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Which Voltron characters should you fight, and who would win?

Lance: You
He would be the one to challenge you. He would brag about the many opponents who have begged for mercy at his hands. You would throw the first punch and knock him out cold, and then feel bad about it and nurse him back to health. You knew he was all talk, anyways. You don’t know why you took the bait.

Pidge: Her
You know how they say short people are evil because they’re closer to the ground and thus closer to Hell? Yeah. Pidge can and will destroy you, and she will make damn sure no one ever finds the body.

Keith: Him
Looks like he could kill you, and could actually kill you. Have you seen him fight? Keith is the literal embodiment of “while you were being heterosexual, I studied the blade.” And he is as lethal as he is gay.

Shiro: Not you
Look, I know he could kill a man or two or maybe a hundred, but does he want to? No! He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Shiro doesn’t want to fight you. He just wants you to be great. If you picked a fight with Shiro, you’d have to deal with the gutting look of disappointment in his eyes. Trust me, there is no worse feeling in the world than disappointing Shiro. Don’t fight Shiro.

Hunk: ?!?
Hunk is all that is pure and good in the world. Why would you want to fight Hunk? What is wrong with you?

Allura: Her
Obviously. Have you seen her throw Shiro across the room like a sack of flour? Don’t mess with Allura.

Coran: You
While I can’t fathom why you’d want to fight Coran, he’d be relatively easy to take down. He would probably take the occasion seriously, getting dressed in Altean armour and throwing in a really long Altean customary speech that precedes a sparring session. A minute into his incomprehensible speech you punch him in the face and end the fight.

Zarkon: Him
He has an army at his disposal, and you (I’m assuming) don’t have possession of Voltron, so the outcome is a little biased in his favour. But do it anyway, just for the satisfaction. Slap him in the face. Call him a big whiny bitch baby and tell him the Black Lion isn’t his anymore. Just for the hell of it.

Haggar: Her
She has magic powers.

Lotor: You
Something tells me he’s just a fuckboy with daddy issues and many weak points you could easily exploit.

Bonus -
Slav: You (in 99.9% of all realities)
Please punch him in the face. You know you want to.


ASTRO as cinnamon rolls [x]


au where rinnya is kayochin’s pet cat HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FAVOURITE CAT…….. also based from a chat sshot i saw sometime ago but i didnt reblog it and now i cant find it rip. i’ll update with a link if i come across it again