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The Math Tutor: Connor Murphy x Reader (Part 4)

I’m back again! I’m in between semesters right now so I’m able to post a good amount. Not sure how happy I am with this part, but hopefully you guys enjoy it!

TW: language, drugs, talk of suicide, NSFW

Word count: 2,595

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Summary: You are doing well in math, but cant stand the class, so you strike ups deal with the teacher which involves you dedicating a few days after school tutoring the somewhat terrifying Connor Murphy. Before you realize it, you are feeling some interesting things for the “freak”.

Previously: Connor: I’m here with the freaks

You: Be out in a sec. 

You try your best to sneak out without your grandma or grandpa seeing how you were dressed. “Bye guys!” you call, running out the door. As you walk to the car, you see Connor gaping at you, obviously not realizing he is still visible in the dark. You smirk a little and courtesy. Realizing that you can obviously see him, he shuts his mouth and turns to face the road. Jared rolls down the back window and gives a whistle. “Dayum (Y/N), give us a little spin,” he calls out. You can see Connor turn around and attempt to punch Jared, and Evan attempting to keep them apart.“Alright let’s gooooooo!” you yell in your best hype man voice. “Let’s just get this fucking over with,” Connor sighs, ripping down the street. 


The four of you pull up to Alana’s house about half an hour after the party had started. Jared forced Connor to stop in the parking lot of a grocery store for a few minutes because he claimed you needed to be “Fashionably late”. Even though you argued that you were best friends with the host so that didn’t really apply to you guys, he still won, because Connor decided he wanted to stop and smoke a little anyway. You weren’t sure you were comfortable driving in a car while Connor was high, but then you realized you probably drove with Connor high all the time. Once you guys finally pulled up, the house seemed quiet from the outside.

“God fucking dammit, are you pulling some sort of prank on us (Y/N)?” Jared accused angrily.

“Sssshhh. One second,” you said, staring at the front windows. You see someone brush up against the curtain, moving it out of the way just enough to see a crowd of teenagers in the living room, jumping around with red solo cups. “See, we are all good and for sure not the first people here.”

You all got out and made your way to the front door with you in the lead. You didn’t even think to knock, because you could hear the music blasting so loudly there was no way anyone was going to hear you, so instead you grab their spare key from under a little turtle statue by the door, unlock the door, and push it open.

“Oh my god it is absolutely beautiful. Everything I imag- just like every other party I have been to,” Jared said, still trying to convince you that he had a wild life as you made your way into the spacious foyer.

“I…I don’t know (Y/N)… are you sure I’m invited to this?” Evan asked hesitantly.

You gently grab his upper arm and whisper into his ear so he could hear better: “Yes, she said your name specifically.” That made Evan blush and tug a little at the waistband of his pants in nervous excitement.

“Are we going to stand here like fucking losers or go get a drink?” Connor asked, pulling his hair into a bun. You had seen him do this before from a distance, but you could see just how chiseled his jawline was from up close. He saw you staring and wiped his cheek thinking there was something on it.

You clear your throat and say “Yes, let’s go find some drinks. I’m looking to get drunk tonight.” and with that you lead them into the kitchen.

You find Alana and her boyfriend pouring drinks behind the island.

“Bitch! You came…yay! you brought your people! Good girl, you deserve a drink.”

“Alright Mametown,” you joked. The two of you had spent many “movie sleepover” nights trying to recreate Mamrie Hart’s specialty drinks. “I’ll take a vodka lemonade…add a little sprite so I don’t want to off myself but still make it strong. What will you guys have?”

“Rum and coke,” Connor said, looking at you instead of Alana, definitely not comfortable talking to her directly.

“I’ll have the same,” Jared said, obviously not super sure what were for sure good combinations.

“I’ll do the same… unless you run out or something and that’s fine too,” Evan rambled, looking at the ground. Alana reassured that there was plenty of alcohol for everyone, and poured you all your drinks. Once you get your drink, you hear the song change.

Another magical Friday night…” you hear Pink Lemonade by The Wombats seep into the kitchen.

“Yes! This song is so perfect what the hell!?” you squeal, grabbing Connor’s hand with your free one.

“What the fuck where are we going?” he asked, pulling you back.

“The dance room! If you don’t come with, I’m going with Jared,” you joke, pulling him again. He groans and follows you. Something most people don’t know, until they party with you, is that you love dancing. You don’t dance the way many people who aren’t trained do though, there’s no jumping around, no fist pumps, its all hips and Connor became aware of that really fast. You let go of his hand and start moving your hips to the beat, giving a little booty drop every time the chorus goes “Piiiiink, pink lemonade.” You see him staring at you, mouth agape, not moving, and it makes you laugh. “Are you going to dance with me?” you ask. He stares for another second, not moving.

“Do I look like I can dance?” he questions, gesturing to his tall, lanky body.

“Have you tried?”

“If you don’t, I will Murphy,” Jared says, making his way over to you. He puts his hand on you waist, internalizing the beat of you hips. Before he can start dancing against you, You feel him being ripped away and his fingers being replaced by noticeably longer ones. Your heart starts racing. Sure, guys have approached you before, but this just seemed so much different. You wanted this. You take a huge gulp of your drink and run a hand through your hair. You feel Connor move against you. He is much taller than you, but your legs are long enough that his crotch still lines up with your ass.

“Guess you aren’t that bad at dancing, Murphy,” you mumble, mostly to yourself.

He must have heard you, because he lowers his head to your ear and says, “I know how to grind, not dance.”  

With his face still close to your ear, you decide to reach up and use your free hand to trace his jawline. You feel a low rumble on your fingertips and then feel his lips connect with a place right behind your ear. You tilt your head, giving him more access, and he takes advantage of the skin on the side of your neck. His lips are rough and aggressive, yet still soft and wet, hungry for flesh.

“Does he kiss you till your lips explode…” The song repeats the last chorus, and he turns your around, and kisses you until well, your lips explode.

“I want you, (Y/N),” he roughly whispers, pulling you so you can feel a little bulge growing in his pants.

“Connor… Not now…shit where are Evan and Jared,” you were mostly worried about Evan. You kicked yourself for not thinking to look out for him a little better. You scanned the room and found him talking nervously to your friend Zoe. You wave at the two of them and give a little thumbs up to Evan which makes him somehow turn even reader than he already was.

“God damn, I get why they call it liquid courage,” Connor said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well yeah, he still seems so nervous though,” you giggle.

“Oh you have no idea, he has been pining over my sister for years. I think this is the first time he is talking to her when it’s not to just to apologize for…well nothing.”

“Zoe is your sister?! We are friends!” you say, turning back to Connor you still has his hands placed lightly on your hips.

“Yeah…” he said, looking confused “Let me guess, she doesn’t talk about how the kid who scares the entire school is her brother,” he rolled his, eyes exhaling in annoyance.

“I don’t know… it just didn’t come up.” You knew she had a brother that she despised but you didn’t put two and two together. “Let’s go get more to drink,” you say, feeling tension building. You lead him back into the kitchen and this time also get a rum and coke. Instead of going back to the dance floor, you go out to the backyard. Alana had a little patio that no one was taking advantage of, so the two of you sat there and drank your drinks. You wouldn’t consider yourself a lightweight, but you hadn’t drank in a while and didn’t have much appetite at dinner so you were doing it on almost am empty stomach. You turned your head a little too fast to look at Connor and the whole world seemed to take a second to catch up with your body. The dizzy sensation caused you to let out a little giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Connor asked.

“Nothing, I just think I’m drunk,” you say, getting up from your seat and stumble a little, still giggling.

“Jesus fucking christ, maybe you shouldn’t stand up,” He says grabbing your hand, trying to keep you from wandering off. Your lack of balance causes you to fall right into his lap.

“Ooops sorry I shouldn’t touch you,” you said, trying to get up.

“Why not?” he said, still holding onto you so you cant get up.

“Connor, you are hot, like super hot. At least in my opinion. But, I’m afraid you’re going to hurt me. I don’t mean like physically, I mean like break my heart,” you confess, in way too cheerful of a voice. You have a problem with just speaking your mind when you’re drunk.

“I… I wouldn’t hurt you…”

“You wouldn’t mean to hurt me probably. You just… you would. And I don’t mean that you specifically are a bad person. I think any guy would hurt me,” you nonchalantly say, still in his lap. You start dragging your fingers across his jawline again.

“Why are you so afraid?” He asks, grabbing your chin gently, forcing you to look directly into his eyes.

“Oh no this is getting deep… has anyone told you you have a beautiful jawline? I really do like your hair down but damn when you put it up like that it just shows off your face…chiseled,” you slurred, pressing your lips right at the curvature of his jaw. He moves his face away.

“I’m being serious I want to know why,” he says, searching for sobriety in your eyes.

“Why do you care? Don’t you just wanna fuck me? I mean just take me now,” you joked, throwing your hands in the air.”

“What if I want more?” he asks, looking away, as if the honesty that slipped form his mouth was too much for him.


“Why are you afraid?”

“Fine…I told myself that once I got out of my Dad’s house I was going to only allow people who deserve it in to my life. He was so controlling and manipulative that I was just…so broken. I really didn’t see myself as a person I guess. So now I am super into being independent and what not… Jesus I can’t really completely explain right now…definitely too drunk,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder for support, hoping it would help with the spins a little. He hesitantly puts an arm around your shoulder, rubbing your arm to comfort.

“Don’t you think that considering our…similarities…that maybe… maybe we would be good together?” He asks softly.

“Together…? Like…dating?” you ask, not taking your head from his shoulder, too afraid to look at his face.

“We don’t need labels… but I guess…” he said. “I mean I don’t know…I’m being stupid.”

“No, no you’re not. I’m drunk so we should probably redo this conversation sober but I… maybe we can try.” You finally look up at his face and you see something super foreign in his eyes…something gentle and raw. Something so exposed. You take his face in your hands and put your forehead to his, and then kiss him, slowly, softly. You adjust your position on his lap so that you are straddling him, feeling his chest. It is surprisingly more muscular than you imagined. You grip the front of his shirt as he flicks his tongue across your lower lip, asking for permission to enter. You giggle, allowing his tongue to slip in. He moves his hands from your waist to your ass, groping it lightly, distracting you just enough to allow him to win the fight your tongues were having. “No fair,” you mumble into his lips.

He chuckles, moving from your lips to your neck. You let out a soft sigh as he kisses down your throat. He begins to play with the bottom seam of your shirt, asking for permission remove it. “You look good as fuck in this shirt, but all I wanted to do was rip it off the second I saw you in it.” He murmurs.

“I…Connor one second,” you whisper.

“What? What’s wrong?” he said, stopping what he was doing.

“I…I haven’t done…anything before,” you mutter, embarrassed.

“Like…anything?” he said. His eyes went wide “was I your first kiss?”

“No…no I’ve kissed someone before,” you say, putting your hands in front of your face to hide it. “I just haven’t done…more…”

“Well, your first time probably shouldn’t be drunk in your friends backyard. So we will wait.” He said, removing your hands from your face and kissing you lightly again.

“Wow, Connor Murphy, resident bad boy a gentleman? I must be in an Alice in Wonderland type dream.”

“Haha you’re so fucking funny. Just you wait, you’ll see I’m not exactly a gentleman,” he growls, roughly pawing at your ass again. You squeak and get up.

“Well, I don’t know about you but I could go for more dancing,” you saying, dragging him back inside to dance.

Alana sees you coming through the backdoor with Connor and gives you a knowing look. You flip her off, grab another drink, and head towards the music. You danced with Connor until everyone was gone except for, Alana, her boyfriend, Zoe, Jared, and Evan.

“And-and I thought it was so freaking pretty when you put…what’s that color you put in your hair? It was like purpley…” Evan drunkenly slurred, holding Zoe’s hand on the couch.

“Indigo,” she laughed, absolutely enamored. “You can stop now I already said yes to a date.”

“I know I just have so much to say,” he says, lolling his head and eventually just resting it in her lap. He hiccuped and closed his eyes.

“Damn Zoe, didn’t realize you were trying to get with my friends,” Connor sneered.

“I could say the same thing,” she said in disgust, motioning to us.

“Zoe, you didn’t tell me Connor was your brother,” you slurred, definitely way too out of it to be confronting her. She just rolled her eyes and turns her attention to Alana who was talking to Jared about who was and wasn’t single at the party tonight.

“Can we please stay the night?” she asked.

“Of course, we have a few rooms to choose from. Go claim yours now.” Zoe basically carried Evan up the stairs and into one of the guest rooms. Connor took your hand, leading you up the stairs as well.

“Murphy, don’t you think you’ve had your fair share of time with (Y/N)? Isn’t it about my turn?” Jared asked.

“She’s mine,” he retorted, taking you upstairs. You two end up in the Beck’s master bedroom. He helps you take off your boots, and you attempt to take off your bra, but fail miserably.

“Can you help please?” you whine, so tired and drunk that you just want to sleep.

“(Y/N), you are such a tease,” he says, unclipping it with one hand. He takes off his shirt and jeans and gets into bed.

“I would take off my leggings but I am not wearing underwear,” you say, crawling in too. “Thongs are the most uncomfortable things in the entire universe.” You mumble into the pillow.

“Again, such a fucking tease.”

Cisco’s lab part one

“ Hey bear what‘s up?” Barry had called iris to ask her about her project she was doing for her new assignment at work.

“ Hey, babe, I miss you”

Iris frowned. “ I miss you too… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, meet me at star labs asap”

Iris was about to ask more question when the phone hung up. Soon she rushed to star labs.


“hey babe!” Barry cheerfully kisses iris as he grinned. 

“What’s going on?” Iris asked. 

Barry smiled, then quickly ran all around star labs, and came back. 

“For once, we have this whole place to our self!” he said. 

“ Oh, that’s wonderful, and what are you saying, Mr. Allen?”

“I have always wanted to do somethings in here with just you, without HR, or cisco, or anyone else interrupting us, you know?”

“Yeah, I know” iris walked closer, to him and placed her arms around him. 

“ And I have always wanted to do some very naughty things to you here” barry said as his hands slid down to her waist. 

“ Oh really?” iris said breathlessly. 

“ Yeah, I wanna make you scream my name so loud iris” barry said as he kissed her neck. 

“ Oh..” iris began to blush. 

“ Iris, I want to do something very hot with you”

Iris smiled, and kissed him. “ what other things are you gonna do?”

“First, I am going to make you shake to your knees” he said, as he began to softly vibrate his length pressing it towards her hips. 

“what else?” iris said, already feeling the effects of Barry Allen. 

“ then, I am gonna take us somewhere dark. and fuck you so good” Barry said as he kissed her neck more deeply. 

“W-what else?”

“Then, I am going to make you cum for me so many times you will forget what it was like to not cum” he said lifting her legs up as he sped them to some random dark corner he found. 

“Shit barry” iris said, as she was surprised how fast he was in her. 

“ How good do you feel iris?”

“ you feel, I feel, oh god”

Barry stopped, as he slowed his pace in her, “ tell me now”.

“ fuck barry, you feel amazing”

“ good girl” he said as he went faster. 

“Barry” she moaned. barry took that as a queue to vibrate, causing a quick moan from her. 

“ Oh fuck iris”


Cisco’s ‘  intruder alert’ went OFF THE CHARTs. Since defeating savy, he made sure to add lots of security to star labs. 

“What the hell?” he said. “ there is no one in there, oh shit, invisible man!” 

Cisco called Julian and wally, to help him. Wally tagged joe along just in case. 


“ Ahhhhh!” iris moaned. her o face making him shiver. 

“fuck iris, your a bit of a screamer” barry teased. Iris somehow managed to slap his arm, as they laughed and moaned. 

“ Barry I am so close”

“Me, fuck…too”


“so you said there is a invisible man in your lab cisco?” joe asked.

“Yes, and speedster that is invisible!”

“That sounds like something off the game halo…” wally added. 

“ so what are we gonna do?” Julian asked. 

“Go in!” cisco looked at the door of his lab, and slowly walked in. 

Barry slowly kissed her breast. “ Fuck you are amazing” 

“ oh bear, I…oh shit” Iris slowly looked out the closet door as barry reentered her. 

“ Barry! BARRY!”

“ what? want me to go faster babe?”


“ oh shit”

“ Who the hell is there? and what the fuck is that smell?” Cisco said. 

Cisco’s mind went to the worst thoughts when he said underwear. 

“ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” he yelled. causing the others to barge in. 

“ Fuck!” iris said. 

Cisco began to freak out as he left the room. “ I am so done, you guys are cleaning your mess, with bleach, what the hell man? you know what? I… damn, I am out of here, I shall make a gun that detects unreal invisible speedsters, bye yall!” 

“ who the hell is there?” 

Barry quickly dressed him and iris up, and opened the door, when he noticed his speed was not working. 

“ shit” the two said. 

“ GUYS I POWERED THE GUN THAT STOPS SPEEDSTERS!-” wally stopped running and  talking as he noticed the scene in front of him. 

“so that’s why I cant speed us out…” Barry said. 

“ Hi.. dad”

“ I think you two need  a long overdue talk” joe said…

tangled ribbons, ch12: grand allegro

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first off, thank you so so so SO much for the response to the last chapter! it was….incredible. honestly. i was just blown away. thank you for being patient and being understanding, and thank you for putting up with all my teasing 

 i have more (so much more) i’ll say next time, but i don’t know when that’ll be. i’m working on a lot of college stuff and original things for my portfolio, as well as a big bang for another fandom and a collab fic. but i promise i’m always slowly working on this stuff. 

 also??? brick walls is on page 3 of the ml tag when sorted by kudos???? thank you so much omg 

this chapter isn’t necessarily the most interesting and it’s less than half the length of ch11, but i still hope you enjoy!

Marinette has her arms around Adrien’s waist when he wakes up. She’s already awake, her head resting on his chest and vacant eyes staring at the wall.

“Morning,” he murmurs, brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

She gives him a small smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. “Hi.”

“What time is it?” He regrets asking when she pulls away to check her phone.

She frowns at her phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” she says quickly. “It’s only five, but we fell asleep early.” She swings her feet over the bed, motioning to the bathroom. “I’m going to—” She lifts her phone.

Adrien nods and reaches for his glasses. “I’ll be here.”

It takes him a few minutes to get up once she leaves. He can hear her muffled voice through the walls. He doesn’t know who or what she’s talking about, but he hopes it’s Alya.

He slides on his glasses and scrolls through the notifications on his phone. He shoots a quick update to Nathalie, usually he would’ve done it last night but he was asleep and she’s probably been lowkey panicking since then, before tackling the texts.

Nino only sent a few, but Alya didn’t hold back. At all.

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