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So I just reached my next thousand and I am…. speechless. This is CRAZY. I made this blog in 2012 and all I wanted to do was express my love for this show through my gifsets and posts. It was definitely much smaller than any other fandom I had ever been in at the time but I think that’s also what made me feel so welcome.

There were some people I ended up talking to and becoming friends with but some that I never talked to and just simply admired. A lot of these blogs are inactive now but every single one of them has made me what I am today. I figured I should show my appreciation for a majority of these people. I will DEFINITELY miss out on a few people because the list is, believe it or not, quite long despite the size of the fandom. Anyway, here I go! (this is in no particular order btw)

  1. I’m gonna start with @kinneysexual. Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin with Cami? When I joined the fandom, I think you were probably the most popular qaf blog/giffer (well you were to me, anyway). I was SO inspired by all your wonderful and unique gifsets and I’m pretty sure I would just stare and stare at them for hours when I could. I’m not kidding, I was so so so impressed and in awe of your talent and ideas. I don’t think we ever talked privately but anytime you reblogged one of my sets or mentioned me in a post, I would just DIE of happiness because you were honestly my QUEEN hahahaha. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have gone on a massive giffing spree when I made this blog. Thank you.

  2. @kinneys. What the hell would I have done without your BEAUTIFUL qaf edits? I ain’t playing, y’all. Alice would take a few screencaps from the most difficult show to colour, put them together and turn them into ART. FUCKING ART. HOW???? I JUST DON’T KNOW TO THIS DAY. THANK YOU for making the show look a million times prettier than it actually is. Your skill also inspired me to edit even though I was never and will never be as talented as you are. Thank you.

  3. @kinneyism. You are absolutely brilliant. In a way, your gifs are DECEIVING because you look at them and you’re like “wow! this show looks nice! It seems like the type of show that wouldn’t be complete torture to colour!” Well NOPE. YOU JUST HAVE MAGIC POWERS. I’m not kidding, while you inspired me to make gifs, I also felt extremely intimidated by you and would sometimes think well, what was the point of even trying to make gifs when art like yours already existed. But I pushed myself anyway and I never ever would have without your help! Thank you. 

  4. @bottomvich. Another amazing, talented person. You were one of my biggest inspirations in this fandom. I don’t know what else to say other than thank you for blessing us with your gifs and edits. Your edits were gorgeous enough and then you gave us A LOT gifsets and just wow. I’m glad that I found your blog and that you were one of the people I really looked up to. Thank you. (also I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged every single one of your qaf edits)

  5. @celebrate-the-victories. SARAH!!!!! This is super cute ok but I did a lil bit of research and I’m pretty sure this is the first post of yours that I reblogged. So basically in four years, the tags I leave on your sets are still exactly the same??? Why am I not surprised????? OKAY MOVING ON TO THE MUSHY MESSAGE. Your blog REALLY stuck out to me. I was mostly seeing these really great Brian/Justin edits and I loved them but YOU. You posted these GORGEOUS gifsets of Ted/Blake, sets of them I had never seen giffed before and coloured with such a distinct style that made my heart warm. I was so happy that I found your blog and I’m so so so damn happy that you’re one of the few I followed at the start and are still active in the fandom and still posting these unique Ted/Blake sets that make me wanna die. NEVER EVER CHANGE. You are truly wonderful. Thank you. And I lowkey always wanted to be your friend BAHAHAH but I don’t think I ever actually reached out to you. GURL LOOK AT US NOW, CALLIN EACH OTHER BY NAME IN TAGS AND POSTS. 2012 ME WOULDA BEEN SCREAMIN (2017 me is still screaming what am i talking about) 

  6. @xchelspaige​. Chelsee! You were one of the first blogs I followed, I think. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Your gifs have always been gorgeous to me. But following you for this long, I witnessed your gifs getting better and better, prettier and prettier. The fact that you’re still making and posting your beautiful gifs l just…. This fandom is so lucky to have someone as nice and talented as you in it. Thank you. 

  7. @queerasfcuk​. Okay, wow. I don’t know how to put this… You have made some of the BEST gifsets I have ever seen for this show. Oh my goodness. Your talent and creativity BLOWS MY MIND. All your sets have thousands of notes but you deserve millions! You were one of the blogs that both inspired me and intimidated me! I love everything about your gifs from the font you use, the way you sharpen them, their speed, the colouring, EVERYTHING. Can we all take a moment to appreciate these ICONIC gifsets though???: x x x. I appreciate all the effort you put into creating sets like those, I know I couldn’t do it. I can’t even tell you how much you really inspired me. Thank you.

  8.  @ksica​. ONE WORD: HOW??!?! Just the other day, I was stalking my own blog (LMAO) and in one page, I reblogged a bunch of your qaf sets in a row and holy wow…. You have the most distinct colouring style on this entire site, I think? I’ll see a gorgeous and vibrant set and I’ll just know it’s yours. I don’t remember if I initially followed you for doctor who or queer as folk but damn I’m pretty sure you can colour ANYTHING. You are sosososososoososososo talented and I wish my qaf gifs were at least near your level. And you’re also just ridiculously nice??? Your entire blog is everything I aspire to be hahahahahaha. Thank you. 

  9. @candlewinds​. JEEEEESS!!!!!!!!! I miss you SO much wow! I don’t think I followed you until I was maybe in the fandom for like two years or so??? But I remember seeing a bunch of your edits and just being completely amazed and inspired by you. You don’t wanna get me started on your gifsets PLS. You were one of the people with superpowers. The powers to make a 144p show look 720p. I CANNOT TELL YOU what your blog meant to me oh my god. I think you’re one of the first few friends I really made in this fandom and I’m so glad we really ended up talking instead of just reblogging each other’s posts and talking to each other through tags HAHAHAHA. You are, without a doubt, one of THE nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting. I remember we became friends then I went on a massive hiatus and when I came back, you were one of the first people to talk to me and you said something really sweet like “I’m so glad to see you on my dash again!!” and it made me so happy to be back. Thank you. 

  10. @justintaylor. OKAY, LISTEN, LAURA. I LOVE YA AND I HATE YA. HERE IS WHY. I REMEMBER THE EXACT MOMENT I FIRST SAW ONE OF YOUR QAF GIFSETS. I was literally in SHOCK. I was like “wait……..wait… why the hell does this look like it was giffed from a 1080p download/blu-ray dvds??? those don’t… exist for this show???” And so I stalked your blog for hours a lil bit and my jealous ass found out you had the dvds and I was FUMING ASIDHASOIDHAISHI I don’t think I had the desire to buy the box set until I saw your gifs tbh?????? I miss your qaf gifs so much though! I still think your sets are some of the prettiest in this fandom ever!! Maybe one day, I will make it to your level <3333 

  11. @itsbriankinney. LEIRE! I wonder if you’re sick of me praising your gifs at this point HAHAHAH IDC IMMA PRAISE THEM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I already had the dvds when I followed you and I might as well BURN THEM ALL tbh. You don’t have the dvds and yet your gifs are better quality than mine will ever be lmao ashiahsiohasduaiasdhi and I can’t even hate you for it because you’re only the sweetest person on this planet omfg. I’m so grateful to call you one of my friends on here like I feel honestly BLESSED hahahahaha. I’ve only been talking to your for a short time but for some reason, I trust you with my life??? And I feel like you’ll always have my back and that’s such a nice feeling to have??? At first, I loved your blog for your qaf gifs but now I love you for so much more! I also realised we watch a lot of the same shows and share the same opinions and ships which is a plus! Thank you for being so kind to me. I hope you know by now that I will always be here for you!

  12. And last but definitely not least, @xoxoemynn​. The first post of yours I saw was a response to an ask. I don’t remember which one it was but I remember being so in awe of how well you wrote. So obviously I had to stalk your blog for days and read as many of your analyses of the show/britin as I could. Yeah, I got nothing I needed to do done during those times bahahaha. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH. I’m pretty sure ever since I found your blog, I desperately wanted to be your friend lmaooooo. So when you first messaged me, I was honestly fangirling, I’m not kidding. FANGIRLING. AND LOOK AT US NOW!! ACTUAL children laughing about things only CHILDREN laugh about iadhaishiashdaih and sending each other screenshots and talking like teenagers in high school and tbh I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to go through my biggest Tumblr drama with AHAHAHAHAH. You made me almost cry laughing during a time I probably should not have been laughing oh my god. I cannot imagine what I would have done without you. YOU ARE JUST SO GENUINE AND WONDERFUL AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO SAY “EMY IS MY FRIEND GUYS”. Thank you so much for your generosity and for making me laugh and for being there for me and for existing. Ily <3 

Unfortunately, some of the blogs I wanted to mention have deactivated and/or changed their urls and I don’t recognise them anymore. But just know, there were a lot more people who are in this list. And I’m so so so grateful for every single one of them. Thank you for making my time in this fandom nothing but wonderful. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i love how most victuuri fanart captions are something like “guess what show i started and cant get enough”“im sorry but i just fell in love with them”, “finally got to draw these two” or “they are so in love i just had to” like their reationship its so beautiful it makes everyone want to create something


Basically, i just wanted to make this follow forever as a tiny teeny little thanks for an amazing year and the fact that this blog has been an amazing place for me to like..actually come to everyday unlike my old ones. my dash is constantly filled with wonderful ppl and i rlly love u all wow!!!! i also cant thank my mutuals enough for being as wonderful as they are like WOW how do u get so AMAZING and WONDERFUL??!!! anyways, this year was rlly shaky for me and in the past 3 months it’s really come together and opened my Fucking Eyes to how great life is. Like i’ll have my Emo moments still but im better n surrounded by wonderful ppl who really show me they care * two of which are @stoptaeyong​ and @kaisbaby​ * 

i really hope 2017 will take care of you all and will really brighten up for you all if 2016 failed to do so :* i lov each n every one of u n care deeply for u all…mutual or not… :* :* :*

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Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1

Part 2

‘What did you do that for!?’ you shout angrily, pushing yourself to your feet with a lot of effort and having to bite your tongue when he has to help you a little, his arms always so willing to hold you. 

‘The errand was to bring him back in for questioning, not to take out the majority of his gang and then take on the questioning by yourself whilst letting him shoot you.’ he says, a note of frustration in his voice, but its muffled by worry. 

‘You’re not even meant to be here.’ you mutter as you try to shrug him off and limp over to the guy you’d shot earlier, cursing when you find out he’d pretty much bled out already and huffing in frustration. 

'You hit the artery in his chest-’ 

'Yes. I can fucking see that.’ you snap, finally shrugging Jungkook off and shuffling back over to the other guy, grabbing the bindings from the chair that was still in the middle of the floor and beginning to tie him up as you hear him walk lazily toward you. 

'Do you want some help carrying-’ 

'What are you doing here?’ you cut him off, completing the knots and beginning to drag the guy towards the gang’s car that was parked just out of sight of the warehouse doors. 

You want to swear at him when Jungkook takes the ropes from you without your consent and lugs the guy over his shoulder, but with the way your shoulder was already screaming in protest at the weight of the man, and the state that your hip was in as you feel yourself begin to bruise- the bullet thankfully having sunk into your bulletproof padding, missing your actual thigh and any main vessels- you simply let him take him from you without a word. 

'I’ve finished for the day. I figured i’d come and ask you if you wanted to go out tonight.’ he says, not batting an eye at your harsh tone after having dealt with you in this state too many times for you to be happy with. 

That was the issue with dating someone in your father’s gang; Jungkook worried too much about you getting hurt. It was stupid since it was just something that came along with the job, but ever since the very first time you’d slept with him after he saved you, he’d always somehow been there when things had gone wrong, always shown up at just the right time. 

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sorry for discoursing again but its so funny when ppl say “well sometimes aces get dumped cause they cant have sex w their partners?” as a proof of their oppression

like as someone who has no idea if they’re ever going to have sex for a lot of reasons im not gonna talk abt in this post if someone told me they cant begin a relationship w me bc they need sex in a relationship i would probably be sad but…id understand since there’s absolutely  nothing wrong with that lol? 


Part 2/3 of Magical Boy!Todoroki !

This time we get to see Pretty Sailor Todoroki’s pretty transformation sequence and pretty Special Attacks such as:

And lastly…..

She said he wants to find himself a good girl… I guess that wasn’t me.

And that hurts a lot more than I could ever explain.

—  I don’t know how I became so insignificant to you
hey ace tumblr.

im just saying but every ace who so much as breathes one joke about “at least i cant get aids/stds” or some other shitty joke can fucking die especially cishet aces. my grandpa, a bisexual jewish man, died of aids and was denied basic human rights, the right to treatment, while he suffered. he died slowly and in a lot of pain and his male partner wasn’t allowed to so much as call him (curiously enough, his ex-wife was notified and extended an offer to visit him). literally MILLIONS of people have died and suffered like he did. and yall have the audacity to come on the internet and be disgustingly homophobic and serophobic so you can further your “holier-than-thou ace” bullshit nonsense. you have the audacity to come on here and condescend to gay/bi/lesbian people and HIV+ folks (as well as people who are both) about how youre so much better than us for being so clean and “immune”. learn some respect.

Pulling Namjoon’s airport mask having it sling back and smack his face.

anonymous asked:

I really love your blog and wonder how you can become popular or how to get more notes for your original content? I need advice because the things I make nobody seems to like, I have some followers who would reblog edits that I reblog but when I post them nobody cares and it's telling me that it's not good enough even though I work so hard on it and am so proud of it, I just feel so rejected and not good enough *sigh* sorry to make this ask so stupid and downer

I uh dont know how to answer this tbh. Im not exactly a popular blog lol. Getting notes on posts… The only thing i can think of is tags. Tags tags tags. Maybe also joining a network might help? So the network can also reblog your posts and that means more exposure. oh yeah and i think timezones might be a factor. like, maybe reblogging your posts once in the morning and once at night? i dont know im sorry i cant be of much help to you :( 

also, no, this ask isnt stupid or downer okay? i totally understand where you’re coming from, feeling rejected/not good enough. i get that! but please dont feel that way. thank you for liking my blog <33

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Mr. Stank Will Never Get Old

Warnings: None

Pairing: platonic Tony x teenage!reader

Prompt: The funny as hell end credit scene of CA:CW

Word Count: 494 words (a pretty number)


Ever since that pizza man misread Tony’s last name, you’d been having the time of your life making jokes about it. Tony, of course, hated it.

At first, he was amused and put up with it. I mean, after everything that had been going on, he was just glad you were feeling well enough to crack jokes. He’d been worried that you’d stay broken and distant for the rest of your teenage years, maybe even longer.

That was definitely not the case.

You’d been nonstop firing joke after joke, pun after pun, even a few one liners, which were weird, but Rhodey found them hilarious.

Now, don’t get him wrong, he loved you like a daughter, but that only went so far. He might kill you if you cracked another “Mr. Stank” joke.

They were losing their punch and just started to become annoying, and you both knew this.

But you had a plan… and hacking skills.
“Mr. Stank, Ms. Y/L/N requests your presence in the living room of floor 67.” Tony’s eyes bulged out of his head, well, nearly.

“What the fu…” He wasn’t indulging you, not in the least.

He meant to go up there and yell. How the fuck did you hack into FRIDAY? He’d thought he’d put up enough defenses to ward off even your expertise.

The elevator dinged and he stepped off, heading towards the living room. He walked in and there you were, sitting on the edge of the sofa with Bucky sitting between your legs.

Somehow, you’d convinced the man to let you braid his luscious locks and you were nearly done. It was a nicely made french braid right down the center of his head.

“What are you…?” Tony was at a loss. This was not something he ever expected to see.

“Braiding Buck’s gorgeous hair. What does it look like?” Your sass was unavoidable. “I mean, you have to admit, Mr. Stank, Bucky’s got the best hair you’ve ever seen.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“How did you…?” You didn’t fail to interrupt him.

“Is that even a question?” You tied off the end of your hair masterpiece. “I’m adorable, that’s how.”

Tony sighed. “Look, Y/N, I don’t know how you hacked into FRIDAY, but you have to stop fucking around with my tech.”

“Steve doesn’t like that kind of language.” Bucky chuckled, still touching the intricate weaving you did with his hair.

“Y/N, I’m serious. The jokes and stuff were cute at first, but it’s been weeks.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “If you pull some shit like this again, I’m suspending you from missions.”

You were silent for a second. Your face completely blank.

“And, for fuck’s sake, stop calling me ‘Mr. Stank’.”

You sighed. “Well, who needs to call you ‘Mr. Stank’? Your attitude has enough stank.” Your face split with the huge grin on it.

Tony glowered down at you and Bucky, who was cracking up beside you. “I hate you both.”

Hello!!! Can’t believe I’m finally making this follow forever for 1K FOLLOWERS WOAHHHHH OKOK so first off thanks to everyone whos been around since the beginning of this blog, it should be 2 years but bc i had to remake in the middle it turned back to 1 LOL but anyway Id like to thank all the followers who stuck to me since the beginning and all the followers who joined aterwards. And also the special friends who kept me company in this lonely website !! I cant thank enough those of you who supported me through so much and even helped me run this blog!! And to all the followers who didnt get a follow back: Im sorry i couldnt give u the follow but u should know i still love you for sticking with me through this!!! To all the mutuals ive shared so many conversations with about all the things we loved i enjoyed them SO much!! everyone who has ever interacted with me have made me smile so much Ahhhhhh anyway heres the actual follow forever now LOL 

Also for those that dont recognize me i used to be toushiz!

P.S (Transparent Credit)


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That’s all folks!! Sorrry if i forgot anyone tho but anyway these lovely people always bring me what i want in my dash!! 

theres no way i can answer all the messages i get (i wish i could) so i feel like i gotta make a separate post to thank u guys honestly, my friends and people who support me u really help make my days better and i cant thank u guys enough tbh

one day i rly wanna start going to cons and meetups and meet some of the people who have stuck around and dealt with my bs for so long honestly, ill be an awkward loser guaranteed but ill get there one day! 

thank u that is all

sincerely, a tired and anxious artist