand. SHE SAID NICE TO MEET YOU DANIELLE. I ALMOST PUNCHED MYSELF IN THE FACE!! We told her how much we loved Carol and and she was so happy. Tbh i pretty much blacked out because i was so nervous/excited. Like the woman that i have been dying over since the age of 12 was right in front of me. ugh!!!! anyway I had made a sign to bring to the Carol Q&A but they wouldn’t let me bring it in so i awkwardly had it at the hotel (the sign said “Cate the Great” and “We <3 Cate”). Cate saw it and thought it was the sweetest thing. We then asked her for a photo and she was like of course girls. Her manager said yeah these girls have been out here all day. Her manager then took like 5 photos of us and they all sucked except one. ha. I HAD MY ARM AROUND CATE’S WAIST! I WAS TOUCHING HER WAIST. After her manger kept taking photos Cate was laughing at her and I cant tell you how fucking cute her laugh is. I was geeking. AND I CAN’T GET OVER HER ACCENT. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Then after that Cate told us to have a good night and we told her to do the same. Cate was so kind and so down to earth. She’s everything i had expected and more. I am so proud to be a fan. Oh and we were both wearing white…coincidence? I think not. We are pretty much married.

Sorry this was super long wow

Carol Screening:

The photos her manager took lolz:

Like what is my face???

SHE FINALLY TOOK A GOOD ONE (even though i look like a greasy frog)

How I Listen to 1989
  • Blank Space: *pretends to be all mysterious at first then goes crazy and attacks my bed with a golf club*
  • Out of the Woods: *moves furniture and flails around on the floor*
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay: allyouhadtodowas STAY
  • Shake It Off: my ex man brought his new girlfriend she's like oh my god but I'm just gonna shake and to the fella over there with the hella good hair won't you come on over baby we can shake shake shake ohhHhhhhHHHHH
  • I Wish You Would: STAND BACK WAST-wait a sec...*googles lyrics*—STAND BACK WHERE YOU STOOD I WISH YOU WOULD
  • Wildest Dreams: did you kNOW THat is her hearTBEAT????????
  • How You Get The Girl: And that's how it works, that's how you slay the world
  • This Love: THIS LOVE left a permanent mark THIS LOVE is glowing in the dark THIS LOVE I MEAN THESE HANDS
  • I Know Places: AND WE RRRRRRUUNN
  • Clean: The rain came pouring down—NO MOM I AM NOT CRYING

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So my girlfriend wears a lot of makeup and she says it's because it makes her pretty but I really hate the makeup? I think it makes her look kinda like a whore, tbh. How do I tell her that but in a nice way? (You seem p knowledgeable and idk homie I figured I'd get your opinion.)

if she likes it then let her do what she wants? you cant really tell her what to do.. if it really bothers you that much then you should reconsider why you are even in the relationship, if your reasoning is more than skin deep you should be able to look over it. you should love your gf with or with out makeup especially if it makes her feel good about herself. and if youre calling her a whore bc of the amount of make up she puts on maybe you shouldnt even be dating anyone..


sloppy sketches of kana (also this is her as 12-13ish ppllbbhhtt)

yeh so i really like the whole ‘sasuke cuts kana’s hair’ thing i had in mind but i also wanted to expand it a bit so the actual real reason he cut it was because the uzumaki child said he liked girls with long hair and sasuke DOESNT WANT UZUMAKI IDIOCY NEAR HIS PRINCESS so he cuts it mmhm

of course kana hates him at first after he does the deed cuz she thinks her mother hinata is the most beautiful woman shes ever seen and naturally she wants to be like her so she grows her hair out even if it was a bit unruly and the strands stuck out everywhere no matter how much she tried to tame them lol

but then she gets over it soon and deals with it and besides the nara child did say it looked good on her (and she blushed and sasuke saw and he twitched in pain while he was hiding behind a tree)