i cant find the post this was inspired by

The way I want bum to kill the uncle

step one:  he will go there being a deceive bitch

step two: he will drag him back then killer mood on

and sangwoo will be like

oasn: I really really really want bum to do every thing if the uncle is ever gonna be killed . sangwoo could help him with planning the murder but bum need to revenge for himself. please make this happen koogi. oh btw this was inspired by a funny post about snk eren when he killed the guys who kidnapped mikasa but I cant find it anymore sorry 


Goodnight sweetheart
Goodbye my dear

i cant concentrate on painting which is a shame because it’s some darn cute toshinko if i may say so myself. but have these sketches in the meantime

5/5-17 inspired by @izuqu i cant find the post but it was about forehead kisses? also other cute posts

so i accidentally deleted my entire tumblr account and now i’m starting it all afresh :-)

my name is celeste and i’m a 15yo from singapore :-) i take english, chinese, history, geography, additional and elementary math, physics, chemistry, biology and visual arts. i also self-study korean and japanese occasionally. aaaaand i’m taking gcse a levels in 2019.

my inspirations: @areistotle @academla @elkstudies @studypetals @studysthetics and so many more that i cant find anymore because i lost everyoneeeeee :-(

would appreciate if yall studyblrs could reblog this post so i can find moar accounts to follow :-))


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood openings & endings // fma 03 verison (x) // happy fma day!



I have posted this set before, but i did some mistakes, and i decide to fix it. First of all, I have tried to fix Lance’s skin colour, wich was wrong in first version of this set (i hope this is better q^q sorry please for this mistake), and also i have fixed some details in other arts in set. So, I hope this post is better UuU

and so, here is information about this set. I will just copy my text from first version of this post. So, here it is:


I have saw headcanon about Hunk, wich is about him supporting members of team. And headcanon about Hunk’s hugs with Shiro and headcanon about cookies for Pidge from him and I am be like HMMM!!!!! So here it is, 

multi-headcanon about that kind of hugs everyone in team gets from our cinnamon roll then they need it

Big “Who wants space peanut cookies?” hugs for Pidge

Warm “We will do something with your nightmares. Come here” hugs for Shiro

Silent “I can just sit here with you if it will make you feel better” hugs for Keith

Trust “Tell me about your problems, i will listen you” hugs for Lance

p.s. thanks people in tumblr for headcanons wich are inspired me! As i remember they were @captainsbones and @yarrayora and i cant find that post with cookies for Pidge headcanon so i dont have the athor D”””: …and if i did something wrong please tell me, its just my first expierience with headcanons, au and other things like that so i dont understand how it works :D 

i cant find the text post that inspired this but imagine neil using names instead of ages (ex. “when i was alex” = “when i was 15” and “i was stefan” = “i was 13”) and just confusing everyone for the fun of it

person A is outside person B’s apartment, about to knock, when A hears a low, guttural moan that is, unmistakably, person B’s voice. They pause, then strain to hear more. Had they misheard? Surely there was context. They simply must wait it out, just in case.
Another long, slow moan, followed by a delicate hum and a slight slurping sound.
Person A is Shook, and considers leaving. But is also interested.
Ever so sneakily, they use the spare key they had been given in a previous time and open the apartment door to find person B hunched over their favorite food