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yo i heard some people say, as if it was 100% fact, that jung hoseok bleaches his skin and while im not at all surprised by idols being made to hate their own skin i cant find any record of this after some googling? does anyone have any info on this? like a link to proof? did he admit this? whats goin on?

Umm, I don’t have any proof to this. While I have my suspicions about those ‘magical’ vitamin C treatments that a lot of idols get, I don’t know or can confirm anything about J-hope specifically. If it’s true, then I’m not surprised either.

-Admin Kim  

thebaboquan  asked:

I keep hearing about concerts but I cant find any info on them. Who are the artists you know are performing in the USA?

B1A4, MC Jin + Junoflo, Giriboy + Black Nut, Jessi, B.A.P, BTS, that Maksed Singer show

I know that AOMG is coming too because they confirmed it with a teaser type thing and verbal confirmation. They just haven’t released dates yet. Illionaire too. They gave verbal confirmation but haven’t actually released a teaser or promo of any type.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that SHINee is coming too. The GB+BN, Jessi, and SHINee concerts in LA are all a day apart lol. SHINee is Dallas on March 24, GB+BN in LA March 24 and SF March 25, Jessi in LA March 25, SHINee in LA March 26