i cant feel my ha nds

when i first saw this i was like, aw, how cute, drago has a little toy dragon. but then i realized. drago is literally the only dragon in the ac universe. he is the last of his kind. all his ancestors are dead. he will never feel like he belongs anywhere and that toy is all he has left to remember his family. so basically i ruined my own mood

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I lowkey feel bad for Jinyoung because he doesn't get enough recognition in GOT7. He can sing but he's not a main vocal, he can rap but amerithaikong have that covered, and he can dance but yugyeom is the main dancer. The only thing he gets some recognition for is his acting and he's MUCH MUCH much more than that and it makes me sad that people sleep on him

i feel like this all the time :( his position was so vague and then they never let him specialise in anything that would get him opportunities on shows like dancing or singing like hes been able to do a few dance collab/project things but that’s it and so he’s had to take the route of acting and mc’ing and its sad bc his singing has improved immensely over the years like wow he rlly has been working so hard on it and i wish he got to show it off more idk like idk how he feels abt it mayb he’s happy with what he’s doing right now nd if he is then so am i but obviously he’s my ult and i love him so much and i know what he’s capable of nd how talented he is so im always gonna wish more for him its just smth i cant turn off yknow lmao

when u see someone in public throwing a fit or being immature and making a scene, before saying they’re a total asshole and making faces at them i hope u know that they could very well be autistic and having a meltdown and this comes from someone who is autistic and has had meltdowns in public places b/c something unexpected happened or my plans changed suddenly and i’m so tired and stressed and can’t deal w/ it like how neurotypicals can. 

like i know i look like a huge asshole to u but i’m having a really, really difficult time dealing w/ reality and im embarrassed but i can’t just swallow my feeling and i just want to be ignored sorry

ok can i be Gay 4 a moment here

ive been getting SO many nice messages about my art, and reading the tags on my drawings i see so many ppl saying they love my style nd its just????? my style (or lack thereof) has always been what i’m most insecure about w my art, i just always feel like my art is basic af and nothing about it rlly stands out or is memorable. so seeing so many people saying they love my style is just so heartening???? and ppl saying im their favorite fanartist and stuff. ive never had so many ppl saying nice things about my art before n im feelin some sort of WAY rn im so emotional abt this. 

i don’t rlly talk about it much cause i dont like showing WEAKNESS but i beat myself up about my art a LOT. i’m just constantly super fucking disappointed in my skill level and how boring and bland everything i draw is. nd this is honestly the first time i’ve seriously felt like, hey maybe im not as shit as i thought i was!!. because when its dozens upon dozens of people being like “wow i love this artist, this artist’s art makes me so happy” it just CANT be a fluke u know!!!! this has been a huge confidence boost lmao im cryin a little thank u everyone

ok thats enough talking about emotions for the next 6 months, now back 2 not having feelings